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  • I'M FINALLY TELLING THIS STORY! Yeah so I basically almost died & it was definitely the scariest night of my life! Tell me what happened on the scariest night of you life! & subscribe if you are new to join the fam!
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  • Alay Lee
    Alay Lee 13 годин тому

    Are those bitmogis?

  • X omg it’s Wolfe here x
    X omg it’s Wolfe here x 15 годин тому

    I just whatched a scary draw my life but yours made me feel a little better

  • Lucas Yousif
    Lucas Yousif 23 години тому

    The scariest part of my life was when my dad put on thank you next by Ariana grondade in his car

  • Animania 101
    Animania 101 День тому

    The scariest part of my life is when I nearly drowned on the beach

  • Sophia Bennett
    Sophia Bennett День тому

    I don’t want to die I don’t want to go to heaven 😇

  • Rachel Hope
    Rachel Hope День тому +1

    *i totally thought this was a period story time 😂😂*
    smol UAclipsr

  • toyeb nazeer
    toyeb nazeer 2 дні тому

    My scariest dream was my dead uncle coming for me from the belcony in the back of our house and I woke up screaming and couldn't sleep for four days 😰😰😰😰

  • Vakok• Cunglian
    Vakok• Cunglian 3 дні тому

    This week is the worst day of my life because I lost my calculator.Y’all might think is just a calculator, I have to pay $96 is a lot for me because my family is poor.😣😣HELP ME PRAY TO FIND IT!!!!!

  • Yaneth Lopez
    Yaneth Lopez 3 дні тому


  • Carson A1
    Carson A1 4 дні тому +1

    The scariest night of my life was when my brother went to a friends house and slept over (without asking) and we couldn’t find him do we called the police (I thought he either died, is gonna die, was gonna die, got kidnapped, got kidnapped for an experiment, got kidnapped and will be returned) then we saw him coming back in a car window and saw my mom and started crying. Then my older brother said “well, it won’t be the 1st time we see him in a cop car.” And I burst out laughing. (That clearly cheered me up!)

    I already know no one cares about this but eh.

  • Falyn Handley
    Falyn Handley 4 дні тому

    My house burned down while we were a family of 5 and my youngest sister was 3 months

  • Lacy Trebrunck
    Lacy Trebrunck 4 дні тому

    The scariest night of my life is as I’m a diabetic I was in this really low hypo and so I was in hospital for 2 weeks and asleep for 1 of them

  • Love Wilson
    Love Wilson 5 днів тому

    My name is hailey too

  • Silas Bosler
    Silas Bosler 5 днів тому

    if you cant find cameron on social media he probably blocked you

  • Jasmine Lara
    Jasmine Lara 5 днів тому

    Omg my birthday is on October 24

  • justus leipold
    justus leipold 5 днів тому

    That's cool you draw your life yeah

  • Patty Calleros
    Patty Calleros 5 днів тому +1

    2 cars were raising and 1 of the cars got so close that he. Scared. Us

  • austen wood
    austen wood 5 днів тому

    What About thEven dry blood

  • Carly Walter
    Carly Walter 6 днів тому

    Your a good at drawing😉🙌

  • Abraar Islam
    Abraar Islam 6 днів тому

    The scariest things happed in my life is
    One night me and my sister in house while my hole family going to shopping my sister sleeping so i can wacht tv then something getting weird i heard my dad laughing in his room but he also go shopping to iam crying then fall asleep (sorry if my spelling is not right)

  • Elodie Trudeau
    Elodie Trudeau 6 днів тому +2

    The scariest time of my life was when i got stiches on my toes and it wassant under anestesia
    I was hurting so bad

  • your most favorite person
    your most favorite person 6 днів тому +2

    "So this night took place on october 24th, 2014" no wait stop thats the day beforw my birthday shut up

  • kaidence vancil
    kaidence vancil 6 днів тому


  • Emster & ColA fame
    Emster & ColA fame 6 днів тому

    I remember being in a code red for 3 hours and it turned out to be a second grade math teacher and I was in the bathroom vent for code reds and I was crying and that was the scariest not night but day of my life

  • Karina Cruz
    Karina Cruz 6 днів тому

    Scariest night of My life was on April 2016 where my whole family was over at dinner and then we heard a gunshot we went outside there was a bunch of ambulance and police and a dead body turns out the guy across the street got robbed tried to shoot the robber but shot his neighbor

  • Karina Cruz
    Karina Cruz 6 днів тому

    You r so good at drawing

  • paris's wonder world
    paris's wonder world 6 днів тому

    One time i was watching a old vid of this guy that was being haunted by a little boy ghost and it was all fake (THANK GOD!) but when i was going to sleep for the night i saw a glims of him when i tuned out the light's it was like a flash. And i felt a little bit cold...😰😰😰 but nice vid!

  • Gacha Fan
    Gacha Fan 7 днів тому +2

    I read the comments while watching ‘Cause I was super scared...

  • Autumn Johnson
    Autumn Johnson 8 днів тому

    My birthday is on October 24

  • Tracey Weller
    Tracey Weller 8 днів тому +2

    Pls don't cuss

  • Janczarski Janczar
    Janczarski Janczar 8 днів тому


  • Anna Claire Tilghman
    Anna Claire Tilghman 9 днів тому

    That’s not even funny that’s just stupid

  • Leilah’s Life
    Leilah’s Life 9 днів тому

    October 24 is my birthday

  • Filiz Gürdal
    Filiz Gürdal 9 днів тому

    That is so scary, but the end was a litttle tiny bit dissappointing. You coloring is so satisfying.

  • Somali McQuiggin
    Somali McQuiggin 10 днів тому

    They did that because it was Hollow

  • Alyx Chitty
    Alyx Chitty 10 днів тому +1

    Was I the only one who thought it was a period story?

  • Arely Flores
    Arely Flores 10 днів тому

    Omg my birthday is on October 25

  • Miss Fox
    Miss Fox 10 днів тому

    The scariest moment of my life happened repeatedly. I vomited. I have emetophobia. The second scariest moment of my life also happened repeatedly. I had sleep paralysis.

  • Sereen Ali
    Sereen Ali 11 днів тому

    The scariest day of my life is when I had a fricken panic attack bc I was home alone ;w;

  • GirlyGamer56
    GirlyGamer56 11 днів тому +1

    My scariest night of MAH LIFE

    Having school

  • Robloxgamer Roblox rules!!
    Robloxgamer Roblox rules!! 11 днів тому

    Wanna hear something scary

    Mom change the WiFi password

  • Ella M Young
    Ella M Young 11 днів тому

    on the scariest night of my life I was home with my cushion and we herd someone down stars

  • Unicorns are My life
    Unicorns are My life 11 днів тому

    I don’t need to know this I’m home alone right now so f*** of

  • Emaan msp
    Emaan msp 11 днів тому

    2:00 that girl with black hair looks nearly the same as my snapchat profile

  • Emaan msp
    Emaan msp 11 днів тому

    The scariest ti:e of my life was when I was doing a tik too and I saw a white figure in my video .......... 1 like = 1 save me from white figure

  • Obviously Niyaa
    Obviously Niyaa 11 днів тому

    I started laughing towards the ending but that girl can color

  • Rukaiyah World
    Rukaiyah World 11 днів тому

    Wanna hear something scary

    This week is my sats week 😱😱😱😱

  • Horses Are My Life
    Horses Are My Life 11 днів тому

    So you didn't almost die...who talk about a fake title 😑🙄🙄😑🙄😑🙄😑🙄😑😑🙄😑🙄🙄😑

  • Lacey Saunders
    Lacey Saunders 12 днів тому

    The scariest part of my life is

    My WIFI stopped working

  • Gaberiella Babcock
    Gaberiella Babcock 12 днів тому

    ....... I..I...um

  • Cutie cake Janaya gill
    Cutie cake Janaya gill 12 днів тому

    My scariest night of my life is

    When 3 of my friends Avery Tori Leah it was about 8:30 pm we were hanging out then we heard a noice we looked around nothing was there I was so scared
    We saw a creepy doll Avery picked up the doll the doll was staring at me Avery handed the doll over to me I did not want to hold it so I passed to Tori . Tori put the doll down the doll was still staring at me we said to the doll WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM us we walked away from the doll
    The doll followed us we went home that was my scariest night of my life

  • De Familie Michiels
    De Familie Michiels 12 днів тому +2

    You draw zo good 😍😍😍😍

  • Libby the gaming bunny :3
    Libby the gaming bunny :3 12 днів тому

    Your so good at drawing!

  • Josie Maniscalco
    Josie Maniscalco 12 днів тому

    Where did you get the bitmoji stickers?

  • xX Madelyn’s Life Xx
    xX Madelyn’s Life Xx 12 днів тому

    My scariest night:
    It was around 7PM and me and my bff Lillie were walking around looking for somewhere to sit and eat. So we sat on a wall but.. 2 clowns started walking towards us one with a knife and one that was chubby walking behind him. We both got up and started walking away but they followed. We both were almost crying, We started running home. I live in a small, tiny place in Bishop Auckland, England. I was the oldest of us (7 years old.) We made it back and double bolt locked the gate. We got inside and locked the door. My mum just laughed and told me to write it in my diary. :p. So yeah
    Thanks so much for reading xx

  • Leyla Vesali
    Leyla Vesali 13 днів тому

    Hay Brianna that must of been so freaky oh I really liked your video but was just wondering if next if you make a scary video like this again if you could give a bit more of a warning that it will be pretty scary because I was kind of freaking out and I’m only like 10 years old

  • VIOG ALL day 9000
    VIOG ALL day 9000 13 днів тому +4

    The scariest night of my life was when I found 8 ball lumber dancing in the middle of the road....


  • Miami Kayaking
    Miami Kayaking 13 днів тому

    the scariest part of my life is when my dad turned off the internet that shut down my a=oxygen suppliys

  • Arwen Kakaw
    Arwen Kakaw 14 днів тому


  • Fear FOX 4
    Fear FOX 4 14 днів тому

    I loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee your channel

  • orfanel amaya
    orfanel amaya 14 днів тому

    house tour

  • Rachel Francojunuju
    Rachel Francojunuju 14 днів тому

    Cool I was scared

  • Alayna Jordan
    Alayna Jordan 14 днів тому

    great story but like why did know one think to call the police even if there was wet blood!

    you see this is why people die in horror movies

  • KayKayCrazyGurl ;P
    KayKayCrazyGurl ;P 14 днів тому


  • jill popple
    jill popple 15 днів тому

    I hope you don’t die

  • Nuan MSP
    Nuan MSP 15 днів тому

    The scariest night of my life is

    When my phone died

  • Aaliyah Drakopoulos
    Aaliyah Drakopoulos 15 днів тому

    Did it actually happen

  • david allen
    david allen 15 днів тому

    The scariest time of my life is when I got my hands stapled

  • Cari Kurmas
    Cari Kurmas 15 днів тому

    This is cool!

  • super slime girl
    super slime girl 15 днів тому


  • Puppy Kingdom
    Puppy Kingdom 17 днів тому +3

    U wanna here a scary story

    I have school tomorrow aaaaaahhahahahah

  • K Spinney
    K Spinney 17 днів тому

    You are a great drawer!!

  • K Spinney
    K Spinney 17 днів тому

    This is amazing!!

  • fire falcon
    fire falcon 18 днів тому

    1:32 talk to the hand

  • Kaylee Goverman
    Kaylee Goverman 18 днів тому


  • TMG Stream sniper
    TMG Stream sniper 19 днів тому

    The scariest night of my life was when my brother and his two other friends tried to kill my dad with knives

  • Ireland Boys
    Ireland Boys 19 днів тому

    The scariest night of my life is when I took SBAC

  • micky thurman
    micky thurman 20 днів тому

    The ending not to scary

  • Massyanto Kusran
    Massyanto Kusran 20 днів тому

    But they are still at an abondened place.

  • monica moore
    monica moore 20 днів тому

    Dang y'all brave from the being wet blood or dry blood I would have diped😂😂😂

  • michele paul
    michele paul 21 день тому

    the scariest night of my life was just like yours but it
    was not a prank and so my best friend hanna died that night by
    a black figger at st hanstgav 2013

  • Jeric Germano
    Jeric Germano 21 день тому

    Well the scary night is that momo

  • Jaleena Goodman
    Jaleena Goodman 21 день тому

    the scariest night of my life was on the day before the first day of school my parents were gone getting backpacks and supplies and my sister and my brother were beside me sitting all of the sudden i saw crawling and running shadows in the hallway then i looked at the mirror and it was kinda moving then my sis and bro looked and ran into my room and hid we stayed inside my room but there was a pic my bro drew of me and then it looked like a voodoo doll so we ripped it up and threw it away we waited until our parents came back and told them and we freaked out that day was crazy im not lying
    dis crazy!

  • clevetaejoe
    clevetaejoe 21 день тому


  • Emilia Cameron
    Emilia Cameron 21 день тому

    Eny one elce think that it looks like paint

  • Haruka vane
    Haruka vane 22 дні тому

    U wanna know my scary story here goes :

    So my friends and i having a trip were going to the titanic boat i was scared when I have to go there and 3 days actually fine but.... Until 9 days everything change my friend sees a rich girl and my friend said wanna kill Us and someone came to us... his name was Andrew .. And Andrew said this boat Had a ghost around and i run away! And Im trying to kill myself and leo was smoking that night and leo came after me.. And he said the water was REALLY freezing he said : " u cant think, u cant breath, All u do was the pain " and i was shocked and leo helps me then after that were feel in love so.. Were dating now Almost a year i just wanted to say to leo : I LOVE U LEO ( BABE ) 😘😘😘

    • Haruka vane
      Haruka vane 21 день тому

      U dont know how scary the place is... Its dark full of ghost and full of spiders

    • Thomas Stolzenberger
      Thomas Stolzenberger 21 день тому


  • john galido
    john galido 24 дні тому

    The scariest night of my life is when i was in school can you believe that shit

  • Adventurous Addison’s vlogs
    Adventurous Addison’s vlogs 24 дні тому

    The scariest part of my life was when I got a toe cramp.

  • StarIceCream
    StarIceCream 25 днів тому

    Did you say Kaylee that's my name

  • Zoe Chacon
    Zoe Chacon 26 днів тому

    Why so everyone acting as if WiFi is their life!!! It’s so fucking annoying like dang go outside for a while! Y’all won’t go far in life😒

  • rogue  nightmare
    rogue nightmare 26 днів тому

    I am 10 yrs old

  • rogue  nightmare
    rogue nightmare 26 днів тому

    Youto play hide and seek?!

  • rogue  nightmare
    rogue nightmare 26 днів тому

    Hi I am woody

  • rogue  nightmare
    rogue nightmare 26 днів тому

    You whant to play?

  • The ROBLOX Girl
    The ROBLOX Girl 26 днів тому

    Omg I was scared

  • Kaydence Lavoie
    Kaydence Lavoie 26 днів тому +2

    Who else hiding in the comments

  • Kailani Velez
    Kailani Velez 26 днів тому

    killing me to do that you have 30th

  • ProperZcs
    ProperZcs 27 днів тому

    Scariest story of my life
    Took out trash
    Old man in car licked his lips while looking at me


  • Lol Cat
    Lol Cat 27 днів тому


  • Unicorn Narwhal
    Unicorn Narwhal 27 днів тому