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Battle of the Standard, 1138 ⚔️ When they realized they attacked too soon ⚔️ The Anarchy (Part 1)

  • Опубліковано 26 січ 2023
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    🚩 The Anarchy was a period of civil war and unsettled government in England, often known as The Nineteen Year Winter, that occurred during the reign of King Stephen of England (1135-1154). In this 6-part series I will cover this turbulent period.
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    📢 Narrated by David McCallion
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    🚩 Go to ground.news/historymarche to uplevel your news reading experience and also support an independent news platform on a mission to make the media landscape more transparent.
    Part 1: uaclips.com/video/ip5GAf_87sU/відео.html
    Part 2: uaclips.com/video/5SjqnAzkn5g/відео.html
    🚩 The Anarchy was a period of civil war and unsettled government in England, often known as The Nineteen Year Winter, that occurred during the reign of King Stephen of England (1135-1154). In this 6-part series I will cover this turbulent period.

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      Can you share a referral code?

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      I have been searching to no avail. Why isn't there any Irish history. Please we need to know your channel is where I go for history and knowledge.

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      You just copied this , you're sad .

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    The Narrator really sets History Marche on top of similar websites. Everything he does is perfect. Makes the story much more interesting.

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      @witty joker yep it is al AI generated

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      He reminds me of the narrator of the WWII documentaries on The History Channel.

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      Apart from his pronunciation of English place names which really jars. I mean -Alnwick ?

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      Yes the nararator is great,it has amazing voice

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      I feel fairly confident it’s text to speech…could be wrong though

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    The Anarchy was the historical event in which the fictional conflict of the Dance of the Dragons was inspired by in House of the Dragon.

    • ŁKS Łódź
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      @KANE Aegon II had far superior claim by real medieval standards and his rule would hardly be disputed. Stephen was a mere o cousin of Matilda and Henry I

    • KANE
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      @ŁKS Łódź wym?

    • ŁKS Łódź
      ŁKS Łódź 28 днів тому

      Yeah but the Anarchy makes sense
      The dance doesn't

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      And was the basis for the best historical fiction Pillar's of the Earth.

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      and it inspired the most famous SecsPistols song

  • Dave XB
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    Based on what you have explained, attacking too early was a mistake. However the real problem seems to have been a lack of discipline, co-ordination, command and control. For example, even if the vanguard had attacked too soon and retreated. The retreating troops could have drawn the now disorganised English into the core Scottish forces. Presumably the fundamental problem being that the forces were loyal to individual barrons instead of a King.

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
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    It’s interesting how frequently the Scots and English interacted with each other’s courts, let alone their nobles having mixed ancestry.

      xWHITExEAGLEx 10 днів тому

      ​@Andrew Fishburn Most English have Scottish/British Celtic ancestry.

      xWHITExEAGLEx 10 днів тому

      ​@Josh Pullman The King is Scottish, because of his descent from James VI.

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      @Ford Mulligan It's top 10 but even Paris is more diverse. Toronto's population is nearly half immigrant and leads all cities.

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      Is it? We are the same people, would you not expect interaction?

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      david is not a classic scot name.

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    Thank you for featuring these less explored timelines and less known conflicts&battles. Keep up the good work.

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    King Stephen was a great Monarch for the Saxon peasantry & merchants, it was the Norman nobility & clergy that hated him.

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      Homies, ya'll need to learn to write before you start giving history lessons.

    • Rashid Ali
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      and if you compare the power and privileges English nobles held to the power and privileges the French nobles held you would Definity now why French nobles of the time rarely revolted against their kings because French nobles where free to operate their own mines glassworks forges and mint their own coins collect taxes in the land they owned as well as fight their own wars and expand their domains and developed their own lands building new villages cities and towns and while they are at it they can collect land rent and trade etc. and paid no taxes to the king and they can build castles while French kings where expected to survive on the income from the royal domain which was fabulously rich compared to other French areas while English nobles where only allowed to use the land they owned as business which meant they can only collect rent and trade and they were obliged to pay taxes to the English crown and perform military service for the English king and to avoid military service they had to pay as well the scutage not just the land tax they paid before and the rent they received from the serfs was affected by the laws that English kings had so basically 25000 pounds that some English kings received had received was more valuable than it seems because it holds more gold in each coin than many currencies of the time so 25000 annually means 150000 annually and dont forget county militias and livies can only be drafted by the order of the king through the shiref so the livies in this battle where due to the kings permision not someone else and the kings litenants had vast power this is why many english nobles wanted hight offices in the government becouse it will generate more hight salaries

    • Rashid Ali
      Rashid Ali 11 днів тому

      And don't forget that ealrdoms where not related to earls so it's like bigger prvinces while Shires where like subprovinces sheriff was a governor but after Norman conquest only Shires where given to Shireffs so basically while not hereditary its was God if they at least appointed talented men

    • Rashid Ali
      Rashid Ali 11 днів тому

      Many people thought that nobility where the true masters of the mixieval period but English kingdom where not completely powerless but in fact t they had more power than many other european kings if only they copied Alexander the great and his father then they could have had absolute authority and cheaper army unlike expensive mercenaries and knights they could have has at lest 3 times more soldiers under their direct control

    • Delano Van raalte
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      Kinda like vlad III Dracula the impaler

  • The French on the hill
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    I never heard of half of those battles, and everytime I click on a new video, discovering who is involved is just a treat.

  • El Bandito
    El Bandito Місяць тому +193

    Scotland: England is in chaos, let's invade!
    Scotland 5 days later: That was a bad idea, retreat!

    • Neil of Longbeck
      Neil of Longbeck 15 днів тому

      @Los Lobos if you've left why do I keep getting messages from you?
      Your ignorance is now showing, there is a difference between fealty and homage. A man could swear fealty to many overlords but homage to only one. The one he swore homage to he had to carry out his feudal duties to. But that homage had limitations, as King John found out as the barons told him. They reminded him that their feudal duties only applied in England and not France, where John was a mere tenant in chief. These men did not gave to serve John outside of England and thus could not be made outlaw. It has to be noted that many of these barons had sworn fealty for their lands in France to the French king in all matters save any where the French king was going against England and had sworn the reverse to the King of England. Thus making themselves exempt from wars in France for either side against the other which makes them immune to become outlaw.

    • Neil of Longbeck
      Neil of Longbeck 15 днів тому

      @Los LobosI thought that you weren't going to respond, but in your childishness here you are again. As stated previously the act of homage to an overlord could not be forsworn. If you did you committed a felony, putting you outside the protection of the law. In other words you became an outlaw and any man could kill you without fear. This one one of those facts that destroy your feeble arguments.

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    I love this channel. History is so awesome & this channel really brings it to life!

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    The Anarchy, one of the worst civil conflicts to ever afflict england... But one that gave rise to it's greatest Dynasty: The Plantagenets.

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      @MilanSemberac 999
      Lies … all LIES ! 🤬

    • Fire and Blood
      Fire and Blood Місяць тому

      ​@SolidAvenger Well, Martin said a long time ago that Tywin was mostly inspired by Philip IV of France, the Iron King, whom he met in The Accursed Kings book series, but I've always known he's was also inspired by Edward Longshanks, the two have a lot in common, I agree.

    • Lukas Wilhelm
      Lukas Wilhelm Місяць тому

      @kevin gray that's the norm of the days, you paint angevins as bad but oh let me tell you about princes of moscovy or Mongol khans.

    • MilanSemberac 999
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      @Joshua Morgan So proudly English that they were from Anjou in France and preferred to speak their native French rather than English which they claimed was for those lower than them? Nice.

    • Joshua Morgan
      Joshua Morgan Місяць тому

      @MilanSemberac 999 Frenchmen?
      I'm so sorry that Napoleon surrendered to Englishmen and that France was a defeated Nazi collaborator but don't take that out on English history. The Plantagenet kings of England were proud Englishmen. Henry II has the Gesta Regum Anglorum and Dover Castle, John I has Wulfstann and Corfe wine, Henry III has weatminster ans names his son after anglo-Saxon Saint, Edward I has Glastonbury....list goes on.

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    brilliant documentary. historymarche one of the best channels in youtube about history. the anarchy one of the most devastating periods of the english history. looking forward to watch more great content from your channel. A fan from Sri Lanka . this led to the takover by henry ii son of empress matilda . brilliant as usual.

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    This is like my third time watching this episode. It's really good. Well done to the team. Please more

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    Very interesting period of history. Felt like the world had been turned up on its head.

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    Clear and engaging history animation that deserves further consideration. The pop-up dialog globes are just right and funny as hell. Three stars of four for not conveying precise info on the patronage intention since the beginning, making me fast forward after feeling confused…

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    thank you for covering this period of transition in English history!

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    Fun and interesting. Well done!
    I (as a Dutch) do not know much of your English fights, but I think the Dutch Kingdom also had family in GB and France and Germany.
    BTW, I see that Holland is very much made of water.. 😛

      MATTHEW DOES YT Місяць тому +1

      you should do some research the english are renowned in world history for the amount of wars and battles they fought

  • john pijano
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    If I am not wrong. This period of the Anarchy and this English Royal Civil War, is the foundation for the Dance of the Dragons Civil War in ASOF and in the tv show House of the Dragons

    • ThuKang1994
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      Yep, our history is way better and more complex than any fantasy novel

    • KopperNeoman
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      @Daemon Targaryen Final Fantasy Tactics had the most interesting fictional War of the Roses. A lot of it is in the background, because you play as the childhood friend of the new king, and you end up punching the demons behind it all while he resolves the civil war.

    • Sam A
      Sam A Місяць тому +2

      Yep pretty incredible how slow he writes when he's just plagiarizing/adapting stories anyway. Maybe he'd be faster if he came up with something more original. Anyway he's gonna die before redditors get their book, which is just punishment.

    • SolidAvenger
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      @Daemon Targaryen is correct. From William The Conqueror to Henry VII's retaking of his family's throne is basically what GoT is based on.

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    Really good video, clear, good looking, well produced. One tiny point, Alnwick isn't pronounced as it's written. The l and w are silent, it's pronounced Annick.

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    Most wonderful introduction of that strike & political background ( kings, lords & Noble dynasties competitions amongst themselves for approaching English thrones ) at those times...(History Marche) channel, you are an extremely excellent historical coverage channel. Allot thanks

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    Can you please add a key for scale? Alot of times I have no idea what scale I am looking at, is it a kilometer or 10 Kilometers? How far did they march, how far away was the enemy, how large was the battlefield? Please help, I watch this channel almost daily. Thx for the content!

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    This is going to be one really interesting video series to watch. Great video.

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    Well done, lads!❤

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    beautifully made and authoritative storytelling

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    Great video and very informative! Thank you.

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    Quote about King David I of Scotland
    "Few kings more than David I deserve the reputation as “maker” of his kingdom. Although he is overshadowed in popular memory by his descendant, the later “saviour” of Scotland, Robert Bruce, it was David who laid the foundations of the medieval Scottish monarchy and set in motion the changes that created the kingdom that vied with England for mastery of the British Isles."
    - 'David I: The King Who Made Scotland' by book author Richard Oram

    • SolidAvenger
      SolidAvenger Місяць тому +2

      @Croutonium very true. King Philip II of Macedon did allow Alexander to have enough advantages to defeat his domestic Greek rivals and later enhance/upgrade the army to fight Persia in the coming conflicts. Literally reshape the Hellenistic world, and some thought Philip be the thirteenth Greek God had he not been assassinated. Same could be almost said about Frederick The Great when he inherited his father's well trained army for Prussia.

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      One could draw a comparison to Philip of Macedon in this case

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    Love the videos always learn so much from with you guys please keep up the grate work!

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    I'll confess, as much as I love Alexander Doddy as a history narrator, David McCallion has been growing on me for the past couple years
    Always enjoy y'alls videos, keep it up

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    Keep up with the great job!

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    Amazing work as always!

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    Just want to say the porraits are superb. Such depth and character and consistency.

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    Great breakdown of the macro and micro situations!

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    I,love historical events.your voice briefing is excellent

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    Great video about a battle I was unaware of...

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    Every episode you people make is fanfuckingtastic! Excellent job gentlemen

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    Another video about English history, keep it on... Sarcasm aside, you are great channel but would be nice to hear about lesser known but also epic battles, such as Posada 1330, Kulikovo 1380, Rozgony 1312, Clontarf 1014, Aljubarrota 1385, Navas de Tolosa 1212, Guadalete 711 or dozens of other reconquista battles, Zemun 1167, Serres 1196, Mokra and Torvioll or other battles of Skanderbey? The battle of Zara in 1346 was a massive fight between 30-55 000 soldiers (16-25 000 Venetians, 20-30 000 Hungarians and Croatians) and included naval forces (30 Venetian galleys bombed the attackers and then landed behind their back). And how many lesser known battles thorough Africa and are Asia still to be told! Hope you guys will do these topics some day.

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    hi great work, what program i can use to create animated maps and formations like this?

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    I live near Northallerton and there is a monument along the road just outside Northallerton it stands where the standard was raised

    • Jason Donaldson
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      Yes its on the Northallerton to Darlington back road mate

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      Is that near Darlington? I lived in Darlington for a while and that place sound super familiar.

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    How the hell do you make dots and squares interesting? amazing content

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    The Cadfael stories are reasonably well researched and occur during the period of the Anarchy and the 'Robber Barons'.

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    I swear David is the goat narrator.. it's just not the same when I watch other channels on ancient battles

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    "never interrupt you enemy when he's making a mistake"
    Napoleon Bonaparte.

    MAGA TRON Місяць тому

    A claimed mistake of attacking early is NOT ALWAYS a mistake, an open mind on the day is needed.

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      he had good cavalry, charging uphill on foot is different thing

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    Fascinating History unknown to me as Austrian.

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      It's not too well known in England, either. Unless you read the Cadfael novels, which are set in this period.

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    Love how these are history lessons with a wee battle at the end as reward. This was not much of a battle it seems, with the Scots basically defeating themselves while the English waited and reacted.

  • Constitutional Hermeneutics-
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    My ancestor William De Corbeil- Arch bishop of Canterbury directly contributed to this conflict! so damn proud! None of the chroniclers doubted his piety, even when they named him a perjurer and a traitor for his coronation of Stephen. Unser Historische.

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    i imagine this war is what inspired the dance of dragons in ASOIAF, not surprising considering ASOIAF is essentially entirely based upon British history

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    Major problem of Stephen's reign is that he was too full of mercy and chivlarly when it came to dealing with his opponents and letting them go free when they were in his power, instead of setting an example and acting ruthlessly by imprisoning, exilinf or executing them as traitors and rebels. It what his uncle would have done in his place.

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    "Dance of the Dragons" sounds like a more poetic name for this English civil war than "Anarchy".

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    Watching further, I have to edit this comment to say it's been another great video as always. One quality of this channel I appreciate is the narrative style that is used in your writing, especially how the videos start with a little climactic trailer to what's to come.
    Also this is literally such a bad HOTD knockoff, SMH, stop ripping off the originals...

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    [The Eagle of the Ninth, Rosemary Sutcliff, 1954]

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