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She went on a JOURNEY for this dive 👀

  • Опубліковано 11 вер 2022
  • (via @mollycarlson1)
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  • King Dog
    King Dog Рік тому +92981

    She has been doing this so long she actually goes on the count of 3 even when scared. Good stuff.

    • toastge
      toastge Рік тому +656

      Jack Wrath 💀

    • JWA
      JWA Рік тому +561

      I guess that flipping door got her nerves and who wouldn't?

    • Omega Man
      Omega Man Рік тому +461

      Jack Wrath idc if this is a bot I’m laughing rn

    • Lukas Prien
      Lukas Prien Рік тому +21

      Yeah fr

    • Snek
      Snek Рік тому +79

      Jack Wrath 😂 a penguin?

  • Milan Meiland
    Milan Meiland 11 місяців тому +264

    “You ready”
    That was so cute haha! 😋

  • Just A Man of Culture
    Just A Man of Culture 11 місяців тому +63

    "Because Redbull gives you wings 💸. ''
    *Art of War - you know the name*

  • M
    M Рік тому +9367

    There’s nothing that makes a human look more like a superhero than when we break our own mental barriers and willingly go through the fear

    • roguexxrenegade
      roguexxrenegade Рік тому +44

      Yeah that and muscles.

    • Kenan
      Kenan Рік тому +39

      That same "fear" ensures your survival.

    • Ariel Lorusso
      Ariel Lorusso Рік тому +20

      @roguexxrenegade im as impressed by divers as bodybuilders.. i will never get to Ardnols massive body. And i will never jump over 10 metres unless it's life or death situation.
      I jump 6m several times but can't get used to.
      Allways have some big adrenaline. 20m is insame
      Half way there ill be like " Hell no! " thers a mad man that did like 60m dive... A mistake is letal

    • Игорь Байда
      Игорь Байда Рік тому +1

      @roguexxrenegade гз

    • Miriam Figueroa
      Miriam Figueroa Рік тому +3


  • Nadia Bentuler
    Nadia Bentuler 11 місяців тому +31

    "Just do it like you know how to do it." I am stealing that wholesome phrase !

    • hueo far
      hueo far 11 місяців тому +1

      Like when she said “ Ready” then responded to herself “Yeah” (Edit)- most likes ive ever had bro stop liking 6.K ??? Likes

  • couu alis
    couu alis 11 місяців тому +32

    I thought this will be another attention video, but I was blown away by the skills omg

    • Takito
      Takito 9 місяців тому +1


  • yup
    yup Рік тому +11421

    Watching her talk herself through what was obviously still scary to her was so impressive to watch. She went down the checklist and did what she needed to do. Very cool

    • Toki Buroak
      Toki Buroak Рік тому +70

      Absolute professionalism; It's what perfection demands.

    • British Bulldog
      British Bulldog Рік тому +21

      She's obviously a professional and done jumps like this thousands of times fair play ti her I wouldn't even jump of something half that height I'd pass out just looking down 🤣🤣

    • BestSlime
      BestSlime Рік тому +3

      i mean she is a pretty decent actor. see a good future for her.

    • Unbelievabro
      Unbelievabro Рік тому +14

      I mean if she dives wrong it can be really, really bad....so every dive is probably nervewracking

    • Georg Wagner
      Georg Wagner Рік тому +6

      Could someone give me 15% of her self confidence, pls.!!👏👏👏👏👏💐💐💐💐💐🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • Peaceful_Jack
    Peaceful_Jack 11 місяців тому +9

    The smile, the jump, the view, the self-empowering talk... worth replaying ❤️

    • koiun dwrru
      koiun dwrru 11 місяців тому

      Nobody’s going to talk about those 2 people on the edge of that building behind her-

  • Nejra
    Nejra 4 місяці тому

    She is so brave. She flies like a bird in one of the most underrated places on Earth, Mostar. So talented person and has a bright future in front of her. For the people that don't know, her name is Molly Carlson and Mostar is in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • A. Santamaria
    A. Santamaria Рік тому +10979

    The interaction with her self is the cutest thing. She literally answers herself when she asks "ready?" "Yeah."

    • Jess
      Jess Рік тому +94

      So sweet!

    • mikeal
      mikeal Рік тому +18

      I no I was thinking the same

    • username is unavailable
      username is unavailable Рік тому +110

      I guess this is how it is to trust yourself. 😂 But that was cute for sure.

    • Aaron Fauth
      Aaron Fauth Рік тому +4

      @username is unavailable Pretty much

    • Quijybo Janklebits
      Quijybo Janklebits Рік тому +35

      I'm a gymnastics coach and still tumble at 36 years old and started gymnastics at around 4 years old. I still mimic what I'm doing standing before I do it and talk to myself.

  • Simone Da fonseca
    Simone Da fonseca 11 місяців тому +1

    She is a pro. What a brave young woman.

  • Addi Brown
    Addi Brown 11 місяців тому +13

    My heart dropped when she almost hit the end on the “diving board” 🥺

    • no further west
      no further west 11 місяців тому +4

      What about the people at the bottom. They were quite close

    • El Guapo
      El Guapo 11 місяців тому +3

      @no further west 👍 I read the comments to see if anyone else saw what looked like casual swimmers down below without any idea anyone was going to be diving from above🙂

    • no further west
      no further west 11 місяців тому

      @El Guapo haha, I was looking for the comment too, but did not find. 🙃

    • Mike Rogu
      Mike Rogu 11 місяців тому +3

      @El Guapo They are not casual swimmers its her rescue team on standby in case she made a mistake

    • El Guapo
      El Guapo 11 місяців тому

      @Mike Rogu Makes perfect sense! Thanks

  • Arielle
    Arielle Рік тому +15211

    There’s something incredibly endearing about her coaching herself through this dive.

    • Miłosz Skowroński
      Miłosz Skowroński Рік тому +536

      Meanwhile, me:
      "Oh, come on. We can do this."
      "No we can't."
      "We went all this way, and you want to quit NOW?"
      "Yes, now would be the perfect time to quit."
      "Alright, have it your way. But I'm really mad at you right now!"
      "I'll make it up to you: How about we buy pizza and watch your favourite show on Netflix together?"
      "Fine, I'm not mad at you any more. But you're paying for the pizza."
      "Fine by me. Let's go."

    • Vlad Matei
      Vlad Matei Рік тому +160

      It might be endearing, but it is also very educational for us to see first hand what an experienced diver thinks.

    • dedries
      dedries Рік тому +34

      @Miłosz Skowroński Hahaha same here, big discusion's

    • Amber Davis
      Amber Davis Рік тому +8

      Yes! Love that they added it

    • An actual woman
      An actual woman Рік тому +19

      That was so wild to watch her talk herself through it 🥺 so cute

  • Jason Francis
    Jason Francis 11 місяців тому +2

    Someone Give That Girl In The Red Swimsuit A Gold Medal Right Now!🏅 👍

    • heather gowans
      heather gowans 11 місяців тому +1

      No, give her an actual swimsuit that covers her properly 🤢

  • Christian Boulay
    Christian Boulay 11 місяців тому +1

    She's brave. What fierce courage and determination. 👍

  • Bob
    Bob Рік тому +2412

    “Just do it like you know how to do it” alright my new daily mantra 👍🏽

    • 혜령
      혜령 11 місяців тому

    • Yoced
      Yoced 11 місяців тому +1

      Same lol

    AVERY AREVALOS 9 місяців тому

    She said,”byeeee” like a npc 💀💀

  • Rivoli Bioscoop
    Rivoli Bioscoop 11 місяців тому +1

    Who is she, she is very brave and serious about the situation.

  • Xo
    Xo Рік тому +2243

    So gentle with herself, wasn’t expecting so powerful moves!

    • Johannes Hartman
      Johannes Hartman Рік тому


    • Lion eagals
      Lion eagals 10 місяців тому


  • Shay Files
    Shay Files 4 місяці тому

    Can we send this video out into space so she can represent all of humanity?

  • Shablé
    Shablé 10 місяців тому +1

    She is a badass

  • Evelyn A
    Evelyn A Рік тому +2285

    “Just do it how you know how to do it”
    - me everyday I wake up. 😅

    • Sam C
      Sam C Рік тому +4

      Same here💯🤣‼️

    • Jill J
      Jill J Рік тому +2


  • Benjamin Aswad
    Benjamin Aswad 11 місяців тому

    That's awesome. I should record myself rock climbing. I look down on purpose because I love the feeling of fighting through paralyzing fear. I can feel the signals from my brain fighting for control of my limbs.

  • John S Rous
    John S Rous 6 місяців тому

    from someone who is scared to death of heights I envy her

  • Tee Espinal
    Tee Espinal Рік тому +4249

    Her hyping herself to do it and then there’s me “you don’t have to do this, don’t do it…it’s okay” lmaoo

    • kas
      kas Рік тому +43

      Right? I'm like, "Oh no, no it's alright! You don't really need to do this. Nope, it's fine! Just - NO."

    • Jazzy
      Jazzy Рік тому +5


    • Tee Espinal
      Tee Espinal Рік тому +1

      @kas seriously lol I felt like I was there 😅😂

    • Johannes Hartman
      Johannes Hartman Рік тому


  • Nuthin’ But Knives
    Nuthin’ But Knives 11 місяців тому +2

    Men of culture, here we find ourselves once again reunited!

  • GrandmasterUV
    GrandmasterUV 11 місяців тому +4


  • Robert California
    Robert California Рік тому +5239

    The “are you ready?” “Yeah” killed me😂

    • Leah
      Leah Рік тому +63

      Ikr bless her heart

    • Niels Baum
      Niels Baum Рік тому +60

      Loved it! That’s positive self talk at it’s finest 👌

    • Alan Leveke
      Alan Leveke Рік тому +39

      Its a conversation with the soul

    • 이승희
      이승희 Рік тому +1

      또 하나의 나

    • Robin Seplut
      Robin Seplut Рік тому


  • Begula
    Begula 11 місяців тому +5


    • Dustbunny
      Dustbunny 10 місяців тому

      Bosnia is very beautiful, I would like love to visit Mostar, Sarajevo old town and Neum! Lots of love from Finland 🇫🇮❤️🇧🇦😄

  • Ghost lover
    Ghost lover 11 місяців тому

    She's awesome; she's an absolute star 🌟

  • ur moms friend
    ur moms friend Рік тому +3291

    the way she’s talking herself thru it is craaaaaaaaazy. what a badass. much respect

    • somerandomchannel
      somerandomchannel Рік тому +30

      She went from cute girl to extremely focused professional diver in less then 5.
      Her mind was probably back at the normal swimming center during the actual trick. That is what im seeing. 👀

    • Jays
      Jays Рік тому +1

      Its extremely cringey

    • Jays
      Jays Рік тому

      As a grown adult she asked herself “ready?” and responded to her own damn self “yes”

    BINGO 10 місяців тому

    I like how she talks with herself

  • The Hilarious
    The Hilarious 9 місяців тому

    the man down there in water got his second life..

  • DomTorreto🏈
    DomTorreto🏈 Рік тому +6423

    Like when she said “ Ready” then responded to herself “Yeah”
    (Edit)- most likes ive ever had bro stop liking😭😭😭
    6.K ??? Likes

    • D. Foster
      D. Foster Рік тому +14

      That's me all the time

    • Jones
      Jones Рік тому +11

      Like when you made this comment

    • Dream
      Dream Рік тому +18

      Her brain responding to her heart .

    • DomTorreto🏈
      DomTorreto🏈 Рік тому +2

      How does this have 3 replies with 1.7k likess

    • Lunchtime RDZ
      Lunchtime RDZ Рік тому

      That was insane

  • Wayne Leung
    Wayne Leung 11 місяців тому +1

    Go go Canada go, keep going 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Humberto
    Humberto 3 місяці тому

    Always with a smile. Genia.

  • Kyle Heath
    Kyle Heath Рік тому +2701

    Courage is not the lack of fear. Courage is confronting fear and doing what needs to be done. Not only that but she nailed the dive. Boss on every level

    • Jerry Whidby
      Jerry Whidby Рік тому +13

      Yep braver is confronting your cowardice and taking control of it.

    • Bruno Giusti
      Bruno Giusti Рік тому


    • MLai
      MLai Рік тому +2

      I am not a professional diver or anything buy shouldn't your head be in the water first? Looked like her feet went in the water first.

    • Neha J.
      Neha J. Рік тому +2

      @MLai it looked like she did a cannonball

    • dee king
      dee king Рік тому +1

      She didn’t need to jump

  • Adam OldDude
    Adam OldDude 11 місяців тому +1

    That's real courage!

  • John lucas
    John lucas 11 місяців тому +1

    Red Bull: That's Free Advertising !

  • French Quaso
    French Quaso 11 місяців тому +2078

    Why was it so wholesome watching her encourage herself 🥹

    • user
      user 11 місяців тому +5

      lol it was wholesome 😊

    • Rabia Jeebhai
      Rabia Jeebhai 11 місяців тому

      But Allah is what her

    • Rabia Jeebhai
      Rabia Jeebhai 11 місяців тому


    • Bēla-Sofia
      Bēla-Sofia 10 місяців тому

      With the "wholesome" again. 🤔🥴😂

  • odenir francisco da silva
    odenir francisco da silva 11 місяців тому

    Caraca ! Que coragem da moça! 👏👏👏👏

  • I am the M.A.N. (Middle Aged Nerd)
    I am the M.A.N. (Middle Aged Nerd) 11 місяців тому

    They've got a 30m platform at a water park in Dallas. You have to be over 18 and sign a waiver that you won't sue them if you hurt yourself. It's so radical! I must have jumped off of it 40 or 50 times that day. The difficult part is when you dive in, you're going so fast, you shoot down a good 12-15 feet but the bottom is like 25ft deep, so you have to immediately acclimate yourself to which way is up and down and start swimming up as fast as you can. Also, you have to remember to take a DEEP breath as you're going in so you'll float upward faster. I didn't a couple of times and it nearly cost me.

  • Mason Nam
    Mason Nam Рік тому +2426

    When you see “redbull” it’s time to nervous

    • Schlaftäter Nr. zZz
      Schlaftäter Nr. zZz Рік тому +22

      Its time to Stop watching and move on to Something of value

    • すし
      すし Рік тому +28

      It was for sure about to give her wings. 💀

    • Mofo
      Mofo Рік тому +10

      Red gives you wings

    • Mac S
      Mac S Рік тому +8

      @Mofo to fly to heaven

    • Samuel Santos
      Samuel Santos Рік тому

      @Schlaftäter Nr. zZz someone has watched one too many sneako videos

  • S Allen
    S Allen 10 місяців тому

    "Don't it like you know how to do it." You God damn right! If you have never dove that high, it's terrifying. I have only done a 65 m jump I think that was 90? It is very scary and that was an AMAZING DIVE!

  • JunEbug
    JunEbug 11 місяців тому +2

    *muah* "brave gang!" Was my favorite part

  • SPH¥NX®
    SPH¥NX® Рік тому +2328

    I love how she spoke gently to her inner self for extra confidence!
    Then she visualized her dive and let the sequence go through as smooth as possible.
    Beautiful and graceful with insane skill and self control.

      BEAUTYnIQ Рік тому +6

      makes me feel better.. I talk to myself all the time! (sing loud in the shower too..) hah.

    • Paul Smith
      Paul Smith Рік тому +1

      Its called acting......

    • SPH¥NX®
      SPH¥NX® Рік тому

      @Paul Smith That makes sense. I always felt like I was just going along with the show when I was working the front gas counter.. Playing the part.. But, being your inner child's cheerleader is what's important!

    • JC
      JC Рік тому +1

      It’s such a nice way to talk to oneself. I have really mean self talks, I frequently mutter “this is why no one loves you” to myself 😅

    • Jacob Mitchell
      Jacob Mitchell Рік тому +1

      @Paul Smith I’ll pretend u didn’t say that

  • Ashok Kumar Mandavi
    Ashok Kumar Mandavi 11 місяців тому +2

    You did the dive so nice and incredible.we really enjoyed and loved your adventure.

  • Luke G
    Luke G 11 місяців тому +1

    This is like watching a Disney Animation, was waiting for her to sing.

  • Jesse Falling
    Jesse Falling Рік тому +8045

    "Just do it like you know how to do it" I have never related to something more in my life

    • El Chapo's Money Room
      El Chapo's Money Room Рік тому +59

      😑 I'm mad I never heard that...now it's my new mantra

    • Idlehands87
      Idlehands87 Рік тому +66

      Fake it till you make it.

    • bruh
      bruh Рік тому +43

      “Just do it like you know how to do it”
      Thats me on the final exams

    • Bruce Hurley
      Bruce Hurley Рік тому +5

      I think it was "I feel like I know how to do it."

  • CanOf Coke
    CanOf Coke 9 місяців тому

    “Red bull gives ya wings”

  • James W
    James W 11 місяців тому

    So lucky. Mostar is a stunning place.

  • Nekaa
    Nekaa Рік тому +3789

    "One, two, kick."
    Yeah, seems simple enough
    "Inward triple"
    Wait wha-

  • John McLaren
    John McLaren 11 місяців тому

    That’s why they call us CRAZY CANUCKS! Way to go CANADA 🇨🇦👍

  • Zeke Daley
    Zeke Daley 3 місяці тому

    controlling your body in the air is actually very hard, any random tries to dive from that high they will summersault and probably just miss the edge of a rock

  • Rich Rich
    Rich Rich Рік тому +763

    This is literally how we should all speak to ourselves to become the best versions of who we are meant to be

  • Lys
    Lys 11 місяців тому

    “Red bull gives you wings”

  • Mayberry Fiya
    Mayberry Fiya 11 місяців тому

    Yaaaayyy!!! That was awesome!!!😄😄You go girl!!!🤩🤩🤩👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Šejla Mujičić
    Šejla Mujičić Рік тому +1857

    As a Bosnian myself I'm still impressed that she did it,hope u had a great time in our country 🥳

  • Abel Sietecuatro
    Abel Sietecuatro 11 місяців тому

    She looks like a librarian but she has superpowers

  • R7kelley
    R7kelley 11 місяців тому

    Dang this is too cool. She is amazing

  • Lisa Hinton
    Lisa Hinton Рік тому +1250

    Hit "pause" throughout her dive. The precision is just incredible. She's really talented.

    • Brad Kells
      Brad Kells Рік тому +8

      Her landing was not the best at all

    • Ace
      Ace Рік тому +22

      @Brad Kells probably because she started higher than she's used to, but she's still really skilled!

    • 다니 이
      다니 이 Рік тому +2

      @Ace 그녀는 용감합니다 그러나 그것과는 별개로 그녀의 안전이 걱정되는 것도 사실입니다

    • RealRomplayer
      RealRomplayer Рік тому +11

      That's training and hard work, not talent. Don't mistake these with each other.

    • Hillbilly
      Hillbilly Рік тому +2

      I paused the jump
      She went in feet first though but still amazing

  • AJ Draws
    AJ Draws 11 місяців тому

    That's a different kind of brave.

  • Diogo Ferreira
    Diogo Ferreira 11 місяців тому

    I don’t think that most of the people understand how incredibly difficult this is… I’m a professional Skydiver and I love extreme sports such as canyoning (which makes you jump to the water a lot) and my current height record stands at 17m…….without any flips! I love how these athletes make triple and quadruple backflips and frontflips with rotations and all with minimum effort… congratulations!

  • kenzie winquist
    kenzie winquist Рік тому +654

    Love the fact that she was giving herself a pep talk, lol

    • P o o m
      P o o m Рік тому +3

      I often do the same - but i sure can't and don't dive like she does.

  • Яков Арзамасов
    Яков Арзамасов 11 місяців тому

    Очень смелая девочка 🤗😘

  • Tom Woolsey
    Tom Woolsey 9 місяців тому

    Brave young lady! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jacob • 55 years ago
    Jacob • 55 years ago Рік тому +1908

    Il never be able to understand how people can get themselves to do jumps like these. It's mad impressive and scary

    • A Reek
      A Reek Рік тому +115

      They start at 20 meters and slowly work their way up to 21 meters.

    • enjoypleasures1973
      enjoypleasures1973 Рік тому +2

      yeah respect!!!

    • R E
      R E Рік тому +10

      Totally right. 10ft up Ima like woah, this getting too high already. What if I fall, what if I die.... fk 21m I know!!!!

    • Willigag & Bob
      Willigag & Bob Рік тому

      If you're scared yeah, I don't think it'd scare me very much.

  • Tbhidkwhoiam
    Tbhidkwhoiam 11 місяців тому +1

    Never let them know ur next move:

  • Lex Lutha111384
    Lex Lutha111384 11 місяців тому

    Jesus the guts in this girl! Incredible

    KYFFC Рік тому +1453

    ”me see’s the Red Bull sign “
    Me: ow sh*t she’s gonna die

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien Рік тому +56

      red bull is like a map marker to let you know of a stunt jump nearby

    • Bowie
      Bowie Рік тому +3


    • KYFFC
      KYFFC Рік тому +2

      @Bowie auto typing thing

    • Sineta Markaitytė
      Sineta Markaitytė Рік тому +6

      Umm you meant she’s gonna fly?..

    • Willoh_pillow_Williams
      Willoh_pillow_Williams Рік тому +9

      Red Bull gives you wings😔

  • Are You Not Entertained?
    Are You Not Entertained? 11 місяців тому

    Man, so brave. Great job girlfriend 👏👏

  • Stacey Lanter
    Stacey Lanter 11 місяців тому

    I’m terrified of heights! 😮 perfect dive!

  • Dian Cloete
    Dian Cloete Рік тому +2847

    Man I love how we get to hear her go through her intire mental preparation before she takes a scary jump. Super cool to see.

    • Wuzzpawpin
      Wuzzpawpin Рік тому +8

      1k likes and no replies? Lemme fix that

    • ToplessTutor
      ToplessTutor Рік тому +5

      Ive come to join the support

    • Demarais 2
      Demarais 2 Рік тому +3

      Showin some love to the comment less post ❤

    • Frank V
      Frank V Рік тому +3

      Another supporter here

  • Aleks
    Aleks 11 місяців тому

    That particular dive is really dangerous but really impressive too

  • Melonixd
    Melonixd 11 місяців тому

    wow i was not expecting that amazing jump whaaat so amaziingg

  • foosonasickone
    foosonasickone Рік тому +1385

    As soon as I saw the Red Bull sign I knew it was going to be EXTREME!

    • Kim Sang yoo
      Kim Sang yoo 11 місяців тому +14

      power of marketing

    • aojorel
      aojorel 11 місяців тому +2


    • Angie Ledesma
      Angie Ledesma 11 місяців тому +8

      Red bull gives u wings

    • Pling
      Pling  11 місяців тому +6

      @Angie Ledesma you criminal, you stole my joke

  • Christopher Montroy
    Christopher Montroy 11 місяців тому

    She is so amazing.

    STHFGDBY 11 місяців тому

    I'm terrified of heights. She's very brave. There is no way in hell I could do what she did. I'm not afraid of spiders, Rats, Ghosts, wasps, bees, water, the dark, the wife, etc but no way I'm doing heights.

  • Moto Curves & Curls
    Moto Curves & Curls Рік тому +2478

    Thought she was going to hit the guy at bottom until I realized he was a life guard. That was intense.

    • This is the life
      This is the life Рік тому +10

      Balls of steel

    • Fon Rin
      Fon Rin Рік тому +16

      Same. I had to watch twice cuz I thought she murdered someone

    • Matthew Jenkinson
      Matthew Jenkinson Рік тому +9

      Yeah you're supposed to pay these guys to be at the bottom when you jump, that goes for everyone. I saw a couple of people jump while I was there.

    • Bloom
      Bloom Рік тому +3

      Same ! Too close for comfort lol

    • Rudy 199x
      Rudy 199x Рік тому +1

      Was thinking the same too

  • JH Fowler
    JH Fowler 11 місяців тому

    Everytime I see her diving somewhere in the world I get chills, cute, funny, happy, TALENTED !!!!!

    ELLEN BROWN 11 місяців тому

    She’s got guts

  • Subtle Rebel ASMR
    Subtle Rebel ASMR Рік тому +2097

    I love how she coached self before hand❤❤💯

    • Haha No
      Haha No Рік тому +2

      Your ASMR is so perfect 😌 I just subscribed.

    • Subtle Rebel ASMR
      Subtle Rebel ASMR Рік тому +1

      @Haha No Oh wow, Thank you so much😌❤ I appreciate you for tuning in

    • Lion eagals
      Lion eagals 10 місяців тому

      masadi kosadi aamreen se

  • The Spartan19
    The Spartan19 11 місяців тому

    I just develop like an innocent crush on her. Like when I was in grade school. I mean, she's obviously gorgeous and talented but it just feels like she's an awesome person to hang out with lol.

    DENNX 11 місяців тому +1

    Red bull...Gives you wings 😂

  • Amber Lucille
    Amber Lucille Рік тому +2321

    I swear her head looked so close from hitting it, almost gave me a heartache lol I could never but she is brave enough to do it & a professional & I admire that👏

    • pweter351
      pweter351 Рік тому +31

      Parallax error ... it's the angle shot from

    • Harry Beck
      Harry Beck Рік тому +6

      Obviously I don’t know about in this line of work with there being no points given..? But I know that in competition if they dive super far out from the board, they’ll get pointed docked there further out they go.. So the closer their head is to the board as they’re diving the better (if you want the most points anyways), so she probably came from a background in competitive diving or something like that I bet?

    • Crypto Bates
      Crypto Bates Рік тому +5

      She almost did!

    • Sketch
      Sketch Рік тому +3

      If you look at where her feet are right before jumping vs where her head is as she's falling you'll see she was probably half a meter from the board at least.

    • globesurfer122
      globesurfer122 Рік тому +4

      All platform divers get super close close to the board for the most part. Its part of the job.

  • Cristian Gomez
    Cristian Gomez 10 місяців тому

    Idk if those swimmers down there waiting to assist her but they were so close

  • tonar wodi
    tonar wodi Рік тому +805

    The way she responded to herself though! I can totally relate. I talk to myself all the time-

    • Robert DeVito
      Robert DeVito Рік тому +6

      Are... are you doing it right now or are we in on this conversation?

    • aparna
      aparna Рік тому

      @Robert DeVito 😂

    • Raymond Torres
      Raymond Torres Рік тому

      Really?? What yourself responded back in the latest conversation with you, yourself, & you again??
      I would like to know!!

    • Johannes Hartman
      Johannes Hartman Рік тому


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      Blue Wolf Chicken Рік тому

      @Johannes Hartman what are you possessed?

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    Michael Yawnick Рік тому +738

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    • Seema Shinde
      Seema Shinde Рік тому

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    • Elite
      Elite Рік тому

      @Seema Shinde fr

    • Nick Eni
      Nick Eni 11 місяців тому

      @Seema Shinde it's literally a swimming centre I think, what do you expect her to wear to swim?😶👁️👄👄

    • Verbal DK
      Verbal DK 11 місяців тому

      @Nick Eni swimming centre 😂

    • Styled By Lynee
      Styled By Lynee 11 місяців тому

      @Seema Shinde she’s going in water with a SWIMsuit on I think the people will understand..?

  • Adrian King
    Adrian King 11 місяців тому

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  • Perry A
    Perry A 11 місяців тому

    She came deadly close to the other swimmers.

  • thisguy41487
    thisguy41487 Рік тому +791

    Her personality says she's fun and upbeat. The way she dives says she's a boss. 💪

    • Putra Orang Kata
      Putra Orang Kata 11 місяців тому +1

      Who is this girl?

    • Andy B
      Andy B 11 місяців тому

      @Putra Orang Kata Google it yourself

  • JayFloPro
    JayFloPro 11 місяців тому

    Damn I was not expect such a crazy dive like that. She had total control of the movement of her body. I can't imagine what type of triple axle, double reversal backward roll tuck dive this was. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Shiwank Kumar
    Shiwank Kumar 11 місяців тому

    We must stay focused boys

  • -Bianka and Norband-
    -Bianka and Norband- Рік тому +1018

    my g did the death dive (idk what it’s called lol) but I love how she said ready to her self and replied herself it made me kinda happy

    • Brad Sanders
      Brad Sanders Рік тому +6

      The name of the dive is an inward triple

    • AnasOnSlaught
      AnasOnSlaught 11 місяців тому +2

      You have no girlfriend

    • Kristy Record
      Kristy Record 11 місяців тому

      @AnasOnSlaught how do u know?!💀

    • -Bianka and Norband-
      -Bianka and Norband- 11 місяців тому

      @AnasOnSlaught im not lesbian

  • Серж Газонов
    Серж Газонов 11 місяців тому

    У меня дух захватило от страха за неё, когда увидела куда она падает

  • Витя Перушкин
    Витя Перушкин 11 місяців тому

    Сколько смелости!

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    Lite Brite Рік тому +2119

    “Ready? Yeah.” i love it. Great dive!!

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      The Doctornaut Рік тому +38

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      R.D. Рік тому +25

      Talking to the demon inside her.

    • gymBEATS
      gymBEATS Рік тому +2


    • Billy Pollit
      Billy Pollit Рік тому +3

      Nearly landed on someone and killed them because she had her eyes closed like a little girl, grow upppp

    • Will1AM
      Will1AM Рік тому +17

      @Billy Pollit Obvious troll spotted! I LOL'D

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    Let’s Talk friends 11 місяців тому

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    soleil 11 місяців тому +1

    "she went on a journey" she opened a door and climbed some stairs bro