Cinematic: "Safe Haven"

  • Опубліковано 15 тра 2019
  • Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.
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  • Ransom Seraph
    Ransom Seraph День тому

    Warcraft 4 will never come. Way to go Blizzard...

  • KinGor SC
    KinGor SC День тому

    so ,when s the next movie ? develop game is your part-time job, Blizzard

    USBEN День тому

    Atleast they make the videos good .

  • Eluguar Gl
    Eluguar Gl День тому

    Запах писи кругом!

  • Virgil Edwards
    Virgil Edwards День тому

    "You and me...We don't get to hide"........... Leaders don't get to hide.

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio День тому

    I like the rogue's poison procs when her daggers are hitting Saurfang's arms.I like the rogue's poison procs when her daggers are hitting Saurfang's arms.

  • Alexandru Campian
    Alexandru Campian День тому


  • MattTDG
    MattTDG День тому

    That was badass af, but someone please give me context. I've been missing out on WoW story for a while now.

    • kasegi Yabu
      kasegi Yabu День тому

      The Dark Lady took over command of the Horde. She has launched an assault against the alliance. She destroyed the Night Elves' tree home - Teldrassil - and slaughtered everyone who lived within it; non-combat also. Saurfang refused to follow her and went to the Alliance, forming a pact with them. During their assault on UC, Dark Lady laid waste to UnderCity, poisoning it and the surrounding land, making both uninhabitable; Alliance and Horde died in great numbers. Her aim is to eradicate the alliance, so the Horde need not share the world. That's about it.

  • zzapee
    zzapee День тому

    Thall's back baby! WOOT!!!!

  • zzapee
    zzapee День тому


  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard День тому

    That graphics tho.

  • fox mane
    fox mane День тому

    when saurfang is being attacked by the rogue you can see the poison on his daggers when he strikes him

  • Edward Ness
    Edward Ness День тому

    "Honey, going out to save the world again... be back soon..."

  • malletin
    malletin День тому

    Sylvanas needs better assassins, one gets taken out by a fence post, granted its swung by one of the hordes mightiest warriors but still and the other has so little spatial awareness that it backflips straight into the arms of Saurfang.

  • Chuck Nourrizzz
    Chuck Nourrizzz День тому

    they act like wimpy kid with altered monster voice
    feels weird

  • 유투버.유니
    유투버.유니 День тому

    they just want home and peace... please let them go... But in the game, they can't be peaceful for funny of game... so sad...

  • Red KissesYo
    Red KissesYo День тому

    Way more interesting and better than the last season of GoT 🤘🏽💪🏽

  • Rene Grgić-Đaković
    Rene Grgić-Đaković День тому

    When orcs get emotional :(

  • thedawgpump
    thedawgpump День тому

    Cinematic better than the game

    • kasegi Yabu
      kasegi Yabu День тому

      It's been so for years now.

  • Zodd117
    Zodd117 День тому

    Cool beans

  • Albanolopolis
    Albanolopolis День тому

    The game that we loved is dead

  • Dylan D Fleck
    Dylan D Fleck День тому +2

    Blizzard should honestly make their own TV show series

  • J H
    J H День тому

    Cool cinematic, BFA classes and systems are still garbage. Maybe I'll check out the game after the next expansion has been out for a bit.

  • Dario Martinez
    Dario Martinez День тому

    Thrall sees Varok approaching...

  • agung faris
    agung faris День тому

    thats right the undead and where is my boy arthas?

  • DLS Window Tint
    DLS Window Tint День тому

    I love this movie. can't wait new

  • Kyser
    Kyser День тому

    God Blizzard your writing just keeps getting progressively shittier. Now it's a constant circle, Soil, Rinse, Repeat.

  • Sanjay W
    Sanjay W День тому

    Who is the green guy

  • dakota jones
    dakota jones День тому

    Would been sweet if that is his father's weapon.

  • Tony Le
    Tony Le День тому

    Saurfang - so this is your home now?
    Thrall - home..... and family.
    Saurfang - And where are they?
    Thrall - not far, in the war-mode-off phase.

  • Pagan Minn
    Pagan Minn День тому

    sooo im guessing this is leading up to sylvanas getting killed?... i dont like it. :/ (beautiful video though)

  • DonJiggly
    DonJiggly День тому

    Thrall coming back just made the Horde great again. Thrall2020.

  • Kevin Forsberg
    Kevin Forsberg День тому

    And all am wondering when you can only listen to the music

  • Hongson Pham
    Hongson Pham День тому

    does he is Thrall? i think Thrall us a hammer? why that orc use an axe?

    • kasegi Yabu
      kasegi Yabu День тому

      Shamans can use axe and hammer.

  • epic bacon Krillin
    epic bacon Krillin День тому

    "do you guys like ice cream?"
    too bad, all they serve is old hot dogs and bologna

  • Remar MCI
    Remar MCI День тому

    I see is thrall

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee День тому


  • Wasak Yo
    Wasak Yo День тому

    Where all you Garrosh fan boys now huh?????

  • TheOmegaRayquaza Music
    TheOmegaRayquaza Music День тому

    Reminds me of Thanos

  • Joey Davies
    Joey Davies День тому


  • Sky Cloud
    Sky Cloud День тому +1

    Sherk 5 looks great!

  • Toratal
    Toratal День тому

    Looks like khal drogo got hulk serum

  • Tuanod
    Tuanod День тому

    Amazing! ...

  • DarkWandererAU
    DarkWandererAU День тому

    Been waiting for my man Thrall to make an appearance again. I was thinking they'd bring him in to show Sylvanas the error of her ways

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine День тому

    This man is thanos on the farm but green.

  • Quadren God Productions
    Quadren God Productions День тому

    like...about time! I've been waiting for a new squeal. I want more magic in this movie tho.

  • William Wyatt Earnshaw
    William Wyatt Earnshaw День тому

    Ok. I'm definitely behind on the lore. What is that axe and where is Doomhammer's hammer?

  • Nguyễn Văn Tiến
    Nguyễn Văn Tiến День тому +1

    Đéo hiểu cái gì

  • Tmanty11 something
    Tmanty11 something День тому

    I like how in this expansion the just butchered sylvanas's character she was like the smartest person in azeroth and she sent to puny assassin's after thrall

  • Johnjames Bloom
    Johnjames Bloom День тому

    15 years of destruction, betrayal, torment, and chaos. When once there was purpose, and the promise of a different future, the whims of fate have brought us back to where we began. No more. The time has come for the war to end. The Horde and the Alliance must end this war, or it will never cease until all is ash and silence.

    • kasegi Yabu
      kasegi Yabu День тому

      Or subscriptions drop so much that Blizz power-off the servers.

  • Jackie Li
    Jackie Li День тому

    Rogue vanish epic nerf

  • James Smith
    James Smith День тому

    Can you just make movies?

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson День тому +1

    I so wanna play the game now because of this

  • Karma
    Karma День тому

    would like it if the cinematics weren't always horde focused, when will we get a jaina cinematic like this would be amazing to see jaina

  • Dr.Devourer
    Dr.Devourer День тому

    guys , i stopped playing wow since bfa , and i am confused about doom hammer . any one knows what happened to thrall's hammer?

    ELIAS LOPEZ День тому

    What means that "V" in the rogue?

  • Garrett Fisher
    Garrett Fisher День тому

    As per usual cowardly rogues ruining the day.

  • Chrisanity
    Chrisanity День тому

    @0:15 .. " I don't feel good..... "

  • Rosa Lara
    Rosa Lara День тому

    Hulk in 2030😂

  • THUGs23 Xd
    THUGs23 Xd День тому

    I miss thrall

  • sagerx
    sagerx День тому

    man ...this IS a horde expansion .....i love the cinematics ...but it would be cool if we see the alliance side from time to time and this is like there third one yet

  • lordfluxington
    lordfluxington День тому

    Want that dark rogue transmog.

  • Enzo Araya
    Enzo Araya День тому

    I think it would be really nice if Blizzard remade World of Warcraft

  • WallyFM
    WallyFM День тому

    Blizzard should honestly start working in the entertainment industry. I have no doubt they would be up there with Disney and Warner bros.

  • WallyFM
    WallyFM День тому

    How can something be so epic in just 4 minutes

  • Roy Akard
    Roy Akard День тому

    The horde isnt half as broken as bfa is.. Mehh.. Im so sorry brilliant art department. I've forgotten how many times I've came and left wow.. Pitiful it has to be as it is, such a great potential wasted for money.

  • Wise Old Man
    Wise Old Man День тому

    I have gone through a withdrawal........ I shouldn't have watch this cinematic...... here I go again.....

  • Gustavo Carrillo
    Gustavo Carrillo День тому

    Thrall's balls!

  • Claudio Solis Brown
    Claudio Solis Brown День тому

    me meé, me ornine

  • Sages604
    Sages604 День тому


  • January 256
    January 256 День тому

    I qanna swap side now! For the hordes!!!

  • Asuna FortniteVideos
    Asuna FortniteVideos День тому

    Its time for a game to Implement MYTHIC ARMOR/ MOUNTS/ARMOR, also known as RED rarity, MYTHIC, Only 1-3 in the whole SERVER , making it super awesome and rare and valuable, auctionable items that would sell for 100k or more on ebay.

  • Daniel Luong
    Daniel Luong День тому


  • Xcyper33
    Xcyper33 День тому

    Just how tall are Orcs? They're flipping HUGE

  • Spawnfreak
    Spawnfreak День тому

    Garrosh did nothing wrong.

  • Criztian Manangan
    Criztian Manangan День тому

    Love this one

  • Maj Or
    Maj Or День тому

    Rogue trying to kill Warrior ARMS TROLOLOLOL ......

  • UMTongo
    UMTongo День тому

    For some reason i don't get the same feeling i used to with these cinematics like the magic is gone

  • Random Sandwich
    Random Sandwich День тому

    World of Warcraft: Assassins of Kings

  • kirito643
    kirito643 День тому

    en esto se les va el presupuesto

  • Pragmatic Puppy
    Pragmatic Puppy День тому

    Fo Doom Hummah!

  • MysticVoyage
    MysticVoyage День тому +1

    Why is thanos a purple orc without tusks

  • sir Ferrell
    sir Ferrell День тому

    Saurfang looks like that mucenex thing

  • Spencer
    Spencer День тому

    If blizzard did this more, and stopped treating their game like a depreciating asset, then they wouldn't be losing so many people.

  • RadiusOwned
    RadiusOwned День тому

    This is only my opinion of course but still I want warchief like Garrosh, Orgrim mayby Durotan or Kael'thas. Thrall is a and Saurfang traitor for me. Like Garrosh said, Horde myst be strong and Thrall is WEAK.

  • 0w0 Toastie
    0w0 Toastie День тому +1

    When you have really good shaders on world of Warcraft

  • Siraj9009
    Siraj9009 2 дні тому +1

    Thanos before Thor went for the head

  • Dean D
    Dean D 2 дні тому

    Spent all that money on this cinematic and the game is still garbage.

  • T Onizuka
    T Onizuka 2 дні тому

    The only thing Blizzard is doing right these days ... saving Thrall for an epic comeback and ... Cinematics

  • Radu Goran
    Radu Goran 2 дні тому

    The music, so much nostalgia, ty Blizzard!

  • Gameologia
    Gameologia 2 дні тому


  • Red Rum
    Red Rum 2 дні тому

    Fix game

  • Gabe Gabenson
    Gabe Gabenson 2 дні тому

    varok must've crit that rogue hard

  • Mek Go
    Mek Go 2 дні тому

    I think its time for me to come back and play wow again. Its like to long ago hmpff

  • John Bolli
    John Bolli 2 дні тому

    Thrall looks just like John Goodman

  • Jacob Ketcham
    Jacob Ketcham 2 дні тому

    Over 5,000 dislikes from the Sylvanas apologists who are having to fight an ever-losing battle. Sucks to suck, cucks.

  • ZoneX
    ZoneX 2 дні тому +1

    Sylvannas does what Horde should have done long ago. Stopped being a punching bag for the alliance.

  • ZoneX
    ZoneX 2 дні тому +1

    Dark Lady watch over us! For Sylvannas & for the true Horde!..... not these tea drinking pacifist gree n jolly giants.

  • Berat Ahmetaj
    Berat Ahmetaj 2 дні тому

    I can totally see Blizzard being the next Pixar if they focus on movies

  • Bryce Adams
    Bryce Adams 2 дні тому

    Blizzard, don't make another hollywood movie, instead just hire on more people to make fully cinematic films and sell them online.