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Zoe Saldaña Gets Scorched By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Опубліковано 30 лис 2022


  • First We Feast

    Who's ready for Avatar 2?!

  • Christian Herring

    EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE…the same thought.

  • Always Falling Short

    This is the most fun Sean has had interviewing someone in a while, he was definitely vibing.

  • Maria Chowning

    This is my favorite so far. Zoe Saldana is amazing. She was so good in Star Trek and in Avatar and I even cosplayed as Gamora for Halloween one year. She’s phenomenal. But she’s funny and down to earth and kind. She has that soft fierceness that really shines through in this interview. The very thing that makes her one of my top actresses. ❤

  • Vaughn Parkes

    The most calm and collected guest ever. So masterful!

  • Tyler’s Take

    Can we reiterate she has been in 3 of the TOP 5 HIGHEST GROSSING FILMS OF ALL TIME. The ONLY actor or actress to be able to do that. She is debatably the most successful actress and actor of ALL time and doesn’t even have 1 Oscar? Hollywood is pitiful. This woman deserves so much credit and society gives her next to none. Such a shame, but when she passes then people will start to give her flowers. 🙄

  • Taylor Jones

    “Oh there you go, there you go talking!” 😂😂😂😂 She’s such a treat!

  • H Ein
    H Ein  +4

    Zoe comparing each wing to a toxic person in her life 😂

  • RaphaelLouis Jones

    Zoe is absolutely an amazing actress. Her range of characters in film has made her A-List and superb in her craft. I just finished her limited series on Netflix called, "From Scratch'". When I tell you this series was the most heart felt, and excellent, I truly mean it. I have NEVER cried while watching any TV show or film, but this series has me whaling in tears, so much so, that my neighbors had to check in on me because I was howling in tears. A must see!!!!

  • Aracelia Torres

    I see her in a different light after this episode. So gracious and humble. Can’t wait to see the new movie!!!

  • Andy Broer
    Andy Broer  +188

    Another great episode and Sean is stellar as usual, but Zoe is unusually poised and articulate during the heat kicking in. I didn't think I could like her more, but surprise! Now I do. I can see why casting directors have selected her for many of her roles. She's refined, self controlled, strong and very intelligent and that comes through on screen as well as on UAclips 😀

  • Phil Futer
    Phil Futer  +127

    What an awesome woman! She seems so down to earth and genuine.

  • Lowkey Akari

    I genuinely love Zoe .. since i was like 7 or 9 years old. I saw her in Colombia and Avatar and just couldn’t get over her. She’s such an amazing human and she’s gorgeous

  • Dark Jedi Knight

    Her skin has been Blue for Avatar, Green for Guardians Of The Galaxy, and now Red for Hot Ones. 🤣🤣

  • Jim Marshall

    Zoe is a Queen of all genres. She handled all the wings very well, especially The Bomb, and her answers were more interesting and salient than perhaps any other guest. RASpect!

  • ruatonim
    ruatonim  +61

    She is so adorable and well-spoken. She isn't like some that keep their guard up the whole time. She seems honest and warm hearted, yet isn't afraid to let a curse fly when needed. Cheers.

  • GeorgeMKane

    Sean is incredible, and he's actually getting way better at pacing himself with the questions and responses and everything. I do think he does need to maybe wait 2 moments (instead of 1) after eating the next week, before he asks the next question. Zoe kind of caught on that, but also in a very nice way too. Like didn't throw him off, didn't upset him, just like "Hey, I just need like 20-30 seconds here. Hang on. I got you." :)

  • A J
    A J  +37

    I absolutely love Zoe. This interview was everything and more

  • A1gamer1
    A1gamer1  +29

    Zoe : This is like an ex surprising you when you least expect it .

  • Villa
    Villa  +895

    Zoe is an absolute delight. Her skill to express herself through unstopable storytelling, clearly structuring her sentences in spanish in her mind before she says them in english and, above all, just being a comforting, chill but entuthiastic prescence in the room....she´s as impressive as she is delightfull.