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  • "PA PA YA!! (feat. F.HERO) "
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  • Твой Олежа
    Твой Олежа 54 хвилини тому

    * охуевает по-русски *

  • Project Zeb
    Project Zeb 56 хвилин тому

    I was like what the hell is a papafaya. Then realised they're singing about the fruit 😆

  • 帝国主義
    帝国主義 6 годин тому +1


  • 鯖ちゃん
    鯖ちゃん 8 годин тому


  • kevin david benavides lopez
    kevin david benavides lopez 8 годин тому

    Fruit papaya

  • Kyo JubuJubu
    Kyo JubuJubu 9 годин тому +1

    สุดยอดมากคะ 🙏🙏🙏🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  • Jamie McClelland
    Jamie McClelland 11 годин тому +1

  • 弥刀馬維狼覇
    弥刀馬維狼覇 11 годин тому +1


  • Jerry Hensley
    Jerry Hensley 12 годин тому +6

    So happy they are coming to salt lake city

  • monstre marin
    monstre marin 13 годин тому


  • Robert Daniel Curtis
    Robert Daniel Curtis 14 годин тому +4

    I don't think she's an original band member, but the girl on the left is so adorable.

    • Wisebi
      Wisebi 2 години тому

      Kano Fujihira : not an original band member but member of the original band, as BM was initially a subunit of Sakura Gakuin.
      Kano is the actual ninth student council president of this group, Suzuka was the second (in 2012) and Moa the fourth (in 2014).

  • Rafael Silva Daniel
    Rafael Silva Daniel 14 годин тому +9

    holy shit, theres some latin influence in the structure of this song, awesome!! come to brazil baby metal!

  • Juan Carlos Vera Celi
    Juan Carlos Vera Celi 14 годин тому +2

    Papayaaaaaaaa >:v

  • Carlos Noguera
    Carlos Noguera 16 годин тому +2


  • Mari Army Fofah
    Mari Army Fofah 16 годин тому

    Algum br?

  • Jiwanjot Singh
    Jiwanjot Singh 21 годину тому +1

    Wtf is it 😄😂 how can someone possibly like this? Its not even close to metal. These girls are disrepecting the metal music. They should make a pop group maybe that can be good.

    • bishypony 1
      bishypony 1 2 хвилини тому

      This is metal,but with a twist..kawaii metal :D They’re a japanese group :)

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 28 хвилин тому +1

      @Jiwanjot Singh Looks like you're a Slipknot fan.
      You'll be happy to know that Corey Taylor is a BABYMETAL fan.
      They even toured with Korn and Corey's other band, Stone Sour in 2017.
      As Rob Zombie once said to a BABYMETAL hater, "They roll harder than you.".

    • Celedam
      Celedam 3 години тому +1

      "but k-pop isn't one of them"
      And that's when you lost all credibility here. You just didn't realize it.

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 7 годин тому +1

      @Jiwanjot Singh they never claim to be metal. They claim to be kawaii-metal. And they aren't wrong
      "they should make a pop group", but they already did :) babymetal is pop + metal :)
      also, the "k" on k-pop have a meaning, you know...

    • Ben Barcham
      Ben Barcham 11 годин тому

      @Jiwanjot Singhlllloooooollllllllll

  • Stopthehate 17
    Stopthehate 17 22 години тому +7

    Oh my goodness - just when I thought their videos couldn't get any better I find this one... HOLY SH*T.... AMAZING!!! There is nothing that this group can't do! They can take any musical style or genre, make it their own, then TOTALLY OWN IT!

  • obsidian
    obsidian 22 години тому +2

    Sugar, spice, and everything nice...
    These were the ingredients chosen to create 3 musicians but the Fox god purposely added the Kami band...
    Thus forming Babymetal...
    Using their super musical powers...
    and formerly Yui-metal...
    Have dedicated their lives to creating great music and epic performances across the metal galaxy.

    • Wisebi
      Wisebi Годину тому

      do not forget tomato for Yui and hamburger for Moa

  • えだまめ
    えだまめ 23 години тому +1


  • Mick Jagger
    Mick Jagger День тому


  • APOLLO 19
    APOLLO 19 День тому

    Tokyo ghoul soundtrack?

  • danié a
    danié a День тому

    Dame la papa ya!

  • peter47a
    peter47a День тому +5

    I hope this concert gets released on bluray, looks like they recorded it with quite some effort and quality. This and elevator girl and maybe more videos.

    • Ben Barcham
      Ben Barcham День тому +1

      This show is getting a broadcast on Japanese pay TV soon. That usually means a bluray release after. The video for Elevator Girl is from Legend M, and it's not clear just yet if that whole show will be released.

  • Andrew Washington
    Andrew Washington День тому +2

    i feel exhausted just watching them

  • Талиб Агаев
    Талиб Агаев День тому +2


  • suke t
    suke t День тому +6


  • emeraldjohnny
    emeraldjohnny День тому +5

    It should be the official song for the 2020 Olympics ceremony in Tokyo.

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 День тому +2

      no, it should be the theme for the first ever Galaxy Olympic whenever that happens!!

  • Oscar Villacres
    Oscar Villacres День тому +5

    Oh yea

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller День тому +7

    Yep, I have now officially seen everything. Wow!

  • Макс Чёрный
    Макс Чёрный День тому +15


  • Joseph Dresh
    Joseph Dresh День тому +33

    My two year old son loves baby metal and anything metal or rock music lol

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 День тому +5

      you raise your son well :)

  • kim taeh
    kim taeh День тому +5

    Perchè cavolo in Italia non le ascolta nessuno? 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Lysha Trejo
    Lysha Trejo 2 дні тому +4

    Someone, please use one of their songs as an anime opening!

    • Thrandaylen
      Thrandaylen День тому

      @Ghifari77 They did the opening for Cartoon Network's "Unikitty!". Not an anime but close enough. ^^

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 День тому +2

      i think the only song that fit is syncopation, so yeah, please make it!!

  • no name
    no name 2 дні тому +6

    PA PA YA!!!!

  • Dimitri
    Dimitri 2 дні тому +2

    Sounds like brazilian axé.

  • jutta popp
    jutta popp 2 дні тому

    To each their own... I MUCH prefer REAL Metal.

    • bishypony 1
      bishypony 1 10 секунд тому

      you obviously dont have to like this band,but no point of being a dick about it,let alone comment negatively,but whatever makes you feel better lol

    • jutta popp
      jutta popp Годину тому

      @Celedam I didn´t even care about that when I was a teenager. And I´m grown up now. Being "edgy and cool" is second best to having good taste. ;-)

    • Kevin Thews
      Kevin Thews 20 годин тому +2

      No, what you prefer is living in a small world with a closed mind where your hate and prejudice keep you from acknowledge creativity and talent. Yes, it's a scary world outside your hovel where you cherish your HUGE music library of 10 cassettes...

    • Celedam
      Celedam 20 годин тому +1

      @jutta popp Wow, you're so edgy and cool.

  • umeyann
    umeyann 2 дні тому +4


  • amos fly
    amos fly 2 дні тому +1

    has anyone seen zatch bell. if so this will make cry. rip the best mamoto that had less than 3 episodes :(

  • Илья Беляев
    Илья Беляев 2 дні тому

    Это. Просто. Ахуенно

  • Bryan McMillin
    Bryan McMillin 2 дні тому

    Next, their follow up hit, guacamole.

  • May Bae P.
    May Bae P. 2 дні тому +9

    Wow never knew F.Hero is here too😆❤ I love this song

  • Ali skillet man
    Ali skillet man 2 дні тому +1

    Who is the new girl?

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL 2 дні тому +1

      Here it's Kano Fujihira
      However, Kano is not replacing Yui....They are not replacing her _(anyway, not at the moment)_
      They have a rotation of 3 "Avengers" girls who will take Yui dancing part
      The first girl is Riho Sayashi _(ex-Morning Musume)_
      BabyMetal - PA PA YA!! with Riho Sayashi :відео.html
      The second girl is Kano Fujihira _(from Sakura Gakuin)_
      She is the one here
      The third girl is Momoko Okazaki _(from Sakura Gakuin)_
      The rotation of those 3 girls was explained in this videos :
      BabyMetal - Arkadia :відео.htmlm14s

  • Affizul Farhan
    Affizul Farhan 2 дні тому +2

    This is more powerful even though it's about a fruit. . . .?

  • Stanislav
    Stanislav 2 дні тому

    Next Banana

  • Fath Zulfa Ali
    Fath Zulfa Ali 2 дні тому +13


  • Yeonghwi Cho
    Yeonghwi Cho 2 дні тому +7

    Matsuri =festival

  • Massimo Trusel
    Massimo Trusel 2 дні тому

    it's like hearing punk minions singing about the papaya...I was expecting "BANANA" for the closure

  • - Person -
    - Person - 2 дні тому

    This would be a great anime intro

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 2 дні тому +2

      no, not all japanese song fit to be anime opening (despite how good the song is)

  • Timothy Renar
    Timothy Renar 2 дні тому +4

    May I take your order? Yes I'll have some BABYMETAL with a side order of PA PA YA!!. Would you like anything to drink with that order? Yes how about some chocolate F.HERO please. Thank you. Well that hit the spot!

  • sfw99
    sfw99 3 дні тому +24

    This might actually be my favourite Baby Metal song.

    • sfw99
      sfw99 День тому

      @Ghifari77 ベビーメタル

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 2 дні тому +1

      *babymetal :v
      but yeah, i agree

  • Justin Delacerda
    Justin Delacerda 3 дні тому

    Is that Japanese DJ Khaled??

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 3 дні тому +1

      @Justin Delacerda No, that's the Thai F.HERO.

    • Ben Barcham
      Ben Barcham 3 дні тому +1


  • Jean Marron
    Jean Marron 3 дні тому +9

    God damnit - they are good as usual! I don´t know - normally I don´t have much to do with Metal, but those girls bring me this shit nearer than I ever would have thought! Haha!

    ADAM SADAM 3 дні тому +4

    Part with F.HERO is outstanding !
    :D :D :D

  • kaycee Banzuelo
    kaycee Banzuelo 3 дні тому +7

    By day, cute little school girls
    By night, deathcore metal band
    Japan is amazingly weird, I hope it never changes

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 2 дні тому +1


    • alblgz
      alblgz 2 дні тому +1

      Except only one of this particular lineup is a school girl.

  • Shaun H
    Shaun H 3 дні тому

    They took a wrong turn handing all vocal duties to Su. Her voice is good but too thin. Moa seems demoted to dancer. Ironbunny is poised to replace them.

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 2 дні тому +3

      well, your joke aren't that bad, next jokes please!

    • bishypony 1
      bishypony 1 2 дні тому +4

      Shaun H I have nothing against Ironbunny,but nobody can replace or be the new babymetal. They’re back and ready to bring it!! 🔥

    • Shaun H
      Shaun H 3 дні тому

      Rick Wagner yes, both groups are a joke.

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 3 дні тому +5

      @Shaun H I'm assuming you're joking, so good one!

    • waisonline
      waisonline 3 дні тому +4

      Not knocking Iron Bunny ( I like them ) but they are clearly not in the same league as Babymetal. Iron Bunny needs to lose the actual Iron Bunny robot guy.

  • PC Gamer18
    PC Gamer18 3 дні тому +1

    Whats next, Edamame??🙌🏻🙌🏻🇯🇵🇯🇵

    • Ghifari77
      Ghifari77 День тому +1

      Nasi goreng, or maybe Sate and Bakso feat Obama

    • alblgz
      alblgz 2 дні тому

      Natto. *That* would be metal AF.

  • สิริยากร เพ็งเหมือน

    ^."".^ ♡¿♡ +///+ 👩‍🎤👩‍🎤👩‍🎤🇯🇵

  • Ralf Valerio
    Ralf Valerio 3 дні тому

    Papaya nilalagay sa Tinola 🇵🇭😂

  • Agus Sikim
    Agus Sikim 3 дні тому +4

    I miss yui metal 😭😭

  • Paola P
    Paola P 3 дні тому

    Me and other latins: Diache mano les gustan mucho las papayas xd