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She went on a JOURNEY for this dive 👀

  • Опубліковано 11 вер 2022
  • (via @mollycarlson1)


  • King Dog
    King Dog 14 днів тому +79

    She has been doing this so long she actually goes on the count of 3 even when scared. Good stuff.

  • deni xiu
    deni xiu 18 годин тому +2

    I love that she communicates with herself, HERSELF.! She asked herself if she was ready and she responded back saying yeah lol i love it

  • thisguy41487
    thisguy41487 13 годин тому +26

    Her personality says she's fun and upbeat. The way she dives says she's a boss. 💪

  • Dom
    Dom День тому +6

    Like when she said “ Ready” then responded to herself “Yeah”

  • -Bianka and Norband-
    -Bianka and Norband- 13 годин тому +143

    my g did the death dive (idk what it’s called lol) but I love how she said ready to her self and replied herself it made me kinda happy

    MANGOOOO 15 годин тому +83

    her: dives*

  • M
    M 20 годин тому +5

    There’s nothing that makes a human look more like a superhero than when we break our own mental barriers and willingly go through the fear

  • Heanaco Daniel
    Heanaco Daniel 21 годину тому +5

    Falar com o Sr. António é como viajar no tempo, é sonhar acordado, é uma lição de

  • aalee
    aalee 11 годин тому +9

    I thought she was Saoirse Ronan 😂 she sooo cute when she talk to herself and damn so brave ❤❤

  • yup
    yup День тому +9

    Watching her talk herself through what was obviously still scary to her was so impressive to watch. She went down the checklist and did what she needed to do. Very cool

  • Michael Yawnick
    Michael Yawnick 13 годин тому +72

    😲 that was so impressive I didn't realize how high up she was until she jumped... She gets a 10 all the way around..

  • Hashton Goh
    Hashton Goh 18 годин тому +23


  • Arielle
    Arielle 14 днів тому +15


  • Davis777⚡• 69 years and
    Davis777⚡• 69 years and 15 годин тому +4

    You all know you ain't here just to see the dive👀😂

  • Cicero Nunes
    Cicero Nunes 15 годин тому +3

    É muita coragem, eu realmente admiro muito esses atletas de saltos em alturas como está. Vc está de parabéns 😍👏👏👏🇧🇷

  • Evelyn A
    Evelyn A 23 години тому +2

    “Just do it how you know how to do it”

  • Алексей Титов
    Алексей Титов 8 годин тому +1

    Обалдеть... так там внизу ещё и плавал кто то, после второго просмотра понял что это служба страховки, но всё равно классно)))...👍респект...

  • Secret Solutions
    Secret Solutions 21 годину тому +2

    I swear if I was at her place I would had been dead just by seeing the view of how high it is

  • A. Santamaria
    A. Santamaria День тому +11

    The interaction with her self is the cutest thing. She literally answers herself when she asks "ready?" "Yeah."

  • NM G
    NM G 21 годину тому

    You really get a feel for how fast you’re going from that high up when you hear her hit the water 😮😅👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽