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I'm a Blacksmith That Only Makes Erotic Swords - Fantasy Blacksmith gameplay - Let's Game It Out

  • Опубліковано 8 бер 2019
  • Pretty sure whether it's medieval times or modern day, there's always going to be a need for those... specialty items... like weirdly girthy swords with a specialized tip. We really are a fantasy blacksmith!
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    More about Fantasy Blacksmith (from Steam):
    You are a blacksmith in the world of the sword, magic and war, in which any blacksmith who knows how to make even the simplest swords is in demand. You start off as a poor unskilled blacksmith, but in time you will gain experience and improve to achieve wealth, fame and power, and change this world!
    Fantasy Blacksmith is a magically realistic blacksmith simulator in which you have to create and sell weapons. Also, your smith will gain more experience and become stronger and more accurate with each created sword. You can also improve your equipment in the smithy, buy a better forge, better grindstone, improve your hammer and etc. We want to create an exciting and interesting simulator in which any player can make his dream sword. We are developing the game and creating 3D models from scratch. From the finished content, we take the textures and effects, and then we rework most of them.
    "You are a smith and you create swords!"
    The creation of the sword begins with the drawing. The sword consists of 8 parts: Blade (5 parts), Cross-guard, Handle, Top. You choose the material from which the sword will be made. It can be iron, bronze, titan, tungsten, mithril, silver, gold, etc. Using the large number of options offered and your imagination, you can create a huge number of unique swords. We believe that there may be more than 10 billion different swords that you can create.
    "Using a hammer, beat your ingot into a blade"
    According to your drawing, you will be hammering the red-hot metal to give it the shape of a blade.
    You also need to remember to keep the metal temperature high, if it cools down, you can not forge it.
    "Finally I can make Damascus steel"
    You will have the opportunity to practice alchemy. Using different chemical mixtures of the correct recipe, you can create a damask pattern on your sword. Depending on the proportion of the mix of the chemical elements, and on the heating and holding the mixture, the result will depend.
    "Feel yourself a witch"
    One of the most interesting parts of the gameplay is making a magic potion. This is a very exciting and dangerous process. Having done everything correctly you will get a new sword from the mythical material, but if you make a mistake you can spoil the sword or even destroy it.
    In the game there will be a lot of ingredients for the magical boiler and by collecting everything by recipe, you will get many different potions.
    "Long live runic magic"
    To superimpose magic effects on weapons, runes will be used, depending on the pattern on the magic table, different spells will be cast on the weapon.
    "Casino in the Forge"
    We will add a few mini-games for a variety of gameplay. Currently, dice and darts are being developed. Also artificial intelligence of rivals will be added. In mini-games you can try to sell your goods at an inflated price or play for money or rare artifacts with visitors to your forge.
    Note: A key was provided.
    I'm a Blacksmith That Only Makes Erotic Swords - Fantasy Blacksmith gameplay - Let's Game It Out
    #LetsGameItOut #FantasyBlacksmith #Simulation
    "Angevin B" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    I also used this music in my outro:
    "Werq" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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  • Let's Game It Out
    Let's Game It Out  4 роки тому +7557

    Hey everyone, sorry the video is on the darker side! I tried to blast the brightness as much as possible but will see if I can find ways around this kind of dramatic lighting in the future.

  • Trenton Cook
    Trenton Cook 3 роки тому +7417

    As somebody who blacksmiths/forges knives I can confirm that every time he says, "Where the hell did I leave my hammer." actually happens more often than you would think. Also, "Oh shit." is a pretty common one as well

    • Darren Aqila Wangsech
      Darren Aqila Wangsech 2 роки тому +100

      lmao 😂

    • Reu Daniel
      Reu Daniel 2 роки тому +154

      And just realizes this was a year ago

    • Jonathan Rodriguez
      Jonathan Rodriguez 2 роки тому +75

      Reu Daniel good sir this comment was 7 months ago, are you from the future 0.o?

    • Reu Daniel
      Reu Daniel 2 роки тому +44

      I mean when the video was published and I am good sir

    • Red
      Red 2 роки тому +56

      I have a friend who is a blacksmith and I confirm this is 100% what it looks like.

  • Nora Z
    Nora Z 3 роки тому +1062

    Seeing the rare moments of Josh losing his patience is weirdly satisfying.

  • squishybrick
    squishybrick 3 роки тому +4403

    What a powerhouse dual-dynamic this game has.
    Fire and brimstone blacksmithing downstairs.
    Dating simulator elf boys upstairs.

    • Axel Undin
      Axel Undin 2 роки тому +109

      The way you escaped the room was brilliant.

    • stranger on the internet
      stranger on the internet 2 роки тому +78

      ngl i wouldnt mind a dating sim where they’re the love interest edit: they’re from a dress up game dont hmu

    • SEA
      SEA 2 роки тому +12

      Had me dead 😂

    • threecutepl
      threecutepl 2 роки тому +13

      Translated comment
      Werid gaem
      Minecraft nether fortress

    • Vincent Gonzalez
      Vincent Gonzalez 2 роки тому +17


  • James Porter
    James Porter Рік тому +36

    I love that the first few minutes are just what it would be like to be an apprentice blacksmith. "Whoops I dropped something and I can't see..." "oh no, I dropped the tongs in the water!"

  • Kyle H
    Kyle H 3 роки тому +915

    This is why all blacksmiths have like 8 sets of tongs
    You will drop them in the quenching bucket eventually

    • VinylDash 23
      VinylDash 23 Рік тому +18

      Welders too.

    • Kyle H
      Kyle H Рік тому +34

      I've never really used tongs for welding
      I did once welding my grounding clamp to whatever I was welding though

    • Danthiel
      Danthiel Рік тому +7

      It's not a matter of if it a matter of when.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 11 місяців тому +1

      is it bad to take them back out?

    • Neo Qwerty 『Venom Strike』
      Neo Qwerty 『Venom Strike』 11 місяців тому +14

      @John Doe With bare hands, yes. It's the "make the water hot to make the really hot metal that turns some of the water into steam on contact less hot" bucket you dropped the tongs into, after all.

  • Axel Undin
    Axel Undin 2 роки тому +1691

    I laughed so hard when he opened the door to the customer. I've literally used that EXACT anime avatar character creator before, I'm dying XD

    • Arashikou
      Arashikou 2 роки тому +110

      Good old Rinmaru!

    • xXAtlantisXx
      xXAtlantisXx 2 роки тому +65

      Same! I knew I recognized it. Too bad Flash is down now.

    • 19kp
      19kp Рік тому +20

      @xXAtlantisXx I miss flash

    • Hayden Laver
      Hayden Laver Рік тому +7


    • Harry Stikers
      Harry Stikers Рік тому +24

      Dolldivine has all of Rin's old stuff! They're even mobile compatible now!

  • Martin Verrisin
    Martin Verrisin 4 роки тому +15147

    lol, sending this guy a game is like free testing, to see what are all the things that can break, that you never thought of XD

    • C M
      C M 4 роки тому +673

      Martin Verrisin for real this dude is easily the best bug finder

    • Like a Leaf in the Wind
      Like a Leaf in the Wind 4 роки тому +348

      I wouldn't be surprised to find out he has experience in QA with some triple-A company.

    • MrFunkhauser
      MrFunkhauser 3 роки тому +150

      it was pretty easy for this game since everything is apparently broken

    • Kemanorel
      Kemanorel 3 роки тому +44

      He's like HelixSnake with a sexier voice.

    • William Mayberry
      William Mayberry 3 роки тому +16

      @MrFunkhauser no hes just that good

  • Lux
    Lux 3 роки тому +2674

    The reason why you get early access is because your great at finding what you can do wrong
    Edit: like litterly game companies are basically getting him to test their games without paying him

    • Ghost Boi
      Ghost Boi 2 роки тому +82


    • Yogurt
      Yogurt 2 роки тому +39

      That… that’s what a tester is…

    • Faustus Livius Praetextatus
      Faustus Livius Praetextatus 2 роки тому +69

      @Yogurt yea but who else but josh that can break even games that have been released?

    • Yogurt
      Yogurt 2 роки тому +30

      @Faustus Livius Praetextatus welcome to the internet, where everyone abuses glitches.

    • ~Falseify~
      ~Falseify~ 2 роки тому +5

      Das a good theory

  • Carter Adams
    Carter Adams 2 роки тому +445

    love how you both have a templar shield and a roman flag in the same building
    game can't even tell when/where it takes place

    • Echo Saber
      Echo Saber Рік тому +36

      And you open the door seeing those character images in front of you……
      I think this is a “trying to make as much people finding their favorite stuffs in here” scenario

    • ¿miqnight?
      ¿miqnight? Рік тому +31

      Ah yes the Roman forge. Equipped with a modern oven thermometer.

    • Bolha
      Bolha Рік тому +22

      Actually it's 8563. The player character is, unbeknownst to them, part of a history experiment to recreate parts of medieval life based on the little records humanity still has of it.

    • Snake With A Pen
      Snake With A Pen 10 місяців тому +14

      @Bolha ahh, that explains the elf people. Humanity must have evolved larger ears so we can hear the solar activity oncoming

  • Orangey Studios
    Orangey Studios 2 роки тому +178

    “You beat on it until it gets soft.” Yes. Yes indeed.

    • Rtz
      Rtz 7 місяців тому +6


  • Justin
    Justin 2 роки тому +611

    “Is this the way to the bedchambers.”
    It’s nice to see you had your priorities straight. 🤣

  • Ima Popo
    Ima Popo 9 місяців тому +115

    This was my first LGIO video a couple years ago and dear lord has it been a ride since then....
    Josh, you absolute madman, never change.

  • Allan Eaton
    Allan Eaton 3 роки тому +44

    This man turned a professional grade blacksmiths shop into a medieval adult toy store

    • Fuery
      Fuery Рік тому +2


  • Mythonaut
    Mythonaut 3 роки тому +121

    I feel a disturbance in the force, as if a thousand blacksmiths cried out and were suddenly silenced

  • lifewithguada
    lifewithguada 2 роки тому +89

    After discovering this man and binge watching him for a bit, i've finally seen his patience wearing towards the end, life is good

  • Malekai Reignheart
    Malekai Reignheart 4 роки тому +609

    The way you escaped the room was brilliant.

  • Fernando Caro
    Fernando Caro 2 роки тому +29

    13:33 Your swords are made so that the owner's opponent always wins.

  • Robert Reynik
    Robert Reynik 4 роки тому +5417

    you know Josh
    you’d make a great game debugger

    • Super
      Super 4 роки тому +177

      Reydion he wouldn’t report them

    • NuthinNew
      NuthinNew 4 роки тому +112

      My guess is he is one

    • grey
      grey 4 роки тому +57

      NuthinNew he supposedly has some experience working at startups so

    • Noodles12
      Noodles12 3 роки тому +79

      NuthinNew this is kinda late but I’m guessing why that’s why some devs send him early access keys

    • Mike Bertelsen
      Mike Bertelsen 3 роки тому +33

      I doubt he can debug a game but he can darn well QA it!

  • Single White Roses
    Single White Roses 3 роки тому +231

    Not gonna lie. If this was made in VR, I’d never leave.

    • Fuery
      Fuery Рік тому +10

      Same, except I would be looking for every way to break reality

    • Zovi Sapphire
      Zovi Sapphire Рік тому +5

      If you wanna see someone roleplay as a medieval blacksmith, look up "Fractured Thrones" by mr.brunswick here on youtube.
      I really wish they would make public versions of their maps, because I would totally be hammering away inside that glorious forge.

  • FairlifeMilk353
    FairlifeMilk353 3 роки тому +20

    It would've been a 10/10 if he tried to sell just the ingot

  • SMBDelse
    SMBDelse 8 місяців тому +20

    I really liked a part where he says “It’s blacksmithin time” and blacksmithed all over the place

  • Renni
    Renni 3 роки тому +13

    Im pretty sure Josh is the guy who discovers literally every speed running tactic, by himself.

  • NeRethil Wolfsson
    NeRethil Wolfsson 2 роки тому +556

    "I need to make a sword first, then make damask pattern"
    Me, knowing how to make damask steel from my smith father: *scream into the void*

    • NeRethil Wolfsson
      NeRethil Wolfsson 2 роки тому +112

      Eduardo De Lara If we're talking about the historical damask (Also called Wootz steel), yes the first-hand knowledge of the time has been lost around the XVIIth century, yet I don't know if we could reverse-engineer it, or if sources on how it was made are still around.
      *But* we have a "modern" technique, billet welding, which has some resemblance but is clearly differing (From what I've found, Wootz look like more like a lake while it is raining a lot, billet welded damask more like a beach with rippling waves). Billet welding consists (very) basically to put a bunch of metal plates together, heat them and smash them so they're welded (again, I'm simplifying) to make an ingot. That ingot, after being smithed into shape, cleaned and sharpened, often has not the rippling effect yet, you need to reveal it with acid.
      Nevertheless, none of the potential ways to make Wutz, nor any of the modern ways I've heard of, need you to *plate* an existing blade with the metals you want to create the damask pattern with. That's so backwards thinking, useless in term of blade homogeneity and plain wrong that it made me scream aloud ^^'. I guess the game was going for Billet Welding, but in a weird, counter-intuitive way.

    • Alex lasers
      Alex lasers 2 роки тому +26

      @NeRethil Wolfsson From what I know there is no known way of making true Damascus steel “wutz” supposedly historians or scientist do know that the original used plant material due to carbon fibers I believe being found in historic examples of wutz but they have no ideal what sort of forging process could’ve made steel as strong as it was for the time.

    • Haku 81
      Haku 81 2 роки тому +23

      @NeRethil Wolfsson Yeah i'm not sure why they do the plate stacking puzzle on a completed blade, the plates just kinda, disappear afterwards too. At the very least you do mix up some chemicals that i assume are supposed to be etching acid to reveal the actual pattern. Maybe it's saying these plates somehow, coat the blade and give it a damascus outer layer that can take a pattern while the blade itself is made of, other stuff? It is called FANTASY blacksmith, so it gets a bit of wiggle room.
      Probably the reason they did it in such an odd way is so every single blade from bronze to Mithril and so on could be given a cool pattern, and they just decided "well Damascus steel has that pattern, so we'll just call it a Damascus pattern".

    • Mauro Ribeiro
      Mauro Ribeiro 2 роки тому +1

      what it with the long comments here

    • Fuery
      Fuery Рік тому

      Me, who has seen Damascus swords be made: * internal screaming *

  • AlexAngelKitten
    AlexAngelKitten 3 роки тому +220

    that moment when your partner seduces you into bed and pulls out a sword he bought from a blacksmith's dungeon

  • SubmarineMagnet
    SubmarineMagnet 3 роки тому +176

    Josh: "Hey come back here, don't you wanna be a full sword?"
    Thingy: "I waNnA bE a MiSsiLe"

  • Killa
    Killa 4 роки тому +129

    My favorite was when you accessed the shop thing and then took the supply lift for a ride. As a new game designer you are a treat to watch and help provide me with insight on just how broken my new games can be. Keep it up man! I hope they take all your meaningful feedback from this video and use it.

    • Leonard Blazevic
      Leonard Blazevic 2 роки тому +7

      good luck with the games

    • Vilkommen
      Vilkommen 2 роки тому +6

      Send him a free key and you get a free tester :p and also a new vid porbaly :p

  • Butter Frog
    Butter Frog 2 роки тому +9

    6:00 As someone who has done a fair amount of blacksmithing, "where the hell is my hammer" is a very common phrase

  • Smurgle Streamdancer
    Smurgle Streamdancer 4 роки тому +819

    6:45 It kills me that you're hammering it on the X-axis, and it's getting thinner on the Y-axis...

    • Rena Kunisaki
      Rena Kunisaki 4 роки тому +56

      I like the part where it gets thinner on the opposite edge.

    • H
      H 3 роки тому +1

      Omg 🤣🤣

    • El Patrico
      El Patrico 3 роки тому +6

      This game's reality is somewhat similar to the mobile game called "Forge Ahead".

    • esteban collazo
      esteban collazo 2 роки тому +11

      "I need to make a sword first, then make damask pattern"
      Me, knowing how to make damask steel from my smith father: scream into the void

    • Carlos
      Carlos 2 роки тому +3

      @esteban collazo "damask"..... gotta call bs on that

  • Taquisha
    Taquisha 2 роки тому +26

    I am convinced you're a bug tester for every game that comes out

  • Connorses
    Connorses 4 роки тому +919

    OK I can immediately tell that this is a fantasy world because the blacksmith is in the basement where he has minimum ventilation.

    • Llortnerof
      Llortnerof 4 роки тому +112

      It's not like the first floor has any, either. That entire building seems extremely unfit for a smithy.
      Also, why is he a blacksmith if he only makes swords? Wouldn't that make him a blade- or swordsmith?

    • Michael Edmunds🇺🇦
      Michael Edmunds🇺🇦 3 роки тому +171

      @ChipTuna "They made me the town blacksmith. Not because I'm good at it, but because I was the only black man named Smith"

    • Herscher 12
      Herscher 12 3 роки тому +4

      He was also smithing bronze

    • Sweetie
      Sweetie 3 роки тому +5

      Memento Mori, buddy.

    • Herscher 12
      Herscher 12 3 роки тому +1

      @Sweetie no, im god

  • FlamingNinjaBoi
    FlamingNinjaBoi 4 роки тому +73

    I love how it always takes Josh almost no time at all to figure out how to break the game.

  • The Sea Leviathan
    The Sea Leviathan 2 роки тому +86

    Some random father elf: Happy birthday, son, I got you this sword made purely from Damascus steel.
    The son, a geologist: that not Damascus.

    • JJAB91
      JJAB91 Рік тому +5

      ...why would a geologist know about bladesmithing techniques?

    • b.o.t coromat
      b.o.t coromat 5 місяців тому

      @JJAB91 its a fantasy metal.

  • Frans The Fox
    Frans The Fox 10 місяців тому +3

    I love how this game is as faithful to sword making as Jurassic World to real dinosaurs.

  • James Hockenberry
    James Hockenberry 2 роки тому +20

    Josh's angry humming is hilarious

  • Max Bromberg
    Max Bromberg 4 роки тому +2924

    First person template is from the unreal engine first person starter blueprint and it's hilarious that the text entity wasn't removed.

    • Eric Wood
      Eric Wood 4 роки тому +269

      Not surprising. This is one of countless silly little projects created by someone with more ideas than ability in designing games.

    • Wes
      Wes 4 роки тому +224

      @Eric Wood sometimes the best games come from buggy good ideas!

    • Eric Wood
      Eric Wood 4 роки тому +69

      @Wes In this case, the idea needs to be in better hands. :)

    • ExE Boss
      ExE Boss 4 роки тому +17

      *@Eric Wood* And maybe a bit more like real smithing.

    • Wes
      Wes 4 роки тому +32

      @Eric Wood right lol it should be passed on. You realize that not everyone in the game design process is a programmer right?

  • werewildthing
    werewildthing 3 роки тому +16

    the way he says "CAN I SELL YOU A SEX SWORD??!" absolutely killed me (faster than said sex swords probably could)

  • Archives of Arda
    Archives of Arda 2 роки тому +40

    You would be surprised how close some of these are to real swords throughout history

    • Joseph Dedrick
      Joseph Dedrick Рік тому +3

      Of the ones he made only the wavy blade one was close as far as my knowledge is and in that it was either a European flamberge or a Asian blade similar to a Philippine Kris or blade like it.

  • Mr. Comedian
    Mr. Comedian 2 роки тому +31

    I bet the devs gave him a key so they can stress test the game

  • Daffy
    Daffy 3 роки тому +10

    i love how he turned from smith to a witch as game progressed with the new items

  • Bacon?
    Bacon? Рік тому +2

    Josh is the perfect game tester because he’ll exploit any and everything that can let him play the game wrong.

  • Didrik B
    Didrik B 4 роки тому +2290

    The fact you only have around 800 subs is baffling. You deserve wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more
    Edit: Okay guys I get it, he has a bunch more now. I dont need 500 notifications about it

    • Let's Game It Out
      Let's Game It Out  4 роки тому +614

      Thanks friend! The climb is slow but fulfilling!

    • Unworthychicken
      Unworthychicken 4 роки тому +127

      4.5k now slowly going up.

    • zrobotics
      zrobotics 4 роки тому +141

      @Unworthychicken 10k, apparently the algorithm just loves him right now

    • Sean R
      Sean R 4 роки тому +39

      now at 11k and growing fast

    • Jarmo
      Jarmo 4 роки тому +53

      @Sean R holy shit this man is growing fast. 15k now

  • Shadebinder
    Shadebinder 3 роки тому +13

    I love how you can step on that delivery system and go into a clearly developers only area

  • CoHoL
    CoHoL 3 роки тому +18

    The fact that the characters are made with a character creator you can get on your phone and seem to all be uncoloured is ridiculously funny. Like, I'm an artist and seeing such obvious art theft is funny.

  • kyoiume
    kyoiume 2 роки тому +7

    Josh's moment of curiosity by the first person template was adorable-

  • Padoru Padoru
    Padoru Padoru 2 місяці тому +2

    This is a legendary game . . . the only game to make Josh suffer.

  • Dre Dog
    Dre Dog 2 роки тому +25

    Josh: “we’re gonna try to play this game as wrong as possible.”
    the game that is supposed to be play wrong: “so you have chosen death?”

  • Luna
    Luna 4 роки тому +715

    Hey Josh, I don't normally enjoy watching other people play games, but I've gotta say I've been enjoying your videos tremendously. Your sense of humor is right up my alley and it's very interesting seeing all these games that I would probably not buy for myself. I eagerly await each new video!

    • Let's Game It Out
      Let's Game It Out  4 роки тому +141

      Thank you for the kind words, friend. I am honored that you've enjoyed my videos and hope to make you laugh with future ones as well!

    • Toby
      Toby 3 роки тому +9

      Let's Game It Out wait you had like just 800 subs back then? Damn you really did well, but you deserved it. Keep entertaining!

    • Luna
      Luna 3 роки тому +6

      @Toby Around 300 when I subscribed (around the start of that year, I think). Josh has come a long way in such a short amount of time!

    • Nicholas Walker
      Nicholas Walker 2 роки тому +1

      @Let's Game It Out in my opinion ur one of the best gaming UAclipsrs out there

    • SEA
      SEA 2 роки тому

      600th like

  • Jelly Fish
    Jelly Fish 3 роки тому +52

    Josh: I call this sword the surprise ending
    Sword: completely consistent until the end
    Me: .......
    looks great

  • The Gaming Server Reacts
    The Gaming Server Reacts 2 місяці тому +1

    “This is an erly version, so you may bump into bugs” Josh: My time has come

  • Matt Ooi
    Matt Ooi 2 роки тому +30

    I can't ever remember the last time I had a legitimate sidestitch from laughing too hard. Well now I won't forget when the last time was.

  • Jade
    Jade 3 роки тому +10

    I love how dedicated you are to breaking everything, also your editor must either have a great time editing this or a major headache
    Either way its hilarious 🤣

  • Spruce
    Spruce 3 роки тому +337

    “ I’m a blacksmith that only makes erotic swords.”
    so just... swords?

    • Kale Smith
      Kale Smith 2 роки тому +13

      Excuse me?

    • SEA
      SEA 2 роки тому +12

      @Kale Smith Don’t worry, he will excuse you.

    • BoredJustChillin
      BoredJustChillin 2 роки тому +1


    • Michael Cherokee
      Michael Cherokee Рік тому +3

      I mean, according to Freud (the great galumphing quack that he was), all weapons represent phalluses. So no, but actually yeah?

  • Ghost Potato
    Ghost Potato 4 роки тому +559

    "So what do you do for a living living?"
    "Oh I break video games."

    • Darren Aqila Wangsech
      Darren Aqila Wangsech 2 роки тому

      you typed living twice

    • soughts dad
      soughts dad 2 роки тому +2

      "first person template" LOL he didnt delete the text in the template

    • Arterexius
      Arterexius 2 роки тому +1

      @Darren Aqila Wangsech That's so all the people who asks for him getting a real job job, can understand it

  • Smol Leafi
    Smol Leafi 2 роки тому +1

    Josh: goes somewhere hes not supposed to and sees a blade
    also josh: is for me?

  • The Maker
    The Maker 2 роки тому +8

    i like the part that he says "can i sell you a s*x sword" 13:55
    BTW, I like your chill voice

  • Barlennan
    Barlennan 3 роки тому +15

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    That's a mood right there.

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      Probably the main reason I spent too much time on that game

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