My Parents Said NO! But I Did It Anyway | DavidParody 's YouTuber Story

  • Опубліковано 25 жов 2016
  • By David Parody | | Ready to "wear it out loud?” Merch store open, SHOP NOW: | Subscribe: | Record your story @ or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story.
    UAclipsr DavidParody has unbelievable energy, positivity, and humor - so it's easy to see why he is growing his UAclips channel so quickly and gaining such an incredibly loyal audience, his "Parodians!" But, even though he makes it all look so easy now, it really hasn't always been.
    David had to go against his parents and lose their approval, give up on being the popular kid in high school, watch his grades suffer, and lose friends, all so that he could follow the one true dream in his heart: to start a UAclips channel and connect to an audience. It has taken a long time, a ton of hard work, real dedication, never giving up, and a huge amount of patience, but after all of that, his dream is coming true and he loves what he does!
    To celebrate his 7th birthday as a UAclipsr, David collaborated with storybooth to create this video especially for his fans. He earned a silver UAclips Play Button when he reached 100,000 subscribers, and a Gold UAclips play button for reaching 1 million subscribers, and he is well on his way to 10 millions subscribers! But he's not done yet - as he says, he's "doing it,… for Legacy!"
    David is a Canadian UAclipsr and member of Team ALBOE including David Parody (DavidParody), King Wolfie (WolfieRaps, WolfieEnt), Jad (ChadWithaJ), Daniel Haye (DeeJ Design) and Sean Callaghan (Itsyeboi).
    David always wanted to be a UAclipsr. He was inspired by OG UAclipsrs like Kev Jumba, Ryan Higa, (nigahiga), Shay Carl (shaycarl), (shaytards), Phillip Defranco and may others. DavidParody wanted to collaborate with friends, do crazy and scary challenges and pranks, cover games, gaming, and sports, and connect to huge growing audiences - to use his camera and his amazing energy and personality and humor to become the famous UAclipsr he now is!

    Visit his channel to see and hear more of him!
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