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Surviving Ian: Couple tries to shield children from dead bodies after storm | NewsNation Prime

  • Опубліковано 30 вер 2022


  • F Putin
    F Putin  +30

    I carried my dog for over a mile in waist deep water. My kids are 20 and 17 so they were ok. We lost a car but we are all alive. I am so grateful.

  • Cabin Life at Eden Springs

    God bless everyone who has been through this tragic storm. My daughter was in Florida during the storm. We got a ticket for her to fly out and the flight was cancelled. But she and her brand new car made it. Florida is our 2nd home. We love Florida. And it will be rebuilt stronger and better.

  • Carole Roseburgh


  • Marc Ouellette

    Prayers go out to all who lost family, friends and property. I evacuated, borrowed money to flee, been through 2, will always avoid them if possible.

  • Felicia Johns

    RIP to all lost and my condolences

  • Lynnette Landry

    Shelby you bring back the tears and the memories. I was in Katrina and have Grown up my whole life on the Gulf coast and hurricanes. We used to throw Hurricane parties because the prior hurricanes never were as bad as they said it would get. When it did happen ? It changes your life forever. My prayers are with you and your family and all effected neighbors. God bless you .

  • 32Layers
    32Layers  +29

    It boggles my mind that people don't leave despite early warnings. You never want to mess with mother nature even if you believe things won't be bad because things can go from bad to disaster very quickly.

  • Erika Quatsch

    I'm in Lee County. Mandatory evacuation orders were given to Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island, and all the Lee County barrier Islands due to catastrophic storm surge (hurricanes in the Northern hemisphere rotate counter-clockwise so Ian's winds from the SW pushed Gulf water onto the land and up the rivers) and emergency services wouldn't be able to respond once sustained winds reached 40 mph. This category 4 hurricane had sustained winds of 155, 2 mph short of a category 5 out of 5 hurricane.

  • Mary Lynn Noonan-Toschi

    So happy this family is okay. As anyone who has been through flooding can tell you... The SMELL is undescribable. When the water leaves, the smell and damage left behind is awful.

  • Robert Berryman

    It’s kinda shocking to see that as a kid, and it’s very unfortunate the parents would put their kids in such a situation. When I was 5 years old, I saw dead and dying bodies scattered all around after the F5 Candlestick Park tornado in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1966. My mother had taken us kids with her to her beauty shop appointment at Candlestick Park. The tornado struck while we were there. I think some 30 or so people were killed right there in that shopping center. Two particular images have stuck with me all these years, the bodies lying all around and, later, being in the cab of a pickup truck racing to the hospital. Someone took as many people as he could cram into his truck to hospital. He put kids like me and my sister in the cab, and my mother was in the truck bed. I could see her through the back window, in the pouring rain, and the towel wrapped around her head was getting redder and redder.

  • Cathern Campbell

    I have so many tears in my throat right now and I can't even hardly talk but I want you to know we're praying for you and I want you to know that we are so happy that you are okay. Houses can be rebuilt and although it may be hard there's no Greater Joy than having your family safe. God bless you and all the other people who experienced this storm

  • Lisa P 🇯🇲

    I live on WhT east coast of Florida, and watching this thing even I was making plans to evacuate my family. It is hard to understand why anyone stayed with as much warning as we all had. But still. Praying for everyone and wondering what I can do to help my neighbors

    CARLINO  +1

    Wow this is heartbreaking to hear they had a code word for dead bodies. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. There is a strom that will come. Glad they made it through the hurricane. Condolences to those that didn't 🌍🙏🏼

  • Nareena Moodley

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people who have lost so much...lives /properties ☹️

  • Mary P
    Mary P  +141

    I can’t believe people don’t evacuate- especially with children. I live 20 miles from the coast (all my 58 years of life) and we always evacuate when hurricanes come. We go inland about 150-200 miles

  • Tracy Guenther

    Wow so horrific! I’m so glad you and your family got to higher ground and are safe now. God bless you all!

  • Karen Nadeau

    Absolutely heart renching. ❤️. I'm can't imagine. So glad you and family are your OK.

  • Linda Elliott

    I’ve been confused for years when someone has five days warning that a deadly hurricane is coming their way, why aren’t you leaving? Houses and things can be replaced. You cannot! Pack up important papers, animals, maybe even a little food and some clothes, but get the hell out of Dodge… Seriously.

  • Brenda Taylor

    So sorry for all the Floridains my prayers are with you all. And condolences to those families that lost loved ones🙏

  • My Nguyen

    My condolences go with all of those who lost in this tragic hurricane. RIP