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Adele - Oh My God (Official Video)

  • Опубліковано 11 січ 2022
  • Official Video for "Oh My God" by Adele.
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    I ain’t got too much time to spare
    But I’ll make time for you to show how much I care
    Wish that I would let you break my walls
    But I’m still spinning out of control from the fall
    Boy you give good love I won’t lie
    It’s what keeps me coming back even though I’m terrified
    I know that it’s wrong
    But I want to have fun
    Hmm yeah
    Hmm yeah
    Oh my god I can’t believe it
    Out of all the people in the world
    What is the likelihood of
    Jumping out of my life
    And into your arms
    Maybe baby I’m just losing my mind
    Cause this is trouble
    But it feels right teetering on the edge
    Of heaven and hell
    Is a battle that I cannot fight
    I’m a fool but they all think I’m blind
    I’d rather be a fool than leave myself behind
    I don’t have to explain myself to you
    I am a grown woman and I do what I want to do
    Lord don’t let me
    I said lord don’t let me
    I said lord don’t let me let me down
    Directed by: Sam Brown
    Video Commissioner: Phil Lee @phillee at Untold Studios @untold_studios
    Executive Producer: Nkem Egbuchiri at Untold Studios @Nkem__nkem
    Executive Producer: Bryan Younce at Columbia Records
    Executive Producer: Polly Ruskin at Rogue Films @pollyruskin
    Production Company: Rogue Films / Imperial Woodpecker
    Cinematographer: Roman Vasyanov
    Choreographer: Megan Lawson
    Choreographer Assistant: Taylor James
    Art Director: Nu California
    Stylist: Jamie Mizrahi
    Hair: Sami Knight
    Make-up: Anthony Nguyen
    Nails: Kimmie Kyees
    Stylist (Dancers): Natasha Newman-Thomas
    Lead Make-up & Hair (Dancers): Jenni Clark
    Editor: Sam Ostrove at Cabin Edit @cabinedit
    Post: ETC @electrictheatrecollective
    Dancer: Amari Marshall
    Dancer: Kaili Bright
    Dancer: Devin Walker
    Dancer: Cullen Chambers
    Dancer: Teresa Toogie Barcelo
    Dancer: Koine Iwasaki (Koko)
    Dancer: Christopher Nyemchek (Kiki)
    Dancer: Hyun Joon Kim
    Dancer: Baylie Olsen
    Dancer: McCall Olsen
    Dancer: Darius Boatner
    Dancer: Adrianna Chandrae Gomez
    Dancer: Stephen Sayer
    Dancer: Justin De Vera
    Dancer: Zavion Brown
    Dancer: Bri Morrison
    Dancer: Sara Jane Gould
    Dancer: Reshma Gajjar
    Dancer: Adedamola Orisagbemi (Nugget)
    Young Boy: William Delesk


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  • Riceman
    Riceman  +1

    Oh My God.....Adele is perfection 👑

  • David Garcia

    Adele is like wine, the more time passes, the better the wine is

  • Hazell  García M

    Esto si es talento, esto si es cantar, esto si es música que viva la reina Adele

  • Letra Música

    The lyrics, The tone of her voice, her performance ... everything about this song is AMAZING

  • CarolinaVlogs
    CarolinaVlogs 4 години тому +6

    Adele por siempre 💥💥

  • Aguti
    Aguti  +10

    Should be played on every radio station

  • Artison Cheong

    yes queen, you’re literally oh,

  • Gilda Olsen
    Gilda Olsen 14 днів тому +35

    This rhythm, choreography, lyrics, and Adele's unique singing style... Oh my! It is soul filling!!! 🙏

  • Camila Mila
    Camila Mila 2 години тому +3

    Incrível! Irretocável ! Sem defeitos. Quando vc vem no Brasil?

  • Pedro Silva

    E eu pensando que ela não poderia fazer mais um álbum genial.

  • Maceo Banyan

    Okay, the song is phenomenal and I absolutely love it, but can we take a moment to appreciate this video?? To quote a certain musician, OH MY GOD! Just to start with, the aesthetic is off the chain. The lighting changes, props, performers, costumes. It's so beautiful and the ways it creates so many unique still images through it's constant flow is absolutely mesmerizing. I can't even begin to imagine the prep to make something this intricate, and at the same time make it feel utterly effortless and natural. Every element blends together perfectly and the seems don't even exist. Wanna point out one thing in particular, at

  • Jorge Enrique Llanos Rivera

    Me encanta la forma en que esta mujer se expresa, que voz tan hermosa, que fuerza. Felicitaciones, tienes un don maravilloso.

  • Hermetic Kitten ASMR

    She’s so confident and iconic in her singing, one of the best voices of our times.

  • Mary
    Mary  +150

    I just love the way the chorus sounds can't get over it but the whole song is AMAZING! Adele always kills it ♥👌❤

  • Adele
    Adele  +203

    I don’t know where my day dreamers have been these past 6 months with this song, but y’all really let this flop!! WE NEED THIS AT #1 AGAIN!!! So many people slept on this single and it’s need more recognition!!

  • Miguel Andrade

    Essa música é uma obra de arte que merece um grandê prêmio.

  • FOXX Hauf
    FOXX Hauf 7 годин тому +2

    “I’m a fool, but they all think I’m blind. I’d rather be a fool then leave myself behind.” My favorite verse

  • J. Marcos Vieira

    Não me canso de ouvir.

  • Relaxing Music by Prayer Pray

    The voice, the talent and creativeness. It is all there. Beautifully done.

  • Hugo Monteiro
    Hugo Monteiro 14 днів тому +9

    Esta música merece mais reconhecimento 😍🔥