$1 Street Food Around The World


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  • Quang Phan
    Quang Phan 7 годин тому

    In Vietnam
    Bánh Mì is very cheap
    Just (0.50-1$)

  • Basic Emo
    Basic Emo 7 годин тому

    Could you please do Aussie street food

  • twinkle tenny
    twinkle tenny 7 годин тому

    everything except PORK BUNS

  • Acno Cillete
    Acno Cillete 7 годин тому

    Here in the Phillipines 1 dollars Is 3 Balut

  • sarie perez
    sarie perez 8 годин тому

    Philippines plsssss!😘😍

  • Ly_____
    Ly_____ 8 годин тому

    1$ In my school canteen ( Indonesia ) : Full course meal .

  • Arya 19105
    Arya 19105 8 годин тому +1

    U can get Nasi Padang in Indonesia 😂😂😂

  • rm's thOt
    rm's thOt 8 годин тому

    You can get biryani for $1 in Pakistan (spicy rice)

  • Weavel
    Weavel 8 годин тому

    where is DONER from turkye and KHUUSHUUR from Mongolia?? hha

  • Deepika Nath
    Deepika Nath 8 годин тому +1

    Pav Bhaji 😋😋

  • Patrick Cole
    Patrick Cole 8 годин тому

    Do Australia

  • jol
    jol 8 годин тому

    Malaysia. Nasi lemak

  • Kun Argel Azarragalsxpowoñlm
    Kun Argel Azarragalsxpowoñlm 8 годин тому

    Oh yea... You can try in the philliphines Street foods:
    Quek Quek
    Banana Que
    Barbie Q
    And other.

  • Kun Argel Azarragalsxpowoñlm
    Kun Argel Azarragalsxpowoñlm 8 годин тому

    In the philliphines, Try to taste their Food! You would like it.

  • martin jabari
    martin jabari 8 годин тому

    You would get nothing here in NZ, probably a packet of lollies hahahaha

  • Zzhe z
    Zzhe z 8 годин тому

    Stoppppp that hotdog cant be goood

  • 》_ZuZu_《
    》_ZuZu_《 8 годин тому

    T U R K E Y please 😍😍👍🏼 nice video

  • Surya Singh
    Surya Singh 8 годин тому

    you can buy 6 samosas in one dollar in India

  • Saksham Nanda
    Saksham Nanda 8 годин тому

    Who the hell spends 100 rupees for pav bhaji 60 bucks should suffice XD

  • Jake dreamer
    Jake dreamer 8 годин тому

    Indian food is the best 😍

  • Dusr77
    Dusr77 8 годин тому

    In dubai 1 Dollar can get you water only

  • Phiona Lynn Arries
    Phiona Lynn Arries 8 годин тому

    South Africa ?

  • Sergio Olmos
    Sergio Olmos 8 годин тому +1

    Porro = joint
    Porra = big churro

  • akshat saxena
    akshat saxena 8 годин тому

    In India you can rolls and coke for 1$

  • Daniella Movida
    Daniella Movida 8 годин тому


  • Fallout Boy 111
    Fallout Boy 111 8 годин тому


  • nami yoko
    nami yoko 8 годин тому

    So lovely in india whitout gloves, touching your food. Disgusting

  • SansThe SkeleTon
    SansThe SkeleTon 8 годин тому

    Next try Philippines

  • Manisha Kaur Kaneswaran
    Manisha Kaur Kaneswaran 8 годин тому

    In Malaysia alot of stuff are for RM1 = few cents 😂

  • Ellynn Sy
    Ellynn Sy 8 годин тому

    Philippines please

  • The Golden Butter
    The Golden Butter 8 годин тому

    In my country,Bangladesh you can get rice served with salad and any type of chicken

  • silver毕
    silver毕 8 годин тому

    In Cambodia you can buy many things with 1$. Like a full big box of rice with grilled pork or a big bowl of noodle with huge chunks of beef or two sandwiches

  • Gianne Chua
    Gianne Chua 8 годин тому

    *You can buy many things with $1 in Philippines 😂🇵🇭*

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma 8 годин тому

    Hey China no plastic bags nanananana

  • Abdullah Hisham
    Abdullah Hisham 8 годин тому +1

    indian was the worst

  • Eslam Hasaneen
    Eslam Hasaneen 8 годин тому

    Egypt must be on the list. koshary or foul w tamia

  • Mark Lawrence San Miguel
    Mark Lawrence San Miguel 8 годин тому

    Philippines have a lot of street food you can buy a lot of food in one dollar

  • Chi Nguyễn
    Chi Nguyễn 9 годин тому

    For only 1 dollar (~22000VND) you can buy a dish of fish ball (Vietnam)

  • VGlorious
    VGlorious 9 годин тому

    You can get Padang Rice in Indonesia.

  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 9 годин тому

    Mmmmhhh... buttery...

  • Speap Gamer
    Speap Gamer 9 годин тому


  • Jorren Warshua
    Jorren Warshua 9 годин тому

    filipino street food. plsss

  • Mohammad Mustaque
    Mohammad Mustaque 9 годин тому

    Pav bhaji is cheaper it's not 100 rupees it's about 40 rupees

  • Gwen Alexi Basco
    Gwen Alexi Basco 9 годин тому

    Philippines 🇵🇭 pls

  • Annisa Isabela
    Annisa Isabela 9 годин тому

    Indonesia pls. You can get a lot of yummy food

  • iyas amal
    iyas amal 9 годин тому

    Indonesia and germany please

  • TÔNKIN du 4VN
    TÔNKIN du 4VN 9 годин тому

    1 dollar for a Bread with its innards.
    1 dollar for a bag of rice stuffed pancakes.
    With a dollar, two instant packs of noodles.
    Half a dollar for sticky rice with meat.
    With one dollar ~ *23 children noodles snacks* in East Laos -Vietnam- .

  • Vagisha Khanna
    Vagisha Khanna 9 годин тому

    Who else repeated the video to just see how they made pav bhaji

  • Nitro Gaming coc war robots and more
    Nitro Gaming coc war robots and more 9 годин тому

    When it said pesos i taught it was in Philippines but actully it was in Mexico

  • Shubham Lasure
    Shubham Lasure 9 годин тому

    in thailand you will get a blowjob for one dollar.

  • Nathas Charoenchai
    Nathas Charoenchai 9 годин тому


    CHETAN'S GAMEZZ 9 годин тому

    Im india you can get a pizza and coke in 1dollar

  • xhevi
    xhevi 9 годин тому

    Here in Greece you can buy a big sandwich with cheese,turkey, cabbage and tomatoes for 1 euro.😊😊

  • Bright Eyes
    Bright Eyes 9 годин тому

    How about Australia 🇦🇺!
    Lol if it’s Singapore 🇸🇬 then it’ll be all the 1 dollar 💵 Asia food 🥘!

  • i need jisoos
    i need jisoos 9 годин тому

    Jusme, mejj mahal. HAHAHAHA dito sa Pilipinas, ilang kwek kwek/kikiam/fishball/etc. ang mabibili sa $1. HAHAHAHA makakabili na nga ng meal sa Jollibee ehy. HAHAHAHAH

  • Luisito Rafols
    Luisito Rafols 9 годин тому

    Here in the Philippines you could buy 250 pcs of fish ball for just 1$ now fight me

  • Kar Yen
    Kar Yen 9 годин тому

    In malaysia you can get 3 packets of nasi lemak, or 3 roti kosongs, or many pieces of keropok/fried banana, and many more!!

  • אורי בילו
    אורי בילו 9 годин тому +1

    Come to israel
    כל מי שישראלי תעשו לייק

  • ItsSlash
    ItsSlash 9 годин тому

    In the place i live, you can buy 180 chocolates for 1 dollar lol

  • Aleksa Gabi
    Aleksa Gabi 9 годин тому


  • Jakguy Boriboon
    Jakguy Boriboon 10 годин тому

    Thailand pls

  • A F K
    A F K 10 годин тому

    I would never eat that Indian food 🤢 it looks so dirty

  • HeyItsSeeBee
    HeyItsSeeBee 10 годин тому


  • Luqmaan shaikh 1
    Luqmaan shaikh 1 10 годин тому

    I like Pav Bhaji
    But there is different in different places
    For eg
    Taj hotel 1 of the costliest hotel in Mumbai
    If U will buy it will be 10 percent more expensive

  • Duy Tùng 1970
    Duy Tùng 1970 10 годин тому

    Made Vietnamese

  • AnimeChan _Otaku
    AnimeChan _Otaku 10 годин тому

    Here in the Philippines you can buy a lot of food with your one dollar

  • Toan Thai
    Toan Thai 10 годин тому

    0:10 That guy is so nice

  • Kitty. Private
    Kitty. Private 10 годин тому

    Thai please! 🇹🇭

  • Sarah Mielle
    Sarah Mielle 10 годин тому

    chicken skin calamares kwek-kwek Philippines

  • Convergys UP Tech2
    Convergys UP Tech2 10 годин тому


  • Ashton Zablan
    Ashton Zablan 10 годин тому

    I want to see what is the street food in the philipines

  • jb kakakja
    jb kakakja 10 годин тому

    fishball kikiam

  • How To- Origami&More
    How To- Origami&More 10 годин тому

    3:38 my country but not my city

  • Nonstop Potatoes
    Nonstop Potatoes 10 годин тому

    in india you get raped not food

  • debdeep khan
    debdeep khan 10 годин тому

    1$ = 64 rupees tho

  • TJ Harris
    TJ Harris 10 годин тому

    Only thing you can buy for 1$ here in Australia is 1$ frozen coke from Maccas (McDonalds)

  • BOI handsome
    BOI handsome 10 годин тому

    In vietnam with 1$ you can buy 2 bánh mì or 1 bowl of bún chả or 1 bow of phở

  • BobTVviral show
    BobTVviral show 10 годин тому

    Where is the philippines?😕

  • MobilePhone Gaming
    MobilePhone Gaming 10 годин тому

    Go to Indonesia please

  • ちゅちょちぇ?
    ちゅちょちぇ? 10 годин тому

    India best.🇮🇳
    from japan.

  • NOrMiE 9
    NOrMiE 9 10 годин тому

    In Singapore, you can only buy candy with a dollar. Everything else cost more.

  • An Aussie guy
    An Aussie guy 10 годин тому

    *Talk about Australia*

  • Pandicorn 304
    Pandicorn 304 10 годин тому

    Do more pls

  • Berlin Flora
    Berlin Flora 10 годин тому

    You can get a whole meal in 100 rupees, and 100 rupees is not 1$

  • BlastChard
    BlastChard 10 годин тому

    1:13 Wait did I hear 12 Pesos? That's the money in my Country!! (Philippines)

  • Roma Bergice
    Roma Bergice 10 годин тому

    Ukrainian PEREPICHKA!

  • Just1strangekiddo
    Just1strangekiddo 11 годин тому

    Thailand tho lol

  • MissLady NF
    MissLady NF 11 годин тому

    Porro looked delicious.. I want to try someday.

  • XxNewbieGamerxX :D
    XxNewbieGamerxX :D 11 годин тому

    The only $1 object you can get here at 1 dollar is a newspaper

  • O_oHmM Hello
    O_oHmM Hello 11 годин тому

    5:26 what's the music's name ?

  • DBuzz z
    DBuzz z 11 годин тому

    On Indonesia with 1$ u can buy Nasi padang (Rice Padang)

  • Tips Tricks Guide
    Tips Tricks Guide 11 годин тому

    In INDIA, especially in Mumbai you can get seven Samosas in 1$

  • Anime Life
    Anime Life 11 годин тому


  • ayushma chettri
    ayushma chettri 11 годин тому +1

    paav bhaji!!! yum!!!

  • patricia XD
    patricia XD 11 годин тому

    I wanna try them all but were is pilipines :(((((

  • iamnotahacker
    iamnotahacker 11 годин тому +1

    Try a Filipino street food pls

  • Godzilla2003
    Godzilla2003 11 годин тому +1

    Pakistani food I've heard its good

  • Nandagopal B Nair
    Nandagopal B Nair 11 годин тому +1

    Also, in India for 1$ you can get a vegetable meal with unlimited rice and curry. Not 1.39$ just 1$😁

  • Tinku Sharma
    Tinku Sharma 12 годин тому

    I live in Delhi India and I can buy cheese naan with mental, chana vegetable and cheese vegetable and raita

  • Sepro 007
    Sepro 007 12 годин тому

    1 dollar in New Zealand is literally a slice of bread