SABATON - Bismarck (Official Music Video)

  • Опубліковано 22 кві 2019
  • The official music video for "Bismarck" by Sabaton.
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    ======== "Bismarck" LYRICS =======
    From the mist a shape, a ship is taking form
    And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm
    Sign of power, show of force
    Raise the anchor battleship plotting its course
    Pride of a nation a beast made of steel
    Bismarck in motion king of the ocean
    He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
    To lead the warmachine
    To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    Two thousand men, and fifty thousand tonnes of steel
    Set the course for the Atlantic with the allies on their heel
    Firepower, firefight
    Battlestations, keep the targets steady in sight
    Into formation, the hunt has begun
    Death and damnation, the fleet is coming
    He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
    To lead the warmachine
    To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    At the bottom of the ocean the depths of the abyss
    They are bound by iron and blood
    The flagship of the navy the terror of the seas
    His guns have gone silent at last
    Pride of a nation a beast made of steel
    Bismarck in motion king of the ocean
    He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
    To lead the warmachine
    To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    To lead the warmachine
    Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    To lead the warmachine
    Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
    The terror of the seas
    Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
    Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.
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    • chrismallias
      chrismallias День тому




    • Music Maniac
      Music Maniac 2 дні тому

      You should make a song about castle itter

    • Ужасный ужос!
      Ужасный ужос! 2 дні тому

      1 vs 22.

    • Fürst des Dortmunder Großreiches
      Fürst des Dortmunder Großreiches 3 дні тому

      Thanks for releasing this on Spotify. I've been waiting so long.

    • Robin de Roos
      Robin de Roos 3 дні тому

      You need to make a t shirt with the Bismarck artwork on it!

  • kittensofdeath
    kittensofdeath 2 хвилини тому

    Bismarck: *exists*
    Swordfish: "hold my brandy"

  • A Pepsi 2.0
    A Pepsi 2.0 26 хвилин тому +1

    Listening to this song while taking a shit....
    My life is shippy.

  • a name
    a name 49 хвилин тому

    Bismarck: I am History’s largest battleship in history.
    HMS Rodney and Yamato(in unison): I’m going to this man’s whole career!
    Yamato: Nani?
    US: Yes

  • Liam Foster
    Liam Foster 52 хвилини тому

    Here because of davoslots

  • Michael Mannucci
    Michael Mannucci Годину тому

    How is this real? Is this a joke? Do people actually think this is good music?

  • Ayrton skill
    Ayrton skill 2 години тому

    Uss missouri vs bismarck which dress would win ?

  • Dom Josef
    Dom Josef 2 години тому

    The captain davo sent me here after a hectic night on the pokies

  • Caspear
    Caspear 2 години тому +1

    Nice, a song about Germany with 6 MiLiOn ViEwS

  • twincamism
    twincamism 3 години тому


  • Ekay Dragneel
    Ekay Dragneel 3 години тому

    So this is what Thor did after Endgame

  • FH 500 Driver
    FH 500 Driver 4 години тому

    I thank you for resurrecting Your Majesty. Thank You
    Protect all your souls that went with you. Rest in peace Your Majesty Bismarck

  • Nat Ravenfeld
    Nat Ravenfeld 4 години тому

    This. This is not music. This is LEGENDARY music.

  • skaryus ///M3
    skaryus ///M3 4 години тому

    The most impresive Music Video ever i see congratulations for this video and the Music is son energetic and powerfull amaizing 👍👍👍✊✊✊

  • steelers841926
    steelers841926 5 годин тому +1

    Turn this blue if you like the sabaton band

  • Andrei Peteleu
    Andrei Peteleu 5 годин тому

    I come for epic comments 😍

  • tactical turkey
    tactical turkey 6 годин тому

    "he was made to rule the waves"
    Yamato "hold my beer"

  • Reza Leon
    Reza Leon 6 годин тому

    Listening to this hopefully increases my chances of getting Bismarck so Tirpitz won't be lonely anymore

  • Hooked & Banded
    Hooked & Banded 6 годин тому

    Where’s all the degenerates here because of the legend Davo

  • Kalasar
    Kalasar 7 годин тому

    EPIC !

  • VMG Cuervo
    VMG Cuervo 7 годин тому


  • Gabzi
    Gabzi 7 годин тому

    What a great song. Shoutout to @Letsgiveitaspin Home alone in our house up in the hill not any people around, turn it up and sing for the full breath. Rock on boys

  • Hamsammich
    Hamsammich 8 годин тому

    WW2 metal is best metal

  • Askold Demidov
    Askold Demidov 8 годин тому


  • Electric Nexon
    Electric Nexon 8 годин тому +1

    One of the best songs i have ever Heard respect this should be a movie someone make a movie now!

  • Constantin F.
    Constantin F. 9 годин тому

    Great song :)
    I wonder how much Wargaming payed for that...

  • Bob Mcadoo
    Bob Mcadoo 9 годин тому

    I'm binge watching Sabaton today! Can't get enough!

  • astrdom7 __
    astrdom7 __ 9 годин тому +3

    I played this may 24 of 2019

    It's now may 27 1941

  • McBaal
    McBaal 10 годин тому

    Interesting sidenote about the last hours before Bismarcks last stand: The crew just heard about their "glorious last stand" via radio. Unmaneuverable, knowing no help would come and that they were surrounded by a major part of homefleet, the crew was allowed to get drunk before the fight. Before the battle started, not a single sailor greeted Hitler as was expected from every soldier. Not even the admiral on board or the captain. Instead the common thought was "fuck this SOB". Brave young sailors, the finest germany had at that time, abused by a lunatic and a murderous regime that didn't deserve their loyalty. The Bismarcks last stand is an epic story of heroism, tragedy, political ruthlesness, human emotion and in the end: mercy. The british sailors, who only hours before had nothing but hatred for the Bismarck and wanted to see all of her crew dead to avenge the H.M.S. Hood, felt pity for the remaining german sailors after seeing the inferno they went through for hours and saved them from a cold grave in the atlantic ocean. Veterans from the Hood and Bismarck are until today united in a tragedy, that even by staying true to history would make a damn fine hollywood movie.

  • Andrew Yeap
    Andrew Yeap 10 годин тому

    1:46 chills

  • Eredin Breacc Glas
    Eredin Breacc Glas 10 годин тому +1

    Ymato: I'm Jock to you?

  • MoRoZhKa морожка
    MoRoZhKa морожка 10 годин тому

    Historicaly there were more than four ships at the battlefield,and one of em (british "Hood" was destroyed)

  • SauSage Dog
    SauSage Dog 10 годин тому

    Maybe i'm young, but i will go on Your concert🎶 in Poland in next month 😀

  • Wowie Dela Cruz
    Wowie Dela Cruz 11 годин тому

    Just got Bismarck in Azur Lane after countless listening to this music. I think there's a connection here...

  • TheCrazGuy
    TheCrazGuy 11 годин тому


  • Ralof Sturmkrähe
    Ralof Sturmkrähe 11 годин тому

    Many people have died on this ship! And after 79 years, these idiots and wargaming make fun of the mass grave. If her relatives died there, they shut up.

  • Raem G
    Raem G 11 годин тому

    Finally, they added Bismarck in Azur Lane

  • Chicken Bob
    Chicken Bob 11 годин тому

    Gotta love that "PRIMO VICTORIA" on the side

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu 11 годин тому

    The Song is amazing, but the ship was a faliure

  • александр магдун
    александр магдун 11 годин тому

    hell epic

  • Mack Ray Paredes
    Mack Ray Paredes 11 годин тому

    My fellow Shikikans, have you already received the mighty Bismarck?

  • TheAfrikaKorps
    TheAfrikaKorps 11 годин тому

    Give it up for Blohm+Voss, the ship building company who built this beast and are still operating today (they should still have all the original plans too)

  • Stephen Tait
    Stephen Tait 12 годин тому

    Anyone else here from lords of blackjack?

  • apostolis x
    apostolis x 12 годин тому

    The few cell rocket would look nice in 3d

  • Tomasz T
    Tomasz T 12 годин тому

    Sabaton is the Best

  • Tomasz T
    Tomasz T 12 годин тому

    To my zatopiliśmy Bismarcka

  • Genesis Wave
    Genesis Wave 12 годин тому

    May 24th, 1941. The might HMS Hood is sunk in the Denmark Straight. Furious, Churchill later that day sent out a broadcast to the nearby navy ships "Sink the Bismarck"

  • A boy from Thailand
    A boy from Thailand 12 годин тому

    I'd rather be laughter if somebody putting this song on the vermin Vengeful Spirit since the dishonouration by Horus Lupercal and then Failbaddon the (H)armless

  • Hentai Chan
    Hentai Chan 13 годин тому

    Come here because AzurLane ALL HAIL BISMARCK

  • fogeltje
    fogeltje 13 годин тому

    Joakim's leg should be declared an official casualty for the battles.

  • daniel lococo galán
    daniel lococo galán 13 годин тому

    so.. are they celebrating nazism?

    • crisiscoreffv2
      crisiscoreffv2 12 годин тому +1

      @daniel you ought to read some history about naval warfare before spouting absolutely stupid shit, Bismarck flipped the Royal navy on its head. Again, read history, not tumblr

    • daniel lococo galán
      daniel lococo galán 12 годин тому

      +KK Hagerty i understand your point

    • KK Hagerty
      KK Hagerty 12 годин тому

      daniel lococo galán well there is a difference between the S.S and the Kriegsmarine and a lot of sailors didn’t see themselves as Nazis, just Germans defending their country. I think they can defend the young lads all they want. It’s praising the higher ups like Hitler and his cabinet that is glorifying nazism

    • daniel lococo galán
      daniel lococo galán 12 годин тому

      +KK Hagerty of course, im not denying facts.. i was just adressing the underlying gesture.. and another thing that made think about them celebrating nazism is the comment section.. they are openly praising a nazi war machine.. but that's only my take..

    • daniel lococo galán
      daniel lococo galán 12 годин тому

      +SuperSteampunk to generate empathy?

  • UltimateLlama Zone
    UltimateLlama Zone 13 годин тому


  • Boeing 777
    Boeing 777 15 годин тому

    Why is everyone talking about anime and this anime battle ship girl(?) like what the fuck?

    Don’t leave me in the dark, guys. Show me this “Bismarck” anime girl of yours.

    • crisiscoreffv2
      crisiscoreffv2 11 годин томувідео.html
      It's from a super popular game called Azurlane, they made an event that showcases Bismarck's final moments

  • MetalSIERRA-117
    MetalSIERRA-117 15 годин тому


  • Jason Kong
    Jason Kong 15 годин тому

    Use this song as catalyst to construct Bismarck in AL and yes she finally come

  • azar23azar
    azar23azar 15 годин тому

    Тhis music is cool! And when we can hear music or video about the Brest Fortress?

  • Cody225aye
    Cody225aye 15 годин тому +2

    Where are the slots?

  • Tom Daley
    Tom Daley 15 годин тому +3


  • Jarl Dysnomia
    Jarl Dysnomia 15 годин тому

    THIS song gives me Goosebumps everytime i hear this.
    So freaking awesome!
    #SabatonFanForLife Like if you argee!
    Love from the crazy Danes.

  • Flames1471
    Flames1471 15 годин тому +1

    12inch airways

  • Elijah Congoo
    Elijah Congoo 16 годин тому +2

    Who's here after watching Davoslots playing Sabaton pokies?? 😅

  • Сом Сомович
    Сом Сомович 17 годин тому +1

    Казалось бы, при чем здесь World of Warships? 😉😄

  • Lhundrup Taktsang
    Lhundrup Taktsang 18 годин тому

    Is this about the hood sinking or the Bismarck?

  • Peter Robinson
    Peter Robinson 19 годин тому

    Remember the officers and crew of the hood today

  • totitolis
    totitolis 19 годин тому

    Just wanted people to know: on this day Bismarck sank. RIP Bismarck

  • Владислав Пичугин
    Владислав Пичугин 19 годин тому

    Где разъёбанный Худ с одного залпа в клипе?

  • Simon Lockwood
    Simon Lockwood 20 годин тому +1

    Too Bad U-556 Doesn't get to fulfill it's promise to protect the Bismarck.

  • Mark Ford
    Mark Ford 20 годин тому +1

    fuck yeah! nice to see some navy love. As a navy vet i feel its contribution is undervalued in media and its great to see something like this. I think a bad ass song for John Paul Jones would be EPIC!
    "I have not yet begun to fight!" - John Paul Jones response to a call for surrender by a British Captain

  • Diana  Lara
    Diana Lara 22 години тому

    Damm! Its awesome!

  • The CrimsonFox
    The CrimsonFox 22 години тому

    The sad part is I learn more actual war history from Sabaton than my actual history classes...

  • Dabigboom
    Dabigboom 22 години тому

    Dear Sabaton, if I may, I would like to make a song request. I believe Desmond Doss would be a perfect candidate for song. The man who fought in the Pacific without a weapon and single handedly saved over 70 lives on hacksaw ridge on the island of Okinawa. I'm sure you've heard of him before, and I would love to hear a song made about him!

  • Kenneth Mowers
    Kenneth Mowers 22 години тому +1

    this is a really good song

  • Danilo Petrovic
    Danilo Petrovic 23 години тому

    *Yamato wants to know Sabaton's location* :-) . By the way awesome song and awesome band ! Greetings from Serbia !!!

  • iika Amir
    iika Amir 23 години тому

    Yeay. Commence❤️

  • Damazus
    Damazus День тому +2

    Karl Dönitz did nothing wrong

  • Zahylon
    Zahylon День тому +2

    Who else playing this song while burnign cubes for Bismarck on AL gacha?

    • Nyx
      Nyx День тому

      I did took 160 cubes tho

    • Daniel Bruce Agra
      Daniel Bruce Agra День тому

      I already got bismarck

  • Nancy Cameron
    Nancy Cameron День тому +1

    They should make a song about the the hood

  • Gerry Gaona
    Gerry Gaona День тому

    I wish someday Sabaton make songs about:
    Attila the Hun and the battle of the catalaunian fields
    The battle of Tenochtitlan and La noche triste (VIVA MEXICO!!!)
    Battle of Hattin
    Battle of Lepanto
    Conquest of The great Ghengis Khan
    Saludos from a Mexican fan!!

  • Lyndon Shi
    Lyndon Shi День тому +1

    Set the playback speed to 1.25. Thank me later :)

  • Danny Hariansyah
    Danny Hariansyah День тому

    why you guys mention bismarck as he not she, in normal way people mention ship?

    • Never Trust Bob
      Never Trust Bob 22 години тому

      +a guy with a default profile pic Only the Bismarck was refered this way by the crew the German High Command would still call Bismarck a She.

    • a guy with a default profile pic
      a guy with a default profile pic 22 години тому

      Because the Germans thought their ships were too strong to be named called a she, so they used he

    • Nyx
      Nyx День тому

      Bismarck was one of those ships that was called he or she - short answer

  • glass dude
    glass dude День тому

    She'd ah been a sight for sure

  • Justin Kong
    Justin Kong День тому

    IJN Yamato : Am I a joke to you?
    KMS Bismark: na nien, aber eigentlich ja.

  • arisV18
    arisV18 День тому

    It’s just a pity only 6.4 million views

  • Row
    Row День тому +3


  • Marcixchu Marcixchu
    Marcixchu Marcixchu День тому +6

    I'm here from Azur Lane.. don't mind me xDD no but this song kicks as* yeah

  • Wright1331
    Wright1331 День тому

    So fkn boss!

  • T -54
    T -54 День тому +2

    Anime is ruining history

    • T -54
      T -54 17 годин тому

      +johnandyfantasy wow anime communism is losing my brain cells.

    • johnandyfantasy
      johnandyfantasy 18 годин тому

      This is the price for losing the war, all your hero turn into cartoon girls.

    • Über-JE, perkele!
      Über-JE, perkele! 18 годин тому

      Yes. All these fucking abominations about german commanders being fucking anime girls are making me sick. Disgusting degeneracy.

    • T -54
      T -54 22 години тому

      +Shadofokusu360 are you sure?

    • Shadofokusu360
      Shadofokusu360 День тому

      Your opinion is invalid

  • EU4 Boy7
    EU4 Boy7 День тому +2

    Wtf is this weeaboo azur line shit btw

    • Shadofokusu360
      Shadofokusu360 День тому

      You don't know what's going on right now, non-degenerate.

  • crisiscoreffv2
    crisiscoreffv2 День тому +3


  • Николай Smirnoff
    Николай Smirnoff День тому

    ладно всё я ухожу под воду...буль буль буль

  • Николай Smirnoff
    Николай Smirnoff День тому

    британци всмысле

  • Николай Smirnoff
    Николай Smirnoff День тому

    ЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕееееегэддддэм райт!

  • Николай Smirnoff
    Николай Smirnoff День тому

    ну бред конечно. Если б он и что то показал то я думаю они бы дали ему под зад

  • Kristopher Koehler
    Kristopher Koehler День тому


  • Николай Smirnoff
    Николай Smirnoff День тому


  • Kael Vidos 2.0
    Kael Vidos 2.0 День тому

    yamato needs a song!!!

  • Николай Smirnoff
    Николай Smirnoff День тому

    Var ar Baten? Varfor fragade du insta pa svenska?

  • immer da
    immer da День тому

    Please Otto von Bismarck Song

  • maximaldinotrap
    maximaldinotrap День тому +1

    Me: Sound like a metal band name

  • The Grenadiers
    The Grenadiers День тому

    This has officially yoinked the spot of favorite song.
    for me anyway.