The Best Homemade Dinner Rolls You’ll Ever Eat



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    Terry Remijio 30 хвилин тому

    After baking, can they be frozen until needed?

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    That looks so delicious!!!

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    looks tasty but the table looks dirty..or its just me

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    Laurie Johnson 19 годин тому

    Why can’t they use bread flour 😂?

  • Erik Brownell
    Erik Brownell 20 годин тому

    Definitely going to try making these for the holidays.

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    maya maya День тому

    I think you can only sop up with a biscuit

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    Panoramic perfect pictures cliche.

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    Mama Sanchez' Kitchen 2 дні тому

    Beautiful thank you....

  • Terry Remijio
    Terry Remijio 2 дні тому

    Great video. Love all the explanations that you don't normally see. I am trying these for Christmas Eve dinner. Thanks.

  • Samuel Rili
    Samuel Rili 2 дні тому

    Hey Tatsy! Can you guys do one on brioche bread please?!

  • Patricia Pierce
    Patricia Pierce 2 дні тому

    I made some rolls a couple of weeks ago they where amazing and huge lol next time i will make them smaller so there will be more. Wish i could post the picture i took of them 😁

  • its called pop, not soda dammit
    its called pop, not soda dammit 5 днів тому


  • Susan Caldwell
    Susan Caldwell 5 днів тому

    This dough makes perfect bread. Simply divide dough into 2 loaves, let rise 30 mins, coat with egg wash as directed, then bake 375 degrees for 45 mins. Very yummy!

  • Rayan Labib
    Rayan Labib 5 днів тому

    Great Video, Can i use this bread a roll as a burger bun?

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    It’s 12 am here and I’m hAnGrY

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    I came to see this video about dinner rolls and getting hungry again. God Damnit, I had dinner an hour ago and now i want dinner rolls. Well done Tasty.

  • Sunny D.
    Sunny D. 6 днів тому

    Oil not add water to milk yeast sugar mixture or to dry not moist won't raise without the added oil. Didn't you mean oil not water?

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    Nicholas Rosenker 6 днів тому

    This woman’s voice is unnecessarily soothing

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    Monalisa Brahma 7 днів тому

    I tried bun for very first time using this recipe and am so happy that it came out very well, thanks .

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    I love this lady. Her voice and cadence is super cute

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    I made them, they're amazing!

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    That wow at 9:14

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    Do a tasty 101 for frosting!!

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    good lawd!!!😍😋😍😋🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞😋

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    You are my favorite narrator.

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  • Ravenstar 0
    Ravenstar 0 8 днів тому

    The only untrue part about this recipe is that my sister helped with shaping one roll and then gave up :( But honestly, this recipe is amazing and I will always make these over the holidays!

  • SoCal Realtor
    SoCal Realtor 8 днів тому

    Can I just kneed this in my Kitchenaid Mixer?

  • Unknown 07
    Unknown 07 9 днів тому

    Here in our country it called pandesal and we eat it on breakfast

  • Austin Burnett
    Austin Burnett 9 днів тому

    i like how into detail she gets. Like, not just saying "mix this and this, now go to step 2". She actually tells you how to kneed properly and how the yeast should turn out.

  • Lemuel Acosta
    Lemuel Acosta 10 днів тому

    Where's episode 6😂

  • J Burritt
    J Burritt 10 днів тому

    Add a couple tbsps. of granulated garlic to the butter Yummy

  • Kaleem Sajid
    Kaleem Sajid 10 днів тому

    Or you can buy them from bakery.

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    Her voice makes me calm down and feel like asleep in aroma therapy. I really love your voice.

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    She sounds like Jennifer Lawrence

  • Elizabeth Allemong
    Elizabeth Allemong 11 днів тому

    OK, I baked the whole recipe tonight, 16 rolls and yes, I had to bake them longer then 8 rolls. 18 minutes today at 375 degrees F. Perfect buns!

  • Agnieszka Kot
    Agnieszka Kot 12 днів тому

    less salt, more sugar and you get sweet buns/rolls. get some sugar+cinamon and but the bottom of the rolls in the mix and bake them.

  • Emily L
    Emily L 12 днів тому

    My bread tastes a lot like yeast. How to fix?

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    why is tasty focusing more on this annoying voice is every video? trust me it is very hard to watch the entire video

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    My friend says my crush isn’t in a ”love mood”😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😪😪😪

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    *Baby bear* was in the middle just right not mama bear

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    I loved each time she said "pillows"

  • Julie Ross
    Julie Ross 13 днів тому

    I believe in bread rolls! My special dinners are not complete without them. Add some homemade butter and local raised honey......oh my!

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    Checken Betch 13 днів тому

    Ironic how Tasty has always been about simplicity and minimising recipes yet Tasty 101 seems to be about obsessively describing each tiny detail into a 10+ minute video.

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    Let’s be real here... Who wouldn’t want to punch their Dough

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    My god this was straight up sex for my eyes. Will definitely be making and eating the lot. Bring on the holiday weight! 😂

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    It's not really polite to ask your guests to help you cook for them.

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    David Seymour

  • Colin Craig
    Colin Craig 14 днів тому

    I just made the dough from this recipe on my counter and so far it's working out exactly the way it is in this video I have it proofing the first time in the oven at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. And I will continue on because I believe that my door will turn true into the beautiful rolls seen in this video good luck everyone who is trying this recipe the kneading for 10 minutes isn't this hard as one would think and the Heart method is wonderful

  • tyron joseph
    tyron joseph 14 днів тому

    Can we use the same technique to make burger buns?

  • Wijaya NKS
    Wijaya NKS 15 днів тому

    Is dinner roll similar if not the same with hokaido bread ( milk bread?)

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    Yep...mouth is watering and no yeast anywhere in the house😒. Looks like the hubby will be making a trip to the store! LOL

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    I never knew what a dinner roll was until now......

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    what flour you used?

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    Makimg these ryt now

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    how can i make this a bread loaf?

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    All you need to do is...

    Walk awAyAya

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    Looks daaaaamn tasty!!!!

  • Estela Alvarez Pasjak
    Estela Alvarez Pasjak 16 днів тому

    Are they on the sweeter side, or could you you them with, lets say, cheesy or savoury toppings?

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    POW 💥
    ME: Falling out of chair
    Who knew cooking could be so violent

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    can you put filling into the bread rolls while baking? like hotdog, nutella etc

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    Where can we share/post our photos?

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    I learned all my kneading techniques from cooking mama

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    Video should be titled "How To Make Hours of Hard Work Disappear in Seconds."

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    Make a tasty 101 creme brulee

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    Anyone else think when they came out of the oven they looked like pretzels

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    Mukhang monay 😱

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    can I leave the dough to rise overnight? And if it's possible to even leave it in the refrigerator overnight?
    please I could use some help :)

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    Can ya speak a bit loader or there's something stuck in your throat.....? maybe a cock

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    Who love bread roll? If yes like

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    I love these videos, thank you so much 🥺🥺

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    i wish someone would talk about me the way she talked about those rolls 😔

  • Noor Al-Shaer
    Noor Al-Shaer 19 днів тому +1

    I used this recipe and it turned incredible, the rolls came out super fluffy, airy and really delicious. Totally recommend this recipe to anyone who wants to make dinner rolls from scratch.
    P.S. make sure to let the dough rise as LONG AS POSSIBLE (longer than an our) it's worth the wait , they turn out even fluffier than in the video.

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K 19 днів тому

    I'm always asked to bring the rolls or biscuits when going to a dinner. They get such great compliments but nobody believes how easy they are to make.

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    It's proofing first, then rising

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    i need her to knead my back. it must feel very refreshing and soothing!

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    These rolls were bland

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    when your allergic to wheat.....

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    Definitely added too much flour when kneading.

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    Does no one not realize she messed up on the Goldilocks and Three Bears analogy? The in-between was the baby bear, not the mama bear. The mama bear would've been the fresh one, aka the super soft one. I know this doesn't really matter but if she's reading, I just wanted to let her know that she fucked up on the story lol
    Other than that, looks nice!

  • Jamie Janine
    Jamie Janine 20 днів тому

    The best dinner rolls is pandesal hands down. Especially freshly baked pandesal, but you can eat those warm or cold, with butter, cheese, or ice cream even. Plus the powder crumbs on top... UGH the best kind of bread everrrr

  • SamPey SocuTe
    SamPey SocuTe 21 день тому

    I always make this every weekend. Its more nicer if you use evaporated milk for a solid taste.

  • Maria Targowska
    Maria Targowska 21 день тому

    Are dinner rolls the same thing as "sliders"?
    I would love to try the recipe, however in a bit healthier way. Have you prepared it with whole wheat flour? Will it raise equally good? What will happen if I incorporate some seeds inside the dough? Would it work at all?

  • Illusive[Brick]
    Illusive[Brick] 21 день тому

    I just eat it like a monster, I don’t soak it in the gravy

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    I watch these videos because your voice is so relaxing. Please keep making them!

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    recipe says need two eggs so i thought it should add both egg in yeast mixture and i was wrong...
    my dough was so sticky and watery so i added another cup of flour i wish they came out to be ok.

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    thanks mom

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    Oh! Dinner rolls! They look so delicious! I want some now! Thanks for the recipe!

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    the-twisted-samurai 22 дні тому

    Do NOT do this blooming liquid method. Far too much of everything... you’re only supposed to use 1/4 of a cup total. Milk, butter, sugar, water and all.

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