$1 Street Food Around The World


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  • Valliax Extreme
    Valliax Extreme 12 годин тому

    Ours is 45 cents only

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan 12 годин тому

    مجھے انڈے والا برگر۔۔۔😂

  • Fortnite Gameplays
    Fortnite Gameplays 12 годин тому

    You can get the restaurants of whole menu at my country. For 1 penny

  • Fortnite Gameplays
    Fortnite Gameplays 12 годин тому

    Uh 打炮

  • ToastedToast
    ToastedToast 13 годин тому +1

    I like the hot dog guy hes nice

  • いくら_ch
    いくら_ch 13 годин тому


  • Joaquin Montes
    Joaquin Montes 13 годин тому +1

    In philippines you could buy 1hotdog sanwich and 2 bbq in 1$ ✌

  • RexGhost
    RexGhost 16 годин тому

    Aqui no Brasil o cara só ia conseguir comprar no máximo uma paçoquinha kkkk rir pra não chorar 😂😂

  • Gaming YT
    Gaming YT 16 годин тому

    In Soviet Russia
    Street food


  • Cartoon NeMeMes
    Cartoon NeMeMes 17 годин тому

    3:01 so br riu disso kkkk

  • Crispy Sock
    Crispy Sock 17 годин тому

    My problem with india... I see no sink or bucket of water he can clean his hands in but he uses his bare hands to handle your food. Obviously the pan isn't sanitized after order. That's more butter then you should consume in a week... No lid on the Ingredients...
    Get checked for parasites, STIs, bacterial growth, pray to your God and RIP

  • Aysha Monias
    Aysha Monias 17 годин тому

    I so wanna try those pork buns 2:06

  • joo-o o
    joo-o o 17 годин тому

    3:25 suomi perrkele

  • Jenery Akiaha Micheletti
    Jenery Akiaha Micheletti 17 годин тому

    No Brasil com 1 dólar =3,75 a 4 reais você consegue comprar uma coxinha de frango kk

  • Salma El Sayed
    Salma El Sayed 17 годин тому

    In Egypt you can get Koshary ( a meal which consists of rice,pasta,lentils, chickpeas, tomato sauce, vinegar and fried onions on top of it)

  • Uy Vlog
    Uy Vlog 18 годин тому

    Nice video

  • Rony Silva
    Rony Silva 19 годин тому +1

    2:59, quem e br ja ve a maldade na legenda kkk

  • Joanita Amezcua
    Joanita Amezcua 19 годин тому

    Mexico 🖤🖤🖤

  • Hunter _ Jokey
    Hunter _ Jokey 19 годин тому


  • Mind_Detergent
    Mind_Detergent 19 годин тому

    180 yen is closer to $2

  • Paloma Autista
    Paloma Autista 20 годин тому

    Faltan los tremendos choris

  • Emily Rubio
    Emily Rubio 21 годину тому

    Our 1 dollar street food

    *The Dollar Store*

  • AlexTime
    AlexTime 21 годину тому

    "Porros" jajajajaja arriba españa

  • 24jesmat
    24jesmat 21 годину тому

    0:39 for some reason i get annoyed when the Japan Guy says it will be 180 yuan

  • Saïda Ustrahanov
    Saïda Ustrahanov 21 годину тому

    In France you’ll get a croissant... or a chocolate bar, but that’s it..

  • gimli jf
    gimli jf 21 годину тому

    Brazil isn't in the video bc u just can't buy food with just 1 dollar around here...

  • ASMR Hyeon
    ASMR Hyeon 22 години тому

    Wow wonderful video😎😎👌

  • Chara Frisk
    Chara Frisk 22 години тому

    The Indian and Spain one's were the best in my opinion

  • Orzechowy Królik
    Orzechowy Królik 22 години тому

    In soviet russia, for 1 dollar you can buy nothing + go to jail

  • Orzechowy Królik
    Orzechowy Królik 22 години тому


  • Bil
    Bil 23 години тому +1

    In Brazil you buy a "coxinha" ou "corinthiano"

  • RazmuzP
    RazmuzP 23 години тому


  • Isabelle Gruen
    Isabelle Gruen 23 години тому

    You guys should do vegetarian food around the world.

  • Martin BLUE
    Martin BLUE 23 години тому

    In macedonia for 1 euro you can get hamburger

  • Transit 132
    Transit 132 23 години тому

    Porro no, porra. XD

  • strong like titanium
    strong like titanium 23 години тому

    *In iraq you can by a medium size pack of lays chips for 1$*

  • Mr.devil
    Mr.devil День тому


  • Supreme Goku
    Supreme Goku День тому


  • No name
    No name День тому

    Hungary: 0,50 dollar = fried pigeon + puddle of water 😂😂😂✌️🇭🇺

  • Tai ki
    Tai ki День тому

    Una porra. No seas gil, CHURROOOS están más buenos tpm

  • WhaIker YT
    WhaIker YT День тому

    3:29 it's not porro. It's porra. Porro is weed...

  • PartyZombieGaming Gaming
    PartyZombieGaming Gaming День тому

    Sausage roll in London

  • Fresher Ssj Rosè
    Fresher Ssj Rosè День тому

    I'm hungry

  • Hope
    Hope День тому

    in Brazil you would get small fried potatos (1$ = 4R$ )

  • DIneSky
    DIneSky День тому


  • Altyngul Sydikova
    Altyngul Sydikova День тому

    RUSSIA ???

  • foxy player
    foxy player День тому

    Irish and French

  • WolfiBot ._.
    WolfiBot ._. День тому

    the chinese and japanese food looked so delicious

  • Bayram Güncan
    Bayram Güncan День тому +1

    Türkiyede sosisli 4tl den başlıyor

  • Constantinos Constantinou
    Constantinos Constantinou День тому

    In Cyprus we have euro and for 1euro you get a traditional meal called pasturmas

  • Roberto Americano
    Roberto Americano День тому

    Os Venezuelanos ñ podem ver esse vídeo

  • Roberto Americano
    Roberto Americano День тому

    Os Venezuelanos ñ podem ver esse vídeo

  • Maverick Fan1
    Maverick Fan1 День тому

    Netherlands 🇳🇱 Amsterdam

  • Suzan B
    Suzan B День тому

    They don't use gloves..😕

  • BO SS
    BO SS День тому

    From Bulgaria

  • Korick 2017
    Korick 2017 День тому

    3:25 i think the porro can be eated with a tomato sauce dip

  • TitoGuishem ツ
    TitoGuishem ツ День тому

    Alguien se ha dado cuenta que en Madrid han puesto porro envede porra :v

  • Dyno14
    Dyno14 День тому

    So buttery i heared
    So batri

  • miko17162
    miko17162 День тому


  • Marco
    Marco День тому

    Una bella pizza fritta ad 1 euro

  • AlexPlayZ
    AlexPlayZ День тому

    3:18 people serve that in my country too (sweden) but it costs 6$

  • Niko Coupdecoude
    Niko Coupdecoude День тому

    Forget it France, you got only a baguette (bread) for one euro !!! 😢, life is so expansive...

  • manyakg oyuncu
    manyakg oyuncu День тому

    Where turkey food ( kebab kebab )

  • Steeve Nash
    Steeve Nash День тому

    Do it in the PHILIPPINES🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Димаш Абу
    Димаш Абу День тому

    the pork buns one made me hungry

  • Turkish Mapper
    Turkish Mapper День тому

    In turkey u can get bagel and ayran which is milk but yogurt.1$ is about 5tl (Turkish currency)

  • gamer topia
    gamer topia День тому

    $1 in usa = 70.77 rupees in india

  • savioursmesmerized
    savioursmesmerized День тому

    I wanna try the Pav Bhaji

  • Ultimate W warrior
    Ultimate W warrior День тому

    2:09 looks so good

  • themad pumpking
    themad pumpking День тому

    I Thoth that was ice cream2:24
    Edit in Romania one Ron is one chips small

  • Анастасия Кузьмина

    \Owo/ 1 euro is so small...

  • harlinius_
    harlinius_ День тому

    *PORROS NO.*

  • Zaynahs Vlogs
    Zaynahs Vlogs День тому

    Food for one dollar in Pakistan Lahore

  • meloen bitchas
    meloen bitchas День тому +2

    The Netherlands we have kroket en frikandel

  • Dazdarovski
    Dazdarovski День тому

    Arigato gozai mass xD

  • Ali Yusuf
    Ali Yusuf День тому

    India was best

  • maj3rs
    maj3rs День тому

    What About polisch food?

  • Sơn Tùng M-TP Official
    Sơn Tùng M-TP Official День тому


  • Justus Arndt
    Justus Arndt День тому

    German shop.

  • Ya_Trash
    Ya_Trash День тому


  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie День тому

    In Venezuela, you would probably be better off eating the paper currency

  • Rainbow Box
    Rainbow Box День тому +1

    In Turkey you can buy lahmacun and ayran it's gonna be 5 TL and 5 tl= 1 dolar

  • Bernardo Zonatto
    Bernardo Zonatto День тому

    No Brasil pode ser alguns chicletes ou pirulitos kkkkkkkkk

  • neki tamo lik
    neki tamo lik День тому


  • nuca burjanadze
    nuca burjanadze День тому

    Georgian please!!!

  • Noel Vargas-Machuca
    Noel Vargas-Machuca День тому

    The Spanish food is called Porra in middle to northern Spain and Churro in southern Spain. Porro means joint...

  • Shahooda 2583
    Shahooda 2583 День тому


  • VRPelaaja YT
    VRPelaaja YT День тому

    northern countries

  • Korhan Yıldırım
    Korhan Yıldırım День тому

    Go to Turkey please Buying Simit

  • Anna Luisa Santos
    Anna Luisa Santos День тому

    Algum BR?

  • Patrick Mitchell
    Patrick Mitchell День тому

    Usa it would of been 1.08 $

  • DailyFun& More
    DailyFun& More День тому

    Madrid was the wrost i think

  • Cyrus Ace
    Cyrus Ace День тому

    No phillipines

  • Angela Blazquez/Chatingui
    Angela Blazquez/Chatingui День тому

    Porro no, porra

  • Cute MineCraft Player
    Cute MineCraft Player День тому

    Make For Philippines Please😀

  • Wintergell Gamer
    Wintergell Gamer День тому +1

    In Thailand 1$ =35...? (Around that)
    So maybe rice with chicken,thai noodle,drinks,thai sweet and.....I guess that’s it...? And yes it’s street food.

  • Gamer 58
    Gamer 58 День тому


  • TamagoSh!t •__•
    TamagoSh!t •__• День тому

    Snacks here in the Philippines has an average cost of 1-30 pesos price which is not even a dollar my favorite is kwek-kwek which is boiled egg that is fried with an orange coating(the orange coating is sweet and also stops the boiled egg from getting fried)the normal chicken egg is used or little eggs from pugo google translate pugo cause i dont know what it means in english

  • Бахтияр Токенов
    Бахтияр Токенов День тому

    В Узбекистане можно 2 самсы купить.

  • Fatih Kuşku
    Fatih Kuşku День тому

    Do Wakanda Eat The Vibranium :))