Game of Thrones - How to Betray the Audience in 3 Steps | Anatomy Of A Failure

  • Опубліковано 31 тра 2019
  • Game of Thrones Season 8 finale aired recently, and not to great celebration. What started out as the most loved series ever, has suddenly become the most hated and ranted about shows in existence, with many fans feeling betrayed by the final season. In today's episode of everyone's favorite award-winning show Anatomy of a Failure, let's try to figure out the key reasons for why that is.
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    Game of Thrones: Season 8
    Jon Snow and Daenerys Stormborn fend off against White Walkers and the Night King, as well as Cersei Lannister's army of King's Landing. Featured are dragons, Jamie Lannister, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, with great battles of Winterfell and a battle of King's Landing. Brienne of Tarth, Davos Seaworth, Samwell Tarly too. Watch Game of thrones online. Game of thrones full episode. pg clean family friendly car home insurance education video essays. game of thrones how to ruin a great franchise.
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  • Zarq
    Zarq 5 годин тому

    How do you make a video about GoT and spoil Breaking Bad?

  • Flix
    Flix 6 годин тому

    Well i suppose they stuck to the notion that everyone can die in game of thrones, every character, including the show itself in season 8.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 14 годин тому

    5:05 "Gotcha! He's just just a guy, he's dead it doesn't matter!" -Vito

  • Th1rty3
    Th1rty3 20 годин тому

    All the hoot about this show by a friend and memes, watching few episodes throughout the years and the final episode, what happens? That's it? No explosions, no helfire.

  • Shubhankar Biswas
    Shubhankar Biswas День тому

    You know i thought that this ending was a little more satisfying, but no any end where dany dies is not satisfying, I know it make me feel like i am a blind follower but she is all that we wanted on the iron throne

  • pays b
    pays b День тому

    cersi should have killed danny and it should have been super sad, then jon should have won and been king and ruled and made some sort of monument for dany

  • Error 404
    Error 404 День тому

    I entered the fandom pretty late (2019) but I can deff see why so many people hated the two final seasons, especially season 8. I too think about it a lot and it still pisses me off how D&D messed up such a near perfect show.

  • Micah Mills
    Micah Mills День тому

    All this and he didn't even touch on all the dropped plotlines, brotherhood without banners, Faceless man, Gendry's possible claim, Stannis and his rekationship with the red woman, etc.

  • Sprunkers
    Sprunkers День тому

    What if I told you , night king could break arias neck at all times in that scene

  • Orion
    Orion День тому

    I disagree with your last point to an extent. Peaking in the penultimate episode is a very GoT thing to do.

    S01E09 is Ned's execution.
    S02E09 is the Battle of the Blackwater.
    S03E09 is the Red Wedding.
    S04E09 is the Battle for the Wall.
    S05E09 is Oberon vs The Mountain.
    S06E09 is the Battle of the Bastards.

    The formula changes after season 6, and there are some exceptions, like Hardhome being arguably the peak of season 5, and the King in the North scene being another peak of season 6. My point is that peaking early and then having a wind-down episode is definitely part of how GoT operates and would have been perfectly acceptable if the rest of season 8 was good. Just like how LotR Return of the King spends about 40 minutes ending, it's fine because what came before was so good.

  • sampletext34
    sampletext34 2 дні тому

    An Unpopular opinion:
    New star wars sequels = trash, overrated
    Game of thrones = overrated
    Stranger things = boring and overrated
    New men in black = ... i'll stick with the OG series
    new ghostbusters = overrated, hardcore feminism

  • DammNATION
    DammNATION 2 дні тому

    6:26 that's kind of a prediction

  • AchtungBabypt
    AchtungBabypt 2 дні тому

    Funny how a dude in the internet can come up with a better plot line than a billion dollar company e 16:00 minutes.

  • jeryjohn
    jeryjohn 2 дні тому

    Fuck game of thrones

  • Shinbi Love
    Shinbi Love 2 дні тому

    Emilia Clarke literally wasn’t nude with her own body after season 1.... Anyways loved Daenerys and Game of Thrones did her dirty

  • J.
    J. 2 дні тому

    The early seasons don't feel like masterpieces anymore thanks to this season.

  • Claire Pettie
    Claire Pettie 2 дні тому

    They really ruined a fan favorite character. Dany's story arc of maturation and salvation was entirely thrown out; all that remained were the few signs of corruption, paranoia, and madness that had crept into what was once a three dimensional character. Over the seasons she lost her naivete, her idealism, and the childish delusion that power in the right hands would fix everything, then she got mad and killed everyone. What was the point of her journey? Why did Jon Snow have to be resurrected just to waffle about, fret some more, and screw his aunt? They made all that character development meaningless. It was a weird choice and it did feel like they'd written themselves into a corner.

  • Taco
    Taco 2 дні тому

    The hate towards the coffee cups and water bottles were because it was seen as further proof that the show was rushed and mishandled in the final season. Writers took a year off to develop something great and we got a sloppy mess across the board (including continuity errors).

  • Charles Ezra Rev Mongoose Canedo

    John should have just kept giving her the D. Things would have been different.

  • Jeremy Bird
    Jeremy Bird 4 дні тому

    GOT started out soooo damn good!!! I watched since it the books...listened to damn near every theory video on here...but when they built up the night king and white walkers for years...and they got killed off in 1 episode...was 1 hell of an episode...the last season was good and bad...truth is...till grrm brings the last 2 novels out we cant compare...grrm can put out dunk and egg and the world of ice and fire but cant finish his main saga...when the show started he said the show and books r 2 diff road...headed to the same showrunners know the alleged outcome of the main i guess thats how it does cant be accurately compared till we have the last 2 this point im thinking the show is gonna be the only end we know...just my opinion

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 4 дні тому

    See my issue with the cups and bottles is it shows how much they were rushing to end the series and how many fucks they really gave. Which were none. Perfect cuts and shots right till the end.

  • R8Zio
    R8Zio 5 днів тому

    So to simply answer all things about GoTs ending: David Benioff is a manipulative, narcissistic Egomaniac who didnt learn how to screenwrite and simply got into the Showbiz because his rich daddy was friends with some other rich daddies in the filmindustry.
    Dont argue about plotholes, character arcs and so on. It doesnt matter. D&D are just two hackmasters who pretend to be "genius" writers but their scripts are garbage.

  • Tyeberius McIntyre
    Tyeberius McIntyre 5 днів тому

    nonsense! dany does not and has not killed those who kneel, kings landing knelt, she killed it anyway. she had even previously spared lannister soldiers who knelt. so yes, it was uncharacteristic

  • owleyes Malignaggi
    owleyes Malignaggi 5 днів тому

    John Snow was the promised prince and should have ruled in the end. They should,d have spent atleast 2 seasons laying the foundations of Danny losing her mind, and the knight king should have had a full season where nearly destroys everything with the guy in the wheelchair (it's been a while) bei g the one to defeat him with John snow.

  • Mechele Mede
    Mechele Mede 5 днів тому

    6:20 Dude, you're freaking psychic. :O

  • The Versace Life
    The Versace Life 6 днів тому

    The decision itself that Danny turning evil was cool with me. But the way they did it was....rough

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      It was nonsense cause Dany never showed signs to turn mad if she is in despair. Everytime she felt lost and alone, she grew stronger. Examples: being sold die Kal Drogo and becoming his proud wife and to bear his son. Losing Drogo and most of her "Kalasar" just to emerge out of fire with three dragons. Then being held captive by the united Kals and the Widows, just to burn them down and emerge from fire with a united army of dothraki. nearly losing mereen to the slavers just to come back right in time, destroy them, take their fleet and sail to westeros. Thats where the crap begins with tyrion being stupid and dany forgetting about her enemies aka S7 and S8 and the Storyrush.
      That said, she showed signs of going mad when it came to political matters. And i can see a storyline where power corrupts her and she actually kills everyone in KL. But that was not the case in the show. Show-Dany (as the writers even said themselves) wasnt her father and wasnt meant to turn mad.
      Im pretty sure GRRM told D&D this ending and the two decided to go with it, kinda forgetting they never wrote a story where that would happen.

  • Trine Sinkari
    Trine Sinkari 6 днів тому

    Ooks suomalainen? #suomiaksentti

  • Andreas Persson
    Andreas Persson 6 днів тому

    Filmento are you a fan of fist of the north star, i recognize that sound from heads and bodies exploding :P

  • mishai nutr
    mishai nutr 8 днів тому

    ... ye... new SW and GoT seasson 8 really made me to love old movies more...

  • MrSilender
    MrSilender 8 днів тому

    For someone who isn't too deeply inform about the show and let say its history, its okay review, but there is much more to it to hate/complain than only 3 things....

  • Jackie Colt
    Jackie Colt 8 днів тому

    You clearly don't understand Dani at all

  • doro626
    doro626 8 днів тому

    So actually, Dany could have gone straight from Dragon stone ( when everyone was still alive~ You're a Dragon, be a dragon) to Kings landing. Torched the walls, and then the red keep, which would have left more people alive in the city and she would have a mostly intact kingdom and then all of westeros would be available to fight the night king.

    I agree taht you can have dany turn "Bad" and Jon kill her but it wasnt earned to me. it's a poorer analogy, but image if Jamie's redemption arc took place in one season.

  • Ron Shultis
    Ron Shultis 9 днів тому

    11:40 "smaller nit picky stuff" like who becomes the King. Uh, the whole show has been for who will sit on the throne. Yeah, you won't please everybody but how is that not a big deal?

  • ZatoichiBlindSword
    ZatoichiBlindSword 9 днів тому

    15:13...Shit like that breath weapon as just stupid...what, are the walls made of paper? Is the dragon's breath as powerful as Cyclop's eye beams which are force? Nobody would make castles at all if dragons were around.

  • Henry Bialik
    Henry Bialik 9 днів тому

    The writers sucked, liked they never read or saw the last 7 years of filming. I feel like a child could have written a better script.

  • Karoluks 1
    Karoluks 1 10 днів тому +2

    problems started in season 5 not season 8. dorne storyline is nonsense

    • Karoluks 1
      Karoluks 1 5 днів тому

      @R8Zio they did that for all actors

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      just to let you know that theres a whole big story behind the dorne plot:
      D&D really like the actress Indira Varma, who plays Ellaria Sand. They were fine with her Character being the sidekick to Oberyn Martell. But then they learned that Indira would be in for more work and now really wanted to give her more screen time, so they created the Dorne Plot. That was when they were already in production and every department told them, that they have no capacity at all to do that additional filming. D&D didnt care because they wanted the "bad pussy".
      So they wanted to film in the Alcazar Place in Seville and the whole fight scene between the Sandsnakes and Jaimie/Bronn was written to be at night! But the Palace is Unseco world heritage and you are not allowed to film at night there (if D&D would have just googled it, they would have known). So they filmed it in the garden at daylight. The whole production of the Dorne Plot was rushed because they had little time.
      All in all D&D did the Dorne Plot just because they wanted to see Indira Varma perform (which she did great but thats not the point).
      What is also interesting is that Dorne in the Books was meant to be "Medieval Spain". But D&D see Dorne as their "Brazil", which led to the "you need the bad pussy" line.
      Source: Interviews with Cast, Crew and D&D.

  • Vince.of. Hearts
    Vince.of. Hearts 10 днів тому

    Well put friend

  • Aseel Bakheet
    Aseel Bakheet 10 днів тому

    I wanted to see the knight king fighting joan snow and almost kill him
    Good Patel in the capital
    Denaries emotional brack down and iternal confliction and some one trying to argue with her mybe tirion
    The Dragon beeing more angrey and try to kill joan
    The reaction of all her people when the see her die
    Carsi killed by the hands of aria

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      just because im curious: isnt english your native language and those characters are spelled that way in your language or are you just spelling them as you hear them?
      Because its actually "Jon", "Daenerys" and "Cercei" ;) Im not trying mock you! At least you are trying to write english, thats great!

  • John R
    John R 11 днів тому

    With an ending that somehow managed to exceed the very bad way that Lost concluded. It started to auger in around season 6 or so and just got worse. By the time season 8 got to us, it was on a greased and rapidly sloping decline with no hope of stopping.
    SUPER job on this video. From saying that the Night King was "cool"...ha ha ha! your other more serious points, you really hit it out of the park on this. Very well done!

  • The Kadju
    The Kadju 12 днів тому

    needed 3 more seasons

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      needed different screenwriters

  • Alexandre Rocha
    Alexandre Rocha 13 днів тому

    There's only one true Lich King, and he is not on GoT but sitted on his very cold seat. Arthas sends his regards.

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      The Kings dead! Long live the Queen!

  • WhiskeyJack
    WhiskeyJack 13 днів тому

    4:50 Eh I dunno about this one. Snoke was never built up to be the same threat that the Night King/White Walkers had been for years upon years; anyone who had been paying attention would have known that Kylo Ren was always going to come out on top of that.
    Plus, Snoke was such a terrible villain. He's basically a walking archetype. JJ Abrams wanted to bring back all the classic elements of Star Wars, and they needed an Emperor. So, here's Snoke. Getting sawed in half by his apprentice was honestly the best outcome for an empty shell of a character like that, and a very Sith-like thing to happen.
    Kylo Ren doing this also makes more sense than bloody Arya doing it; Ben Solo has always been a character going around and shaking up the established order of things, while Arya on the other hand is a child assassin who never had any beef with The Others unless you buy into the whole "Master over Death" thing that they tried to haphazardly shove in mere seconds before she kills Night King.
    Can't believe I'm here arguing that a Star Wars movie might have been better written than an adaptation of A Song of Ice & Fire.

  • Chicken Draws Dogs
    Chicken Draws Dogs 14 днів тому +1

    Peter Dinklage: No better TV writers...
    Vince Gilligan: Excuse me, sir...

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      The difference between D&D and Gilligan is that Gilligan had a Team around him who would supervise the writing. They had a writers room where they discussed every major idea and brainstormed about it. You can see the same thing with "Rick and Morty", where the two creators are praised for their writing but its actually a big team effort too.
      D&D never did that. Benioff blatantly admitted to come up with ideas for the script the night before scenes were shot and nobody questioned his decisions.

  • Deri
    Deri 15 днів тому

    Nice Video, but you obviously don't get GoT..From the way you described your views on the ''death'' of the Night King to Danny burning the city, you are - as you describe your self- a viewer who started in 2018 and probably bingwatched a lot of seasons.It's a common thing, to oversee some stuff while bingatching a show with a complex plot like GoT.I don't blame you, I respect your opinion, but it's just as wrong as the ending itself

  • Daniel Clocktower
    Daniel Clocktower 15 днів тому +1

    The worst part of GOT.... I loved watching every season, 3 months once and after last season.. not even once I could muster any interest to watch it again.

  • Deri
    Deri 15 днів тому

    '' It's pretty great''
    With all due respekt, it's one of the greatest shows of all time and could habe been THE greatest, if not for the fuck up of D&D in the last two seasons.
    pretty great is - to be honest- an understatement.

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      While season 5 and 6 have their flaws, if you put the first 6 seasons together, its truly one of the greatest shows of all time which ends with the big cliffhanger of dany sailing to westeros. In retrospective, D&D should have departed from there and go on to new projects, so other people could have picked up the show and gave it the 6 more seasons it deserved.
      Sadly we are not living in that timeline.

  • Acidrayne
    Acidrayne 15 днів тому

    Arya killing the NK was totally undeserved. There were many others that spent seasons dealing with WW and related issues eg wildlings that could have got the kill. NK didnt really do much harm to Arya personally. Far better for her to have killed Cersei instead.

  • Luis Alamo-Rivera
    Luis Alamo-Rivera 15 днів тому

    Late af but filmento even knowing who Cr1tikal is gives me life

  • Katrin Baumgarten
    Katrin Baumgarten 16 днів тому

    Finally someone who isn't screaming and is able to present his thoughts coherently

  • Nosam Of the 2 0 0 4
    Nosam Of the 2 0 0 4 16 днів тому

    I feel like the decision would also be justified if they used the madness that was already set up, but no she is just now evil.

  • Vladimir Rusev
    Vladimir Rusev 16 днів тому

    In GOT, i felt betrayed in S1 once, and in S3 twice, so I dropped series.
    You kept watching, means you were ok with being betrayed. Served you right.

  • Dennis Coy
    Dennis Coy 17 днів тому

    The BATTLE of the NIGHT KING (THE LONG NIGHT), should have been the "FINAL BATTLE"! DANNERYUS should NOT have KILLED the "Innocent " people of KING'S LANDING!! The NIGHT KING battle would've been BETTER at KING'S LANDING!! I personally would've like to have found out if the NIGHT KING'S powers would've worked on the " MOUNTAIN "!

  • Dylan Vaughan
    Dylan Vaughan 17 днів тому

    Season 8 could have been good IF ONLY the points within it were foreshadowed in previous seasons. Bran as the king? Fine. But have allusions to 'A broken ruler for a broken throne' Dany going insane? Fine. But build her up as insane previously (also playing on the 'broken ruler' thing).
    That said there's plenty that is unforgivable, The Night kings death, the walkers not hitting kings landing, the pacing, the scripting. Just thinking about it makes me feel like ive wasted time on this fucking show.

  • Bill Billiamson Jr. the 3rd
    Bill Billiamson Jr. the 3rd 17 днів тому +1

    Common theme: the late comers thought the ending was fine, the people who've been here from the start thought it was terrible.

    • Doug Guz
      Doug Guz 15 днів тому

      Your comments summarizes it so very well

  • Daryl Richardson
    Daryl Richardson 18 днів тому

    DROGON would've KILLED JOHN SNOW!!! He knew exactly who killed his MOTHER & he would've slaughtered everyone in that city, she was the ONLY thing preventing him from doing so... of his own accord

  • José Gutierrez
    José Gutierrez 18 днів тому +1

    When you want a review of a show i already watched, and get a mayor spoiler of a new trilogy of SW i still haven't watched :c

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      Bit late for not watching it if you care about spoilers eh? ;)

  • KayKay2513
    KayKay2513 18 днів тому

    I haven't watched anything Game of Thrones for a while. Everytime I would go online and comment on the beauty of the show some angry person would come online and be like "oh and ignore everything else right?"
    Ummm, the show is still absolutely gorgeous and the music is amazing.
    There's literally nothing we can do about it and just have to enjoy what we can.

    • R8Zio
      R8Zio 5 днів тому

      There is something we can do and already did: Having a voice and telling the world that the last two Seasons are not good screenwriting. You can like it or hate it but that the script of S7 and S8 is total garbage cant be denied. D&D pretend to be screenwriters but never went to writing-school nor read books about the techniques.
      I love the show and because of that i care about how it went downhill!

  • Cecilia Mayora
    Cecilia Mayora 19 днів тому +1

    They hyped the main villain for 8 seasons only to kill them in the most anticlimactic way possible, and then it is never even mentioned again.

  • Reinaldo Favoreto
    Reinaldo Favoreto 19 днів тому

    Yeah, you have explained EXACTLY what the problems are. I wonder how two self proclaimed writers can´t realise how wrong their decisions about the script are. They ruined the whole series

  • The Falcon Nation
    The Falcon Nation 19 днів тому

    I'm so happy I didn't watch it now. I'm the type to stick with it till the end even if it starts getting boring just hoping for it to have something redeeming but GDI GOT was too damn long to even start and I don't care to waste my time starting it then this fiasco happened.
    My mom was watching it and was complaining about how boring the final season was and stopped watching by the 3rd episode (she never finished it)