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Paris Paloma - labour [Official Video]

  • Опубліковано 22 бер 2023
  • labour | Available to listen or download here: parispaloma.ffm.to/labour
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    Lyrics (click/tap CC to see subtitles):
    Why are you hanging on
    So tight
    To the rope that I’m hanging from
    Off this island
    This was an escape plan
    Carefully timed it
    So let me go
    And dive into the waves below
    Who tends the orchards?
    Who fixes up the gables
    Emotional torture
    From the head of your high table
    Who fetches the water
    From the rocky mountain spring
    And walk back down again
    To feel your words and their sharp sting
    And I’m getting fucking tired
    The capillaries in my eyes are bursting
    If our love died, would that be the worst thing?
    For somebody I thought was my saviour
    You sure make me do a whole lot of labour
    The calloused skin on my hands is cracking
    If our love ends, would that be a bad thing?
    And the silence haunts our bed chamber
    You make me do too much labour
    Apologies from my tongue
    Never yours
    Busy lapping from flowing cup
    And stabbing with your fork
    I know you’re a smart man
    And weaponise
    The false incompetence
    It’s dominance under guise
    If we had a daughter
    I’d watch and could not save her
    The emotional torture
    From the head of your high table
    She’d do what you taught her
    She’d meet the same cruel fate
    So now I’ve gotta run
    So I can undo this mistake
    At least I’ve gotta try
    The capillaries in my eyes are bursting
    If our love died, would that be the worst thing?
    For somebody I thought was my saviour
    You sure make me do a whole lot of labour
    The calloused skin on my hands is cracking
    If our love ends, would that be a bad thing?
    And the silence haunts our bed chamber
    You make me do too much labour
    All day, every day, therapist, mother, maid
    Nymph then virgin, nurse then a servant
    Just an appendage, live to attend him
    So that he never lifts a finger
    24/7 baby machine
    So he can live out his picket fence dreams
    It’s not an act of love if you make her
    You make me do too much labour
    Director: Adam Othman
    Producer: Giulia Lopes
    Director of Photography: Theo Brinch
    1st AC: Rafal Rakoczy
    Gaffer: Will Jessel
    BTS: Jamal Thomas
    Art Director: Paris Paloma
    Art Assistant: Morgan Bull
    Paris Paloma
    Henry Hayward

КОМЕНТАРІ • 10 тис.

  • @AnantyaV
    @AnantyaV 5 місяців тому +20293

    My grandma gave birth to 17 children, 10 survived WWII, she did all the work, was a wonderful chef, seperated from her husband, an abusive alcoholic who was busy with a prostitute literally whilst she was in labour giving birth. She was shunned by her society, called a whore because she left her husband. This, grandma, is for you ❤

    • @slavicpower7709
      @slavicpower7709 5 місяців тому +1189

      Props to your grandma. Praise her strength.

    • @PicassosCat
      @PicassosCat 5 місяців тому +1181

      It's crazy that you bear 17 children of a man and gets called a whore for leaving..
      Times really changed huh?
      We may have our problems but I think we should give ourselves a little bit of credit for how far we've gone.

    • @davidmusic5883
      @davidmusic5883 5 місяців тому +26

      u didnt write this song

    • @fave525
      @fave525 5 місяців тому +603

      and yet the society acts like it's women chasing marriage and men running away from it as if it's not men who benefit from it the most

    • @user-lc2rn5wt4c
      @user-lc2rn5wt4c 5 місяців тому +278


  • @soullessnstereo
    @soullessnstereo 5 місяців тому +10664

    The fact the marriage candle beside him has NEVER been lit and her's has burnt down. Every little detail is feminine perfection.

    • @bubbleslotp2561
      @bubbleslotp2561 4 місяці тому +166

      What's a marriage candle? I missed the symbolism on that one

    • @gessicakaylanedasilva6932
      @gessicakaylanedasilva6932 4 місяці тому +451

      @@bubbleslotp2561 i think it represents love, he never really loved her, and with time and abuse her love dies/fades.

    • @bubbleslotp2561
      @bubbleslotp2561 4 місяці тому +50

      @@gessicakaylanedasilva6932 ah, that makes sense

    • @Cryoniiic
      @Cryoniiic 4 місяці тому +59

      God I didn’t even notice that

    • @solar0wind
      @solar0wind 4 місяці тому +56

      Are marriage candles a part of a certain culture? I don't think we have/had them in German culture, but maybe I'm just too uneducated😅

  • @linbbzz8855
    @linbbzz8855 5 місяців тому +4329

    I love how he refuses to listen to her chanting in the end. But when he does, and that’s also when the chanting stops, she is gone. What a powerful double meaning. Not only does he finally start to pay her attention ones it’s over and not during her words, but also: it’s too late now.

    • @kutter721
      @kutter721 4 місяці тому +283

      rather reminds me of the "walkaway wife" syndrome - when women have asked and asked and begged and ultimately get ignored, then they're surprised when she leaves, like she did it with no warning.

    • @scorchedroseproductions3266
      @scorchedroseproductions3266 3 місяці тому +82

      @@kutter721 this almost happened to my husband and I, but he got the wake up call and has improved substantially. There's still work to do on his part, but he's making great strides and I had begged and begged and begged. But it did take me almost leaving for it to happen

    • @williamsstephens
      @williamsstephens 2 місяці тому +20

      ​@@kutter721 I warned him. And yes, he was surprised anyway.

    • @mightykaytor
      @mightykaytor 2 місяці тому +64

      There's a fairly well-known essay online by a divorced writer called "She left me because I left the dishes by the sink" or something very like that wherein the gist (kindly broken down for men by a man) is that it was NEVER about the dishes but his lack of consideration and sense of entitlement that destroyed the relationship. Should be eecommended reading before cohabitating with someone.

    • @Evija3000
      @Evija3000 2 місяці тому +34

      ​@@kutter721 I work in a court, including divorce cases, and indeed it's always the men who don't understand why she filed for a divorce. The weirdest case was when two elderly people had married. She wanted a divorce not long after because he treated her like a full on nurse and caregiver. He seemed unable to grasp the issue, said he still loved her, etc. Seemed like a romantic type, completely oblivious to the practical burden he was putting on his wife.

  • @gabriellakangombe4032
    @gabriellakangombe4032 4 місяці тому +4023

    "24/7 baby machine" hits hard. I'm a 19 year old Congolese girl who has a large extended family where people tend to marry young and start their family young too. Since I hit 18, most talks about my future have been about motherhood and child-bearing. I took a gap year and got into a good university that I worked hard last year to get into, yet I got hardly any congratulations or tips for how to survive uni. At least, it's very minimal compared to the motherhood tips. I'm tired of being viewed as a baby machine lmfao

    • @auiak7689
      @auiak7689 3 місяці тому +154

      Everyone expects me to get married and have children someday even tho I definitely do not want to. It sounds pretty horrible to me. I’m going to prove them wrong and stay unmarried with no children. It’s so tiring that I’m expected to be a mother before I even hit 18.

    • @paintmyheartout90
      @paintmyheartout90 3 місяці тому +109

      Congratulations on getting into school!! 🎉🎉🎉❤

    • @gabriellakangombe4032
      @gabriellakangombe4032 3 місяці тому +29

      @@paintmyheartout90 Thank you! 💚

    • @solar0wind
      @solar0wind 3 місяці тому +83

      I'm so sorry that you have to go through that. I'm German, and here it's frowned upon to have children before you're 20. It's crazy how different views can be in different cultures. However, we still have pressure on women to have children, but depending on the region and other stuff it just starts in a woman's 20s or 30s.
      In any way, congrats for getting into the university, and good luck and a lot of strength for your future studies🙏 Words from random strangers aren't as impactful as words from people close to you, but until they start giving you the compliments you deserve, I hope this can act as a small substitute😊

    • @gabriellakangombe4032
      @gabriellakangombe4032 3 місяці тому +16

      @@solar0wind thank you! i appreciate it

  • @MollyKewl
    @MollyKewl 2 місяці тому +1253

    Me: unmarried, child free and financially stable. Relating so hard to this song for some reason and glad to my fore-mothers for giving me a chance to escape the drudgery.

    • @moneypowerglory.
      @moneypowerglory. 2 місяці тому +85

      we broke the wheel, our mothers and us.

    • @aubreyaubrey5193
      @aubreyaubrey5193 2 місяці тому +1

      Happiness in slavery then?

    • @lexa2310
      @lexa2310 Місяць тому +12

      Yeah. If the sufragettes hadnt been so loud and extreme for their time we probably wouldnt have halve the freedom we have now.

    • @lexa2310
      @lexa2310 Місяць тому +8

      ​​@@aubreyaubrey5193No. Thats why womens-liberation was such an Important thing.

    • @Abby-gx4qi
      @Abby-gx4qi 29 днів тому +6

      @@aubreyaubrey5193 what feels like slavery for you may not feel that way for someone else. I'm a housewife and I love it but I totally understand why people wouldn't choose it. Everyone should have a right to choose how they spend their life.

  • @annie.the.writer
    @annie.the.writer 5 місяців тому +2392

    As someone from South Asia, a place which holds 45% of all child marriages, specifically Bangladesh, a country with anywhere from the most to seventh most child marriages, this song is an absolute treasure.
    Being born with two X chromosomes and a few different body parts (for some reason) makes people believe that you are worth less than someone with XY chromosomes, and it really needs to stop. With the rise of Andrew Tate a while back and more people hopping on the misogyny train, it's nice to remember the millions of women and alike guarding our backs.
    To anyone reading, remember that whether you are a women, queer, trans, Asian, black or anything that makes people believe that your life is worth less than someone without that trait, they're wrong. If your heart is in the right place, nothing else matters, you're beautiful and don't let anyone else try to tell you that you're not.

    • @Theturtleowl
      @Theturtleowl 5 місяців тому +98

      Don't ever stop believing that YOU are important. Your dreams fuel your heart, your ambitions. Never stop fighting to break the cycle and never give up on a better life.

    • @MariaHossain
      @MariaHossain 4 місяці тому +50

      As a Bangladeshi, I agree with everything you said 100%

    • @maira3681
      @maira3681 4 місяці тому +31

      I'm from bangladesh and you spoke facts.

    • @rasanjaligunaratne5300
      @rasanjaligunaratne5300 4 місяці тому +31

      As a fellow south asian (from sri lanka) fate of a female in south asia ad middle east and africa is a horrible truth

    • @fayeangel4323
      @fayeangel4323 2 місяці тому +8

      your comment is a treasure

  • @airheadmikito559
    @airheadmikito559 7 місяців тому +6793

    What struck me about this song is that EVERY woman knows of another woman being treated like this or has gone through it herself. No sister is untouched. And there's a deep, deep fury about that. Even if not personally, throughout history, women know.

    • @salaahkhayr2398
      @salaahkhayr2398 7 місяців тому +16

      Treated like what exactly? Doing housechores while the men provide and pay for you? Lol.

    • @sloanethefullygrown5086
      @sloanethefullygrown5086 7 місяців тому +530

      ​@@salaahkhayr2398doing a majority of the housechores while also working a full time job and doing a majority of the childcare and emotional labor that comes with having children. Being exhausted from waking up in the middle of the night to feed a child two people created and being told they're being bitchy that following evening. Being expected to cook after coming home from a full shift of work and maid. And being told to be grateful because the man in the relationship brings home money.

    • @chloecampbell9821
      @chloecampbell9821 7 місяців тому +88

      @@salaahkhayr2398 this me bad vibes 🙄
      Your comment gave me bad vibes 🙄

  • @lectia4091
    @lectia4091 2 місяці тому +844

    “For someone who I thought was my savior, you sure make me do a whole lot of labour.” Hits hard when your with somebody who promised to take you out of your misery but ends up traumatizing you just as the same or even worse.

    • @mary5177
      @mary5177 2 місяці тому +8

      much love and healing!!!

    • @hazelhope5646
      @hazelhope5646 2 місяці тому +19

      its just trading one jail for another.

    • @DarthFurie
      @DarthFurie 14 днів тому +3

      I know exactly what you mean. Wishing you freedom, I'll have mine soon❤

    • @lectia4091
      @lectia4091 7 днів тому

      @@DarthFurie thanks and Dw you will just hold on ❤️❤️

    • @flawedsanity
      @flawedsanity День тому

      It hits home very hard for me too. All my life I've just traded one horrific situation for another, it seems. Wishing freedom and peace to everyone in the comments - I hope I will get mine soon.

  • @eykyra
    @eykyra 3 місяці тому +938

    I can't get over "the false incompetence is dominance under a guise", it's the most perfect line of these overall brilliant lyrics. It perfectly encapsulates this subtle yet infuriating way that the patriarchal society teaches women to voluntarily assume the responsibility of care giving and housework tasks while men grow up used to having things done for them so they abuse this privilege by expecting their partners to take on the job of their mothers or female caretakers and assume these tasks by default because "they are not as good at them", because they never actually put the effort to learn.

    • @StaceyGray-mj3mj
      @StaceyGray-mj3mj 3 місяці тому +6

      Perfectly said 👍🏻

    • @Llkolii
      @Llkolii 2 місяці тому +15

      My ex weaponised incompetence, I didn’t know what he was doing at the time

    • @Evija3000
      @Evija3000 2 місяці тому +24

      My brother did that all the time while we were growing up. In the rare occasions when our mom asked him to do chores, he'd whine, say he doesn't know how to do it and do a lazy half assed job. And my mom always either pitied him or felt annoyed and ended up asking me to do most things. She basically blamed a perceived adhd on him not being able to do most hosework. But he knew what he was doing. And of course a guy isn't really expected to do these things anyway. If I didn't do something, my mom would talk about how useless I'll be when I grow up and have my own family.

    • @lonewolf4215
      @lonewolf4215 2 місяці тому +10

      I live on my own so who does my cooking and cleaning? I was a live in carer for my grandmother for 11 years before she died because none of the rest of her family wanted to, i was doing all the cooking and cleaning for both of us and I'm a man so I've learned to do these jobs and don't EXPECT anybody to do anything for me, if a woman wants to help or wants to take a turn I won't say no but I would never expect a woman to do it because "they are better at it"

    • @eykyra
      @eykyra 2 місяці тому +19

      @@lonewolf4215 That's great. Doesn't mean many other men don't do it though.

  • @Catseye189
    @Catseye189 4 місяці тому +1981

    My marriage fitted to song! I worked, he refused to work. He had an "oops" and I got pregnant. I raised the children, cleaned the home, payed back his debts when he stole from people. I treated the infections when he cheated on me. He was always so snide, so condesending, mean. Free (divorced) 13 years this July!!!!

    • @moonlitSapphire3691
      @moonlitSapphire3691 4 місяці тому +75

      So proud of you! Wish you all the best!❤

    • @RevyT-js7ui
      @RevyT-js7ui 4 місяці тому +65

      The fact that I haven't had an infection since I kicked out my ex and reading this is MINDBLOWING (2 and a half years)

    • @Catseye189
      @Catseye189 4 місяці тому +5

      @@moonlitSapphire3691 Thank you so much!

    • @Catseye189
      @Catseye189 4 місяці тому +6

      @@RevyT-js7ui Right! Good for you

    • @A_Latte-CoffeCup
      @A_Latte-CoffeCup 3 місяці тому +9

      Good job ❤ Wish you the best for you and your children

  • @dreaming_hearts
    @dreaming_hearts 8 днів тому +60

    The fact that the pomegranate is the symbol of Persephone is symbolic. The way she rips it apart. She was trapped in this marriage and now she's destroying it.

    • @SnazzyArcade
      @SnazzyArcade 2 дні тому +4

      Pomegranates were also the "forbidden fruit" in the garden of eden, not apples.

  • @vaevictis3905
    @vaevictis3905 18 днів тому +207

    Maybe It's strange, but as a man I can relate with this song. Actualy its my favorite. Always reminds me to my mother, who raised me alone, and my father who left us for a new family. My mother is a fucking hero.
    Mom! This song for you. 🥰

    • @user-lz8gu1iw8b
      @user-lz8gu1iw8b 12 днів тому +11

      😊❤I also dedicated it to my mother

    • @solala1312
      @solala1312 10 днів тому +12

      I'm glad you are thankful for your mother's sacrifices and that she was a supportive parents to you. I met many men unfortunately who resented their single mothers because of the lack of male role model. not all parents are perfect but I think single mothers have it way harder than single fathers.

  • @Bryna..
    @Bryna.. 8 місяців тому +5805

    the rage that builds up through the song is devastating but so beautiful. this song invokes so many emotions. the line about the daughter breaks my heart and Im not even a mom

    • @shellygirl999
      @shellygirl999 8 місяців тому +168

      The message behind this song is exactly why I refuse to have kids. It doesn’t matter how well I teach my son not to be incompetent, or teach my daughter not to be meek and domestic, society expects them to be that way, and kids don’t deserve to suffer through that. I’m ending my generational trauma right here.

    • @fakename658
      @fakename658 8 місяців тому +34

      I Only wish it was angrier

    • @gameguy3394
      @gameguy3394 8 місяців тому +2

      @@shellygirl999 🤪💀😂

    • @thejadegecko
      @thejadegecko 8 місяців тому +17

      @@fakename658 It needs a rock / metal remix/cover of it. @SkyDxddy needs to do a cover. It would be perfect.

    • @charlomand3r
      @charlomand3r 8 місяців тому +11

      same and motivates me to break the cycle if i ever decide to have kids

  • @user-gb6dz6dh4l
    @user-gb6dz6dh4l 4 місяці тому +422

    “It’s not an act of love if you make her” sends chills down my spine 😭

  • @lejlanuhanovic5700
    @lejlanuhanovic5700 Місяць тому +189

    This song is the epitome of female rage. I had a marriage that was identical to this song. It feels amazing to be validated. I feel so related to so many women from all over the world just because of this song. Sending my love to all the girls and women in the comments. You are amazing and you deserve better! Don't let the men convince you otherwise!

  • @babiegirl526
    @babiegirl526 7 днів тому +8

    I been looking for this song for a while. its kinda sad what women and sometimes other genders go through. this kinda how i feel about my dad. like " all day every day therapist mother maid nymph then a virgin nurse then a servant." it never ends for people its sure is a whole lot of labor

  • @NR-ou3hr
    @NR-ou3hr 7 днів тому +99

    This song makes me think of my grandmother in India who was a very strong woman with a high level career - the first woman in her area to ride a motorcycle as well. Through the curse that is arranged marriage she was married off to a man who was jealous of her career position and would do everything he could to put her down and save his fragile ego. She only experienced the full brunt of it after she retired and is now suffering from dementia and haunted by memories of the past, all because she would be shun by society and her own family if she divorced him. Her condition is pathetic and it hurts to see such a fall from a high level career woman to a poor old lady suffering from dementia and depression, still stuck with him until the day she dies. My sisters from all over the world, marriage is NOT the most important thing for a woman in her life. Focus on yourself, your passions, your career, and do NOT let society and family tell you what to do with YOUR life. If you do that, you will be the one suffering in the end.
    Edit: I freaking love how this comment section is like a big, free therapy session/support group for girls and women all over the world. It’s so wholesome and the definition of sisterhood!
    👩 ❤️👩🏼‍🦳 ❤️🧕🏽 ❤️👩🏾 ❤️👵🏾

    • @shaina233
      @shaina233 6 днів тому


    • @clearly_a_human
      @clearly_a_human 4 дні тому +1

      Another Indian here! My own grandmother was an award winning sanskrit lecturer. One the most educated women in the family and was about to achieve great heights in germany before they forced her into a marriage. I still remember she told me about her parents slapping her to tell her that she was getting too old and needed to marry for the honour of the family, and the smile on her face when she told that story.
      Me and my cousins and sisters will do anything to save each other from that fate now, and do our best to fly on our own wings.
      You have one life and it belongs to no one but you. Do not let anyone steal that from you.

    • @NR-ou3hr
      @NR-ou3hr 4 дні тому

      @@clearly_a_human My mother has a friend who is a Chemist and was nominated for the Nobel Prize. It’s funny, she was also in Germany recently! People back home are still harassing her family on why she hasn’t married yet. Direct quote: “Ah what’s the point of her getting Nobel Prize nomination and all? She’s still not married yet.” 😒 Luckily she said that she’s married to the Chemistry lab and now that she’s in her thirties people have started to leave her alone. When will people learn that women are also humans with aspirations???

  • @danielleahrak6293
    @danielleahrak6293 6 місяців тому +473

    The lyrics are incredible. I love how the word labor can mean both work and giving birth. "The capillaries in my eyes are bursting" connects so well both to giving birth and "the rope I'm hanging from". This is a masterpiece.

    • @user-mb2ti5zd1b
      @user-mb2ti5zd1b 6 місяців тому +1


    • @jenniferlynne3314
      @jenniferlynne3314 2 місяці тому +11

      I took this line to mean she was suffocating in the relationship. I was in same situation at one point in my life. There were times I didn’t want to be alive anymore because I couldn’t see a way out on top of just feeling dead inside from the emotional and physical exhaustion. He was literally and figuratively killing me. I’m not sure I’d be alive today had I not left.

    • @ladyserenity5
      @ladyserenity5 22 дні тому +2

      I think it can mean both, which is what makes this song so brilliant and deep. Every woman can find a way to relate here. ❤

  • @egghead_felix
    @egghead_felix 8 місяців тому +3973

    This song is the most perfect representation of female rage I've ever seen. I have chills.

    • @lovemycats2009
      @lovemycats2009 7 місяців тому +83

      agreed! especially when the little girls are screaming along to the song in the background. gives literal chills

    • @MushroomCloudOfDoom
      @MushroomCloudOfDoom 7 місяців тому +46

      Ditto. Had this on repeat for two days now and I’m ready to start a riot. Feminine rage is such a powerful thing

    • @salaahkhayr2398
      @salaahkhayr2398 7 місяців тому +5

      Imagine men make one because of military, blue collar jobs, war!!! But hey, men have it so easy damn lol.

    • @l.r.4006
      @l.r.4006 7 місяців тому +69

      ​@salaah khayr those are seperate issues. this song is specifically about abusive relationships that women get trapped in. How about instead of complaining here, you make your own music?

    • @salaahkhayr2398
      @salaahkhayr2398 7 місяців тому +4

      @@l.r.4006 I’m pretty sure it’s more about things women are socially associated with more than abuse. Tc

  • @sarahoitmann3900
    @sarahoitmann3900 4 місяці тому +547

    I'm 18 girl from Russia. In my country women don't have protection from domestic violence and abortion almost being banned. This song gave me hope in future. Thank you ❤

    • @vinsfamily6199
      @vinsfamily6199 4 місяці тому +32

      I'm glad you have hope. I am cheering you from the other side of the world. YOU CAN DO IT!

    • @sarahoitmann3900
      @sarahoitmann3900 3 місяці тому +15

      ​@@vinsfamily6199thank you for kind words💕🥺

    • @SpookyPumpTheBestPump
      @SpookyPumpTheBestPump 3 місяці тому +10


    • @sarahoitmann3900
      @sarahoitmann3900 3 місяці тому +5

      @@SpookyPumpTheBestPump thank you ❤💕

  • @everythingisvision
    @everythingisvision 23 дні тому +89

    I’m not a woman. But dear god, I have the utmost and unending respect for all the women that had to suffer through situations such as this. It’s insane what women have had to go through, and I’d be an idiot if I didn’t recognize that. Women deserve respect and you’re either willfully ignorant or immature if you disagree.
    I am so grateful for all of the women in my family, alive or not, for all of the work and effort they put into the family.

  • @Cr8ive453
    @Cr8ive453 5 місяців тому +498

    In memory of my grandmothers who were the breadwinners while my grandfathers drank their lives away then my mother, her sisters, I and my sisters paid the price.

    • @Stettafire
      @Stettafire 3 місяці тому +9

      Yup, my grandfather was the same. He ended up dying of a heart attack and his father too

    • @JOhnJohnson-xg6sq
      @JOhnJohnson-xg6sq 3 місяці тому +13

      Absolutely. Can only speak for my mother’s side of the family but there’s a reoccurring pattern of almost all the men, even those that married in, being abusive, negligent or otherwise failing to provide for their families. My great great grandma had 12 kids, apparently, with her husband. He was a drunk and threw her out of the house, with babies and her young children, during winter. It was snowing. She had to go to her abusive MIL’s house and stay with her until he allowed her back to the marital home.

    • @Evija3000
      @Evija3000 2 місяці тому +9

      My grandma managed a farm, had three kids of her own and on and off took care of other children who needed help. She did near all of the housework and farmwork herself, including men's tasks. Her husband was a truck driver, who could occasionally be helpful, but overall was away most of the time, had a second family and would get drunk a lot. She got all sorts of major health issues as she got older and now doesn't even recognize most of her family. I 100% blame the hard work she had to do for her entire life. Even as a teen she had to do a lot because as the oldest of the daughters she was the heir to the farm. And of course their sons also picked up some of their father's habits.

    • @rivertam1000
      @rivertam1000 Місяць тому +5

      My grandfather was an abusive alcoholic and my gran worked full time with 6 kids. He did f' all to help because my eldest aunt took over childcare. Each kid had turns at each chore so he did NOTHING except be a flake and verbally/physically abuse them when they didn't do it 'right'.
      She couldn't get a mortgage in her name because she was of childbearing age so it was in his name.
      It broke my mom and her siblings in various ways but at least my mom managed to make something of herself despite him.

    • @truyork3125
      @truyork3125 Місяць тому

      Angela's Ashes 😢

  • @buggybug09
    @buggybug09 20 днів тому +49

    Im an avid history enthusiast. This song perfectly encapsulates the horrors and cycles experienced by woman throught human history. The part where you can hear the children chant with her showcases rhe repeation of it all. Women STILL face just about the same issues like this even now! This song is literally representing every woman who has faced this kind of abuse. From year one, to now. Every woman in history, this is their anthem.

    • @matthewbates9629
      @matthewbates9629 20 годин тому

      Just because that was your experience doesn’t mean it’s someone else’s not all men treat women like that

    • @buggybug09
      @buggybug09 20 годин тому

      @matthewbates9629 NO where in my comment did I mention "all men" neither did I mention men at all. I was just merely talking about how this song not only applies to women of today, but women thought history.This song isn't about men. It's about empowering women. It's a song about the abuse suffered by women in abusive or toxic relationships. Again, not about men, but women.

    • @buggybug09
      @buggybug09 20 годин тому

      @matthewbates9629 legit had a stroke reading this. Do you know what punctuation is? Anyway, all your points don't make sense- yes women and men have differences but what in the he'll does that have to do with this song or my comment?

  • @ushijimawakatoshi2106
    @ushijimawakatoshi2106 3 місяці тому +375

    The way she set the table so beautifully, and he just made a mess of feasting while she ate nothing. Nothing until she tore open the pomegranate and ate like she'd been starving, while he just smiled like her desperation and rage were funny. The way he didn't move when she left because his ego told him she needed him, when really, she's never going back and he will be lost until he can find some helpless maiden to manipulate. And then she'll set the table, wondering why he never looks at her.

    • @fourleaves6877
      @fourleaves6877 3 місяці тому +53

      I personally saw the smile as forced. When he hits his glass and she refuses to start cleaning, he begins to look confused and lost. When she looks up with a grin, looking like she's just chewed a man's throat out, his reflexive return-smile and the way it /fades/ hit me as- "Oh, I'm uh, glad you're having fun, but this isn't funny anymore, I don't understand, what are you doing?"
      But I think any interpretation of art is valid, and this is absolutely a masterpiece.

    • @purple66666
      @purple66666 2 місяці тому +30

      The pomegranate also has hidden meaning. It was believed in ancient times that the pomegranate was the actual "forbidden apple". It's another jont to patriarchy. She's "sinning " by eating it. But the pomegranate also symbolisms the results of hard work and great wealth. She's finaly eating and enjoying the results of her hard work and she's doing it in a way that shows spite for him.

    • @KATT2252
      @KATT2252 Місяць тому +10

      @@purple66666 its also an ancient greek symbol for both death and fertility, another great hidden meaning

    • @I_am_Lauren
      @I_am_Lauren Місяць тому +9

      @@purple66666 The way she TORE into the pomegranate was such a great detail, coupled with the symbolism of that fruit.

  • @gaillinruiters
    @gaillinruiters 7 місяців тому +3339

    I'm not even a wife yet, not even a girlfriend, but this song took a chainsaw to my soul. Sitting here silently while my rage is simmering for every women going through this.

    • @Michael-st9ky
      @Michael-st9ky 7 місяців тому +5

      No one dares mention what the men go through

    • @cabitsuchild9700
      @cabitsuchild9700 7 місяців тому +191

      @@Michael-st9ky women aren’t in positions of power to change things for men. But everyone women I know agree things are bad for men too hence this song about Labour I for one would be more than happy to split chores and work full time the main problem being have the choice to do this I’ve met many men who have these picket fence dreams who don’t want their women to have equality- feminism helps men and women

    • @cutmehtwice
      @cutmehtwice 7 місяців тому +241

      @@Michael-st9ky Bro, why should women sing a song for us lmfao 💀. It’s our own fault anyways, since we were the one who created the goofy ahh standards anyway. Stop crying and go make a song if you’re so mad.

    • @drea7421
      @drea7421 7 місяців тому +169

      ​@@Michael-st9ky bet u never actually mention mens issues unless its to undermine womens😂

    • @strawberrysangria1474
      @strawberrysangria1474 7 місяців тому +109

      @@Michael-st9ky So, when's your song coming out, or did you want Paris Paloma to do that for you? You make her do too much labour!

  • @TinyLittleRabbit
    @TinyLittleRabbit 2 місяці тому +107

    This song hits me so hard. My ex was exactly like this. Expected me to wait on him hand and foot and said that we WERE going to have children and adoption and surrogacy were not options, despite knowing I never want children. I was just an incubator to him. Just one month after I left him, I had my tubes taken out so no man can EVER try to take that decision from me again. Best choice I've ever made.

  • @sporksrule4725
    @sporksrule4725 4 місяці тому +126

    I love the line “it’s not an act of love if you make her”
    My ex used to say I didn’t love him if I didn’t want to have sex with him but this line explains it perfectly. I didn’t love him when he did that

    • @jenniferlynne3314
      @jenniferlynne3314 2 місяці тому +7

      So sorry. Mine would threaten or shame me or just wait until I was asleep and exhausted at the end of the day and it was honestly just easier to not protest. I still hate him for that. Left 12 years ago with 2 children who are only 16 months apart and have never been happier. In a healthy, loving relationship with a man who respects me and treats me like an equal. Praying my daughter does not fall into the same trap and that my son does not ever treat a woman that way. I have worked hard every single day to show them that this kind of situation is just not acceptable.

  • @dareen_al_asady
    @dareen_al_asady 5 місяців тому +136

    As a woman who had been se*xually harassed ten times during her life , had been victim of domestic vi*olence and threatened with child marriage at the age of 12 , had threatened with ki*lling in name of honor crime , and has fears of various things and suicidal thoughts, I find this song beautiful and inspiring
    I think we need more of these songs that reflect the daily suffering of women
    I think we need similar songs and more female singers to deal with women's rights passionately
    We need songs that reflect the reality of women, not songs that use se*xual objectification and call women "wh*ores" and "bi*tches" as kind of "liberation" .

    • @kochamzime9240
      @kochamzime9240 5 місяців тому +11

      As a man, I sympathize with you very much. What you had to go through and what other women are going through is hell! And yes, we need more songs like this ❤️. Greetings from Poland🇵🇱🥰

    • @dareen_al_asady
      @dareen_al_asady 5 місяців тому +7

      @@kochamzime9240 thank you 💖💖💖

    • @user-yj9ew1kk8i
      @user-yj9ew1kk8i 5 місяців тому +6

      Lord, this is so terrifying. I really hope you're in a safe place right now and somehow heal with the help of therapy some day

    • @dareen_al_asady
      @dareen_al_asady 5 місяців тому +3

      @@user-yj9ew1kk8i thank you for your lovely word 💘💘💘

    • @Lyagani
      @Lyagani 5 місяців тому +1

      @@kochamzime9240Thank you for being a good man❤️

  • @TheMetalButcher
    @TheMetalButcher Місяць тому +79

    I'm a single guy, so not your typical listener, but this song is a masterpiece on many levels.

    • @atomicpbj5649
      @atomicpbj5649 28 днів тому +2


    • @chanutamari2120
      @chanutamari2120 20 днів тому +4

      And I am glad that even guys feel that this song is a masterpiece! ❤❤

    • @skycub
      @skycub 15 днів тому

      Real, got recommended this on Spotify. The world play is nuts

    • @famine3141
      @famine3141 13 днів тому


  • @lanternure6122
    @lanternure6122 3 місяці тому +263

    I don't usually comment but no one is talking about the plates.
    The song is literally about her being trapped in a loveless marriage and forced to be nothing but a tool for him, all the while he's eating off of a Blue Willow. The pattern on that dish is supposed to tell the story of a true love that was denied by the bride's father and ended in the couple becoming birds so they could be together. Her plate is a Blue Onion, based on a Chinese design that featured an Aster and a pomegranate. Asters represent many things in different cultures, but most notably love, faith and purity. Pomegranates in China represent fertility and a blessed future among other things. They are literally eating off dishes that show what their marriage should have been. Love, devotion and happiness but that's not what it ended up being.
    It's such a subtle detail and I love it.
    (also, although the design didn't originally feature an onion, I think it should also be noted that the word onion comes from the Latin word unio which, if I remember correctly, means unity or to unite.

    • @barbaragordon_
      @barbaragordon_ 2 місяці тому +12

      Such a cool detail, thanks for explaining

    • @jnannadavid6114
      @jnannadavid6114 2 місяці тому +17

      There's such a long long history of women's secret languages used to communicate when they were cut off, isolated, and abused by the patriarchal societies they had to survive under. Flowers and Fans in England were well known, but even using the plate settings in this music video is amazing. I would never have put it together without you pointing it out and I am so grateful that you did! Nushu is another women's language that comes to mind and has such a rich history. I feel like there is a huge movement growing within the universal sisterhood of women on this planet, where we are starting to give voice to the long legacy of warnings our mothers and grandmothers were forced to whisper or desperately symbolize without hope of escape. We live in a world where we can finally speak these things out loud, and join together in the fight to fix them.

    • @FireballWizard6583
      @FireballWizard6583 Місяць тому +8

      Learned something new. Though, this isn't the case just for loveless marriages, even men who genuinely love their wives too often sit back and expect to be served. I'm so tired of everything.

    • @aiden3627
      @aiden3627 Місяць тому +1

      This is amazing I couldn’t even see the design, good catch. And thanks for explaining!

    • @cazgreen_
      @cazgreen_ Місяць тому +1

      ​@@FireballWizard6583That's not really love if he's sitting back and expecting her to serve him.

  • @nikolettperedi560
    @nikolettperedi560 8 місяців тому +15446

    The feeling I get from this song is so ancient and so deep, I feel like all the rage from thousands of years of oppression to the women of all history is united into this song and it's incredibly powerful

    • @jade3855
      @jade3855 8 місяців тому +277

      This comment!! I don’t personally relate but I’m sitting here soaked in tears from just thousands of years of female rage. 💔❤️

    • @missnikkiparker3112
      @missnikkiparker3112 8 місяців тому +40

      @@jade3855 Truly same.

    • @julianamae7239
      @julianamae7239 8 місяців тому +50

      exactly what I felt too, well put

    • @aleksandra...
      @aleksandra... 8 місяців тому +56

      Me too, I'm actually in opposite situation as my husband is doing most of the the labor (except emotional) as I'm chronically ill and unemployed.
      (and we had ~equal share before I started having health issues)
      But historical and contemporary examples are so heartbreaking, PLUS, all the future daughters (and sons) that are internalizing that as normal, I'm envisioning
      and this song is bringing all the emotions up...

  • @Ghost-zb1gz
    @Ghost-zb1gz 2 місяці тому +76

    A reminder to people like me, this song is not only for lovers. It is a father, a brother or a son. It is my father and I am a tired child.

  • @alexandriaaclark4672
    @alexandriaaclark4672 14 днів тому +45

    She has come such a long way, and her consistent fire is a testament to her journey 🔥 *authentic views* the spot which helped her such a long way along with her talent.

  • @oscarthegrouch0.1
    @oscarthegrouch0.1 Місяць тому +48

    “So he never lifts a finger” as an African woman I need that line a bit louder sis

  • @ForgottenMan2009
    @ForgottenMan2009 Місяць тому +45

    On a lighter note, anybody who can get 'capillaries' into a song ought to get a special award! !

  • @LydiasFlower_
    @LydiasFlower_ 4 місяці тому +206

    As someone from Turkey wich is a country who almost everyday a women gets killed by either their husband, bf or just some dude they saw on the streets this song hits more than it should. Just because we are women and we talk about our problems we often get belittled. I'm sick of this. I really just wanna live my life like everyone else does. When i go out i don't wanna think am i gonna get killed or am i being followed by some random stranger. I wanna live. We wanna live. We just wanna fucking live like a normal person. Don't even get me started about how most of the older generations treat their wife's. Like excuse me but a trash can would treat me better than them. I really don't understand who fucking decided that we girls are "kind and easily broken, just emotional, stupid" and the men are "strong, tough, needs to just work and smarter" I'm sorry but we are equal. In every fucking single way so please don't try to stop us, we wanna live like a normal person we are fucking sick of this bullshit.

    • @daydreaming_.
      @daydreaming_. 4 місяці тому +6

      Ben de bıktım artık.

    • @LydiasFlower_
      @LydiasFlower_ 4 місяці тому +5

      @@daydreaming_. Yaşamayı hak ediyoruz dünyanın neresinde olduğumuzun hiçbir önemi yok nasıl erkekler rahat rahat gezebiliyor istedikleri işte istedikleri maaşı alarak düzgün şartlarda çalışıyorlarsa biz de bunu hak ediyoruz kadınlar üstün falan demiyorum sadece eşitiz bunu istiyoruz. Çok iyi anlıyorum seni inan bende bıktım usandım

    • @daydreaming_.
      @daydreaming_. 4 місяці тому +6

      @@LydiasFlower_ Evet, eşit olmak zor değil ama yıllarca üstte tutulmuş birinin egosunu söndürmek dünyanın en zor şeyi. Değişmek elimizde ama nedense bazı kadınlar aşağıda görülmeyi kabul etmiş ve onların kararları yüzünden böyleyiz.

    • @LydiasFlower_
      @LydiasFlower_ 4 місяці тому +2

      @@daydreaming_. Kesinlikle öyle ama bir olursak karşısında duramayacağımız şey yok belki kendimiz için olmaz ama ileride olacak çocuklarımız veya onların çocukları için bir şeyleri değiştirebiliriz diye düşünüyorum en azından bunun tohumlarını atmak bizim elimizde

  • @aubryellaotero1064
    @aubryellaotero1064 8 місяців тому +9754

    The part about having a daughter and being afraid that she’ll meet the same fate is a true terror that keeps me up at night

    • @namtellectjoonal7230
      @namtellectjoonal7230 8 місяців тому +371

      yup....one of the reasons I don't want children
      I don't wanna bring a child into this ugly world that will treat them unjustly and then turn around and blame them for not being able to keep up

    • @maca6630
      @maca6630 8 місяців тому +154

      I understand you. I have three daughters and I raise them so that they know how to claim their place in the world, but I will always want to raise a boy in feminism. They need to know that they're born with a privilege we don't have.

    • @anonaweaver9741
      @anonaweaver9741 8 місяців тому +34

      Couldn’t imagine because I was the oldest of 3 girls. Then had 2 boys. Stopped before we did have a girl

    • @desireeluciano
      @desireeluciano 8 місяців тому +14

      I totally understand

    • @aubryellaotero1064
      @aubryellaotero1064 8 місяців тому +96

      The sad part is I have a wonderfully fantastic and amazing man who takes care of me now but…. It took so long. Just to find someone who truly respects me. Been through so much abuse at the hands of men to get me to this point that I really don’t see any woman being able to completely escape the violence her whole life.

  • @groovymelancholic07
    @groovymelancholic07 5 місяців тому +185

    Dedicating this song to every family who have lost their daughter, friend, mom, sister, aunt and granddaughter due to honor killing 💔

    • @Evija3000
      @Evija3000 2 місяці тому +3

      That seems like the most absurd thing looking from the outside.

  • @carloslanda8256
    @carloslanda8256 4 місяці тому +159

    Masterpiece. Shoutout to all the hardworking Moms and housewives, grandmas etc. y’all deserve to be treated like queens

  • @samaraschachter3612
    @samaraschachter3612 28 днів тому +28

    Here in Brazil, there is a general test, like an entrance exam, to enter any university. The writing is what weighs the most, and this year it was: 'the invisibility of the care work carried out by women', and I mentioned this song.

  • @everlastingpika1454
    @everlastingpika1454 Місяць тому +27

    I love how even after all that labor she cant even enjoy the fruits of her labor. And I like how she didn't just show a normal meal. She showed an excessive amount of food showing that it's not the normal amount of work that kills us, but the overwhelming burden of giving our husband's (whether or not we want them) our all and even more.

  • @a.s.h.a118
    @a.s.h.a118 Місяць тому +69

    I watched my mother lose decades of her life to this dynamic, after she got divorced she's like a completely different person for the better. I'll never fall into the same trap.

    • @CherishedFox-mc9hs
      @CherishedFox-mc9hs Місяць тому +3

      My step mother (who has been my mom for years) used to be so happy before they married, she would dance and paint and laugh. Then my dad made he a house wife, wouldn't let her spend money, emotionally and physically abused her, and wants me to follow in her footsteps , she's starting to realize now, and I hopes she breaks off from him 🙏

    • @a.s.h.a118
      @a.s.h.a118 Місяць тому +4

      @@CherishedFox-mc9hs I hope she makes the right choice for herself as well my dad has a new wife and while I don't have contact with her anymore (she's a whole different issue) I watched her seriously decline in physical and mental health after just 2 years of being married to him. These toxic marriages are serious life shorteners

  • @luxluther436
    @luxluther436 8 місяців тому +26843

    “So he never lifts a finger” can have two meanings. One, he never does work. Two, so he doesn’t hit.

    • @glengamble526
      @glengamble526 8 місяців тому +1606

      No, here it seems to have only one meaning, in context of the song-it’s called ‘labour’ and he ‘never lifts a finger’ to help. Period.

    • @AutumnRose..
      @AutumnRose.. 8 місяців тому +2141

      It's whatever one interprets the song to be and what it means for that individual soul ..

    • @glengamble526
      @glengamble526 8 місяців тому +434

      @@AutumnRose.. nope. Words have meaning. And context.

    • @yashny
      @yashny 8 місяців тому +122

      The first one for sure

    • @queenofbooks9526
      @queenofbooks9526 8 місяців тому +1375

      or three, so he never points a finger and accuses, aka emotional labour

  • @shelbybrant1315
    @shelbybrant1315 4 місяці тому +73

    Listening to this while i write out my plans to escape an abusive relationship. Been brainstorming for months now how to get the ball rolling. Im scared to be homeless with 3 young kids but im scared to waste more years stuck in this never ending cycle of trauma and abuse

    • @kittykeight24
      @kittykeight24 4 місяці тому +11

      You've got this.
      Think of your kids! You all deserve better.
      Love from a complete random stranger. ❤

    • @AbiHopeful
      @AbiHopeful 4 місяці тому +9

      I'm really proud of you. About a year ago, my mom took me and my siblings and left my Dad after 3 years of emotional abuse and neglect. She couldn't have made a better decision for us or her, even though it was hard and painful. I want to encourage you that you are showing your kids that they and you are valuable enough to save, and that it is not too late. I'll be praying for you, for your safe escape and security and that of your kids, and that you will all be able to heal and grow. I'd give you a hug if I could. ❤

    • @sarahoitmann3900
      @sarahoitmann3900 4 місяці тому +3

      I'm so proud of you. Sending you hugs🫂🫂🫂🫂❤

    • @KhalidKhan-cg4jg
      @KhalidKhan-cg4jg 4 місяці тому +2

      More power to you

    • @Evija3000
      @Evija3000 2 місяці тому +3

      Go for it. Long term it's the best decision for you and them.
      And I'm sure you can figure out how to find a home. Relatives, friends, special organizations that help women, maybe social services, there are ways.

  • @honeychild8525
    @honeychild8525 Місяць тому +33

    The "For somebody I thought was my saviour" rings very true to me - a lot of troubled young women think they have found someone to save them but in fact its just another abuser.

    • @wompusslompus5424
      @wompusslompus5424 10 днів тому

      This is what I'm paranoid about. Who's to say the next partner isn't the same? Are we running from one prison into the cage of another? What if we don't really know who they are until it's too late?

    • @ravenvalentine9823
      @ravenvalentine9823 6 днів тому

      ​@@wompusslompus5424I just left a physically abusive relationship and this exact thought crossed my mind. I guess the best choice is to never let anyone put us there in the first place. Never give someone an inch. It hurts, for ourselves and for the people we meet moving forward but walls are required for a stable building. Always have a go bag, never have a combined bank account, pick up a hobby around self defense or a weapon, (archery, HEMA, etc.) and live like minimalist. Makes packing much easier to leave.

  • @rlorendean
    @rlorendean 4 дні тому +8

    Entire women's history in a song. Thank you.

  • @isaaczahir
    @isaaczahir 11 днів тому +16

    This has definitely become the theme song of my life. I always listen to it, it's therapeutic, magical, surgical, it makes me travel!

  • @eliza6876
    @eliza6876 4 місяці тому +112

    This song is how I've felt my entire life. Women aren't toys for you to play with, we're human too.

  • @oliviasonell960
    @oliviasonell960 8 місяців тому +10512

    I love how this isn't about a physically abusive relationship but about how the labour demanded of women by patriarchs kills us.

    • @hassanalkhalaf1115
      @hassanalkhalaf1115 8 місяців тому +75

      And men don't do labour at all? They're all day up to work and get you the money for your house. Both do equal work yet men don't complain about it. Unless there isn't a physical abusive relationship no need to cry

    • @user-ed7et3pb4o
      @user-ed7et3pb4o 8 місяців тому +1314

      @@hassanalkhalaf1115 it’s not equal work. There are many, many studies on how it’s not equal work. If it was equal work, it wouldn’t be so common to have men sitting enjoying themselves at every family gathering while the women are slaving in the kitchen. If it was equal work, my mother wouldn’t have to spend her whole Ramadan cooking while fasting to serve the iftar that the men expect, while they waltz in at the last minute after a whole day of doing nothing just to devour the fruits of a whole day’s labour in mere minutes without so much as a thank you. When you say things like that, you are disrespecting your mother.

    • @teaganmerriman8395
      @teaganmerriman8395 8 місяців тому +744

      @@hassanalkhalaf1115 Notice how no one agrees with you? Embarrassing.

    • @northernroyal814
      @northernroyal814 8 місяців тому +535

      @@hassanalkhalaf1115 awww sounds like you’ve never experienced what a woman goes thru 😂

  • @l33ki-atsuki83
    @l33ki-atsuki83 Місяць тому +30

    I like it when he laughs at first when she crams the pomegranate in her mouth, before losing his smile immediately when he realizes she's serious. 'Humor my silly wife, let her have fun, while she tries to make something of herself, but the second she actually starts to slips from my control...'

    • @tomydismay
      @tomydismay Місяць тому +8

      Yessss that's one of my favorite scenes. He captures so much verbal aggression there without saying a word, including an earlier scene where he's eating while staring her down as if to challenge her to say something, to "forget her place" so he can remind her of it... and then she tears into that pomegranate indicating "challenge accepted".
      It's both astonishing and alarming how well Henry Hayward captured this type of toxic behavior from his subtle expressions to his overt disdain towards her resentment and ultimate rejection of the roles she's been fulfilling for him. Enough is enough.

  • @kahrramusic2425
    @kahrramusic2425 5 місяців тому +69

    This song is heartbreaking in how many women have reacted to it so viscerally. Things have changed so much, but in so many awful ways things have stayed the same. It feels like rights for women are gradually shifting (in some countries) but societal expectations are changing at a snail's pace.
    Showed this to my mom and she cried by the end because it hit too close to home, then felt empowered when we talked about how she didn't leave my dad, she made my dad leave, which was better for all of us. My mom worked to put my dad though college, worked to put food on the table for me and my sibling, got up early to take us to school and took us to all our appointments, all while my dad did f*ck all to take care of us and refused to get a part time job to work on his "studies". Then he felt all big and important once he graduated, got his job and made more money than my mom, then wound up cheating on her (with someone only a couple years older than me). My mom got pretty much everything in the divorce, thankfully, and hasn't had any interest at all in remarrying after she was free of him.
    This song has similarly struck an awful chord with me. I've NEVER been more miserable, depressed and anxious in my life than those periods in which I dated a man and/or let a man live with me. Giving everything to gain nothing in return. My happiest have been those long stretches where I am single, and so I shall remain. I am free, and relieved that I never have to suffer another man-child's infantile whining (never wanted to be a mother, much less to a grown ass man), weaponized incompetence, mental and physical abuse, and begging/manipulating for s*x ever again. My last ex was my LAST. I don't care that there ARE good men out there (somewhere). I can be successful, happy and fulfilled far more easily without them.

    • @amouramarie
      @amouramarie 5 місяців тому +3

      It's so, so great that we can choose that now (depending on where we live). I don't want marriage or children. If I ever live with a man it will be as roommates. I've had sex for the experience of it and have no more interest in it. I am so very thankful that I know I can live out the rest of my life this way and no one will be able to force me into the life all my grandmothers lived, whether they wanted to or not. o7 elders, thank you

    • @Ivy-dd8bf
      @Ivy-dd8bf 4 місяці тому +1

      @@BabaDerBaer80 Not everyone lives by your book, and I do not believe a God with such moral values as the ones depicted in the Bible deserves following.

    • @Venvaneless
      @Venvaneless 16 днів тому

      Feminism shouldn’t be weaponised - paraphrasing Emma Watson - like a stick to beat other men with. Men were raised like that partially by women too, let’s not forget that it’s our grandmothers and mothers who put values onto these guys we later complain about and experience abuse from. I’ve seen enough of enabling from other women in my family to know we have to change as a society as a whole, not just blame men for that. We tend to forget patriarchy also hurts men.
      Apart from that, if you constantly find yourself in relationships that are mentally and physically abusive, I would strongly suggest to get therapy. It shouldn’t come off as blaming, because I‘m aware how hard it is to recognize abusive behavior, when you're stuck in that kind of relationship. You've been clearly through a lot too. As someone coming from similar background and with similiar experiences I understand where you're coming from. Even more so, I'll advise therapy as it can help you understand yourself and others around you more and also why we look for such relationships deep within, without realising, even less wanting them. It can teach you important life skills that is recognising early signs in abusive behaviour in ourselves and others, how to avoid or resolve conflicts, build healthy relations. Men aren’t always bad as women aren’t always good. We're all people, who deserve kindness. You seem very hurt and hate all men, when not all deserve the hate. Imagine what women here would post or feel, when your post was made by a man writing the same way as you about women. Also, don’t forget that in all your relationships, there's always one constant - you. We also make mistakes in our relationships. From looking for attention in wrong places, ignoring warning signs, perpetuating mistakes from our parents by choosing partners that are similiar to the abusive parental figure or one that will "help" us perpetuate the cycle of generational trauma even further. Just because you'll avoid the relationships now, it doesn't make the underlying issues better.
      It's not healthy to generate so much disdain and hate for one gender or any person in particular. Remember that in relationships there’s one constant - us, therefore if we’re inclined to look for abusive partners, it’s a warning sign we should look into. Avoiding it is not healthy.
      Believe me, when I say it, one day you’ll be indeed wanting love and partnership, but going about it like now, won’t be able to build anything meaningful as you never tried to live with others, to build much needed social skills needed for that, never learnt to listen and compromise, accept each other faults and differences, never learnt to forgive, there’d also many things we won’t learn about ourselves and life without trying to build a healthy relationship.
      Speaking as someone with the experience of 10+ (and going) years of relationship and remembering how I felt about men and relationships (pretty similiar to yours) before that, huge part of the reason being bad examples in childhood and early teen years and bad taste in men😂😅

  • @bumbleB1
    @bumbleB1 2 місяці тому +48

    This song always makes me think about my grandmother who gave up her dream of being an architect because that "wasn't a job women did".

  • @z.ad.e4165
    @z.ad.e4165 4 місяці тому +80

    I'm the daughter. The country I live in has no rules to protect women from abuse, yet my mum still managed to run away. He's still harassing us and doing everything in his power to make our life harder even though we're not in the same house anymore. If you are in a similar situation, don't hesitate. Think of your future children and the torture they would have to go through.

    • @spellcheck5393
      @spellcheck5393 3 місяці тому

      🙈how can there be no rules to protect women.

    • @omairaluciano3509
      @omairaluciano3509 2 місяці тому +1

      Some countries just don't care enough about women to do anything.

    • @shaina233
      @shaina233 6 днів тому


  • @ozesa
    @ozesa 4 місяці тому +76

    People share in the comments their stories about the “bad husbands” they have seen in their lives, but as an Arab woman I don’t even know what a “good husband” means, I've never seen an example like this in my life, in my country we consider a man who gives his wife permission to go out is an example of A "good husband", this is kinda funny and sad at the same time
    I wish happiness to all women!
    It's time for you to live for yourselves only, There's no need to repeat history, no need to continue in a miserable present, You must achieve a better future for yourself!

    • @avantivasharma4446
      @avantivasharma4446 4 місяці тому +17

      I can't explain my rage after reading such comments. Why are my sisters from every corner of the world still suffering?? When will it end??? I m really tired of this struggle.does the nature have made us only for suffering?It would be better if the entire humanity would just end cuz It's a torture to see the half of the human population in this condition.

    • @shoszannah
      @shoszannah Місяць тому +2

      Unfortunately Muslim region makes Arab world being in their Middle Age.
      Christianity was this awful and cruel to women too (and just straight up awful and cruel globally), but we manged to get a bit free from religion in the west and so gain some women's rights (some.. There is still long way ahead and we need to be very careful to not go back 😢)
      I'm sad that Arab women still have an even longer road in front of them, probably not only decades, but maybe centuries it's devastating.
      I'm sorry sister ❤

    • @arandompasserby1725
      @arandompasserby1725 3 дні тому

      All these comments from all the sisters are excrucriating to hear; strengthening my decision of staying unmarried and child-free

  • @tanyadarling6892
    @tanyadarling6892 8 місяців тому +5408

    I love that we don't see her face at the start, like how many women have lived and continue to live as faceless, nameless entities, whose work is never acknowledged as theirs - I love this song for so beautifully expressing both power and grief

    • @angymoreno7627
      @angymoreno7627 8 місяців тому +29

      i was thinking this too!!

    • @silveralpha3630
      @silveralpha3630 8 місяців тому +8

      Idk why this reminded me of Rosalind Franklin...

    • @patternrecon5271
      @patternrecon5271 7 місяців тому +1

      Loxist subversion
      Kalergi plan
      Minimum replacement birth rate: 2.1
      Israel birth rate: 3.00
      EU birth rate: 1.53
      Canada birth rate: 1.47
      USA birth rate: 1.70
      Australia birth rate: 1.66
      Russia birth rate: 1.50
      Ukraine birth rate: 1.23
      Moldova: 1.28
      Belarus: 1.38
      Serbia: 1.48
      Bulgaria: 1.56
      Romania: 1.60
      Albania: 1.58

    • @Eclipsiscv
      @Eclipsiscv 7 місяців тому +8

      It reminds me of a line from “Whatever you want” by Vienna Teng - “she’s just a dress wearing a face in the doorway.”

  • @tyrellesmith9265
    @tyrellesmith9265 5 місяців тому +71

    This song is great on so many levels. It's catchy, moody, empowering, angry, and the lyrics have so much hidden depth. I love the line "24/7 baby machine so he can live out his picket fence dreams", that line hits so hard because it reminds me of how many men seek out this nuclear family life that in too many instances, they have no intention of ever participating in. For them is just a dream, a fantasy while someone else does all the work of making sure that life goes smoothly.
    I have heard so many stories of women being pressured into having a family then left to take care of that family alone despite still having a partner. On the flip-side I have heard way too many stories of men who pushed for that only to realize they didn't actually want it either or only wanted a family for stupid reasons like legacy and social status. It's perhaps a cliche, but the patriarchy really does no one any favors in the long run. it just steals the joy from men and women both in different ways.

  • @brentsnavely424
    @brentsnavely424 4 місяці тому +59

    Love the double meaning of, "You make me do too much labour" which refers both to work in and around the house and childbirth

  • @Cyndercrys
    @Cyndercrys 6 місяців тому +707

    I'm a lesbian, and only recently divorced my ex-wife who treated me like this. It isn't just men, unfortunately. This song just makes me feel better about my decision, and worse for all of us women that go through this shit.

    • @Iamhere829
      @Iamhere829 4 місяці тому +93

      💯 hope you find a woman who treats you better ❤❤

    • @doppleganger683
      @doppleganger683 4 місяці тому +42

      I hope you find the perfect partner whom resides within yourself. We seem to look for our "other half" but in reality it's us. Love yourself unconditionally and you will be whole ready for another whole and you two can grow together 💕

    • @solala1312
      @solala1312 2 місяці тому +7

      you deserve better, no one has to be used like the women in the video describes. if it was a woman in your case, it doesn't make it any better.

    • @Lolalolo1996
      @Lolalolo1996 2 місяці тому +5

      Well here is a hug from an internet stranger. I hope that you find the life you want no matter what that looks like.

    • @jesshateseverything
      @jesshateseverything 2 місяці тому +5

      you deserve better

  • @bridgetmadden5716
    @bridgetmadden5716 Місяць тому +41

    "Someone who I thought was my saviour." So many young girls would marry to get away from their parents, only to realise it was out of the frying pan and into the fire...

  • @zebraskin
    @zebraskin 2 місяці тому +57

    This song makes me cry, mainly at the "if we had a daughter" part as I feel I failed my daughter (a tween). Her father projected himself to be the type of man I would want, after I gave birth that changed. I worked till the day I gave birth, saved every penny to try to start my own (home) business after my daughter was born. He never helped at all. I asked him to watch her for 1 hour after work a day, so I could work on my business and it was too much for him, even after I went back to work. I can't even tell you how many charts I made of my time vs his time.
    Then he put his hands around my neck for the first and only time and I left that night. I left the house I bought before I ever met him, and moved back with my dad. I let him live there rent free for months. I'm still battiling him to this day. He treats my daughter like shit calling her a "stupid girl" (from a self proclamied feminist) and shoves her against walls threating to hit her. I can't do anything legally till he does something to her. The courts even recently gave him 50/50 custody, something he didn't try for until he got married, to pass off to his new wife as he works from the time she gets off of school till after her bed time. Almost everytime I pick her up from his house she is crying.
    My partner now is amazing, he's a great step dad, what I wish had been her father. He has been my partner for 10+ years and she loves him to death. I just wish I hadn't failed her, but they often trick you. He is emotionally torturing her as he does me now, and she is learning thats normal from him.

    • @hungry_girl211
      @hungry_girl211 Місяць тому +2

      Don't know who you are but I'm Hella proud. My mother has a similar story and it was hell to go through. I'm glad you were brave and I admire your strength. Best of luck for the rest of your future ❤

  • @Seafoamee
    @Seafoamee 8 місяців тому +11615

    The symbolism of her lighting her candle and watching it burn down while his is unlit and barely touched is perfect

    • @annikamaa2337
      @annikamaa2337 8 місяців тому +129

      I was just about to comment on that, its really such a cool detail!!

    • @fallen_star2319
      @fallen_star2319 8 місяців тому +371

      Add in that al the ones in his view are perfectly fine, while hers are starting to burn out? The one symbolizing her burns out entirely, the one representing him is never lit. But the surrounding candles, symbolizing work and effort?
      His are half tall, still easily burning. Hers are almost at their ends - she is completely burnt out in herself and from the excess work that she does for him, while he doesn't need to exert himself in nearly the same fashion.
      It's a smaller detail, but a really nice one.

    • @garimabajaj7443
      @garimabajaj7443 7 місяців тому +28

      oh my god, wow. this made me think so much.

    • @paigelarrabee3143
      @paigelarrabee3143 7 місяців тому +64

      Her candle seems to symbolize patience. Her fuse must get lit every mealtime. Even if he isn't there and away at work. She toils over everything and so it has been eroded to the point of an escape plan.

    • @bleepbloop838
      @bleepbloop838 7 місяців тому +16

      Like she loved and unloved, but he never learnt to love. Idk.

  • @thivai289
    @thivai289 2 місяці тому +25

    My partner is the opposite of this, I'm very lucky in that respect. The lyrics still make me cry, because I know the women in my family (and so many more) have lived a life just like that described in the song.

    • @Venvaneless
      @Venvaneless 16 днів тому

      Same, fortunately I escaped the fate that the circle of abuse family can turn to.

  • @snarryvader81
    @snarryvader81 4 місяці тому +40

    "You're a smart man and weaponize the false incompetence; it's dominance under a guise" puts into words a thing I've seen more than once but have not really been able to describe well.

  • @magickalmundane
    @magickalmundane 2 місяці тому +24

    Knowing this generation of girls will be raised up on this song, taught to save themselves instead of looking for a savior, helps to heal my heart with every replay.

  • @giuliapaglialunga6589
    @giuliapaglialunga6589 4 місяці тому +31

    “apologies from my tongue never yours” is so real because us women we are always trained to say sorry because “men know better”

  • @celeven3613
    @celeven3613 4 місяці тому +25

    Her voice
    Her beauty
    She's amazing!

  • @BangersOnly
    @BangersOnly 8 місяців тому +864

    im so excited for this wow. CONGRATS PARIS

  • @lulu12q
    @lulu12q 5 місяців тому +25

    Paris, you’re a lyrical genius! Everything in this song is perfectly planned! The little details are insane. You’re criminally underrated

  • @faelynlumb1763
    @faelynlumb1763 2 місяці тому +9

    I adore this. Also, can we talk about how deceptively simple the video is? One set, two people, and a laden feast table. Yet it is packed with meaning and symbolism. Pure genius.

  • @cestlaphie
    @cestlaphie 5 місяців тому +15

    Heard this song for the first time tonight . Immediately gripping. Unlocked anger inside me. Went for a run in the Colorado hail storm blasting this on repeat in headphones.

  • @JL-pf1ry
    @JL-pf1ry 3 місяці тому +21

    This song is divine feminine energy and rage served on a silver platter and im laaaaapping it up. This song awakens the rage in me. Ugh a masterpiece.

  • @kesura7313
    @kesura7313 4 місяці тому +19

    Driving down the road the other day this one came up in my playlist. My mom was riding with me and was like "She isn't wrong..." and then sent the song to herself. My mom does everything...and while I know she enjoys is....I think sometimes she resents it.

  • @kiararodriguez2118
    @kiararodriguez2118 8 місяців тому +4691

    The background vocals being children at the end enrages me and breaks my heart. This is a masterpiece. Every little detail is perfect

    • @em01455
      @em01455 8 місяців тому +137

      I didn’t even realize that my god

    • @highdeadesigns6424
      @highdeadesigns6424 8 місяців тому +64

      That's my favorite part😭😭

    • @universal_stupidity
      @universal_stupidity 8 місяців тому +147

      she has apparently said they aren't children, but it's still beautiful

    • @solus8685
      @solus8685 8 місяців тому +73

      I think it's young women, not kids

  • @ST-rj8iu
    @ST-rj8iu 4 місяці тому +16

    She really captured the experiences of women. Great lyrics! Love it!

  • @MelancholyStarfire
    @MelancholyStarfire 2 місяці тому +28

    I'm in a healthy relationship but this song is a banger.

  • @summerschultz
    @summerschultz 2 місяці тому +30

    I had a son 4 months ago. I was doing everything his other parent wasnt helping at all. I finally snapped and left. I couldnt do it. I took MY son and left. He will be raised in a house hold where he will know what needs to be done and how to do it. And so much more.

    • @jenniferlynne3314
      @jenniferlynne3314 2 місяці тому +5


    • @zebraskin
      @zebraskin 2 місяці тому +6

      I feel this in my bones, same (except he also finally put his hands around my neck), I'm 10 years post and a bit of unsolicited advice, get a good lawyer and document everything. Even if you feel you don't need to do it.

    • @summerschultz
      @summerschultz 2 місяці тому +6

      @@zebraskin Everything was documented. I have the first court date today.

    • @zebraskin
      @zebraskin 2 місяці тому +3

      @@summerschultz good! Wishing you luck!

  • @zoey__m
    @zoey__m 5 місяців тому +17

    I'm absolutely amazed by everyone's stories about their mothers/grandmothers/women they knew and yet, not at all surprised. So many different people, from different places of the earth, yet the same pattern repeated all over. So, this one is for my grandmother too. Forced to leave her village at 12 in order to work, forced to abandon the man she loved, forced to marry another at 17, who abused her in every form. Then she broke the circle, got a divorce, broke free. Now she's living her best life, doing things she never could, learning, having fun! Now she's happy.

  • @kokos1209
    @kokos1209 5 місяців тому +43

    “If we had a daughter id watch and could not save her” my great grandma was that daughter. A first born and only daughter with 4 younger brothers. Her mom died giving birth to the youngest son. She was expected to take care of them all, babysit them, cook and do the housework, while also helping on the farm every day, even if she was a child herself. She was 14 she was forced to marry to a 26 y old man by her father. She met the same fate after marrying too. Needed to be a baby making machine, work all day on the farm, cook and do house chores. She died by the age of 30 and something with 7 children behind while her husband lived till his 80s.

    • @arandompasserby1725
      @arandompasserby1725 3 дні тому +2

      Marriage pictured as sacred and all but honestly, it's just a slavery contract in 'guise

  • @GemBob123
    @GemBob123 8 місяців тому +5090

    This song just epitomises how women's roles are consistently delegitimised. Even the stereotypical housewife is not seen as real 'labour'. Cooking, cleaning, managing the home, taking care of the children is a job. Just because it's not paid, it's seen as somehow 'worth less'. Stunning.

    • @lw9515
      @lw9515 8 місяців тому +51

      ​@@hassanalkhalaf1115 "Under a man" is a telling choice of words and sounds miserable by any metric. The women I know were/are housewives and mothers see it as more of a partnership if he's earning.

    • @lw9515
      @lw9515 8 місяців тому +78

      ​@@hassanalkhalaf1115 I think most people argue that because its a risk. If I had a daughter, I would want her to ensure she still had work history, experience and references to fall back on if her marriage didn't work out. And that she wasn't financially dependent etc.

    • @hassanalkhalaf1115
      @hassanalkhalaf1115 8 місяців тому +6

      @@lw9515 that's a valid point.

  • @genevarockeman9721
    @genevarockeman9721 2 місяці тому +27

    After a string of emotionally draining boyfriends I now have a truly amazing partner and some days I wake up to a sense of bone-deep relief that I'm not alone in my marriage. Just remember, it's always better to be single than with someone who doesn't see you as an equal. ❤

  • @lovehemi465
    @lovehemi465 2 місяці тому +15

    the poetry in this is just perfect 👌

  • @MsAudities
    @MsAudities 18 днів тому +8

    If others have eaten the fruits of your labor for too long. It's time for you to feast

  • @blowingbubbles5554
    @blowingbubbles5554 3 місяці тому +6

    This song will forever be an embodiment of Federici’s “Wages Against Housework”. Whether or not the artist was inspired by her work, I think this song does a wonderful job of presenting her ideas in an accessible way that speaks to so many people. It makes me very happy

  • @sylphienne
    @sylphienne 6 місяців тому +65

    Masterpiece! Her song should have hundreds of millions of views.
    This what I want to happen in my life: To have a family without a man. To be successful, without a man. To have my children carry MY name, To have my future daughters look up to me and show them that they don't need male attention to be fulfilled or happy. To have my future sons respect women and treat them as an EQUAL partner and not someone who will serve them like mothers.
    In a few months, I'll be 26 years old. I'm working on myself, health and manifesting positivity in my life. I'm a virgin and I don't care. I don't feel the need to be in a relationship. I'm starting my own business and soon i will be saving my eggs for the future when I decide the time is right for when I want too have children.
    I am my own boss. I am my own leader. I am deserving to be successful.

    • @juliamicha
      @juliamicha 6 місяців тому +3

      Yaaay..you go girl

    • @kleinshui9082
      @kleinshui9082 5 місяців тому +4

      You go girl!!!
      My father is my role model. When my mother found a good job before him, both being young parents, my father stept up, worked half-time, the rest of the day he cooked, cleaned, cared for me. I was near equaly raised by both mother and father.
      When they eventuelly married, I kept my mothers name. It suited me more and both agreed. My mother kept her surname, too, we are still one family, connecting two wonderful family sides!
      To this day, long since I went on my own way, they still stay equal in spirit, in work, in everything.
      Any man that doesn't give as much as my father was willing to give freely, is not worth my thought and time!

    • @noon6145
      @noon6145 3 місяці тому +1

      we need more women like you

    • @mizelle3603
      @mizelle3603 3 місяці тому

      Everyone's definition of success looks different. Is yours being a business owner, or a single mom? Bit of both? That's saying that you have the money to do both - start a business and freeze eggs. Ironically, your future children may not look up to you for your choices - they might really resent being raised up by daycare, nannies, grannies, while you worked at your business. ( Child care is expensive btw.) They may pine for a father, a quality role model and be angry you chose to raise them without a dad. Good luck on your future choices.

  • @lucreziabenelli4521
    @lucreziabenelli4521 8 місяців тому +4326

    This song is like 1000 times better than I could’ve ever imagined. It really captures the feeling of being a woman during all History. It has such feminine rage that we can all feel it through the screen

    • @ilsedevries2529
      @ilsedevries2529 8 місяців тому +43

      Have you heard her song 'fruits' ? It is also a lot of femine rage combined with witch vibes

    • @lucreziabenelli4521
      @lucreziabenelli4521 8 місяців тому +21

      @@ilsedevries2529 I actually did. Thanks to TikTok I did a tour of all her music, and I’m utterly in love with “fruits”. But thank you anyway for the suggestion ☺️

    • @aceonmaces_dolphins
      @aceonmaces_dolphins 8 місяців тому +25

      I totally agree and I also want to point out to support your statement that when she's eating the pomegranate, it splatters and it stains her fingers and chin. It resembles blood and the eaten pomegranate bears a scary resemblance to organs. I think that part really exemplifies the female rage that the video is projecting where she's so angry from the mistreatment that her husband shows her and that's a murder stare if I've ever seen one.

    • @lucreziabenelli4521
      @lucreziabenelli4521 8 місяців тому +10

      @@aceonmaces_dolphins Yes, I totally see what you’re saying. I also loved that she seemed to enjoy eating the pomegranate, and with that regain the power she lost while with him, and “freaking him out”

    • @damepasty9203
      @damepasty9203 8 місяців тому +4

      ​@@lucreziabenelli4521 I have heard that the fruit that Eve actually ate that got her and Adam kicked out of the garden of Eden was mistranslated as an apple. They say it was more likely a pomegranate.

  • @rachelmoore2061
    @rachelmoore2061 21 день тому +9

    Sending love and light to everyone in this comment section! You are not defined by the people who have hurt or are hurting you, you are strong, beautiful, wise, use your hidden power! You can do it!✨

  • @Gayori_boi
    @Gayori_boi Місяць тому +9

    The "it's not an act of love if you make her" line gives me goosebumps every single time.
    I don't even relate to it personally. But I've heard so many stories from women who do and it makes me want to scream this line in the faces of the offenders because I can see how much pain this atrocity brought to them

  • @TaTa-xd5yt
    @TaTa-xd5yt 6 місяців тому +25

    This song is a masterpiece. Thank you Paris Paloma. Women(am one myself) have always been slaves and are only realizing it now. Men take all their rage on us, we are a punching bag and emotional sponge.

  • @nitellepease6401
    @nitellepease6401 2 місяці тому +19

    One of the songs that helped me leave a 15 yr relationshit

  • @kaliheera5441
    @kaliheera5441 Місяць тому +3

    Absolutely stunning song. The song of a generation. I’m so happy how far we’ve come!

  • @ahe1009
    @ahe1009 8 місяців тому +33659

    this is absolutely a love letter to women throughout history. as historian rosalind miles points out: part of the reason men were at the forefront of so much innovation throughout history isn’t just because of lack of education for women, but because they were free to do more with their time as women were carrying most domestic and emotional labour in the home.

    • @ashleyunderwood8558
      @ashleyunderwood8558 8 місяців тому +383


    • @michelletierney3319
      @michelletierney3319 8 місяців тому +101

      Who cooked Adam smiths dinner 📖

    • @ailimarie
      @ailimarie 8 місяців тому +625

      @@michelletierney3319 His mom. he wrote his book while living in his mom's house

  • @figiopustheemperor2475
    @figiopustheemperor2475 27 днів тому +8

    My girl really loves this song, she showed it to me and I really don't know how to feel about it. I'm a little obsessed with it now and I just can't stop thinking about the clip and those lyrics. I just can't help but to feel ashamed for what other men did. Yes, it also inspires me to be the best I can be for both my girl and for every other women, but I know that me being "good enough" can't ever fix the whole system build upon injustice and oppression. There is a need for some great societal change, but sure anyone reading this under this specific video knows that. I just hope that the change is not only possible but that it is inevitable.

    • @loveyoujonghyun
      @loveyoujonghyun 25 днів тому +3

      Well at least you're trying that already puts you ahead of a lot of other men who feel angry and threatened. And instead of trying to improve themselves and make the world a little more fair towards everyone, they double down.

  • @IamZeus1100
    @IamZeus1100 3 місяці тому +10

    Woah , this song was incredible! So much emotion and such a powerful message. Everything from the lyrics, to the instrumentals , the mix, her voice and incredible vocal control. I love to see such true artistry like this, it's what musics all about! Thank you for sharing such a powerful song with the world, truly a gift

  • @user-ok7mw5dh8o
    @user-ok7mw5dh8o 6 місяців тому +8

    The candle she lit dying out as she finally left while the others were still tall is a beautiful little piece of so much significance. I loved every second of this.

  • @aditrilahiri8035
    @aditrilahiri8035 4 місяці тому +30

    you don't have to have an abusive husband to relate to this song.

  • @littledemon6076
    @littledemon6076 28 днів тому +8

    "24/7 Baby Machine" Hits hard for me. I have never really been fond of the idea of having children, due to mental disorders and health issues the thought of having kids is put to the bottom of my list. I understand that I am only 15 but since the age of 11 my mother has talked about my motherhood, and how I had "perfect baby carrying hips." She would always compare to it as well, "Just wait till you have kids and you have to cook every night" or "At least you aren't raisining six kids." I was 11 mom, I shouldn't know what that is like. I have been raising my siblings since i was 7. I have more mother instincts than she does. I'm so happy that my grandparents haven't put the same pressure everyone else has on me. Thank you, God, for my amazing grandparents!

    • @chanutamari2120
      @chanutamari2120 20 днів тому +2

      I still can't believe in the 21st century, people still believe in this shit. Dw. U will get out of that toxic household and ur toxic mom.❤❤

  • @audreydahlman4473
    @audreydahlman4473 7 місяців тому +3921

    I absolutely love the symbolism in her choosing to eat a pomegranate. Pomegranates are used in so many ways in different religions and myths, but in every single one it is a symbol of womanhood, rebirth, or something of the sort. It’s such a powerful choice to use that as she eats in rebellion.

      @PILOSOPAUL 7 місяців тому +159

      The immediate thing that came to my mind was Persephone who was a captive of Hades, she is usually represented by pomegranates

    • @mariakara2419
      @mariakara2419 7 місяців тому +19

      yaaa also fertility i think ive heard

    • @andyhu7205
      @andyhu7205 7 місяців тому +72

      I like to think of it as her casting herself into hell to escape him! The pomegranate in Greek mythology is what kept Persephone from her mother in the underworld!

    • @cecilkeith1951
      @cecilkeith1951 7 місяців тому +4

      Persephone and Hades vibes

    • @adiastar9815
      @adiastar9815 7 місяців тому +16

      @@ashleyn1 interesting. In many other languages, it is literally called a "grenade apple", plus "pomme" in french means just apple...

  • @lori-leenvl5433
    @lori-leenvl5433 3 місяці тому +11

    i love the children’s voices echoing at the end, it’s so powerful

    • @ajaazelle
      @ajaazelle 3 місяці тому

      how is it powerful

  • @serbaelor3680
    @serbaelor3680 3 місяці тому +9

    Stumbled upon this song on a playlist on Spotify and I applaud it. As a man raised mostly by women, it’s a masterpiece and really showcases what women go through but shouldn’t have to. Endless respect for the women on our lives who went above and beyond to give us the lives we have at the expense of theirs

  • @ks4148
    @ks4148 6 місяців тому +30

    This perfect encapsulates the rage for a reality of female domestication and rigid expectations spanning thousands of years. I liked that the video was set in that one time period and one marriage solely, which makes me only wonder in bereavement about the millions stories of strong women and the countless tales of oppression and suppression that were lost throughout the centuries. It’s time we started telling them.

    • @coffee131
      @coffee131 6 місяців тому +3

      Agreed. I'm reading Creation of the Patriarchy right now. And it's so deep. Some many women just completely wrote out of history. Because it was men who decided what was important to record and document. Everyone needs to read it. It makes so much sense why the world is the way it is today.