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Sounds from the Sideline |

  • Опубліковано 5 гру 2022


  • Jeff Gonzalez

    Hearing “You got a squad” from Matt Ryan instantly gave me chills.

  • kingofdeadlift

    Mad respect to Matt Ryan. Takes a real man to be able to admit defeat and see greatness before him.

  • TeeB1k
    TeeB1k  +1

    Hearing Matt Ryan say “you got a squad go get it “ real just gave me that energy we gonna come out with this ring!🦾

  • 6ixsidejoey

    Man when Matt Ryan was talking to Dak, it gave me chills. The way he made it a point to look in Dak’s eyes and say “go get it”, respect to 2

  • Patrick A
    Patrick A  +829

    zeke attitude to being a 1-2 backfield is awesome "we will never get tired, there are 2 of us" nothing brings a team together than sharing the rock

  • Pens Suck
    Pens Suck  +120

    We damn near ended this man's career with the Colts, yet he was gracious in defeat. Mad respect for Matt Ryan. That was the best part of this entire video. Let's go, Cowboys!

  • DragonCyan023

    Matt Ryan its just a awesome QB, the words they said to Dak shows its a great player and person, Lets go boys!!!

  • Hr Ismael
    Hr Ismael  +369

    Man being there to watch this game was the best decision of my life.

  • Renee
    Renee  +48

    Props to Dallas for only having 3 penalties this week. Keep it up!!

  • NineTails
    NineTails  +73

    I love how Jason Peters has a handshake with everyone

  • Belowthaheavenz

    Zeke : there’s two of us .

  • Cowboys4lifeGaming

    This offense line is so young but already starting to show dominance and hearing how hungry they are to open holes for BOTH our backs is awesome to hear! I gotta give mad respect to Matt Ryan for being as humble as what he was after the game about “ our squad”. If you didn’t know now…now ya do! We are for real!

  • Tucan Sam
    Tucan Sam  +86

    Scooter has to feel hype when he hears the players say, "That's a grown ass man."

  • Loco Tx
    Loco Tx  +100

    Coach Harris is very very underrated in this thing. He's been low-key but make no doubt - he is making a major impact on these young guys.

  • Renee
    Renee  +37

    Zeke pollard duo is lethal. They compliment each other so well for this team! And they both know it too. That’s what’s so great about this squad. They’re acting selfless for for the sake of the TEAM

  • Lorenzo de’ Medici

    “We don’t get tired cause there’s 2 of us, they get tired.” Exactly why we need them both.

  • ER5
    ER5  +69

    Big shout out to Connor McGovern. Really thought we were gonna struggle at LG and he’s been great. I like his energy he fits in well.

  • Zecharias Embaye

    Man Zeke's attitude is awesome. Goes in at fullback at times, blocks like a monster in pass pro. 1500+ carries in his career, still plays with passion and supports all his teammates. Doesn't complain about splitting carries and plays hurt. Always leans forward for the extra yard. A true cowboy at all times!

  • Michael Mentality

    We better see this type of performance in the playoffs on the way to the Superbowl ⭐️⭐️

  • k.asante714

    You guys, I think its safe to say that this offensive line is DOMINANT