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Princess Rhaenyra Is Summoned By Queen Alicent | House of the Dragon | HBO

  • Опубліковано 20 вер 2022
  • Here’s your first look at Emma D’Arcy and John Macmillan in next week’s episode of .
    And it’s just getting started. .
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  • Shofie Mahowyn
    Shofie Mahowyn 7 днів тому +2594

    I really like how these two are together in this. They genuinely seem like friends and in a partnership, even if they aren't in love, and it's really wholesome.

    • Mohamed Ramadan
      Mohamed Ramadan 3 дні тому

      @TheCandiceWang yes if marg pretended to be a boy

    • Rachele
      Rachele 3 дні тому +1

      @Aish Ariel think of something along the lines of turkey baster, or even using fingers as a medium to be honest.

    • TheCandiceWang
      TheCandiceWang 4 дні тому

      @Mohamed Ramadan like renly and margaery?!??

    • War Child
      War Child 4 дні тому +2

      They are cousins after all and grew up together

    • Aish Ariel
      Aish Ariel 4 дні тому

      @News* enlighten me, please. In that era I only see one way lol

  • superbientotal1
    superbientotal1 7 днів тому +2118

    The dynamic here between Laenor and Rhaenyra is everything and communicates so much about them in just a few lines - their loyalty to one another, their affection - the look Rhaenyra shoots him when he asks if it was painful giving birth! 😆 And Laenor’s mounting rage that Alicent would put Rhaenyra in this position - straight up ride or die for his cousin-wife-friend right there!

    • ldrockmusic
      ldrockmusic 3 дні тому

      @Tabitha Greenwood That is fine if you believe that but I don’t see how you can support a spouse who has 3 children from another man. Then the Velaryons are calling them legitimate heirs. At least in the book it was rumored not to be the children because they were white and Rhaeneys had brown hair. Now you take one look at them and the mystery is solved.

    • Insert Name
      Insert Name 3 дні тому +1

      Cousin-Wife-Friend is such a crazy combo 🤣🤣🤣

    • Tabitha Greenwood
      Tabitha Greenwood 4 дні тому +14

      @ldrockmusic Yes, that’s what they agreed to, and therein lies loyalty. The very definition of loyalty is a strong feeling of support or allegiance. If a couple enters into a relationship with a mutual understanding of what the relationship looks like and they adhere to that while supporting each other (as it appears is happening in this scene) that is loyalty, my friend.

    • Janez Kette
      Janez Kette 4 дні тому +2

      @ldrockmusic Well there are not a lot of ''good people'', more like lot of grey characters.

    • Aisha
      Aisha 5 днів тому +22

      💀 cousin/ wife/ friend
      but in all seriousness your comment 💯 on point 😆

  • Puffy Cheeks
    Puffy Cheeks 7 днів тому +2303

    Despite all its seriousness, love the death stare she gave Laenor for asking "Was it terribly painful?" 😂

  • Olivia Carter
    Olivia Carter 7 днів тому +2945

    When Laenor said “what could she possibly want, I thought we were past this”- I think this is a hint that Laenor accepts Rhaenyra’s kids as his own. Hes always recognized those boys as his own regardless of what people says. That makes me LOVE Laenor so much 😢

    • drdst27
      drdst27 2 дні тому

      He's been cucked.

    • Anna Jo2000
      Anna Jo2000 3 дні тому

      @Black panther There were still people asking who...ah, never mind. 😖😂

    • Black panther
      Black panther 3 дні тому

      @Anna Jo2000 well technically I didn't spoil I just stated what's happened in the last episode so

    • Anna Jo2000
      Anna Jo2000 3 дні тому

      @Black panther Oh way to go, posting spoilers! 🤬😂

    • Anna Jo2000
      Anna Jo2000 3 дні тому

      @Inter Galactic Not as strong as the Mountain, but yes, quite strong. 😉😁

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O 7 днів тому +1578

    I admire the relationship between Laenor and Rhaenyra. They married out of duty and aren’t in love with each other but still respect and care for each other. Laenor even tries to be a caring husband and loving father.

    • Cindy Crosby
      Cindy Crosby 2 дні тому

      He's really, really trying. It's endearing.

    • thatoneguy
      thatoneguy 3 дні тому

      @topknot01 That's Cristan's fault but at least Rheanyra gave him the freedom and space he needed to move on.

    • Paul Alwright
      Paul Alwright 4 дні тому

      Is that not all marriages? 😂

    • The Kids Nice
      The Kids Nice 4 дні тому

      @iChillypepper He was too busy blowing the kings guard in the red keep

    • Janez Kette
      Janez Kette 4 дні тому

      @The Duke of Windsor in books there is not so much drama beacuse Rhaenyra doesn't have silver hair, i guess they change to spicy up tv show.

  • MaverickLotus
    MaverickLotus 7 днів тому +6127

    There's this brief moment when even through her pain, she looks down at her baby and smiles. ❤

    • Kiingslayer
      Kiingslayer 3 дні тому

      Great observation. :)

    • H K
      H K 6 днів тому +4

      @Nicholas Chen as I see it...Rhaenyra is aheadof her time with Leonor.... sh is like a modern womanstuck inmedieval age while Alicent is deeply religious catholic woman(cause faith of the seven is like their catholic church)

    • Miss A
      Miss A 6 днів тому +5

      @Christine Fischer yes she did love all her children and she became very devastated, went crazy, paranoid when most of her children is killed/died 😔😶.

    • M T
      M T 6 днів тому +3

      For anyone wondering, it happens at 1:04

    • natalia solomakha
      natalia solomakha 7 днів тому +4

      Yep, same here, noticed this immediately. Emma is great

  • Tiago Macri
    Tiago Macri 7 днів тому +1806

    I'll miss Milly so much, but 1 min of Emma's acting was enough to me realize that she will do an amazing job

    • Rin Wesley
      Rin Wesley День тому

      Enough the the pronouns bs. If you want to play into this fantasy, do so. Don’t force others to.

    • Insomnius
      Insomnius 2 дні тому

      @6alcantara Acting is about presenting as someone who is not yourself. Of course cis-people can play trans people and the other way around. Besides that, "they" is not only used by trans-people.
      Its really not difficult at all. Some people just want it to be difficult so that they can complain about it.

    • 6alcantara
      6alcantara 3 дні тому

      @Naina exactly, I thought that the special pronouns were only for transgenders, is Emma trans? is Rhaenyra trans? I thought only trans could be played trans, and hetero "cis" could only be played by hetero "cis"... all this is so complicated and nonsensical.

    • Esteicy
      Esteicy 3 дні тому +1

      @Naina There has been cis men playing women and cis women playing men, acting is about playing someone that isn't exactly like yourself.
      Also women can still use they/them, it doesn't mean a rejection of "womanhood".
      You are just weird.

    • Anne Bruck
      Anne Bruck 4 дні тому +3

      @Naina i suppose you are not aware of the history of profession and don't understand its purpose. men played women in shakespearean times, why a non binary person doing the same would seem strange to you. they make their money by being someone they are not.

  • TtroubleTT
    TtroubleTT 7 днів тому +2255

    I love their friendship so much. They may not be compatible as lovers but I think they’d be great friends

    • Jeremiah Arciaga
      Jeremiah Arciaga 7 днів тому +46

      They're good friends, they're cousins.

    • Dana Banana
      Dana Banana 7 днів тому +111

      Yeah, I think they do love each other. Perhaps not as lovers, but as family, friends, partners, and co-parents.

  • butera grande
    butera grande 7 днів тому +4942

    Alicent is so horrible for this. Asking for a woman to move for her own “satisfaction” when she went through the same???? And she knew how Rhaenyra’s mother died.

    • Joshua s
      Joshua s День тому

      @TripleMoya Games Sort of. she wants to see if the baby is Laenors or not. Hence the whole "Let me take him" from Laenor & "She'll get no satisfaction from that"

    • Heaven Miller
      Heaven Miller День тому

      @briya exactly

    • Angel
      Angel День тому

      @Santiago Octavio Serial you mean vayleryon. Rhaenra is a Targaryen so the kid is automatically one

    • Amir Smith
      Amir Smith 2 дні тому

      @butera grande Rhaenyra didn't trust Alicent with her baby due to parentage

    • debra jenkins
      debra jenkins 2 дні тому

      She went on her own, only the baby was summoned. She could have sent her husband and her guards but she fears for the child's life. And she should given the nonsense she is perpetrating.

  • Atrajit Roy
    Atrajit Roy 7 днів тому +376

    Laenor almost seems like a caring 'normal' brother in this scene. He was the closest thing to a brother Rhaenyra had while growing up, and despite having different orientations, he genuinely seems to love her platonically, like any non-Targaryen brother would.

    • Atrajit Roy
      Atrajit Roy 4 дні тому +4

      @Edith Puthy Aegon is young enough to be her son. Besides, she shares more blood with Laenor than she does with Aegon.

    • The Boy
      The Boy 4 дні тому +2

      @Edith Puthy yea but not one her own age

    • Edith Puthy
      Edith Puthy 4 дні тому +2

      I mean she does have a literal brother

    • Atrajit Roy
      Atrajit Roy 5 днів тому +10

      @Bei Bei Laenor also knows that his 'sons' not having a drop of his own blood won't cause any bloodline problems in the future. Jacaerys is still a Targaryen. Lucerys, the heir to Driftmark, isn't a Velaryon, but they solved that problem by betrothing him to Rhaena, who definitely is a Velaryon. So Luke's descendants would be true Velaryons.

    • The Boy
      The Boy 5 днів тому +9

      @ok dude they said the “closes” thing she had to a brother

  • Debodipta Paul
    Debodipta Paul 7 днів тому +142

    To everyone asking why Rhaenyra is even allowing Alicent to push her around like this. The way I interpret is that
    1. If Rhaenyra doesn't do it, they'll just say that she's trying to hide the baby. There's already that rumour in court that the kids aren't Laenor's.
    2. To portray Rhaenyra as weak because of chilbirth/babies and therefore unfit to rule. The already misogynistic lords of Westeros will definitely jump on that bandwagon.
    3. Alicent knows how painful childbirth is and what happened to Rhaenyra's mother, so this is another powerplay by her.

    • Debodipta Paul
      Debodipta Paul 20 годин тому

      @Master Plo Koon and that exactly is a reason why they'd argue women should remain in the private sphere.

    • Master Plo Koon
      Master Plo Koon 20 годин тому +1

      I am pretty sure even sexist nobles know that a person needs to rest after giving birth.

    • Les Mortimers
      Les Mortimers 3 дні тому +2

      Great interpretation! I feel the same way. And though people here are very judgemental of Alicent, I still feel sympathy towards her as of episode 5. We must not forget that, although Alicent shouldn’t have kept her courtship with the king a secret from her friend, she was put up to it by her controlling father and she wasn’t even 18 yet. After the marriage, Alicent has gone out of her way to defend Rhaenyra, even against her own father. She only turned on her when she realized that Rhaenyra not only lied and got her father dismissed from court, but that she doesn’t know her former friend anymore. Alicent honestly believed in Rhaenyra, but seeing her lie, even on her mother’s memory, showed that she and her kids could be in danger after all and that her father had been right to caution her. I think this is a super interesting arc and while I understand Rhaenyra‘s frustration at the whole succession thing, Alicent didn’t do anything to her. Even after she’d become queen, she always upheld Rhyaenyra‘s right to the throne. I love the dragon princess, but she’s not supposed to be the hero, neither in the book, nor the show.

    • Tazrean Al Rifty
      Tazrean Al Rifty 5 днів тому +1

      @H K What Rhaenyra gonna do with Alicent in future just wait and see 😅😅. Rhaenyra was trying to at least got 1 child who has her hair colour.

    • Tommy Soliz
      Tommy Soliz 5 днів тому +1

      @H K it shows much more about her than in the book, same as Ser Cristin really happy they decided to do that.

  • 6rit
    6rit 7 днів тому +384

    as if I couldn't hate Alicent more.... Outright cruel of her to summon her literally moments after birth. And wow, I'm gonna miss Milly but I'm so excited to see Emma as Rhaenyra!! Incredible already in this short clip. And I'm loving Rhae and Laenor's friendship in the show. So supportive of her and seems like he'd be a great dad to "his" kids. Team Black 🖤

    • Iside
      Iside День тому

      @ben1ben2ben1 yeah because asking a woman who has just given birth to see the baby it's normal!?
      Like Alicent can't walk herself .
      We all know that no mother after given birth would let her child be brought somewhere without her and remember that this is a time were there is tension between them so it makes that she's going

    • Paul Kamin
      Paul Kamin 2 дні тому +1

      @ben1ben2ben1 She asked to see the child "immediately", knowing full well the baby had JUST been delivered. Rhaenyra only insisted on bringing the child because she didn't want to give Alicent the satisfaction

    • fito1295
      fito1295 3 дні тому +2


    • TheCandiceWang
      TheCandiceWang 4 дні тому +1

      @Treebeard eww :(

    • Treebeard
      Treebeard 5 днів тому +2

      @Keenan Sweeeney is alicent a princess or a woman? It doesn’t matter what house she is apart of. She is a she. She married into a kingdom, at her fathers persuasion, a kingdom that turned her against her father and ultimately banished him. When she realized the truth, she became “evil” but valid. She has the greatest character arc of the show at the moment, if you disagree you are not paying attention.

  • Sarah Nour
    Sarah Nour 7 днів тому +5939

    I love the friendship/partnership between Rhaenyra and Laenor. They support and accept each other, and Laenor seems like a proud dad despite knowing the kids aren't his. They truly made the best of their situation.

    • The Kids Nice
      The Kids Nice 5 днів тому

      @Ferzilla Ser Harwin is the father of all 3 of her children

    • Sibs
      Sibs 5 днів тому +1

      @Derry to be fair she just gave birth to a child and is being summoned to see the queen right after so she's probably not in the best of moods.

    • Goodboy Gaming
      Goodboy Gaming 5 днів тому +1

      @alibaba pirce its harwin not cole

    • Goodboy Gaming
      Goodboy Gaming 5 днів тому

      @Mayara Brigit harwin strong

    • Goodboy Gaming
      Goodboy Gaming 5 днів тому

      @Vikrant Tyagi in the books it's said that its sir harwin strong

  • belphegor Campbell spn
    belphegor Campbell spn 7 днів тому +72

    this was cruel.. by laenor velaryon and rhaenyra's reaction this is not the first time alicent has done this to them, imagine having to go through this every time you give birth to a child, and alicent knows that rhaenyra's mother, aemma arryn, died in childbirth, she does this to humiliate her stepdaughter as well as checking the babies' appearance to see if they are legitimate. I loved the complicity and friendship of rhaenyra and laenor it seems like they are making the best of their situation

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 7 днів тому +2

      I would bet anything Alicent just asked the baby to be brought to her and Rhaenyra is insisting on bringing the kid herself

  • Mailen Driussi
    Mailen Driussi 6 днів тому +22

    Honestly, they should have made the scenes with Milly just be flashbacks and let Emma take their place from the first episode. The creeps that are obsessed with Milly's younger looks are really tiring.

    • Gus
      Gus 4 дні тому

      I think flashbacks would have created a major pacing issue. Once the season is over, people will have a change of heart.

    • Mailen Driussi
      Mailen Driussi 6 днів тому +2

      @stray freckles Flashbacks would have also fixed the pacing issue. They could have started with Rhaenyra's wedding and jump back to show her appointment as heir or the affair with Daemon. Wasting time in the teen years has just make them rush things.

    • stray freckles
      stray freckles 6 днів тому +4

      exactly!! it's kinda worrying how much they keep insisting

    • Mailen Driussi
      Mailen Driussi 6 днів тому +9

      @Michelle They are just tiring like... Milly looks like a teenager, no way anyone with a brain would believe she had five kids. Besides, she doesn't have the gravitas to play older Rhaenyra yet.

    • Michelle
      Michelle 6 днів тому +8

      I couldn't have said it any better!

  • CenturionVYG
    CenturionVYG 5 днів тому +18

    1:03 That smile to her baby, was so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time,

  • Jack Hambrook
    Jack Hambrook 7 днів тому +246

    Already Emma Da'Arcy is amazing as Rhaenyra. They have managed to keep that sass and edge she has, as well has her endearing quality and character, yet you can tell she has grown up. Can already see that they will be awesome throughout the rest of the series.

    • sweetstjens
      sweetstjens День тому

      @Julian Left Rhaenerya becomes viscious and cruel in the books later on so no, Milly can't play Rhaenerya.

    • ZombyTy
      ZombyTy 4 дні тому

      @Julian Left nobody cares. Emma was cast first and Milly afterwards. They both did well, and you could tell Emma is exceptional at being Rhanaeyra. Stop being such a baby and watch the show if you want. If you don't like it, don't watch or become a director and make your own show.

    • ZombyTy
      ZombyTy 4 дні тому

      @scure so? What matters is their ability to portray a character accurately. Emma and Milly did that exceptionally well. Same goes for the character Alicent.

    • Julian Left
      Julian Left 4 дні тому +2

      @sweetstjens You do realize people have traits that they maintain regardless of age right? That's what he said. Why are you not making any sense? They could've gone for an actress that has similar traits OR age Mily digitally. The latter would've cost more money (which they have) and the first would've required more casting. Regardless of all this, nobody is wrong for pointing out that the 2 actresses playing Rhaenyra have nothing in common, looks wise, and that that breaks immersion a bit.

    • Me to myself:
      Me to myself: 5 днів тому +1

      @rahxrahster who cares? What does they them even looks like? I live in a country where our pronouns are genderless so western ideology about "pronouns" is just really weird. Plus they look like Hunter Schaffer. I thought that is her.

  • D3th Tr4p
    D3th Tr4p 7 днів тому +6426

    The casting is just extremely solid. Emma D‘Arcy as Rhaenyra looks so similar to her mother, Aemma, played by Sian Brooke 👌

    • shizukagozen777
      shizukagozen777 4 години тому

      Why do they look like they're 42 though ? They're only supposed to be 28 (at least for Rhaenyra, but her cousin didn't look much older when he was a teen)...

    • TheCandiceWang
      TheCandiceWang 4 дні тому

      She does! Omg

    • Shance Eaton
      Shance Eaton 4 дні тому

      @Long Johnathan basically , like how is somebody supposed to take that seriously, also who twist dreadlocks in Westeros ? Is their a shop they send the boys too or something ?

    • Tazrean Al Rifty
      Tazrean Al Rifty 5 днів тому

      @Will G 10 Yeah.

    • Long Johnathan
      Long Johnathan 5 днів тому

      @Shance Eaton Nah those are mop heads.. right...?

  • Mobble Maggotgutter
    Mobble Maggotgutter 7 днів тому +833

    Laenor gives such a bff vibe. I love he's so supportive of Rhaenyra

  • Claim 50-1000$ Free Gift Cards
    Claim 50-1000$ Free Gift Cards 5 днів тому +7

    The casting is just extremely solid. Emma D‘Arcy as Rhaenyra looks so similar to her mother, Aemma, played by Sian Brooke

  • Nhật Linh ND
    Nhật Linh ND 7 днів тому +156

    Leanor is the best dad. No one could tell me he isnt Jace, Luke and Joffrey' father. He loves them like his owns and be proud of them so much. Harwin is the father by biological but Leanor is the father by love

    • BayouBengal84
      BayouBengal84 3 дні тому

      @Anna Jo2000 only because Harwin can't be there. They basically send him away so no one finds out. But in the show you see he has a more natural love for them when he holds Joffrey and looks at Rhaenyra. IMO

    • Anna Jo2000
      Anna Jo2000 3 дні тому +1

      This show has made me fall in love with Leanor! He's a really good guy and cares for Rhaenerya and the kids. I agree, Leanor is the father by love. ❤️

    • Arawn
      Arawn 4 дні тому +7

      @Kycilius Gaming Sweet summer child

    • ZombyTy
      ZombyTy 4 дні тому +3

      @Kycilius Gaming going off the books... who knows, maybe the show will be different

    • Kycilius Gaming
      Kycilius Gaming 4 дні тому

      How can harwin be their father?? Laenor marry rhaenerya right???

  • hen ko
    hen ko День тому +1

    Incredible already in this short clip. And I'm loving Rhae and Laenor's friendship in the show. So supportive of her and seems like he'd be a great dad to "his" kids. Team Blac

  • Maverick Iceman
    Maverick Iceman 7 днів тому +97

    This scene has already made me think that this actress is going to do a great job as rhaenyra. She's really good in this scene alone

    • Maverick Iceman
      Maverick Iceman 5 днів тому +4

      @protect_provide thank you

    • protect_provide
      protect_provide 5 днів тому +5

      @rahxrahster since they're playing rheanyra, a,women I'll use she/her, she's hired to play a character, not herself.

    • Maverick Iceman
      Maverick Iceman 5 днів тому +5

      @rahxrahster so? She's a girl. One single female. No reason to call her they/them

    • rahxrahster
      rahxrahster 5 днів тому +1

      The actress, Emma D'Arcy uses they/them pronouns.

    • protect_provide
      protect_provide 7 днів тому +8

      Yeah i loved Milly, but seeing this all my worries are washed away

  • Lady Melancholia
    Lady Melancholia 4 дні тому +15

    Rhaenyra walking: 😡😤🤬
    Looks at the baby: 🥰😁😊
    Continues walking: 🙄😮‍💨😠

    • stray freckles
      stray freckles 4 дні тому +3

      such good acting in a matter of seconds👑

    DUMMIE 7 днів тому +9

    Comparing actors is an insult to them, one got to play the younger role and the other got the adult role because both of them have talents and skills to secured their respective roles
    The show tells a story, let's focus on that.

    • Mailen Driussi
      Mailen Driussi 7 днів тому +2

      People just want to thirst over the younger actress.

  • Hail. X
    Hail. X 7 днів тому +858

    Rhaneyra is so strong and stubborn, I love her!!!! She won't let Alicent be alone with her baby

    • Tazrean Al Rifty
      Tazrean Al Rifty 5 днів тому

      @ꨄ I think Aemond.

    • Tazrean Al Rifty
      Tazrean Al Rifty 5 днів тому

      @Will Ecoff Woof what a foreshadowing 😂

    • Nunya Biznes
      Nunya Biznes 6 днів тому +1

      @Fashbinder very Strong

    • ꨄ
       6 днів тому +3

      @Will Ecoff Yeah? And who killed lucerys?

    • Euron Greyjoy
      Euron Greyjoy 7 днів тому +7

      @Will Ecoff jahaerys and maelor imao you are rigth but black propaganda is strong

  • Dani Major
    Dani Major 7 днів тому +509

    Im so glad Laenor is supportive and sweet to Rhaenyra. I was worried he may never forgive her for what Ser Criston Cole did to Joffrey Lonmouth

    • J g
      J g 5 днів тому

      @Ashi To who's fault it was is not the conversation were having.

    • Ashi To
      Ashi To 5 днів тому +1

      @J g Yeah, but it's still not her fault... He could be angry but in the end she's not responsible and I think he knows that considering the fact that she was actually supportive of him.

    • J g
      J g 5 днів тому

      @Ashi To As far as Laenor knew, Criston was her lover. And there is no way Laenor would not have some resentment or outright anger at her over it. His bride's side piece just beat his boyfriend to a pulp in front of EVERYONE.

    • Ashi To
      Ashi To 5 днів тому

      @J g But it's not her fault... Plus, he wasn't her lover anymore when he killed Joffrey

    • J g
      J g 6 днів тому +3

      @Mr Thanos because her lover killed his lover. Why would you even need to ask that? 😕

  • A.E. Asher
    A.E. Asher 7 днів тому +176

    Man Alicent being straight cold with this summons.
    Seeing this clip and Alicent's have removed any concerns I had about losing Milly and Emily. I'll miss them, but Emma and Olivia are already killing these roles.

    • Iside
      Iside День тому +1

      @DaisyDen i love it too. I cant believe that Fire and Blood second book its going to come out soon !

    • DaisyDen
      DaisyDen День тому

      @Iside No worries, I love talking about the episodes and comparing theories and opinions! :)

    • Iside
      Iside День тому

      @DaisyDen oh sorry I then didn't fully understood your comment.I completely agree

    • DaisyDen
      DaisyDen День тому

      @Iside It appears that you have seen the latest episode? My comment was written before the new episode and we didn't have the context of Alicent merely asking for the baby, not for Rhaneyra to present the baby for her. I didn't use the word "stubborn" as a negative term in this case.
      I now perceive this scene differently as I have seen the context of the birth and discussions around it. I feel like what she did was a form of malicious compliance (regardless of the consequences to herself) AKA: "As you wish... I will allow you to see the baby, but you're going to have to see me too."

    • Iside
      Iside День тому

      @DaisyDen how can a mother who has just given birth being asked immediately to see her child and her obviously wanting to go with it because she has tension with the queen is called being stubborn?
      Please no mother after literally given birth would let their child alone nor with their stepmother's who used to be your best friend who now hates you

  • Amal Remesh
    Amal Remesh 7 днів тому +36

    I am already in love with Emma's Rhaenyra, she looks amazing here ❤️ Feel sorry for all the people who said they will stop watching the show just because Milly left.

    • BayouBengal84
      BayouBengal84 3 дні тому +1

      Tho I don't like the casting for the new older Rhaenyra, I definitely won't stop watching. I'm just team Alicent now. They picked a beautiful woman to play her. She possesses the same traits as the younger version, and the same quirks.

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 7 днів тому +17

      Those people are idiots. The first 5 episodes were just the prelude. The real story hasn't even started yet. HBO didn't even want to do the younger years, but GRRM instead that it was important to understand the characters

  • Valeri Marinov
    Valeri Marinov 6 днів тому +34

    Emma's resemblance to Milly is great.
    One of the best younger to older re-casts I've seen in a film/TV show.

    • Jayde Bolton
      Jayde Bolton 3 дні тому

      I think from what was said Emma was cast first then Milly was cast.
      Milly getting the role was influenced by the fact she did look a lot like Emma- of course she was also very talented but her looks helped too

    • BayouBengal84
      BayouBengal84 3 дні тому

      Could have picked a better older Rhaenyra in my opinion.

    • ldrockmusic
      ldrockmusic 5 днів тому +5

      Really? Millie has a large overbite their faces do not look similar. Unless you believe Westeros has a orthodontist.

  • Mailen Driussi
    Mailen Driussi 7 днів тому +52

    I love her sweet little smile to the baby even when she is in so much pain. ❤️

  • ChildOfDestiny
    ChildOfDestiny 7 днів тому +638

    Laenor being Rhaenyra’s supportive himbo husband is going to be my favorite thing for the amount of time we get with him lol

    • Lukas Blast
      Lukas Blast 2 дні тому

      ​@A J spoiler ? the books are out for years, what spoiler ?

    • Nunya Biznes
      Nunya Biznes 6 днів тому +1

      @John Shepard he was killed by a "close friend" according to the maesters but the rumor was he got a new bf and the current one murdered him out of jealousy.

    • Cream Silver
      Cream Silver 7 днів тому

      When does he die I love his character nooo

    • John Shepard
      John Shepard 7 днів тому

      Why what happens to laenor

    • Carly Crays
      Carly Crays 7 днів тому +22

      It makes the whole thing that much more tragic. Laenor didn't care if his kids weren't biologically his.

  • Mi Self
    Mi Self 7 днів тому +83

    This is why Emma is the real deal. Look at her acting no wonder Matt Smith praised her a lot in an interview.

  • NocturnalMelody
    NocturnalMelody 7 днів тому +38

    Laenor is so likable and cute even in this small scene! I would love to see more of them as friends and partners.

  • David
    David 7 днів тому +15665

    Despite his incompatible orientation with her, I like that Laenor is doing his best to be a good and supportive husband to Rhaenyra, and probably will be a good father to his "sons".

    • Duke of Keredon
      Duke of Keredon 4 дні тому +1

      It should be "strong sons" 😂😁

    • S E
      S E 4 дні тому

      @Ali80076 genetics is not always so straightforward especially when it comes to skin color. It’s actually quite complex. Don’t drink the Mendel cool aid bro

    • Rai
      Rai 4 дні тому

      @Good Year did spoiling it for people satisfy that itch to be an unwanted arse?

    • Rai
      Rai 4 дні тому

      @More Fun that's why they said "sons" with quotation marks

    • Kenith Balhan
      Kenith Balhan 4 дні тому

      ​@Dustin Although rare, It's not impossible for dark hair to show in the offspring of two blondes (genetic mutations). It's happened in real life, even with darker skin and eyes skipping generations and showing up later. Genetics are very complex even with the rules of dominant/recessive traits.
      If we apply the rules to GOT, Alicent and Rhaenys (book version) should've had some children with dark hair and didn't. So I think it's safe to say GOT genetics don't follow the rules. Since trait inheritance is inconsistent and there appears to be no rules about dominant/recessive traits, if all of Alicent's children can be blonde, then perhaps Laenor and Rhaenyra do carry the dark hair gene, even if we all strongly suspect that's not the case lol.

  • adil r
    adil r 7 днів тому +98

    Emma is EMBODYING the role of rhaenyra, perfect casting.

  • Touch. Me. I Will Turn You
    Touch. Me. I Will Turn You 6 днів тому +11

    Rhaenyra and Laenor seem to have one of the healthiest marriages. He's so supportive of her.

  • Dan2584
    Dan2584 5 днів тому +5

    One of the reasons this show is really good is that the audience knows the reasons for every character and why they do the things they do. Amazing writing.

  • Naa ja
    Naa ja 4 години тому

    Emma's voice in this scene is just 🤌. The way she embodies that exhaustion after a painful labor and also the anger in being summoned is so bloody awesome.

  • Kimberly Robinson
    Kimberly Robinson 6 днів тому +11

    When he asked, “Was it terribly painful?” Rhaenyra looked like she would have slapped him right there if she’d had the energy to raise her arm.
    It was a total, “Are you kidding?” look.

    • JJ Tarski
      JJ Tarski 6 днів тому +2

      he's trying to make jokes, distracting her from the pain

    • kt
      kt 6 днів тому +3

      Emma's acting is incredible, I'm honestly impressed

  • Frannie B.
    Frannie B. 7 днів тому +9

    Emma is a great casting choice as the main protagonist for the rest of the series. The acting is top notch! If the trailer was anything to go by, the performance will be very strong! Since Rhaenyra is a mother of at least 3 children, it makes sense to not use a young girl and "age" with the show like some of you have said below. It makes no sense to drag a story out for that long when the "Targaryen civil war" starts when Viserys dies.

    • 0
      0 6 днів тому

      @Frannie B. Thank you for your answer.

    • Frannie B.
      Frannie B. 6 днів тому

      They will be more prominent in season 2. Cregan Stark will play a crucial role in this Targaryen civil war.

    • 0
      0 6 днів тому

      are the starks featured in this series?

  • Andrei M.
    Andrei M. 7 днів тому +16

    This scene is amazingly filmed. Emma and Olivia are going to skyrocket as Rhaenyra and Alicent. If people have picked a side until now, they will after this episode.

  • starryeyes982
    starryeyes982 4 дні тому +5

    The little smile she gives the baby at 1:05 is so sweet. I'm glad they're going to show just how much she loved her children.

  • Xenon Doro
    Xenon Doro 7 днів тому +18

    Emma is so good! The casting on this show has been top-notch!

  • Candela Coronel
    Candela Coronel 7 днів тому +20

    I am obsessed with this scene, been watching it all day long

  • Ms. Dreavus
    Ms. Dreavus 7 днів тому +16

    It makes me sad to think this could have been Margaery and Renly’s dynamic somewhere down the line if things had just gone differently. I appreciate their relationship.

    • Heather
      Heather 4 дні тому +1

      I was thinking about that too. I don't think Renly would have been that committed to a platonic relationship with Margaery though. He was so uncomfortable and awkward, I think Margaery would have born the whole relationship AND managed him like a puppet.

  • Boulbi Boulga
    Boulbi Boulga 7 днів тому +10

    Emma d'Arcy will be AMAZING as Rhaenyra.
    For those who haven't read the book, you are not ready for what will happen in the upcoming two seasons. No White walkers in this story yeah, but

  • Marianna Alafouzou
    Marianna Alafouzou 7 днів тому +27

    I like Leanor’s and Rhaenyra’s relationship …They are like best friends ..Who help and support each other and be on each other’s side .❤

  • Mariana Gomes
    Mariana Gomes 7 днів тому +16

    My first introduction to Emma was through Wanderlust and I immediately loved them. I can’t wait to see more of them as Rhaenyra I’m so excited

  • Dana Banana
    Dana Banana 7 днів тому +18

    They may not be lovers, but I do believe there is love there (at least from this video). Love as friends that support each other, as partners, as co-parents, and as family.

  • Hannah 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    I'll miss Milly so much, but 1 min of Emma's acting was enough to me realize that she will do an amazing job

  • You stupid fucking dinosaur
    You stupid fucking dinosaur 7 днів тому +3221

    I love Emma D'Arcy as Rhaenyra here. They portray her so well. The dry wit and tenacity in her voice even after going through childbirth and the way Laenor supports her, I love that.
    Also I'm already Team Black.

    • BayouBengal84
      BayouBengal84 3 дні тому

      @Chief Rey no such thing. They or them address plural forms. It is not used to describe a singular individual. The world is getting tired of going over 6th grade English with you woke MFs. Whatever Emma D'Arcy was born as, is what her gender is. Point blank period.

    • rahxrahster
      rahxrahster 5 днів тому

      @Stephanie Game of Thrones (the show) already spoilt HotD some people just don't remember.

    • rahxrahster
      rahxrahster 5 днів тому

      @Jax Jaeger neither are good people. Right now Team Green ain't looking like good people

    • billboard NEWS
      billboard NEWS 6 днів тому

      *Listen to BLACKPINK's 𝐍ew song "Shut down" with hip-hop vibes*

    • Blockboi 38
      Blockboi 38 6 днів тому +1

      @Event Horizon "A few seasons before the dace"
      How long do you think this show is gonna last?? These last 5 eps of the season is mostly likely gonna depict The Red Spring. By S2 we are gonna be fully in the dance.

  • Stuartscrown
    Stuartscrown 5 днів тому +10

    The way she smiled at the baby then her whole face changes😂

  • Юлия Гурьева
    Юлия Гурьева 7 днів тому +18

    Emma is absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see the other part of the cast including children. This must be a masterpiece!

  • LifeInPink999
    LifeInPink999 7 днів тому +302

    Alicent obviously wants to humiliate her. But she is the heir to the throne and just gave birth. This could be life-threatening for her and the child being away from the safe internment of the nursery, why does she go with it?
    Pride is pride, but telling that she is not feeling well would have shown more power for her dismissing the Queen and at the same time having a valid excuse to not look like she is dismissing her. If I was her I wouldn't have moved a finger and if she insisted I would have proclaimed that she tries to put my life in danger, and harm my child. Not sure how Viserys was at that moment but his wife died/''prematurely murdered'' in childbirth so his queen putting in danger his daughter after childbirth wouldn't sit well with him I am sure. Then again maybe it's the period when he was ill and Alicent ruled hor him.
    Anyway seems bizarre that Raenhyra and her husband who despite everything seems to care for her as a friend lets this to happen. Can't wait to see the episode and the entire context of this situation.

    • Bea
      Bea 5 днів тому

      @Olivia K-A-Y 1998 I’ll wait to see what happens! I think I’ve spoiled enough these days, they are changing little things around so we’ll see if that even happens exactly how it did in the books right

    • Olivia K-A-Y 1998
      Olivia K-A-Y 1998 5 днів тому

      @Bea oh he sure does and it’s more payback but rhaynera wasn’t aware of daemons true intentions or she never agreed to it because she did have a soft spot for her half sister Helena. I could tell u if u like.

    • Nicole MK
      Nicole MK 6 днів тому

      The bells! Someone important has died.

    • Adelina Hesser
      Adelina Hesser 6 днів тому

      @20 Ashwin V X why? 😮

    • 20 Ashwin V X
      20 Ashwin V X 6 днів тому +1

      The bells rang, obviously u know why

  • Anukii
    Anukii 7 днів тому +15

    She's still wet with sweat from GIVING BIRTH and she's summoned like that? This is such cruelty.

  • Running with scissors
    Running with scissors 7 днів тому +5593

    That is an awesome single shot scene. The skill of the cast and crew really shines.

      FACTS FEED 7 днів тому +3

      @Romil in single shot scenes.
      Everything has to be well. Like camerawork is also a thing.
      But actors and even the side actor

      FACTS FEED 7 днів тому

      @Spencer Wattamaniuk is it?
      I'm hyped.

    • Han Solo
      Han Solo 7 днів тому

      Its not 0:33 swipe cut.

    • Romil
      Romil 7 днів тому +1

      What? Yes it's a single-shot scene, but how is it "awesome"? There's nothing special about it except that the camera doesn't cut

    • Joseph Jackson
      Joseph Jackson 7 днів тому

      I gotta say it isnt that impressive as a single shot in terms of cinematography. There are barely any moving parts beyond the focal characters. It IS well-acted and shot, and does a lot to show the change in relationship between Rhaenyra and Alicent as well as Rhaenyra and Laenor, but as a continuous scene alone its pretty bland

  • Guembo
    Guembo 4 дні тому +2

    It"s crazy how rhaenyra looks like her mother , amazing casting choice

  • Sly Sly
    Sly Sly 6 днів тому +2

    That is an awesome single shot scene. The skill of the cast and crew really shines.

  • Merbear
    Merbear 7 днів тому +23

    Laenor is being an absolute sweetheart and gentleman of a husband here. Any man would be lucky to have him

  • Andrés S.
    Andrés S. 7 днів тому +21

    I love this type of scenes, no cuts, just good acting, plus it adds some more complicity since you seem to be in there with them

  • Olivia K-A-Y 1998
    Olivia K-A-Y 1998 5 днів тому +4

    You can definitely tell rhaynera’s children are going to be more loved after them alicents because they don’t turn into monsters. Rhaynera looks at them like a mother should not a cold uncaring way like alicent treats her kids. Considering rhaynera’s children are accepted by rhaynera, laenor, visery’s and laenors family as well as daemon in the future says a lot.

  • Billie Alexander
    Billie Alexander 7 днів тому +7

    I really hope we can see them have a close relationship. Platonic love is very real. I also hope they don't decide to doom Leanor to celibacy and he does continue to have loving romantic relationships under the radar.

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 7 днів тому +1

      LOL sounds like something GRRM would do

    DEVBOT FLYMO 6 днів тому +4

    Love the show so far, it's turning out to be a great season 👍🤞

    • ナベラ
      ナベラ 6 днів тому

      👈 join a private dating group check the link in the description Chanel me

  • By199
    By199 7 днів тому +19

    I love how Rhaenyra and Laenor is a great friend. We can definitely see it, by how they treat each other.

  • jupiterian nomad
    jupiterian nomad 7 днів тому +5577

    Rhaenyra looks so much like her mother here. Emma D'arcy is just amazing!!

    • obnoxious laker fan
      obnoxious laker fan 9 годин тому

      @Alexis Simpson I'm really triggered by your calling them an actress I'm just finally calming down enough to write a comment and let you know jeeeeeeez

    • obnoxious laker fan
      obnoxious laker fan 13 годин тому

      @Alexis Simpson Saw the episode and they're a good actor. Don't know why I'm getting the animosity and accusations, hope you have a nice day.

    • Alexis Simpson
      Alexis Simpson 13 годин тому +1

      @obnoxious laker fan They weren’t even openly non binary when they were cast. Plus, Emma was cast long before Milly. Your comment literally doesn’t make any because of that. She’s not new by any metric. Do you actually know Rhaenyra’s character arc at all? She’s not supposed to be some teenage girl.

    • obnoxious laker fan
      obnoxious laker fan 3 дні тому

      @Alexis Simpsonit’s a good show I’m going to keep watching it. There’s a clear incentive for HBO to try to shape public opinion about swapping out one of the early show’s best actors for someone new, plus the whole non binary gender thing with the new actor that they want to keep positive. That’s all I’m saying

    • Alexis Simpson
      Alexis Simpson 3 дні тому

      @obnoxious laker fan Stop watching the show

  • Debodipta Paul
    Debodipta Paul 7 днів тому +11

    Laenor says "I thought we were past this". That means Alicent has made Rhaenyra do something like this the last two times as well.

  • stray freckles
    stray freckles 7 днів тому +10

    i am *s t u n n e d* by Emma already? their acting!! the line delivery, expressions, and also the chemistry between both older actors is top notch and this is only 1 minute scene! hbo is blowing my mind atm ~ this luckily will shut up everyone who were hating on Emma ❤
    can't wait to see Matt and Emma's interactions btw

  • Larry Parane
    Larry Parane 5 днів тому +9

    From what I hear, Emma was cast long before Milly so if you're impressed with Milly's Rhaenyra, that's because she had to shadow interpret Emma's portrayal

  • Kedo
    Kedo 6 днів тому +8

    The skill of this cast is out of this world ❤

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon 7 днів тому +847

    Already in love with the new actress. It shows how once a tenacious Rhaenyra is not so much anymore because of everything that's going around. Kudos to Emma.

    • HotDlover
      HotDlover 7 днів тому

      @Никол Милчева потому что закастили сначала взрослую актрису, чмонь, а Милли взяли только через год на 5 серий

    • Luis Villar
      Luis Villar 7 днів тому +14

      @Никол Милчева because they're jumping 10 years ahead in time lol Milly would not pass as a near 30 year old woman

    • Event Horizon
      Event Horizon 7 днів тому +12

      @Sue Shaleh she will be more methodical rather than her carefree attitude. Character development is what we love to see.

    • Mirza
      Mirza 7 днів тому +26

      People are weird man they haven't even seen the actresses and they're already complaining yet the show's popularity grows more and more

    • Sue Shaleh
      Sue Shaleh 7 днів тому +17

      I think she's still a tough cookie. But she's older now and she knows the ways of politics. Until she becomes Queen, she can't outwardly challenge Alicent who has many supporters, as she had birthed the king many sons who can challenge Rhaenyra's claim to the throne. Add to that, the fact that Rhaenyra has produced sons (I believe this is her third son in succession) of questionable lineage is putting her in a precarious position to lose her crown before she has even gotten the chance to wear it.

  • Everyday Roadster
    Everyday Roadster 7 днів тому +30

    I love how GRRM's fav character is Daemon, the guy who never manages to finish a thing. What a master level of self-irony.

  • Emma Ricci
    Emma Ricci 5 днів тому +5

    Did anyone noticed, as Leanor lifted her dress as they walked up the stairs so she won’t fall? 🥰❤️

  • dustfan
    dustfan 7 днів тому +17

    1:04 That little smile as she looks at her baby tho

  • Mary Malinowski
    Mary Malinowski 7 днів тому +6

    Haha I love how he's supporting her as a more a friend/cousin even if they're forced to wed despite his orientation n her want, they even name "their last child" after his deceased lover. House Valyron is so interesting and my favorite part of the show so far

  • FieryReborn2001
    FieryReborn2001 7 днів тому +1071

    Rhaenyra and Laenor seem to have one of the healthiest marriages. He's so supportive of her.

    • Rodney Mcstah
      Rodney Mcstah 4 години тому

      Them kids don’t seem like it’s his

    • Anna Ruby
      Anna Ruby 3 дні тому

      That may have been the norm but botn Harwyn and Leanor were present at the births. Unsure why it was changed but laenor is incredibly supportive.

    • Pista Eduard
      Pista Eduard 4 дні тому

      @TheCandiceWang actually Dorothy

    • TheCandiceWang
      TheCandiceWang 4 дні тому

      @Pista Eduard Sophia!

    • TheCandiceWang
      TheCandiceWang 4 дні тому

      @Rania Minhas really, now? 🤔

  • Dukehouse clothing
    Dukehouse clothing 7 днів тому +9

    i loved the look rhaenyra gave laenor when he asked was it painful, lol she was like what do you think 😂.

  • NoPurposeIndie2
    NoPurposeIndie2 7 днів тому +9

    They are actually cute together - all things considered ^^'
    It's sad we will no longer see the same Rhaenyra, but her older version seems totally on-point

  • Charlie Cheadle
    Charlie Cheadle 6 днів тому +13

    Ugh why are people still complaining about young Rhaenyra? Milly Alcock did an amazing job as young Rhaenyra but it’s not fair to say that D’arcy won’t be “as good” or will be “terrible” just isn’t fair. Considering that we only had this small clip of them portraying her. Give them a chance!

    • Gus
      Gus 4 дні тому

      Because too many people have low IQs

    • Mailen Driussi
      Mailen Driussi 6 днів тому

      Because some dudes are ageist freaks worse than Leonardo Di Caprio thst can't stand a female character aging past 24. The irony here is that Emma was the exact age Rhaenyra is in the scene, 29, they look like a 29 year old mother. But these people still want Rhaenyra to look like a teenager.

  • Patrick Jean
    Patrick Jean 5 днів тому +3

    I trust their casting choices, these first episodes were stellar (unlike another fantasy show)

  • Pietro
    Pietro 7 днів тому +12

    With this chemistry between them, you can really tell 10 years have passed.

  • Yiota Pon
    Yiota Pon 6 днів тому +6

    Wow I'm actually impressed at how the actress that plays the older version has mannerisms that remind of the younger version! Great job from the cast and crew!

    • Niyati Arun
      Niyati Arun 4 дні тому

      Milly was actually casted after Emma because of the similar mannerisms 😂

  • Abigail Doke
    Abigail Doke 7 днів тому +14

    I'm not ready for Laenor to go he seems like such a good man

  • Ruby Phoenix
    Ruby Phoenix 7 днів тому +225

    Alicent turned into Cersei 2.0 over the course of ten years, so mean and cruel towards Rhaenyra who has just given birth, to say she's a viper is an understatement

    • MrCanyon94
      MrCanyon94 6 днів тому +5

      @Isabella Krissane And even before she slipped into full Mad Queen mode, Cersei was still a snide, narcissistic, spiteful, cruel and incredibly petty woman.
      She was always evil, all that changed was that she got worse.

    • Zel DC
      Zel DC 6 днів тому

      @Isabella Krissane exactly alicent is horrible and terrible.

    • Isabella Krissane
      Isabella Krissane 6 днів тому +3

      @BLACKFYRE No, you see, Cersei did all those for her children, and by the time they all died, evil might as well have been etched onto her.
      As for here, I saw in a HOTD trailer where Rhaenys asks Alicent, "Have you never imagined yourself on the iron throne?" So basically, for now she's doing justified stuff "for" her children, but her actions start the civil war that ruins the entire dynasty. So yeah motherly love can be fatal and Cersei and Alicent are both burning proofs of that. There you go. Alicent is Cersei 2.0. Proved.

      THANE MITHRA 6 днів тому +2

      @BLACKFYRE if you knew the ending in the books you wouldnt be talking .

    • Leonard Luzon
      Leonard Luzon 7 днів тому +1

      @BLACKFYRE Everybody hates Cersei prolly because of Daenery's tragic fate

  • JohnnyUtah
    JohnnyUtah 7 днів тому +1161

    I genuinely look forward each week to sitting down and watching this each Sunday night. That is rare these days with all the garbage that is put out and how streaming changed the game. This has become appointment television again. Props to HBO and the writers and everyone involved. Please keep this up.

    • Thunder Ass
      Thunder Ass 6 днів тому +1

      HBO always saves us

    • sims2lovealot
      sims2lovealot 7 днів тому

      Yes! This is the first time in a long long time where I've actually felt excited to watch a new episode of a show every week. I genuinely can't remember the last time I've been this invested in a tv show.

    • Jack Connell
      Jack Connell 7 днів тому +1

      @Boulbi Boulga we are supporting him, by watching the show. Not everyone has the time or care to read the books.

    • JohnnyUtah
      JohnnyUtah 7 днів тому

      @Boulbi Boulga For sure. Read all the books. Definitely worth it.

    • JohnnyUtah
      JohnnyUtah 7 днів тому

      @Chimera's Flame 💯

  • Alyssa Kovacs
    Alyssa Kovacs 7 днів тому +7

    I knew from their first blunt conversation they were going to be good partners ♡ Can't wait to see more of their friendship

  • none of you blubberness
    none of you blubberness 7 днів тому +8

    Emma D'Arcy nailed it. She's good.

  • Taka Odoru
    Taka Odoru 7 днів тому +30

    Lo más bonito de esa situación es que Laenor es un bueno. Sabe que no son su hijos pero esta feliz que el parto salió bien y ve un bebe saludable.
    No será "esposo" pero es amigo, compañero de Rhaenyra y debe querer mucho a sus hijos.

  • Ron Burd
    Ron Burd 7 днів тому +49

    Cant wait for the new actors!!! Sad to see the old go, but you can already tell how amazing Emma will be.

    • Ronya
      Ronya 6 днів тому +3

      @Dede Korkut you’re right she’s more than amazing

    • Dede Korkut
      Dede Korkut 7 днів тому +1

      Not amazing

  • Adam Merza
    Adam Merza 7 днів тому +12

    Now that actually is a strong female character

  • hueo far
    hueo far 14 годин тому +1

    the game. This has become appointment television again. Props to HBO and the writers and everyone involved. Please keep this up.

  • thatoneguy
    thatoneguy 5 днів тому +3

    I am really happy to see Laenor supportive and in good spirits especially after what happened on their wedding day.

  • GoodFilms28
    GoodFilms28 7 днів тому +41

    Wow, I already like Rhaenyra. Her facial expressions of annoyance is amazing.

    • Ousman Jallow
      Ousman Jallow 7 днів тому +2

      The facial expressions are on point

  • Carlos Díaz
    Carlos Díaz 6 днів тому +8

    Laenor is such a good guy. He acts like Davos sometines. So supportive

  • Nelda Salinas
    Nelda Salinas 6 днів тому +6

    Alicent making her walk, let alone climbs steps right after birth is not only selfish and cruel, but dangerous. She could slip n fall, or pass out from exhaustion. If alicent really wanted to look at those boys all she had to do was go walk herself to the room.

  • Кат Ус
    Кат Ус 7 днів тому +9

    I’ve always backed The Blacks since Fire and Blood came out. I admit that I wavered slightly with how sympathetic young Alicent was, but it wasn’t enough to sway me.
    As someone who recently gave birth and had an unpleasant time of it, this scene solidified my stance. Alicent is the worst, and all of the blood and suffering that follows is on her hands.

  • nubianfx
    nubianfx 4 дні тому +4

    Its ironic how in many ways these 2 seem to have a better marriage than most cos theyre completely honest with each other and genuinely seem to like each other and are supportive.

  • Breaking news on social media Tv
    Breaking news on social media Tv 5 днів тому +3

    Mad respect to HBO for using real dragons instead of CGI like in game of Thrones. I hope everyone is safe during filming.

  • onat gomceli
    onat gomceli 7 днів тому +1

    HBO never disappoints, House of the Dragon puts Rings of Power in it's place!

  • stephanie
    stephanie 7 днів тому +25

    Back in ep 1, I remember Viserys saying that rhaenyra is the best of her mother. Emma D'arcy will bring out that very thing.