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Asteroid Smashing Looks Like Nothing You Ever Imagined

  • Опубліковано 26 вер 2022
  • NASA's Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) mission finished yesterday in a spectacular crash into the Asteroid Dimorphos
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  • Tim Hahn
    Tim Hahn  +930

    I worked the alignment team on DART doing all the pre/post metrology for the environmental testing. This one is definitely going on my resume.

  • Splarkszter

    i love how DART said "THIS IS FOR THE DINOSAURS" before he died. DART was a great soldier.

  • onedeadsaint

    as a more casual fan of space missions my first thought when you mentioned that they were crashing the cubesat into it was "isn't that gonna change it's orbit?" only to realize later on in the video that yes, it will because that was the whole point of the mission! so cool!

  • David
    David  +24

    To think this all started when Andy Cheng had a 'light-bulb moment' when exercising one morning (chief scientist for planetary defense at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Maryland). From thought to conception and a very successful one at that. Andy must be feeling very proud of the team that helped design a test that could potentially save the planet in the distant future. I hope it's a very distant future too. Looking forward to the results of the test in the next few weeks. Thanks Scott for the extra pictures.

  • Jeff Gann
    Jeff Gann  +49

    I have never been disappointed or bored with your videos. This one maintains your perfect score Scott!

  • Hobo Sullivan

    I find fluid dynamics in near-vacuum (for example, the DART impact, the Starfish Prime test, and high-altitude rocket plumes) eerily beautiful.

  • broomy143

    Scott: "Fly Safe"

  • Louis Sivo

    I watched the original impact live, but thank you for collecting all the follow-on video and bringing it together. I had not seen any of this. You put together a great and tight package of information. Honestly you are better than the news sites covering this event.

  • Kedo
    Kedo  +10

    Really nice work on putting together information from multiple sites and streams. Its quite incredible to watch.

  • Æmyv
    Æmyv  +12

    The images are just spectacular! DART was an absolute success and I'm so proud of all the people who work on these projects 👍 And great video, your explanations are always fantastic 🚀

  • Twisted Movies

    I can always count on a Scott Manley video being right at the top when I need to know something about anything that just happened!!

  • goatflieg

    After watching the live coverage I was eager to see your synopsis with additional imagery. As always, you did not disappoint. Thank you!

  • Andreas Vox

    One conclusion is obvious already: Dimorphos doesn't have an Impactor Defense System.

  • George Dreisch

    The plume seems to indicate the impact rang it pretty good. The plume being on one half says a lot about the shock wave propagation and it’s structure.

  • Neil Hopwood

    I've been dying for an overview of this mission, and this is more than explained it. But WOW those images were so striking! Figuratively and literally. Incredible. My grandad would never believe it.

  • Skank or You Can Call Me Maurice

    I watched this on the NASA live feed. Very cool! I was quite surprised to see the boulders like that, I was expecting to see some rocks covered in dust like a layer of gray snow on everything. This looked like a usual landscape on earth when doing some desert-hiking, amazing.

  • Mobiyus
    Mobiyus  +85

    The lead-navigator for DART is a french-canadian woman called Julie Bellerose. She recently did a bunch of interviews in french-canadian news outlets about this mission and her job. Fascinating stuff.

  • awnx ruyv

    For some reason I hadn't realized they were aiming at the tiny moon so it was amazing to watch it fly past the big asteroid and watch the big asteroid leave the frame.

  • Meat Fractals

    The view of the impact from earth gave me chills. Unbelievable.

  • Literally Shitler

    I was excited for this mission when it was announced and like many others, waited patiently for it's journey these past several months.