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12 BRUTAL Smartphone Fails they want you to forget.

  • Опубліковано 26 тра 2020
  • My Top 12 Smartphone fails of all time (Episode 3), featuring fails from Sony, to Nokia, to Windows phone...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  3 роки тому +4457

    Thanks for watching! Definitely stay till the end on this one, I don't think you'll regret it 😉
    For the other Smartphone fails videos: uaclips.com/video/_tq4Pb0OBYE/відео.html

    • noah
      noah 3 роки тому +36

      Hi *BOSS!*

    • Tanya Jain
      Tanya Jain 3 роки тому +13

      Hello there😁

    • Karthik
      Karthik 3 роки тому +10

      Hello are you planning to review Realme X50 Pro
      Please consider to review.please

    • SupremeSam
      SupremeSam 3 роки тому +8

      Oh I didn't
      It was funny

    • prashish maharjan`
      prashish maharjan` 3 роки тому +27

      BUT the xperia 1 mark 2 has one of the best camera tech considering the present Context... waiting for your review for Mark 2!!

  • Maker's Muse
    Maker's Muse 3 роки тому +2717

    I'd still be using windows phone if it had apps tbh, but there was one thing I'll never forgive it for... The BING button 😡😩

  • 재즈 해치
    재즈 해치 Рік тому +301

    Arun in 2020: Serious, low pitch
    Arun in 2022: more comedic, high pitch
    But great quality of explanation never changed

    • SLICX7
      SLICX7 9 місяців тому +13


    • mahdi maziukas
      mahdi maziukas 5 місяців тому +3

      It did change for the better

    • Fuu
      Fuu 4 місяці тому +9

      Yeah, I feel like watching a different person here

    • Zwag Heer
      Zwag Heer 4 місяці тому +3

      ​@Fuu legit af

    • dark_quEEn
      dark_quEEn Місяць тому +3

      My guy did a Pokemon evolution

  • Boliña de Gorfe
    Boliña de Gorfe 2 роки тому +732

    the phonebloks thing could be a actually cool idea, like you buy a "starter kit" with the base specs for cheap, and overtime upgrade it. that would also mean that you wouldn't have to buy a new phone ever, just put more storage and a better processor, and you'd be able to tweak it to your perfection
    sure it'll be a chonkster, but a powerfull chonkster

    • Yaxye
      Yaxye Рік тому +59

      You wouldn't have to buy a new phone?
      After every single part is replaced, isn't it a new phone at that point?
      oh wait-

    • Oopsie Daisy
      Oopsie Daisy Рік тому +72

      @Yaxye you have just reinventes the ship of theseus problem congratulations

    • zhankazest
      zhankazest Рік тому +12

      @Yaxye well technically you still arent buying a new, whole phone, you're just buying parts of that phone
      So actually yes you wouldnt have to buy a new phone

    • Eustace Hendrix
      Eustace Hendrix Рік тому +28

      It is, for the few people who understands it and can actually replace parts on their own. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the majority can't even properly connect the back panel of their computers or audio/visual systems with all the different colors and shapes implemented. I can already see the amount of broken parts. Since they can't raise the price too much (because it will defeat the purpose of having an upgradeable phone) the warranty claims will be enough to sink the company.

    • HallaYourself
      HallaYourself Рік тому +4

      I remember the phonebloks I was so pumped

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous Рік тому +27

    I love this series. Going back to take another look at devices and their development in time is really fascinating. Even more when you grow up at these times, witnessing pagers became popular and all of a sudden there were the first cellphones and internet became a thing for private households. There was so much going on. Also big companies had to find their spot within that new market. Some saw the possibilities and skyrocketed, others failed to make a step and are only history by today. Imho Microsoft & Nokia were representatives of the last group (on the smartphone sector) and their fortune was related to each other. As you said, it was a pain watching Nokia going down. One of my most favourite cellphone from the early era of smartphones still is the Nokia N97 (Symbian OS). Unfortunately the pain didn't stop there. To me the climax was when they realized their strategy wasn't working and Microsoft bought Nokias mobile branch- denying Nokia to build devices on their own again for several years.

  • Sabrina Audiotel
    Sabrina Audiotel Рік тому +127

    I had 2 windows phones from 2016 to 2019 ( my sister had one too) they worked great and they were very affordable, but the app problem was only getting worse even after the windows 10 update which took the phone to an extra level to be honest. One small example of the app issues is that the Facebook messenger didn't allow calls (audio or video), after the update there was an unclickable call button that kept disappearing. After 2019 I completely lost faith in it all together and bought myself a Nokia 2.2
    The Windows phone that I had was Microsoft Lumia 535 which was the first phone produced after the Nokia buyout.

  • Lesbara Thirdír
    Lesbara Thirdír Рік тому +14

    I remember getting excited when I first read about the modular smartphone.
    I'm still waiting for it to become a thing. Unfortunately, it'd only apply to a handful of people, because people would much rather just buy hardware off the shelf, than picking each and every component individually. Also, it'd be highly reparable, which Apple and Samsung, the two giants, would definitely not want to be succed. Like, why would you let ANYTHING people can repair themselves to succeed when your products are designed to only be repaired in certified stores.

  • Wednesday
    Wednesday 3 роки тому +11604

    Sony is naming their phones just like how i name my files on photoshop

    • Vaja Vajush
      Vaja Vajush 3 роки тому +112

      exactly :'D

    • Jann Lawrence Alpraque
      Jann Lawrence Alpraque 3 роки тому +548

      Or Sony is naming their phones like a person who creates a folder inside a folder inside that folder and jabbing the keyboard to get a random name.

    • KeeperFromTheKop
      KeeperFromTheKop 3 роки тому +55

      I'm the 200th person to like this!

    • inceru
      inceru 3 роки тому +8


    • Dreamer818
      Dreamer818 3 роки тому +19

      Should be called X. It’s easier to remember.

  • Nitarose44
    Nitarose44 2 роки тому +608

    I actually loved my windows phone and the way it synced with my laptop. Not having IG when everyone else did was super annoying. I loved how sleek and customizable it was. I also loved my color screen Nokia from 2003. That battery lasted forever! This video is so nostalgic.

    • Anish Hegde
      Anish Hegde 2 роки тому +16

      and the build quality was amazing

    • drag like Vlogger
      drag like Vlogger 2 роки тому +15

      I had a windows phone, it was better than my laptop?!?!?!

    • KofolaDealer
      KofolaDealer 2 роки тому +12

      Used my lumia 950 until april it's still my favorite phone of all time

    • BuenVida Nadz
      BuenVida Nadz Рік тому +4

      I know it's not supposed to be funny but I find it hilarious that everything you've commented is about your wonderful experience in a number of phones but somehow there's a random rant about IG in the middle 💀

      XXXMELISSATACION Рік тому +2

      I had a windows phone back in 2014. Absolutely beautiful layout and internal look! It was very promising, however he’s right- the apps sucked including facebook and so did the cameras

  • Ed Lorden
    Ed Lorden 2 роки тому +228

    Microsoft's Windows Phone was a version of Windows, scaled down to a smartphone. To me, as a Windows developer, that was the appeal of the phone. Write an application, using Windows tools, and you'd get the app running on multiple formats without rewrite or translating to another language. It never lived up to that potential, which seems to be a common thread in the history of Microsoft.

    • L B
      L B Рік тому +14

      They are living in fucking parallel world at Microsoft. When I have entered in a smartphone shop where I live here in Italy, cash in hand, to buy at the time a Lumia 910, appealed by Continuum and the way took pictures, Office original always at hand and much more, the seller did not bothered to show me the phone. Looked at me like I am some kind of a lunatic asking about that phone. Anyway I need to thank the guy, because now windows phone is dead buried.
      They will bury even the series Xbox. At Unieuro store in Italy Sony signed an agreement with them to keep all Xbox series under lock not exposed in public view. This incredible!

    • MasterJayanX
      MasterJayanX Рік тому +15

      @L B Ok, the owners of that store definitively hate Microsoft a lot lmao

    • Mirada Robot Animation Studios
      Mirada Robot Animation Studios Рік тому +6

      I think windows phone deserved a better luck. what do you think was the problem witj apps? ot was a market thing? aside this, it was a beautiful OS, clean, colorful and customizable.

    • Eustace Hendrix
      Eustace Hendrix Рік тому +7

      @Mirada Robot Animation Studios windows phone never had enough users for app developers to consider making apps for it. On a developer's perspective, it's not as simple as copy/paste an existing app from iOS/Android to Windows. You will need a person or team who will specialize in Windows Mobile OS, produce updates and fix bugs. Another person or team that will need company resources.

    • Mirada Robot Animation Studios
      Mirada Robot Animation Studios Рік тому +3

      @Eustace Hendrix Understand, is a market thing. Nothing to do with OS flaws. What prevented developers to make apps for windows in the first place? We'll never know, is preposterous to think that mayor computer OS maker in the world doesn't have enough selling power to make a smartphone OS work.
      I honestly think apple dishonest market behavior is behind.

  • Ally
    Ally 2 роки тому +3

    My mum held on to Nokia for wayyyy too long in the age of smartphones. She liked that Nokia was consistent in the way one phone to the next had the same layout. It was user friendly. I tried over & over to explain she would get that with an iPhone, while Nokia smartphones had no ease of use or intuitive design she was hoping for. She had at least two of them before being convinced to give up & let Nokia die 😅

  • pyronarf
    pyronarf 2 роки тому +37

    To point out a feature he forgot to mention was remote play on the experia. Now available on all Android devices but it was limited to Sony devices previously(officially)

  • Kawawete ⚙️
    Kawawete ⚙️ 2 роки тому +13

    The absolutely stupid thing about Sony's phones is that the Alpha (or Exmor) Team would not want to work with the smartphone division because they felt like it was pointless putting great photo systems on a smartphone (until recently with the Xperia 1 and 1 mkII). Reminds me of how the Sony Entertainment and Sony Electronics Teams are very distinct and rarely cross-over.

  • Snip3rM00n
    Snip3rM00n 2 роки тому +17

    I really liked Windows Phone for the most part - It was fast and reliable. My Lumia 635 had only 512Mb of RAM but you couldn't tell because of how good Windows Phone's memory management was. That said - I absolutely agree with all your points.

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A Рік тому +3

    He's right the naming for the Xperia phones is god awful, but the phones themselves are pretty damn great, fantastic camera especially when using the exclusive pro apps, very customizable gaming settings, and the audio coming out of these phones is amazing with that decompression setting and dual front facing speakers, not to mention they still have that headphone jack. Sony's whole marketing and PR team needs to get their shit together tho, cuz these phones feel like a gem that's constantly being buried in dog diarrhea with these fucking names.

  • Dalton
    Dalton 2 роки тому +7

    With the modular phones you can also cut back on some of the thickness of the phone because you don't necessarily need to cover the entire thing to make it secure as a phone just the sections that will be exposed and maybe have a holder for your additional modules.

  • NightWolf
    NightWolf Рік тому +4

    Spot on with your comments on OnePlus at 18:50 Excellent company to deal with directly. They answer the phone at Customer Service and do what they have to in order to make you happy. The OnePlus 8 is my latest acquisition, obtained at a jaw dropping discount as it is "last year's model" T Mobile refused to activate it as it was not sold by them. ONE+ fixed me up with an unlocked version and took back the locked version - at no cost to me. (I dropped tmobile for this reason alone) PS : expect 2 to 3 hours on hold for tmobile but 3 to 3 minutes on hold for ONE+.

  • Muhammad luqman Khan
    Muhammad luqman Khan 3 роки тому +4415

    Lew: Apple doesn’t send me their products
    Arun:Sony doesn’t send me their products
    Mkbhd: Escobar is after me

    • cksmim
      cksmim 3 роки тому +29


    • Kurmy Drogo
      Kurmy Drogo 3 роки тому +95

      Actually laughed out loud at this one haha. Well done.

    • Harikrishnan Kannoth
      Harikrishnan Kannoth 3 роки тому +17

      😆😆nailed it...😆😆😆😆

    • luz
      luz 3 роки тому +52

      Hahaha escobar’s brother is too busy suing apple at the moment tho

    • Hilary Ko
      Hilary Ko 3 роки тому +2


  • Althaf Hussain
    Althaf Hussain 2 роки тому +10

    I used windows Phone for 2 years or more ,to be honest the user experience was pretty great,felt premium and unique. my friend had a lower version of my phone which had only 512 MB ram still didn't felt any lag almost all the heavy games of that time runs smoothly the optimization for that Operating system is Top-notch . my only issue was Apps if they took care of that back then probably they would be competing with Apple now

  • Dushmany
    Dushmany 2 роки тому +1

    Loved seeing the ol’ Oukitel K10000, I absolutely loved that phone, it was cheap, had a low to mid range performance, extremely well built, and in my case, actually lasted 7-11 days depending on usage.
    And that design.. it was not a boring old slab with a screen, I got stopped a few times by random passers by who saw me using it, just because it looked different.
    Yes it had it’s downsides, it was cheap, had low to mid range performance, speaker was tinny, headphone output wasn’t much better unless you got an app to modify the output. (although once I got that, it was as near as the best cheap smartphone I could have asked for)
    Pity their newer models didn’t reflect the vision of it.

  • JessieBanana
    JessieBanana Рік тому +2

    I actually think the 5C is cute. I mean, we make a lot of premium materials, but then most of us put plastic and silicone cases on them. Touch ID was new at the time and plenty of people were fine without. I would say the camera being worse is the biggest issue. It should have been a larger discount, at least $150, and they should have made a better camera.

  • Michael Schulze
    Michael Schulze 2 роки тому +2

    Kind of funny, I'm pretty much settled on buying the Xperia 1 III (The only thing keeping me from buying it would be some abysmal surprise on launch). If the rumors are close to reality I think it's the perfect phone. No holes or notches in a good 4k display. I like the design and hope they don't change it to much. Really interesting camera and video apps.
    I don't think the recent naming is too bad if they keep it constistent for a while from here on out. The newer ones (Xperia 1 and 5 series) look sleek and modern. Don't mess with a good design if you don't have a good reason for it.
    The only thing I think they could do better is colors. For my taste they are to muted. At least one or two more intense colors would be nice to have (One Plus does a way better job there).
    I do agree that the bad marketing is a fail, and that the naming of the older phones is confusing, but giving the company the highest fail factor is a bit unfair. Some of the other fails were way more severe in my opinion.

    • Fujiwara Chika
      Fujiwara Chika 2 роки тому

      I like this content creator, he makes some really interesting smartphone videos. But I am not sure why he would place Sony's market downfall as the #1 spot, Sony hasn't made any clear huge mistakes like other entries on the list, their smartphones are still incredible nowadays, they just lost the interest of the masses, since people think having "huge" bezels as they call it makes it look like a 2015 phone and therefore = bad, without taking any time to think why they might have decided to keep the bezels instead of using the trendy punch-in hole

    • Game Master
      Game Master 2 місяці тому

      I think it should be noted that Sony does have a pattern for when they completely redo a naming system. They generally do it whenever they feel all their phones have not sold well enough. Thankfully, sales are starting to go up (though not to the level of Samsung or Apple), so hopefully they’ll stay with this system for a bit

  • Alex Casper
    Alex Casper Рік тому +6

    I have to say, I had the Kin and absolutely loved it. It wasn't a comparison to a smartphone for me, but am upgrade from t9, and it was fantastic. The sliding click to close it and hang up a call was so satisfying

  • Baker
    Baker 3 роки тому +862

    I love how this guy doesn't clickbait, He just gets straight to the point and gives you the content you came for.
    We need more people like him.

  • huzaifa ismail
    huzaifa ismail 5 місяців тому

    Been watching you for a few years now and I must say, amazingly phenomenal work bro❤ love every little bit of your videos and how much effort you put in to make your content seem effortless . So thank you for that
    I do also want to say that a lot of the reasons you use as to rate a company and it’s fails, is that “they weren’t ready for so and so yet”, and I agree with that in literally every video you say it. But then I thought about it, and I believe it because it’s the one reason you can use in almost every fail video that will always make sense😂 even if that isn’t the reason you use, if you’d have chosen that same reason then it will have still made sense😂 so yeah, just thought I’d share my thoughts even tho you probably won’t ever take notice or read a comment from someone like me but nonetheless, thank you for the level of content you’ve given us ❤

  • Greg McPherson
    Greg McPherson 2 роки тому +4

    I owned a NextBit. As a straight mid-range phone, if you disabled the cloud stuff, it was okay. And it looked cool too.
    But even at the time, with Googles storage of photos, the Cloud idea seemed pointless.

  • TheLinkhawkins
    TheLinkhawkins 2 роки тому +57

    Windows phone os was great, the lack of apps was really what killed it. The os on it's own was amazing

      XXXMELISSATACION Рік тому +4

      I loved the look of the windows phone back in the day. The way it looked internally was stunning and completely different than other phones at the time (and even now). It’s a shame the app problem was awful.

    • Eustace Hendrix
      Eustace Hendrix Рік тому +2

      The lack of apps was due to low number of users and the low users was due to its pricetag. Not a lot of people will shift to something that offers less but costs the same or more (if you compare it to others brands of Android). Microsoft could've taken a minimal loss at the start just so they can establish a solid user base which will attract app developers but they were too stubborn to do so.

    • RxIndor
      RxIndor Рік тому


  • Pooperscooper
    Pooperscooper Рік тому +5

    You're probably the only tech reviewer where I watch the whole video... Well done!

  • brzi.
    brzi. 2 роки тому +450

    THE WORD PLAY ON NOKIA.... “how do you go from a Finnish company to a finished company”

    • Greg Goodsir
      Greg Goodsir 2 роки тому +21

      NOKIA phones are still selling. I have a NOKIA 7 Plus. Its just that the original company is now taken over by HMD Global. Nokia sold it to Microsoft in 2014 but bought it back in 2016, according to Wikipedia. My phone is quite a good phone that was released in 2018. I bought it a year ago. Since then it has been dropped several times on hard surfaces with no cracked glass or case and been lost on the side of a highway for 2 days and in rainy conditions. It was found and someone handed it into the local police. When I got it back it still worked except there must have been a little water or dirt in the charging socket because it was only charging intermittently. I cleaned the charging socket with isopropyl alcohol and that fixed it.

    • Dylan Chace
      Dylan Chace 2 роки тому +5

      @Greg Goodsir I think they are talking about Arun saying that Nokia dropped there market share

    • scout tf2
      scout tf2 2 роки тому +8

      @Greg Goodsir Nokia phones are invincible

    • Cryopex
      Cryopex 2 роки тому +1

      @scout tf2 no they arent not even close

    • scout tf2
      scout tf2 2 роки тому +14

      @Cryopex r/woooosh, this is a running joke, they’re not invincible but are very durable, and the joke is that it’s much more durable compared to modern phones and thus “invincible” though everyone knows it’s a joke like how saying a Nokia phone can break a wall, example: “I accidentally dropped my Nokia on the floor, the floors broken now.” This is obviously sarcastic and a joke.

  • Dornsmichel _
    Dornsmichel _ Рік тому +14

    For sony:
    They also had problems with build quality and reliability. I had to send in my Z3 3 times for repairs in one year because there alwas was something that broke down on this thing.
    Also the hardware configuration was a bit questionable. 16GB for a flagship phone in 2014 was a bit lacking, even tho it had expandable storage. The camera was actually quite good but with some drawbacks. No manual focus and constant overheating while recording videos

    • wyterabitt
      wyterabitt 2 місяці тому

      I had an Arc, Z, Z2, Z3, and XZ. And gf had a Z2 Compact and XZ 2. Never a single issue with any, all still working (I nearly have them all still, the one I sold I can't say obviously) to this day.

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma 3 роки тому +161

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant effort Arun! Couldn’t tell where these 19 odd minutes went. I really, really appreciate the time, research and dedication you put into your videos. This series of yours is one of the most interesting. Love it 😍

  • jonservo
    jonservo 2 роки тому +82

    I miss my windows phone a lot. I loved the user interface and styling of the devices. There was a lot to love but they did come out too late, and the app situation was abysmal

    • Good Video
      Good Video Рік тому +1

      Im a windows user too. I love windows interface and user friendly experience. I still have my Microsoft lumia 640 as my pocket computer. It runs on windows 10 which I personally rebooted and installed windows 10 on it.

  • James
    James 2 роки тому +5

    My first smartphone was a Windows phone. Loved the OS, hated the lack of apps. No Snapchat for a 13 year old was a killer

  • Pokemon Unboxing
    Pokemon Unboxing Рік тому +1

    I know, this video is two years old, but freeing up space by removing apps is something that Apple does, too. My previous phone only had 16 GB, so the ceilung was hit quite regularly. I think, this feature works well.

  • Lux Aliaga
    Lux Aliaga 2 роки тому +1

    Nokia didn't underestimate the iPhone. They actually tried to release the N97 back in the day which was a successful (in sales) failure by itself due to the low amount of storage it had and by the fact it ran Symbian. In 2009 they did their actual first attempt at creating a smartphone platform running on Linux based on an OS they had for their "internet tablets" named Maemo 5, which they released with the N900. While they were still releasing Symbian phones like the N8 they spun off Maemo to create MeeGo, an OS in collaboration with Intel which was targeted at netbooks, smartphones and embedded devices. And in 2011 they released the N9 on MeeGo and the Nokia Lumia 800. In Nokia's words, the N9 was "The first and last MeeGo smartphone". MeeGo was spun off into Sailfish OS which is still developed by the most of team actually. The rest is history.

  • Mizufluffy
    Mizufluffy Рік тому +3

    That Xperia skit at the end was great. It made my day!
    If I recall correctly, my last Nokia before getting my first smartphone was Nokia 6020 which I think I was using at least around 2006 or 2007. I don't remember when exactly I finally left it to dust and got a smartphone but I believe my first smartphone may have been Samsung Galaxy Ace that got released in 2011 so it's possible I was using that old Nokia phone until then. I personally don't like switching to a new phone every year or even every second year because if the phone still works and apps are running then I don't see a problem. I believe my current phone, which I bought in fall 2021, is probably my third or fourth smartphone.

  • Noah Bowie
    Noah Bowie 3 роки тому +1687

    "A Finnish company to a finished company"
    You have achieved comedy

    • kaliber aiz
      kaliber aiz 3 роки тому +15


    • Devan Duraipragash
      Devan Duraipragash 3 роки тому +1


    • bishhsasspusi
      bishhsasspusi 3 роки тому +12

      Idk if you just misused the meme or just pointing out the joke sucked for you.

    • bishhsasspusi
      bishhsasspusi 3 роки тому +18

      I mean it wasnt actually a joke it was more of a clever wordplay.

    • W41S
      W41S 3 роки тому +8

      Achievement Unlock : Comedy!

  • Christian Cee
    Christian Cee 2 роки тому +2

    I think the modular phone concept is very appealing. I remember Google tried to make a phone like that but abandoned the idea.

  • Ender king
    Ender king 2 роки тому +37

    For #3 I remember my dad was sent one of those phones for work. He enjoyed it because he doesn’t do things like Instagram and stuff but a bit afterward Microsoft had to take the phone off him because of how much it failed

  • The Nerd Log
    The Nerd Log 19 годин тому

    As an electrical engineer, the phoneblocks sound like a nightmare to wire up. Every single peg in that board would need power and data as well as the possibility of having a camera, microphone, or random widget plugged in. Basically it would need 50+ usb-C ports on the back, and the first time you dropped it the blocks would go flying.

  • Dalton
    Dalton 2 роки тому

    Another thing that would make the modular phones better too is sending information magnetically or have something to magnetically hold the modules in place and have some sort of electric signal sent through some center thing that kind of like with smart watches how they check your pulse with too little metal diodes.

  • Justin
    Justin Рік тому +3

    Loved my Nextbit Robin. Early adopter of USB C, the apps-to-cloud thing wasn't a problem at all, people loved how it looked. The kicker was the ease of fix - a screen change was less than 10 mins work

  • arokh72
    arokh72 2 роки тому +241

    As someone who enjoys building my own PC, and upgrading parts over time, I love the Phoneblocks concept. Just like pre built PCs, the issue with pre built phones is there is always a feature you don't use that you're paying for, or some parts are cheapened but your still charged a premium (in Australia at least...we get stripped out versions of overseas products, at the same or higher price). Plus to upgrade parts over time, such as keep a good CPU, but upgrade the GPU. It was a good consumer focussed concept.

    • s d
      s d Рік тому +2

      There's always fairphone, although with them it's only about repairing and not upgrading

    • J Barnhart
      J Barnhart Рік тому +6

      "Yep, and it means your phone won't go obsolete in 5 years, and then you won't have to buy a brand new one."
      Followed by "I'm fired, aren't I..." at every single production meeting some one brought that up.

    • Dim T
      Dim T Рік тому +2

      Yea when he said its a problem from a profit prespective I was like
      Yea mate ofc it is if what profit looks like is anti repair planet obsolescence. What profit is in this case has been warped to hell and back

  • shunnie
    shunnie 2 роки тому +5

    11:30 The most embarassing and awful part is that they ditched the Exynos in their own country for S20. So they know damn well that its very inferior, you just dont matter to them if you are not in the US or SK. And I think that is very awful of them to do, and since there are a lot of goodwill towards them in my country it hurts even more for me

  • leopold
    leopold 2 роки тому

    I had a Sony phone once. I don’t remember which one, but it’s not hugely important. It started out pretty good, but then there was a recommended software update which utterly ruined it. Suddenly, instead of being smooth and slick, it was like navigating the QE2 through treacle. It would run out of storage in a heartbeat. Its battery life went from almost two days to less than 14 hours. And when making phone calls, the temperature went up to ear melting heights in about 30 seconds. Sony recognised the problem and issued some workarounds for the performance (basically turning stuff off) and storage (details on how to “remove” the bloatware), but their fix was simple: Buy the new phone. No chance! I’ve never had a Sony since.

  • Gravekeeper
    Gravekeeper Рік тому +1

    The Kin TwoM was actually a great phone for Verizon since it counted as a basic phone and didn't require their more expensive smartphone plan and was decently close to a basic iphone minus any additional apps haha.

  • John Kevin Balero
    John Kevin Balero 2 роки тому +6

    As someone who used Lumias back in the day, #3 still stings to this day. Windows Phones had so much potential, only to be buried by Microsoft.

  • Ken Engström
    Ken Engström Місяць тому

    I actually had the Xperia S, which would go to 55 degrees within minutes while charging and then turn off. I was in touch with Sony extensively regarding this, but according to their support it was working as intended. Over heating was apparently expected and it was simply turn off. Horrible, I never had any other brand do this and it was for the both the first and the last Xperia in my collection.

  • Miran
    Miran 2 роки тому +1520

    “people still bought it obviously, it’s an iPhone.”
    - Modern thinking.

    • BrightWin is my life
      BrightWin is my life 2 роки тому +53

      The sheep

    • Crab Rangoon
      Crab Rangoon 2 роки тому +46

      @BrightWin is my life I know. Who tf would pay 5-6 hunge dollars for a plastic body?

    • Jean Marceaux
      Jean Marceaux 2 роки тому +33

      @Crab Rangoon DankPods

    • DiegamerGG
      DiegamerGG 2 роки тому +9

      @Jean Marceaux Yes

    • Nightfall
      Nightfall 2 роки тому +2


  • iLife64
    iLife64 2 роки тому

    OG Xperia Play user here, it was a cool phone as it was where Mojang launched their first portable version of Minecraft on, eventually opening it up to the rest of Android after a while . What REALLY killed the Play was that Sony was going to update it to Android ICS(4.0) but literally at the last second pulled the plug leaving the thing to die on Gingerbread(2.3.3). And to put the nail on the coffin I had the AT&T model which had no way to unlock the boot loader unlike other variants.

  • DK knight
    DK knight 2 роки тому +13

    I never saw an issue with the Sony naming, With the Sony phones I've owned in the past, after 3-4 years of owning a certain model, the new models would be out already. The only phone models I passed on were the curved backed phones. After my XZP finally burned out internally after about over 4 yrs, I finally got me the X1 ii.

  • Louise Wade
    Louise Wade Рік тому +1

    I remember when Microsoft mae an announcement that they were working on a way for you to "upgrade" your android phones to the Windows Phone OS. I always wondered what vecame of that.
    Also, with Nokia, part of theur problem is that when they started to go into tye smartphone market, a lot of their phones were on the Windows Phone OS, whuch definitely didn't help them.

  • ImpaledGryphon
    ImpaledGryphon 2 роки тому +1

    i've got to say when it comes to nokia i used to love them, right up to the 9210/ n95 era then i switched to an iphone 1 then a samsung s5, once samsung decided that a battery was no longer a consumable i switched to blackview as their phones had a nice light android and great battery life (replaceable too) once they too went to non replaceable batteries i ended up back with nokia (running android 7), i'm currently using the same phone updated to android 10 and its still getting updates so that alone is a huge plus compared to the forced obsolescence of most android phones, i'll certainly be buying another nokia once this one dies so maybe for their support alone they deserve a comeback.

  • Arkten Arachlassair
    Arkten Arachlassair Рік тому

    Exynos may suck now, but, I stayed with the Galaxy Note 4 through 4 phone changes due to its specs. The issue being that the US got the snapdragon which had a faulty emmc that didn't have proper heat sync and were prone to premature failure as a result... Whereas the Exynos version didn't have that issue so, in that case at least, maybe it was a good thing that particular chip was less on performance. I know Samsung lost a class action regarding the Note 4, what I don't know is if it was the chip itself that resulted in the improper heat sync or if the rest of the hardware was to blame. All I know is that phone ran super hot, like 120° F/48.8° C. After rooting it I was able to lower the heat since I could manage which apps were on the phone and which ones weren't, but even then, using it for emulation, even N64 Was unpleasant. I recall someone making a walkthrough guide for how to prevent the emmc failure. First thing was to keep the phone active and not let it go to sleep mode, so, downloading an app was required, second was taking the phone apart and shoving some cardboard underneath the emmc to serve as a heat sync. It was crazy.

  • Toes Eater
    Toes Eater 3 роки тому +3026

    plot twist: nokia didn't die, they switch to producing armor for the military

    • Toes Eater
      Toes Eater 3 роки тому +137

      @V Phoenix im sorry man, I don’t want to do this to you... but r/woooosh

    • Yamato Fuji
      Yamato Fuji 3 роки тому +23

      I hope they did if so we just won the war in Iraq

    • ChrisLFC
      ChrisLFC 3 роки тому +12

      @Yamato Fuji It's Iran, iraq is next to Iran, and Finland is t in war with them

    • Coco Films
      Coco Films 3 роки тому +22

      Fun with Fantasia holy crap man why...

  • Alex D
    Alex D 2 роки тому

    Nokia's big fail was the OS. There were no apps, it was terrible in terms of freezing and it just did not feel intuitive. Their hardware was always great. My N97 is probably my fav of all my phones, it was a mini laptop. It just wouldn't work with even excel properly, spreadsheets would open wih half functionality, and editing them was a nightmare.
    After Microsoft bought them, I had a Lumia 930, superb phone, beautiful camera quality and the OS was great. It even had that Nokia solid feel, I managed to drop it on a tiled kitchen floor, and it pu a crack in the tile, just a little nick on the frame. Unfortunately it was while Microsoft were trying to turn PCs in to laptops and Win 8 was terrible, as was Win 8 Mob.
    None of the connectivity worked, and often apps were so basic, excel was the same as it had been on Symbian. I still have my 930, and use it now and again as a camera --- my oneplus and my sony both mess up purples and oranges. It runs Win 10 Mobile -- it still feels like it was released a year or two ago !!
    None of the modern phones kept up with the camera quality like Nokia did, which is why I switched to a 1+ 3T. Then I tried a Xperia E5. Still the 3T camera was only about as good as the Lumia and the Xperia ... well, yeah lol

  • Atlantis
    Atlantis Рік тому

    I had three Sony phones over the last few years and I really liked them, so I sticked to that brand. But when the THIRD phone died bc of sudden battery/charging issues, I gave up and switched to Samsung. I still have a very bad paranoia of charging my phone with any other charger than the one my phone came with, because I lost two of the three xperia phones by using the charger from a friend. Like I said, I think Sony makes good phones, but this ain't it, chief.

  • cecillbill
    cecillbill Рік тому +1

    Some of the Apple 5Cs had a fatal flaw. The phones would brick, meaning out of nowhere they'd stop being able to charge due to how the charging port was constructed. Sometimes people would have to get new phones, for instance if they didn't have Apple warranty, because fixing it at the time was generally akin to buying a phone.

  • Jasonhansstatham
    Jasonhansstatham 2 роки тому +6

    I used the Xperia Z and was a lot excited about it and the device really didn't disappoint. I used it for full 3 years when my father accidentally stepped on it and crushed it to oblivion. I went to check what they had in stores and was shocked to see the newest model not very different from Z and ended up with a motorola...sony fucked up big time

  • Mavadelo
    Mavadelo Рік тому

    I had a Windows Phone. As far as their "connect with all your windows stuff" idea went... it was excellent. I could start something on my PC, grab my phone if I had to go and finish it on my way to wherever I was going. But yeah, the lack of apps... the times I wanted to download something.... "this is not available for your device" messages were agrevating. Switched to android basically within a year.
    the only reason the Nokia 3310 had a protective case was to protect your floor from damage in case you dropped your phone

  • Neal
    Neal 3 роки тому +430

    "You can't release a phone with the same design every year"
    *Apple has left the chat*

    • professor
      professor 3 роки тому +28

      I phone se2 left milky way

    • omkaar kothavale
      omkaar kothavale 3 роки тому +12

      RpM_Evan bro what

    • Korey Deese
      Korey Deese 3 роки тому +16

      RpM_Evan ? The bezels shrank between the Pixel & Pixel 2. Shrank some again Pixel 3. Pixel 4 has Face Unlock and basically no chin. Also Samsung kind of doesn't have anywhere else to go with the bezel. The iPhone se2 (while I do kinda like it) is a 6 year old design.

    • Reynard rouser
      Reynard rouser 3 роки тому +4

      Samsung has left the chat

    • swiftrealm
      swiftrealm 3 роки тому +6

      The difference is Apple's design is proven to work.

  • Okaro
    Okaro 10 місяців тому

    For the modular phone to work there would have to be several different compatible components from different manufacturers like in the desktop computers. They then had to be all standard size to fit the phone. There is a reason why the modularity has worked mainly on desktop computers that have no size issues.

  • King Pop Studios
    King Pop Studios 2 дні тому

    Who knew Arun would be so sarcastic now and making better videos. Well I guess as time went on he became the boss of tech videos than in 2019

  • Johanna F
    Johanna F Місяць тому

    the Xperia z1 compact was actually my first ever smartphone and I have to say, I loved it a lot. that was the time when phones seriously tried to top each other with being waterproof and the sony had caps over all of the openings

  • DJ Jaxxon
    DJ Jaxxon 2 роки тому

    As kind of an iPhone hater myself that actually had the iPhone 5c and for plastic and glass that sucker held up pretty well. I dropped it a good handful of times and no cracks. To me it was actually pretty durable and well functioning phone. But I guess I understand your point of how it's not really apples image. But as much as I hate to admit it it was actually pretty good phone in my opinion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Conner Wine
      Conner Wine 2 роки тому

      Why be an iPhone hater when in the next few years apple is getting rid of the notch

  • eris【they•them】
    eris【they•them】 Рік тому +1

    the failure of the windows phone honestly makes me kinda sad... the os and the hardware were so pretty and exciting, I was genuinely really excited for it. my best friend at the time actually got one as a gift from her mum, and the app issue was seriously *horrendous*. our friend group literally had to change the chatting app we used because her selection was so bad, and the lack of youtube support meant any time she wanted to watch a video with us, she just texted it to us and we would just watch it on one of ours 🤦‍♂️. it was a genuinely really cool phone, but microsoft SERIOUSLY needed to prioritise their app store... both internally by developing better relationships with companies like youtube, but also just making their os and app store more accessible to indie developers!!! like there was nothing but big tech companies in there... I swear to god if you just scrolled through my friend's phone and looked at all the apps she had downloaded, you would literally assume she was some kinda super serious corporate business man... we were literally 13 year old kpop stans and weaboos🙃

  • Jish
    Jish 3 роки тому +559

    “Went from a finnish company to an finished company”🤣🤣🤣 I think this is the first time I’ve audibly laughed at a smartphone video

    • Jose Garcia
      Jose Garcia 3 роки тому +1

      That's what made u laugh?

    • Felix
      Felix 3 роки тому +4

      @Jose Garcia 😂 Yeah, everybody have their own sense of humour

    • Jish
      Jish 3 роки тому +1

      Jose Garcia strangely, yes

    • Jx
      Jx 3 роки тому +1

      @Meme ni Pepe No One:
      Zack: *It goes up and down the shaft*

  • Real Leon
    Real Leon 2 роки тому +18

    When I was in middle school, my childhood best friend had a windows phone. I was in awe of it bc my first phone at the time was some piece of shit called the Blu and I probably would've gotten a virus on it before too long if it didn't break after like a month. The bit on windows phones got me nostalgic, I haven't seen one since then.

  • T Hays
    T Hays Рік тому

    In all honesty, I was selling cell phones at the time and Apple phones were great but I wanted more variety in the market. So when the manufacturers for many of these phones came and promoted these phones as a great alternative to an iPhone, I was on board and promoted these to customers. Also, in honesty that honeymoon time period for all of these devices lasted a very short period of time until it was obvious how horrible most of them were.

  • BH4x0r
    BH4x0r Рік тому +1

    WP was my favorite OS back in the days, even with the lack of apps, it's kind of sad developers weren't willing to also program for them, that is essentially how and why it died, had a good time with my 900, 925 and 930 tho while it lasted.

  • linuxisme
    linuxisme 2 роки тому +1

    I think what actually kills the Lumias are the fact that Microsoft played hardballs with us devs..😂

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan 10 місяців тому +1

    Arun: you can't just release an identical-looking phone every year.
    Apple: you think I care

  • L P
    L P 3 роки тому +229

    When Sony doesn't send you phones so you make a video series of fails and declare Sony as the winner. Well played Arun 😂

    • 28camwal
      28camwal 3 роки тому +2


    • Jack M
      Jack M 3 роки тому +15

      my xperia 1 should be here tomorrow. most of the big reviewers put it down, but a lot of the smaller channels and a few mid sized channels had mostly good things to say about it. the big ones all comment on the small battery size but the small ones almost all say that despite the battery size, battery life is surprisingly good, and the batteries are very good long term in sony. i don't upgrade phones every year and my galaxy battery life got worse each year, which is a large part of why i started looking at sony, because i see many people ssy their phones are built to last.

    • Vicente Geonix
      Vicente Geonix 3 роки тому +7

      They release ugly as hell phones to be fair haha

    • Vicente Geonix
      Vicente Geonix 3 роки тому +9

      @Jack M of course you are gonna say good things about it, you pay for it, you want to feel like you made a good investment

    • Ktown
      Ktown 3 роки тому +4

      @Jack M yep, because these "influencers" just read off the specsheet

  • PrisonMike
    PrisonMike 2 роки тому

    This guy makes one of the few UAclipsrs who makes videos 20min long but not boring thanks

  • Valentina B.-S.
    Valentina B.-S. 2 роки тому

    about Nokia: the problem wasn't necessarily that they didn't have the technology to release smatphones, they did their research; however, since they were really big in the market they had massive contracts with firms tying them to their old models, and they couldn't act fast enough to go after iphone

  • Kevin Price
    Kevin Price Рік тому +1

    I am really sad that Sony didn't keep their act together in the smartphone world. I replaced my beloved iPhone 4s with a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, to join the Android echo system. I loved the Xperia. Future models simply did not appeal to me for upgrading. Yes, the Sony camera sensor technology what/is second to none, yet they never developed the image processing technology that their camera sensor customers did. Like you said, if Sony focused on the camera software they would have developed a niche in the smartphone industry that no competitor could rival, but they simply blew it 😢

  • atopeconlatxabaleria
    atopeconlatxabaleria 2 роки тому +4

    At last Xperia's naming scheme makes sense to me. It works exactly as the naming in the cameras. Canon's, that it is; not Sony's own...

  • Gorigui Monke
    Gorigui Monke Рік тому +1

    The green iPhone 5C is my favorite smartphone I ever owned, I freaking lolved that thing, used it up to 2016 and only replaced it cause it fell on asphalt without a case and shattered the screen. I loved the size, the finish and the look. Now I own an iPhone 13 mini which I also love and will probably be on a list like this soon. It's a shame people don't dig compact phones.

  • Naresh Karthigeyan
    Naresh Karthigeyan 3 роки тому +176

    i love how arun is stepping up the game in humour!

    • Supreme_Xo
      Supreme_Xo 3 роки тому


    • Liam Homestead
      Liam Homestead 3 роки тому

      @Supreme_Xo no

    • Ammar Yasser
      Ammar Yasser 3 роки тому

      i find it lame and stupid i never laughed

    • [ Josh ]
      [ Josh ] 3 роки тому

      @Ammar Yasser i didn't laugh either but i still found it funny

    • S
      S 2 роки тому +1

      @[ Josh ] well he tried

  • ??????
    ?????? 2 роки тому

    I feel like Sony used mark 2 and mark 3 because they’re naming the phones more like cameras, such as A7 III or A7S III and the same thing apples to Canon such as 1dx mark 3 and also for the canon r series, the lower the number the better and later the camera came out so that’s probably also a little confusing for people who are looking for their first camera

  • Wil.entity
    Wil.entity 2 роки тому

    I had the 5C, it was ok but it had a lot less processing power compared to other phones

  • Koffin Kat
    Koffin Kat 6 місяців тому +2

    Ah, Nokia...
    I'm an old-fashioned person so I've been using good old "dumb" phones even after smartphones became fairly common (not as widespreads as they are now, but still common). All my phones were Nokias - I loved the brand. When the time came to finally upgrade to a smartphone, I really wanted to stick with Nokia but couldn't because they were exclusively Windows phones. That made me sad. Huge missed opportunity.

  • Krisztián Ferryman Konszky
    Krisztián Ferryman Konszky 2 роки тому +7

    I love Sony and still laughed through the last 2 minutes.

  • Francisco Urioste
    Francisco Urioste 11 місяців тому

    An upgradeable phone is a good idea, but it has to be done in the inside, not the outside.
    Like with desktop computers, you could buy an OEM prebuilt, and then upgrade its RAM, CPU, storage and so on... by buying new internal parts or using old ones from other phones that broke.
    The only thing stopping us from that, is that each part has (intentionally) a different shape -- even if it does not *need* to have it like that.

  • Nevloz
    Nevloz 3 роки тому +859

    "You can't release a phone with the same design every year"
    Apple : Why NOt?

    • Reynard rouser
      Reynard rouser 3 роки тому +37

      You can’t release a phone with the same design every year
      Samsung: why not 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Handy Goandy
      Handy Goandy 3 роки тому +7

      "You can't release a phone with the same design every year"
      2018: yes we had notch and we had apple 10 design chinese phone, that's why we should love them and hate bezel phones.

    • your average cultured human
      your average cultured human 3 роки тому +100

      @Reynard rouser Samsung phones change in design every 2 years. iPhones change in design every 4 years.

    • Mohammed Abdullah
      Mohammed Abdullah 3 роки тому +25

      Apple: Hahaha bank go brrrr

    • Reynard rouser
      Reynard rouser 3 роки тому +4

      just a random educated human iPhone change design every 3 years so you can be Quiet

  • K. B.
    K. B. 2 роки тому +1

    As an user of xperia phones for a quite a long time, I can trully say that their phones are getting worse. You have mentioned about Xperia XZ which I still use but not so often:
    As the first Xperia phone with USB type C port, it has quite big problem with charging and connecting to my PC. I had to change my USB port 4 times since 2018 because "It's just not working wery well. Many people came to us with the same problem"
    Another problem is the snapdragon CPU. It works perfectly fine for the first 3-4 years since it's ben manufactured (2015) but after that time it starts to lag, overheat and randomly reset/shut down. After factory reset it didn't get better. Phone temperature can reach over 67 Celsius degrees.

    • Fujiwara Chika
      Fujiwara Chika 2 роки тому

      What do you think about the 1 III? I have had an XZ Premium for almost 4 years, and have not experienced any of these problems myself

  • tsubasa83 ch.
    tsubasa83 ch. 2 роки тому

    When your current daily driver is a Sony phone 😰 (Xperia Ace imported from Japan, if you're curious)
    All joking aside, while it does serve me pretty well, it IS my first Sony phone, and had I known their reputation, I probably would have not gotten it and opted for something less stagnant. BUT this is the hole I dug myself, so I might as well make it home 😛
    (Edit: The Ace is a compact version of the 1 (the... first 1), released only in Japan.)

  • Robert A
    Robert A Рік тому +32

    Sony naming a device:
    _slams head on keyboard_

    • HasukiHusky
      HasukiHusky Рік тому +2

      So catchy, Sony!

  • Kayla Slow
    Kayla Slow 2 роки тому +5

    Apple does the same thing sending apps to the cloud. I think it is great most of the time. Occasionally I have gotten stuck when I am out but in general it is helpful.

  • Danny Symington
    Danny Symington Рік тому

    Yeah the problem with cloud storage is that it had this tendancy to back up everything. I have onedrive on my pc (not my choice, it came with the pc) and I had to switch it off, because it kept automatically backing up my games and then telling me my free storage has run out. Now it keeps sending reminders telling me everything is stored locally and I'm gonna lose it, but I can't even use it to back up important files bcs it wants me to buy more storage.

  • G M P
    G M P 3 роки тому +1284

    Nokia: "From a Finnish company to a finished company" 😂😂

    • Scp 079
      Scp 079 3 роки тому +20

      They were the old dream phone

    • LittleIcarus
      LittleIcarus 3 роки тому +8

      Rip nokia

    • dead channel
      dead channel 3 роки тому +3


    • Something 2B4
      Something 2B4 3 роки тому +6

      Nokia isnt dead

    • kitteny27
      kitteny27 3 роки тому +17

      Haha I’m Finnish and tbh I’m a bit sad they sold it to Microsoft, even though they had no choice

  • Ishaan Murarka
    Ishaan Murarka 2 роки тому +1

    Have used all three oses. Loved the Windows a lot. so smooth and just different. If only microsoft hadn't messed up the apps system. No gmail, youtube, gmaps on a phone? Well, That's hard to buy for customers especially in 2013.

  • Pink Agaricus
    Pink Agaricus День тому

    Yup I experienced the Exynos thing firsthand with the A50. Wound up doing something I shouldn't have done if I wanted to get it repaired or replaced. No don't chill or freeze your phones when the chip or battery starts overheating, mail it in or bring it in (if you live near a store) instead. I lied by omission after doing it and caused lots of trouble for both sides invoved (Mom [on my behalf] and Samsung [the party taking care of the support ticket]).
    I'm heading back after dealing with lackluster Motorola phones. One signal working shouldn't be dependent on the other being off (Mobile Data and WiFi). Also, the charge ports on these things and the fact that no repair shop wants or intends to repair it. Yup budget Motorolas.

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas Рік тому

    Number 6 is kind of funny, since they are removing external storage in newer phone models.

  • Pzt Wong
    Pzt Wong 2 роки тому

    The XPERIA Acro S is a good model. Back then a water-resistant phone was a hit.
    I was a fan of SONY phones for a while back. I'm so sad that it cannot compete anymore.

  • Chloe Evans
    Chloe Evans Рік тому +1

    I actually had an apple 5c. A friend dropped it onto her shoe and it shattered. We got it fixed and we still have that phone, but the screen is completely unresponsive and someone (probably me) set an alarm at some point but since the screen is unresponsive we can’t turn it off, so we have to wait for it to die

  • Pratulya Anjas
    Pratulya Anjas 3 роки тому +8786

    Definitely a Netflix quality clip at the end😂😂

    • CV
      CV 3 роки тому +45


    • Mustafa Chughtai
      Mustafa Chughtai 3 роки тому +242

      I was like "goddamn i hate these ads"

    • Reshab Agarwal
      Reshab Agarwal 3 роки тому +56

      Yeah right that was cool😂😂

    • Jacob Zakon
      Jacob Zakon 3 роки тому +27

      Netflix adaptation

  • Diogo Savala
    Diogo Savala 2 роки тому

    One thing that reviewers don't talk a lot is how robust are the Smart phones. To me, more important than having a bunch of cameras, I would rather have a phone that has a higher IP rating.

  • NPowa99
    NPowa99 2 роки тому

    The fall of Sony was hard to bear. Used to be a fierce Sony loyalist (Sony Ericsson in the past), three first phones were from them (10 years of total use) but when the time came for the Xperia L, there was no suitable replacement. Sad.

  • D0S81
    D0S81 2 місяці тому +1

    us crazy how much the channel has evolved over the years to the point that this just doesnt feel like a proper whosetheboss video because theres not as many dynamic shots and stuff. its interesting to see.