The New Map of America

  • Опубліковано 20 вер 2019
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    The New Map of America
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      "makes dick joke" compares 3 inches in dick size to his youtooz, 10/10

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      wood fired pizza how will pizza get a job now

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    I’m really glad Oregon got the attention it deserves

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    Loud in the start
    Chill in the outroo

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    5 mins of Ted trying to make Big Lion a thing

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    New month, New vid

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    5 friends

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    This is the only channel that actually makes me laugh out loud, at all for that matter.

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    Now, callmecarson. I have seen that you have an account where you show what anime you have watched. And I am very disappointed to find out that, one, you have not watched JoJo's Bizarre Adventure jet, and two, you have dropped watching pingu. These shows are the best, and I thought you could do better.

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    B I G L I O N

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    " he thinks four dimensionally "

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    what about Alaska??

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    Item #: SCP-9102
    Object Classification: Apollyon
    Special Containment Procedures: Irrelevant.
    Description: SCP-9102 is an omniscient and omnipotent entity known as "Big Lion". SCP-9102 takes the form of a two-dimensional, "deep-fried" image of a roaring lion's face. SCP-9102 is capable of interacting with matter through an intangible extremity referred to by its followers as the "Arm of Darkness", but also has total power over people who have perceived the entity for any amount of time [this effect persists through media, such as photos and videos]. SCP-9102 has created a religious denomination exclusively found in the continental United States, spreading itself both through word-of-mouth, as well as online media, including videos and "internet memes". All efforts to stop SCP-9102's spread have failed.

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    Well I'm 6'9

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    quakity be like rock lee lookin ass

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    Legit you should have invited non-Americans to this so they could get everything wrong

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    Idk why but I was just dying at

    Big Lion

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    Ur content really helps me get through the day Carson keep up the amazing work!!!

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    You made Mexico next to New Jersey...

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    JoJo Siwa has a receding hairline, not relevant, just wanted you to know that

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    Call me Carson more like call me Carl whezzer

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    Why i feel stupid every time i watched one of y i tried wrriting

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    You know the drill (first time doing this)
    1- Big lion
    2- Shack
    3- Pheb
    4- guy who saw big lion for the first time
    5- old Seinfeld
    6- the other 3 inches
    7- grilled cheese stand
    8- that alligator
    9- q-tip face
    0- random (the 1st number of your like)

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      i dont get it

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    As a Pennsylvanian I am happy to be living near the Appalachian Q-Tip. Historical Geography.

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    Mmmm, yes. Virginia cheese.

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    Here are the sections of the USA: HollyWood, W H A T, Yee-Haw Land, Incest, Fireworks or Gunshots?!

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    Ted made a whole religion from his screensaver

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    Next you should make a hotel

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    Big Lion fans, COMMENT ON ME!

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    Here from gt games

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    I wish I was good at memes...
    *intense sadness*

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    them: * gets rid of florida *
    floridians: _so you have chosen death_

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    1:09 this part was as funny as big lion

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    Josh was clearly having the time of his life.

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    How you gonna call my home state stupid, lol

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    First cram now big lion

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    "So i got into a call with six of my friends"
    *shows us him self and five of his friends..*

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    *B I G L I O N*

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    I live in Virginia and I’m just 😑

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    when you get tilted about the alt a's but your editing font literally uses them

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    yes, I live in washing machine

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    big lion

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    Wait i Just realized when i laughex this morning my laugh was like carson's one

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    I didn’t know wifi dropping down by 1 bar could be a good thing

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    Merciless Sun God VS Big Lion

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    If we dont listen to Greta big lion will destroy the world

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    just a friendly reminder to y'all that there is still a girl outside named Le4`che

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      yeah she has a youtube channel

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    hey Carson, check out the Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki, you'll find some pretty cursed stuff. Have fun.

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    My favourite video of 2019

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    Fucken post or u a gay

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    Carson: Speaking of 3 inches... *measures at 4 inches*

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    Ted is so marketable it is absolute insanity

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    Pheb has no churches
    *big lion is too big and strong, just like dad*

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    If ya ever doing a qna I have one question

    Is it true you’re really good at fake crying