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Diablo 4 - Before You Buy

  • Опубліковано 4 чер 2023
  • Diablo IV (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is Activision Blizzard's latest in the long running looter RPG franchise. How is it? Let's talk.
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  • gameranx
    gameranx  3 місяці тому +806

    which class did you start with?

      CODADAMRED 3 місяці тому +3


    • 2112
      2112 3 місяці тому +58


    • DiseasedPanda
      DiseasedPanda 3 місяці тому +92


    • WTF1wr1ownage
      WTF1wr1ownage 3 місяці тому +49

      Rogue for sure

    • It's Just Jess
      It's Just Jess 3 місяці тому +25

      Based on your review on definitely purchasing it this Friday for the PS5 physical disc Edition. I'm going to play as a sorcerer woman😍

  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock 3 місяці тому +738

    Never played a Diablo game. It looks like it’s time for me to try!

    • Zack Harris
      Zack Harris 3 місяці тому +22

      Same here i think ima actually pick this one up

    • Alexus Bell
      Alexus Bell 3 місяці тому +2

      Karl it rocks brother!!

    • Mr. S
      Mr. S 3 місяці тому +42

      Wait for a sale.

    • Walksa
      Walksa 3 місяці тому

      Same here man

    • Mark James Espinola
      Mark James Espinola 3 місяці тому +8

      you should try diablo 2 resurrected also.. but this new diablo looks really cool also!

  • cole martin
    cole martin 3 місяці тому +186

    I literally always come to you before I buy any game I’ve ever bought. You are unbiased and you give fair reviews of these games. And your reviews are always accurate. Once I start playing, not all heroes wear capes! Some have UAclips channels!

    • gameranx
      gameranx  3 місяці тому +32

      Glad you like them!

  • C&J Tech
    C&J Tech 3 місяці тому +167

    As an old school diablo player and a long time blizzard fan this is the first game blizz has dropped in a while that felt like a blizzard game for me, i've beaten the campaign and moved on to leveling so i can increase my world tier and the story was great, and honestly if i solely played for the campaign it would've been good enough, the story was great and you can definitely see the expansion coming from the ending.

    • Michael Meadows
      Michael Meadows 3 місяці тому +5

      Yeah, sadly the latest WoW expansion started out pretty cool, so much felt right and then (as a PvP player) the ball has been thoroughly dropped on the end game. Solo Shuffle is killing arena, class tuning is making healer's lives miserable. Just a big disappointment. I had low expectations for Diablo 4 but it's refreshingly good. They didn't reinvent the wheel with game breaking nonsense. It's just a well crafted diablo game, which is what everyone wants.

    • Brkus
      Brkus 2 місяці тому

      @Michael Meadows Dragonflight has been far better than Diablo IV. I don't know Diablo IV simply isn't fun.

    • Michael Meadows
      Michael Meadows 2 місяці тому +2

      @brkus2665 as a pvp player dragonflight is feeling like the final nail in the coffin. Solo shuffle will see to it that at least half the already small player base quits, many of which were people willing to play healers.

    • Freddy Diaz
      Freddy Diaz 2 місяці тому

      how many hours of campaign would you say it takes to finish the game? thinking about buying it only for campaign

  • The Casual Gamer
    The Casual Gamer 3 місяці тому +134

    I've never really been too big on Diablo and I'm not entirely sure why. This game really caught my eye with how stunning it looks and, despite some of the cosmetic microtransactions I've heard about, I've been really considering picking this one up!

    • Nick Silva
      Nick Silva 3 місяці тому +9

      If you want to test if you like the gameplay I'd give Lost Ark a quick try. It is free and packed with stuff to do. If you don't like the quests and dungeons/raids of Lost Ark and just want more combat then I think you'll enjoy D4. I personally was bored with the D3 endgame so I haven't picked up D4 yet, but I know that people who liked D3 have nothing but praise for this one.

    • The Casual Gamer
      The Casual Gamer 3 місяці тому +2

      @Nick Silva Thank you for the suggestion!

    • Ritch Carcass
      Ritch Carcass 3 місяці тому +32

      I never got it. I’m into sports games and shooters.
      My good friend has been playing it for years and a couple of them were excited about it. It looks amazing and my wife surprised me and got it. Now I am hooked and I’m going to become the biggest Diablo nerd the world has ever seen.

    • Frost
      Frost 3 місяці тому +6

      Stunning? It looks like a ps2/ps3 game...?

    • Samurai_Stoner
      Samurai_Stoner 3 місяці тому +6

      ​@Frost graphics don't make a game good

  • Louis Smith Jr
    Louis Smith Jr 3 місяці тому +31

    Be glad there are no trapped chests. Been playing since Diablo original. My fav was the Druid from D2. But it was a pain to switch forms. Now in D4 form switching is automatically done for your chosen ability. Very fluid and very fun with tons of possible combos. In D3 I really liked to play the monk and the demon hunter and miss them in D4. Rouge is Good at bows but you might want to mix in some melee, like Dash and caltrops to get you out of swarms. Swarming groups of mobs happens alot. New players try the Barbarian and Druid first. There both very tanky and can take a lot of punishment vs the glass connon Rouge and Mage

  • Scooter Blalock
    Scooter Blalock 3 місяці тому +13

    I haven't played diablo since 3. I jumped on this one to scratch the arpg itch and so far I am amazed at how much better this game is than 3. I'm already addicted to it 3 days in and I absolutely love the variety of things to do. Side quest, open world bosses or any dungeon. I'm only at l3vel 48 but i am really loving the direction they took with this game!

    • Roblzy
      Roblzy 2 місяці тому

      after a month how is going? I wanna buy it but not sure yet.

  • robsolf
    robsolf 3 місяці тому +2422

    It's refreshing to see a game mechanically working correctly from launch. It's not something we see very often, these days.

    • Immolation Ken
      Immolation Ken 3 місяці тому +36

      Ahem, Diablo 3 launch😬…

    • Durruti
      Durruti 3 місяці тому +152

      You don't often see a f2p game with a $70 entrance fee either.

    • Sam S
      Sam S 3 місяці тому +12

      Well, they did take their time with this one..

    • Pulse Of Me
      Pulse Of Me 3 місяці тому +85

      ​@Durruti aside from diablo immortal which is a mobile game, the main diablo games never been f2p lol.

    • Jason Horn
      Jason Horn 3 місяці тому

      Sooo true !!

  • Mat Perman
    Mat Perman 3 місяці тому +9

    Solid informative video as always, Jake. I had never touched Diablo before but got talked into trying the Beta. I was late to it so didn't get as much time in as I would have wanted. But I enjoyed it. I never thought I would. I'm now debating getting the game when it makes sense for me financially. But it's on my "To get" list. It seems like a solid investment for my friends. They all got the ultimate edition and haven't put it down since the early access. Couple of them booked a week off work and have literally stayed on the game for full days/nights at times 😂. Definitely a game that I never thought would be on my radar and now Is firmly there. Especially after the launch of other games I was anticipating that flopped pretty hard. Glad to see people enjoying it

  • 6guage
    6guage 3 місяці тому +2

    Played all three so far and I’ve been really happy with the improvement of each over the last. TBH I was skeptical of III at first because it felt so different pace-wise, once I got into it I got completely hooked and loved the more intense faster pace because it was matched with a high level of fluidity so it worked really well. Super hyped for IV after watching this, might even get the $100 version

  • Shane
    Shane 3 місяці тому +25

    Started with the 4 day early access as a sorcerer going with an ice shard/hydra build. Beat the main story on the day of the official release but had already made it to lvl 50 and put about 30 hours into it. There's a MASSIVE amount of stuff to do, and while some of it is cliche, I never once felt bored or went "naw I'll skip that challenge". I started on World Tier II and am rolling my 2nd character now to do on the side when I wanna go back through the story. The store isn't BAM in your face which I like, but $25 for skins??? really??? Luckily the designs in game are already really cool so outside of maybe whatever they do with the battle pass you shouldn't ever feel like you HAVE to spend money to play or keep up. But it's a live service game so we'll see if the can keep the good going and not devolve into nonsense like so many other live service games before it. So far though I'd give, on release, Diablo IV a very solid 8/10 worth checking out.

    • Eric Mann
      Eric Mann 3 місяці тому

      Look forward to trying this game as a sorc, never played a Diablo game before, only Path of Exile, but I have patience and like a challenge, plus this game looks amazing and seems to get praise even from critical people.

  • TundraCrow
    TundraCrow 3 місяці тому +201

    I simply enjoy the fact that it feels and plays like a game that was made and finished to be a start to finish complete experience that isn't hidden behind the need to buy extra things.
    There is plenty of meat on this game's bones to feast on for the $70 dollar price tag. If you can put 50 plus hours into it and still have fun your getting your money's worth.

    • frost white
      frost white 3 місяці тому +23

      honestly dont feel like 50 hours is enough for a 70 dollar game. I feel that monster hunter world, or even rise was worth the price. I didnt like rise all that much but it had loads of content. and was well worth the price. i spent over 100 hours. i did end up not liking it but the amount of content provided very much met the price. if diablo is 50 hours of fun then the rest boring, i would say its not worth the price.

    • calix bessanh
      calix bessanh 3 місяці тому +4

      @frost white 50 hours ain’t enough damn u can probably even get like 100 hrs in this game. The hell is a good price for u then.

    • flash Max
      flash Max 3 місяці тому +20

      @frost white that’s 1.5 hour/dollar. Going to the movies or to a theme park is a way worse return. A medium Lego set costs about as much, for a couple hours of your time. 50 hours is definitely worth it to me

    • D
      D 3 місяці тому +2

      too bad the servers weren't stress tested and now the game is unplayable

    • Ukko
      Ukko 3 місяці тому

      @frost white 50 hours is enough for me for 70 dollars, it's not like I have too much time on my hands anyways.

  • Brandon Espinosa
    Brandon Espinosa 3 місяці тому +1

    Great game honestly you nail it everytime with these. This game has been so much fun and definitely action packed to capture you in it

  • Marcel Cory
    Marcel Cory 3 місяці тому +980

    Its a rare feeling these days to have a game that gets you excited throughout the day knowing you will play it again later. Love it

    • Charlie Burrows
      Charlie Burrows 3 місяці тому +7

      Agreed. Although it's doubtful because of the server issues - I've literally just picked it up. But have no expectations of actually being able to play if for about 3 weeks...it's a shit show with the server stuff etc. downtimes are bad and that just sucks.

    • Zeff Malchazeen
      Zeff Malchazeen 3 місяці тому +3

      @Charlie Burrows aside from suffering from a nationwide ISP issue, I had no issues with D4 since early access. Did take my time though, just entered act5

    • Charlie Burrows
      Charlie Burrows 3 місяці тому +2

      @Zeff Malchazeen I'm pleased you got it working but it just seems there are a LOT of issues out there. I'm just not holding my breath. Im' in the UK so fingers crossed later.

    • Carpathian Hermit
      Carpathian Hermit 3 місяці тому +26

      I share the same sentiment towards smoking crack

  • Poppin
    Poppin 3 місяці тому +18

    I’ve played Diablo since the original, one of my favorite series of games. This one I’m enjoying Immensely.

  • Blue Weber
    Blue Weber 3 місяці тому +5

    Been a player since early on with Diablo 1. The first two were so so SO much and some of my favorite games of all time. I tried to get into 3 but it just wasn’t for me (too cartoony or too much of a push for online maybe…?)
    What I would really like to see is a mode similar to hardcore but something more along the lines of “Classic” with the classic inventory Tetris system. Loot is great but it doesn’t have as much value when each item “weighs” the same. I also really miss the map overlay and hope they put that out someday. Otherwise, love the game so far! It’s fun to have a good story mixed with great combat that can be played with friends or solo and I don’t feel that I am missing anything.

  • Zuriel
    Zuriel 3 місяці тому +2

    I've played D3 RoS first than went back to 1&2 and 3 was my favorite out of them by far because the first 2 just felt older than the games I'm used to now. I'm only mid game into D4 since I didn't get the deluxe or whatever and had to start last night but so far it's fun and looks great. The cosmetic shop is something i looked at once to see what the premium skins looked like but they were just ok to mr compared to what D3 had at base and I've seen a lot of end game builds of D4 and they're characters look so much better than the stuff in the shops so I'm not concerned about it existing at all atm. I need to see how I feel about the game in a couple months before making a solid opinion but right now I like D4 a lot.

  • Robert Nilsson
    Robert Nilsson 3 місяці тому +6

    Only thing that bothers me with the game is lack of enemy variety and latency is a bit more common when riding through zones and you hit an invisible wall for a while before being able to move forward.
    Other then that, super engaging and fun, great story and love the game play in general.

    • Scooter Blalock
      Scooter Blalock 3 місяці тому +2

      Yeah I've noticed the lack of dungeon bosses but I just switch biomes and fight different enemies and switch what I'm doing. I'll do a story mission, then a side quest, then a dungeon.

  • Mike Nolan
    Mike Nolan 3 місяці тому +3

    I'm 24 been playing video games my whole life and have never played a diablo game before. Decided I wanted to understand the world I was about to get into and have a grasp of the lore and story since it's so deep and rich in both. I really wanted to buy diablo 4 but I read so many comments from so many old fans saying that diablo 2 resurrected was a fantastic game, the devs did the game justice, and if you really want to know the story you have to play so i had to buy it. After having barely put 8 hrs in I realized I missed this from my childhood, could easily sink hundreds of hrs into it, and came to the conclusion that once I had finished db2 I'm going straight to db4. Honestly I haven't even watched the video but I know this game is also going to be an absolute banger I'm just really hyped and excited and can't wait to play, from what i have already seen it looks f*cking awesome!

  • Red Beard Kingdom
    Red Beard Kingdom 3 місяці тому +8011

    Would yall ever consider doing an "After you Buy"? Like where yall go over older games in retrospect and how they hold up in today's gaming space? I know yall have something kinda similar yall do every once in awhile, but putting them in a short, cohesive format like Before you Buy would be dope!

    • ThornyFox
      ThornyFox 3 місяці тому +274

      That makes no sense

    • Khailil S
      Khailil S 3 місяці тому +73

      Doesn’t have the same appeal

    • Red Beard Kingdom
      Red Beard Kingdom 3 місяці тому +206

      @ThornyFox it'd be used to give people reviews and heads ups on older games that don't get the spotlight anymore but are still golden.

    • D1O Dream
      D1O Dream 3 місяці тому +169

      that's just called a regular game review lol!

    • Red Beard Kingdom
      Red Beard Kingdom 3 місяці тому +32

      @D1O Dream it is, but I just like the format they use for Before You Buy, but they don't catch all of them that come through the pipeline through the years

  • Ashez
    Ashez 3 місяці тому +4

    Man I have been so excited for this game. I have been playing Diablo sence the beginning and each game had it's pros and cons. I love diablo 2 the best. The phone app was disappointing and I couldn't play it for long. But this one is the one I have been waiting for! Going to get it next week and will probably play the crap out of it!

  • Marcus Hurt
    Marcus Hurt 3 місяці тому +2

    My one and only complaint is the random mix of mobs just feet from each other in the areas. Skeletons, with wildlife next to Ghouls, Fallen and Humanoids. Otherwise I've been loving it!

  • Alter Valna
    Alter Valna 3 місяці тому

    The game looks and feels great gameplay-wise for the short time I've put into it so far, but my biggest let-down was the lack of a character creation system--no body builds, no facial changes, lack of hairstyles that you'd think would be a common starting point to have, etc. There could've been a lot to really custom design your insert character to better enjoy playing your character in the game--at least, as a female character player, that's what it felt like. Thankfully, Rogue looked closest to what I wanted as a sense of "my character" in this world, otherwise I would've gone Necromancer (I did look at the other classes--Barbarian and Druid were too large on female side, and I couldn't quite get what I wanted out of a Sorceress).
    However, character creation aside, the game looks phenomenal!

  • Nima Siahtiri
    Nima Siahtiri 2 місяці тому

    I was a part of testing this and it was a time of my life . Really enjoyed diablo iv even before release

  • Hamchunk
    Hamchunk 3 місяці тому

    I've played all the Diablo games. Loved 1 &2, 3 ended up being pretty good after updates but was bad at launch. So far 4 feels like a mix of 2 and 3 which to me is a good thing. I'm having a blast as a Druid!

  • EyesOfTheFox
    EyesOfTheFox 3 місяці тому +649

    Something people overlook is that in Diablo 4, level descrepencies no longer plague the experience when playing with friends in a party. Everything is scaled to each individual member, so your lower level friends no longer get one shot for trying to quest with you.

    • J Taco
      J Taco 3 місяці тому +20

      That's pretty cool

    • Jonathan Lebon
      Jonathan Lebon 3 місяці тому +72

      Only roadblock is that it follows the party leader's questline. So whoever did the least of the main quest should party lead if they wanna do main quest.
      But yeah, the scaling and damage is unique to each player which is mind blowing that they managed to make that work somehow.

    • CrumpetFace
      CrumpetFace 3 місяці тому

      Thats awesome

    • Everyday Slow Mo
      Everyday Slow Mo 3 місяці тому +3

      Diablo 3 did this?

    • Chris
      Chris 3 місяці тому +7

      @Everyday Slow Mo nope

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 3 місяці тому

    Been playing Diablo since 2 and am super excited to play this! I was worried about having other players besides my wife playing in the same game but at least in the betas it didn’t seem to be an issue.

  • shawn anderson
    shawn anderson 3 місяці тому +3

    I've been playing since the first, and this one brought me back to the creepiness of it all. The environments are spectacular, like you said.

  • Robert Hojaboom
    Robert Hojaboom 3 місяці тому

    Normally you have some pretty critical cons to the game but not this one. Genuinely sound like this game is amazing!
    I watched it during the beta and was worried about the barbs damage output because sorc was broken in beta and barb was weak. Glad they actually listened to us and balanced it well!

  • KageDarkAngel
    KageDarkAngel 2 місяці тому

    I started with Diablo 2 on the PC but never really got overly into the game as I had a hard time building characters at the start so I would end up stuck in the second Act where I couldn't even beat the burning dead in the sewers. The only Diablo game I beat was Diablo 3 and it is the only one I seem to be able to play on Torment level difficulty solo without dying once. Played a bit of Diablo 4 as a Druid (psyched as it was my fav back in 2) but died literally 3 times on the easiest difficulty (I always start easy and then do another run on higher difficulties) to some dungeon bosses, not sure if it was due to limited dodge mechanics, lack of good gear drops or limited potion/recovery skills... (or maybe I just suck? who knows?). Kind of hate the idea of the maps, dungeons, and quests leveling with my character, makes it feel like any progress I make seem kind of pointless. The NPC shops are... expensive, but I love being able to create or customize your own legendary gear so that is a plus, also the resources and gold are easy to get. I also think I still suck at character builds when it comes to this Diablo's Druid or maybe Druid isn't the right character I should be soloing as. It is a lot of fun though.

  • Marissya
    Marissya 3 місяці тому +309

    This has been the most enjoyable Diablo experience for me. Back when I first played Diablo I I was pretty young but absolutely loved it. Diablo 4 has brought back that joy factor that I felt 3 was missing (at least for me).
    Big call out, it finally feels like you can create a powerful set of gear that is customized to the skills you actually want to play with. Lots of options. 3 I felt would pigeon hole you into specific sets if you wanted to do anything with the higher tier content.

    • Wattrus
      Wattrus 3 місяці тому +3

      Does the weapon you equip your character with look like the one they’re carrying? Are the basic attacks based on the weapon? How close is it to D2 cause I absolutely hated d3

    • Marissya
      Marissya 3 місяці тому +8

      @Wattrus basic attacks are actually set on your “Basic” skills that you choose from the skill tree. For example, I use the Storm Strike basic skill from the Druid tree to complement my nature build. These skills generate your resources for the heavier hitting skills you choose.
      The weapon you equip DOES look like what you’re wearing. There is a transmog system if you want to change the look as well. Pretty decent one. Can dye the individual pieces for armor.
      As for Diablo II, 4 is definitely in its own category with it being so open and encouraging exploration, but the combat feel and enjoying dungeons/caves/cellars is a much closer experience. Lots of quests.

    • Frank Garrett
      Frank Garrett 3 місяці тому +6

      @Wattrus it’s more like d3. It’s very arcade like. The itemization is way different than d2 as well. There’s no holy shyt dude I found a rare 2-20 sorc diadem with 19 all rez and 27 strength moments lol.

    • Maverekt
      Maverekt 3 місяці тому +1

      I love the fact you can pull legendary powers and put it onto an item, and that you can unlock and imprint them from the dungeon unlockables (albeit they are weaker, but it doesn’t make you hard stuck waiting for one item if you have the power)

    • NitrousInject
      NitrousInject 3 місяці тому +4

      ​@Marissya this closeness to D2 might actually make me buy D4. I've clocked a huge amount of hours into D2 over the last 20 years (Project Diablo 2 recently), and D3 disappointed me while D Immortal outright pissed me off.
      Here's hoping they don't decide in a couple months that D4 could use the massive cash grab tactics that too many modern games have employed to my disgust.

  • Sane
    Sane 3 місяці тому +5

    ive played a bit of D3 and i really love the gory and kind of dark fantasy look of D4, definitely gonna give the game a try at some point

  • Sendrius Telt
    Sendrius Telt 3 місяці тому +4

    Diablo 4 is the first game I've purchased outright in 4 years (gamepass!). I bought the ultimate version to play early (I know, I know SMH), I rolled a Barbarian at first and then switched to a sorcerer so I could see the pretty lights! I'm loving it so far.

  • Atlanta's Black Wall Street
    Atlanta's Black Wall Street 3 місяці тому

    Never played any Diablo games. I bought the deluxe edition game with early access about 2 weeks ago. Great game! I probably put +50 hours already on a Lvl 61 Necromancer. This is definitely the highest quality dungeon crawler game out right now.

  • Master Jenkins
    Master Jenkins 3 місяці тому +7

    refreshing to see a game launch without many issues and a full games without many bugs, i love it

    • Major Gear
      Major Gear 23 дні тому

      “Without many issues”
      oh sweet Summer child.

  • crimsonraen
    crimsonraen 3 місяці тому

    Thanks for the video Jake! I look forward to playing it at some point. I spent SO many hours of my life in Diablo and Diablo II... Diablo III just didn't catch my interest unfortunately, after playing a lot of it.. and I refuse to play "immortal". This one definitely looks good.

  • xbobx27
    xbobx27 3 місяці тому +61

    Never played any Diablo before. Got caught up in the hype and decided to try this one. EXTREMELY glad I did. Can’t put it down, satisfying combat and awesome world and lore. If you see my Druid Falroth, say hello.

    • Gummy Loo
      Gummy Loo 3 місяці тому +3

      same. i found the game when halsey announced her partnership and i’m rlly interested in buying but i don’t know which version to buy and i don’t understand the base mechanics of the game like the battle pass and stuff. how’s ur experience w the game so far? was it easy to adapt to the functions of the game?

    • Flower of Ash
      Flower of Ash 3 місяці тому +1

      is it subcription base or buy one time and play forever?

    • RyanIsRight
      RyanIsRight 3 місяці тому +4

      @Flower of Ash buy once

    • Crowincidence
      Crowincidence 3 місяці тому +2

      @Flower of Ash If a 70 bucks game would be subscription based it would suck oof

    • Dimitar Dobrev
      Dimitar Dobrev 3 місяці тому

      So glad you like it man. When you want to try something "new", try Diablo 1. Its amazing.

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson 3 місяці тому +2

    That sound mixing at the end was awesome, people don't realize how much sound design can make or break a game

  • Cody Minner
    Cody Minner 3 місяці тому

    I played diablo 3 about 10 years ago because some co workers said to check it out. I fell in love with it for about 3 months then got burnt out. I was actually looking to see if I could re download the game on my new PC or have to rebuy it when i saw diablo 4 came out. I'll be buying this game when the budget allows me to, thanks for the "review"

  • Refuse Mediocrity
    Refuse Mediocrity 3 місяці тому +1

    Thank you for discussing the real money store, and not defending that hot garbage for a full priced game, really keeps your channel trusted Jake on top of the honesty.

  • rakuloe
    rakuloe 3 місяці тому +5

    I had zero interest in this game when it got announced. But the last few days, I suddenly want to buy it. It just sounds and looks so damn good. Also because I absolutely fell in love with the Rogue class, its been a while since ive played a game were rogues were that good.

    • Kyle Townsley
      Kyle Townsley 3 місяці тому +4

      Don't buy it yet. Wait for rampant monetization to be revealed

    • StanGreener
      StanGreener 3 місяці тому +1

      ​@Kyle Townsleyhow long will that take?

    • Tilteronni
      Tilteronni 3 місяці тому +1

      @StanGreener wait a couple months

    • StanGreener
      StanGreener 3 місяці тому

      @Tilteronni alright bet

    • Tilteronni
      Tilteronni 3 місяці тому +1

      @StanGreener gotta see how season 1 unfolds, if its good I'll buy it right away

  • Moncree Brown
    Moncree Brown 8 днів тому +1

    After beating Diablo 3 with all of the DLC, definitely buying this next week. Currently finishing up FFXVI which is absolutely amazing in its own right. I want to try Baldur's Gate 3 but I'm not a huge fan of turn based RPG's.

  • Zane Charron
    Zane Charron 3 місяці тому +64

    So glad to hear from so many outlets that Diablo 4 is an excellent next game in the series. I've been playing since Diablo 1 on the PS1, having probably 3000-4000 hours in Diablo 2. After D3 I fell off and wasn't really into these kind of top-down dungeon crawlers anymore, but I played the beta and found it really fun, so I'm jumping into D4 this weekend. Thanks Jake, you're a cool guy. :^)>

    • TRC_WA
      TRC_WA 3 місяці тому +2

      Yeah man… I played the original in ‘97 and didn’t play D2 or D3. I’m back for D4 and the game is giving me a lot of WoW vibes and having a blast playing my Sorcerer. Necromancer is next… I played Mage/Priest/Warlock in WoW so these 2 are my obvious first choice characters. It’s just too bad the real life stuff like work has to get in the way. 😂

  • K7L3R Workman
    K7L3R Workman 3 місяці тому +1

    I love that the action icons and sound effects for potions are somewhat more like the Oldschool from the original game.

  • Bigcashmoney12
    Bigcashmoney12 2 місяці тому

    I really feel like the fact that there's level scaling should've been emphasized more. I feel like its the only thing that stopped me from having fun. Its not fun knowing you aren't ever going to get stronger

  • RocLobster
    RocLobster 3 місяці тому

    One of the best parts about D2 and LoD was the crafting system combos and hybridization

  • Pat O'Donnell
    Pat O'Donnell 3 місяці тому +4

    This is the best game in a long time. They nailed the feeling I got from first playing D2.

  • Zeal
    Zeal 3 місяці тому +1

    It took me 20 minutes yesterday to get into the game. But it was release day so I’m not surprised. Enjoying it so far. Have a level 14 necro and level 14 sorcerer. Enjoying the necro changes they did

  • Doc Deezy Gaming
    Doc Deezy Gaming 3 місяці тому +128

    Who else remembers when maps would change in each d2 server and everyone waited in the town for the magic finding sorc to TP us all straight to Baal. Being able to make a public server and name the server with exactly what everyone was going to be doing was awesome. with nostalgia out of the way, D4 is impressive and I highly recommend it. Also, i hope there is a secret level in D4 that hasnt been found yet, like the Hell Bovine in Tristam.

    • Keith Press
      Keith Press 3 місяці тому +9

      I used to rush people all the time. I had a hammerdin that could solo Ubers consistently. Best Diablo in my opinion.

    • Tater Lane
      Tater Lane 3 місяці тому +3

      @Keith Press what I would give to see the paladin return lol 😂 my one genuine complaint at the moment! Otherwise I’m thoroughly enjoying it!!

    • Keith Press
      Keith Press 3 місяці тому +1

      @Tater Lane the closest was the crusader in d3

    • Cuuuttiee Pie
      Cuuuttiee Pie 3 місяці тому +3

      D2 was my intro into gaming.

    • NitrousInject
      NitrousInject 3 місяці тому +4

      Enigma hammerdin. Who needs a sorc?

  • Zethren
    Zethren 3 місяці тому

    The last game i ever felt excited for was diablo 2 resurrected. As a 30+ gamer, when that released, i felt like a 15 year old again. I would skip lunch at work just to level up my paladin, and this was at a point where i played all the current games and nothing felt good anymore. I was numb. Its so good to know they learned so much from that game and made a proper sequel. Diablo 3s after release support is legendary. Hell even diablo 2 lod got a patch not ao long ago. So i know d4 will not die, and i will get it after they release the eventual paladin/crusader/knight class just as i did w diablo 3. Btw, i played and enjoyed immortal wo spending a dime. Its worth trying out w friends then stopping after a certain point. Love this franchise, warts and all. (Of course F not monetization, but Greedy monetization wc immortal has)

  • Kiencefrostmar
    Kiencefrostmar 3 місяці тому +2

    was kinda hoping to hear about the multiplayer stuff, if it really was forcing people to be online and pay for subscriptions for every player even locally, but I understand that is less of a game issue and more of a separate thing

  • Lucidity
    Lucidity 3 місяці тому

    Im so far loving this game i only have about 30 hours of gameplay so far but im definitely feeling it kept it a familiar feeling

  • Singing The HU
    Singing The HU 3 місяці тому

    Here in the Netherlands (and possibly other countries) they raised the price of the ultimate and deluxe versions by €10 each since yesterday. It's now €109.99 for the ultimate edition and €99.00 for the deluxe edition. I believe Blizzard has a right to charge whatever they want but they need to keep in mind that this sudden price hike doesn't seem costumer friendly.

    • Dutch
      Dutch 3 місяці тому

      Ik ga zwemmen….

  • Ray Olmeda
    Ray Olmeda Місяць тому

    I was lvl 82 when i found out i would have to start over for the season, so i used the necro for the season 1 and i have to say this will be my only season. I was so hyped for it but nostalgia for past diablo games quickly gave way to reality and now im ready to put it down and move on to something else till there is more story added

  • Ritch Carcass
    Ritch Carcass 3 місяці тому

    This video is on point. You articulated everything like an expert. You’re a Diablo god now

  • Ross Hurst
    Ross Hurst 3 місяці тому +2

    You had me at Transmog. Also I have nothing against monetized cosmetic shops as long as I don't feel like the paid skins are way better than what I can get in game. Been playing Diablo since Diablo and honestly I wasn't that excited for this game, mostly because I'm still knee deep in TotK, but I am planning on getting it and I'm fairly hopeful after watching your vid. Thanks for another great BYB

  • JacobTC
    JacobTC 3 місяці тому

    Diablo 4 is the best Diablo game, ever. It has the atmosphere and intrigue of Diablo 2, a well-done open world (rare these days), compelling side quests and main quests, the improved, polished combat of D3, the streamlining of vendors and stats from a few different games… it really feels like this is the penultimate Diablo experience.

  • Pauraic Cleary
    Pauraic Cleary 3 місяці тому

    I've never picked it up, but I'm considering it with Diablo 4. I've not played many top-down pov games (except for Hades) so I hope (like Hades) I get used to it quickly enough. I'm certainly interested in it

  • Ed Cole
    Ed Cole 3 місяці тому +1

    I used to literally fall asleep playing Diablo 3. My partner would nudge me awake cause my character was starting to die. It was very linear and the difficulty was always either too easy or too hard. Grim dawn is a little more engaging with it's open world than D3 and added some nice quality of life things that i hear D4 might have. I'm on the fence about getting D4 but the combat looks better. Would be nice if there was a popular game in this genre that wasn't so gloomy looking. V rising is closest i can think of

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 3 місяці тому +46

    The barbarian is so hard to level at first, but once you’re up to par, he is so satisfying to play

    • Snoogans
      Snoogans 3 місяці тому

      Bro, Barbarian is super easy to play. it's all in the Hulk Smash 😂

    • Xi Jinpig
      Xi Jinpig 3 місяці тому

      Pay 70 bucks for cinematics
      Wait 2 years
      Pay 50 bucks fir DLC and real end game content
      D4 total cost is 70 + Season Pass + 50 + Season Pass = $300-$1000

  • Sakaar Nayak
    Sakaar Nayak 3 місяці тому

    Love your channel, man. Reviews always on point

  • Matt McCormick
    Matt McCormick 3 місяці тому

    This is the first game I've pre-ordered since getting burned by Fallout 76... And so far I am definitely not regretting it! So far I agree with everything you said about it. But you can never be sure that Blizzard won't screw the pooch later on, but for now I have no complaints.

  • Nomenclator
    Nomenclator 3 місяці тому

    This is the review I was hoping for ! Guess I'll happily buy it then
    I see that they took the feedback into account for the game colour palette, feels more Diablo 2

  • Clungebuster420dayz
    Clungebuster420dayz 2 місяці тому

    Got it last night n i like that people can just join your events in free roam with no hassle of adding people in its nice to just see peoples builds while fighting

  • Davidjedi
    Davidjedi 3 місяці тому

    Been playing since early access. Game is really fun. Some funky glitches like the tree challenges not adding points after you beat em. Reset the game and it showed I filled up the bar. A few invisible wall. One game crash while I was going into a dungeon from the map. Game is still better than 3 imo.

  • Thom Curry
    Thom Curry 3 місяці тому +29

    I'm really enjoying D4. I honestly haven't played much Diablo since the original; game, but this one grabbed me during the open beta. I really like the ability to apply transmogrifications from equipment that you salvage at the blacksmith. It gives me the ability to look however I want while still wearing the RPG clown suit of "best stats gear."

    • attk177
      attk177 3 місяці тому

      thats nice to hear. Im still undecided whether to get it or not. Running the same instance over and over again for crappy loot just doesnt appeal to me anymore. And since they havent drastically changed anything, I dont think I will be interested. The diablo endgame has always been shitty to me

    • Saint_Noodles
      Saint_Noodles 3 місяці тому +2

      @attk177 you will get bored after 1 week playing.

    • Thom Curry
      Thom Curry 3 місяці тому

      @Saint_Noodles That's every game I've ever played dude. Let's not start blaming the world for my ADD.

    • Saint_Noodles
      Saint_Noodles 3 місяці тому

      @Thom Curry well diablo offer no new thing in Arpg it's just 70$ and nothing new, you can play like lost ark or Path of exile for free it's literally upgrade of diablo 4

    • Thom Curry
      Thom Curry 3 місяці тому

      @Saint_Noodles I have played PoE. Lots of it in fact.

  • CivoHD
    CivoHD День тому

    never really been a fan of these kind of top down view games, but when i played diablo 4 i’m actually hooked and genuinely enjoying every aspect of it

  • Em_McShooty
    Em_McShooty 3 місяці тому

    Finished the story, 10/10 for me.
    This game is a masterpiece

  • werdle92
    werdle92 2 місяці тому +1

    Im very happy with the game. Druid may not be the strongest, but maxing his crowd control skills is fun AF lol

    • gameranx
      gameranx  2 місяці тому


    • Popcoinx
      Popcoinx 2 місяці тому

      Just started my second character today and I’m doing the Druid I’m loving it atm

  • Jacob Judd
    Jacob Judd 3 місяці тому

    Learned to read because of diablo 1. Played them all and love the lore. Gotta wait till the weekend to play (I won't sleep and that would likely lead to injury at my job) and am extremely excited to see where they take the world.

  • loosted boostio
    loosted boostio 3 місяці тому

    Me and my friend started with diablo 3 just because we were excited to play diablo 4, we never finished D3 but we did enjoy our time, were currently lvl 12 in D4 and I'm excited to jump back into it later tonight!!

  • The Rotten💯
    The Rotten💯 3 місяці тому +9

    I'm absolutely loving it so far. One minor gripe that I hope gets patched though is with mouse vs controller when it comes to the sorcerer and the ice shard skill. When playing with a mouse, an ice shard blast will miss a target by an inch if I'm not perfectly lined up with it (and sometimes when I'm lined up perfectly) which hurts considering it's about 1/3 of my mana pool per shot.
    Decided to give the controller a shot to see how that played (not because of that skill, I just wanted to see how it played with a controller since I'd never played a Diablo game with one before) and I immediately realized the controller "tracked" the enemy better, with it only missing about half as often and usually only when I fully realized I fired it at the wrong time. It makes it tempting to use the controller, but that just doesn't "feel" like Diablo to me, so I'm dealing with the handicap of the mouse and keyboard...however, mouse should never be a handicap in these games.

  • All Thumbs
    All Thumbs 3 місяці тому

    This is my first Diablo game. I’m playing a sorcerer and just hit lvl25. So far it looks really nice, but for me it’s been kinda boring / repetitive. Lots of the dungeons look the same. Maybe it gets better after level 50?

  • SmoothSavage 28
    SmoothSavage 28 3 місяці тому

    Diablo 3 was my first Diablo game. I immediately put it down because I didn't care for the top down view. I ended up playing and completing Darksiders 4, which incorporated this type of view. This was different than the previous 3 games, so it took getting used to. After that I decided to go back to Diablo 3. But by the time I got back into it, Diablo 4 was around the corner. I'm gonna try getting into Diablo 4.

  • Capital S
    Capital S 3 місяці тому

    It's basically exactly what I wanted. Diablo with open world exploration and a lot of qol features.

  • Jack Cull
    Jack Cull 3 місяці тому

    Only have played Diablo (including Helfire) and all of Diablo 2 (+LoD). Loved them a lot. Never dipped my toes into D3.
    Looks like 4 here is pretty awesome, and everyone across the board seems to agree that it's pretty swish.
    I might give it a go.

    CHA0S II THE0RY 3 місяці тому +1

    I only ever played diablo 3 and absolutely loved it. If it's as good or better than that then I'm getting it. Great vid :)

  • Arthur Drawdy
    Arthur Drawdy 3 місяці тому +14

    Been playing since Diablo (the first one) and so far I'm really enjoying the new one. I love all the options you have for setting up your character. The meta is always going to be the go to, but you can try anything you like.

    • Joma Hawk
      Joma Hawk 3 місяці тому

      But the fact that “trying whatever you want” will mean zero progress once you hit the end game is a huge red flag for a game like this. Being FORCED into an optimized “meta” build to have any chance in the end game is what killed Borderlands 2, and will be a MASSIVE detriment to this game.

  • highbeam neem
    highbeam neem 3 місяці тому

    never played diablo but i do watch these videos all the time so i’m gonna check it out. i love the rouge class in any rpg so let’s see how this plays out. great video as always

  • Jedith_Freelance
    Jedith_Freelance 3 місяці тому

    I've actually never played a Diablo game. I've played other games like it, but never one of the Diablo games itself. Would I get into it? Probably at some point. I have such a big backlog as it is and other online games that have seasons and stuff that it's not exactly on the top of my list. But I always appreciate your guy's videos on the games coming out to see what's going on with them and the honest opinions. Thank you so much!

  • Collin
    Collin 3 місяці тому

    I appreciate the video, as always, but I'm still inclined to wait until a more complete version is released in a couple of years. To each their own, of course. I just have enough going on in life and a large enough gaming backlog that I can wait to see what happens with this over the next few months.

  • Ammie Z
    Ammie Z 3 місяці тому

    I've been playing Diablo since it first came out. After D3, I wasn't so sure about the 4th one, but it looks pretty cool. Might have to think about this a little harder.

  • Joey Parrott
    Joey Parrott 3 місяці тому

    Thank you for the honest review as always!

  • Galexy MDH
    Galexy MDH 3 місяці тому +21

    was addicted to diablo 3 my freshman year in high school lol .
    now 25 and honestly this one blows 3 out of the water!!
    the mmo aspect blends in so perfect. especially when you're out in the middle of nowhere by yourself, or so you think, then someone randomly comes by, helps, says greeting, then goodbye.
    it all adds to the depth and immersion so I'm LOVING diablo 4, possibly now my all time favorite.

  • David Whitlatch
    David Whitlatch 3 місяці тому +1

    I've never been into top down pc games but I've heard so much about diablo in the past that this convinced me to try it on my ps5! Fingers crossed.

  • Russell Fancher
    Russell Fancher 3 місяці тому +1

    Everything you said I agree with to the T. I love the game and the only thing I didn't like you touched on, the skins in the shop are priced a little too high but what you can pick up is more than fine.

  • Aaron Milam
    Aaron Milam 3 місяці тому

    Last time I played Diablo was D2 when I was a kid playing with my dad and my brother, really looking into playing this one because it seems like a return to form from that GOAT of a game. Can’t quite decide if I have the hours to pour into it or ppl to play with though.

  • Of Darkness The Master
    Of Darkness The Master 3 місяці тому

    Great game for the winter, just not into gaming in NY during the summertime. This demo was great graphics, very impressive as the Sorcerer, can't tell what the difference is if you choose Necromancer, guess that's Castlevania guy stuff.

  • BuffLlama
    BuffLlama 3 місяці тому

    Never played Diablo before. Have been hearing good things about it, and I have been looking for a game to get lost in for quite awhile. Think I'm gonna take the dive a give this a shot!

  • DM25
    DM25 3 місяці тому +11

    I’m hoping the later seasons will bring in the crusaders or the paladin but it looks awesome looking forward to rocking a barbarian!

    • KhaosS
      KhaosS 3 місяці тому

      Need an Angel class fr. Paladin is cool but idk what build variety is gonna look like there

  • Burr
    Burr 3 місяці тому

    I miss playing video games, I’m working 80+ hours a week and don’t have the time right now, these videos help me escape for a little while into video games, even if only in imagination haha. This will be on my list when I have the time!

  • Ant G
    Ant G 3 місяці тому

    First game ive enjoyed in a long time. Level 50 Druid here and first diablo game. Looking forward to whats in store for the future.

  • Jesper Andersson
    Jesper Andersson 3 місяці тому

    Really enjoyable at the start, at the end game during world tier 3 pushing levels is rough takes time and is unforgiving, the world get's a little bit too big sometimes and the side quests are repetitive, and making you explore the entire world on every new character even after selecting to skip the campaign is a bit of a bummer tbh, the store is the biggest let down with 30$ skins and the available transmogs and armor I find a bit lacking, diablo 3 had way more customization options for legendaries and armor, other than that the game is really solid, well worth spending tons of hours on

  • ankr3w1
    ankr3w1 3 місяці тому

    i've been playing as a rogue. Idk if this is a ranged attack problem but i get alot of lag. ill be shooting at a group of enemies nearly off of the screen, then frame rate drops to zero and next thing you know im completely surrounded getting my ass kicked. also had many rubber banding issues and my character kinda sliding around on it's own and getting stuck to random things. so whoever this is working correctly for is just getting lucky.

  • Kevin Tatum
    Kevin Tatum 3 місяці тому

    Being totally new to this series and games alike this game is as good as it gets and the sound effects alone deserve awarded

    • Ace Race
      Ace Race 2 місяці тому

      Is it worth it?

  • Pan_done
    Pan_done 3 місяці тому +18

    One thing I noticed is Diablo 4 is the first game I’ve gotten lost in, in a hot minute. During early access I easily sunk several hours into the game and didn’t even notice because of how much fun I was having. This was also my first Diablo so I was surprised at how well this game clicked for me

  • Miodrag Petrovic
    Miodrag Petrovic 3 місяці тому +1

    Best story of all diablo games.
    Also if you're a fan of super fast paced modern arpgs this might not be for you. They purposely wanted to slow things down compared to Diablo 3 and they did a good job of doing so.

    • MoonsunEu
      MoonsunEu 3 місяці тому

      Diablo 2 is honestly best game ever made

    • Miodrag Petrovic
      Miodrag Petrovic 3 місяці тому

      @MoonsunEu lol

  • Yifei Ren
    Yifei Ren 3 місяці тому

    I really like the story, it actually has depth. The prime evil of hatred in the end failed his plan because the hatred of people having towards him. How irony it is.
    And there is no definitive bad guy, everyone simply has aligned or opposite intentions.

    • Jamie
      Jamie  3 місяці тому

      Bro is spoiling the story in a review video - Bad karma on your way this week.

  • Gigantic Walrus
    Gigantic Walrus 3 місяці тому +1

    Here is a straightforward review, and going to be down to earth with this one, as much as I've enjoyed all the diablo games in the past. This is one of the most bland and repetitive games I've ever played. Completely overhyped, and I struggle to find a reason to even complete the story. The graphics are beautiful, and the story is pretty cool if you can manage to force yourself to push through one of the slowest breadcrumb trailed out storylines. While I played, I just wanted to get to the next area, and rushing through it just to get more story. Completely pointless, waste of time traversing so long from one area to the next. It's the Blizzard way to keep you playing their game by forcing you down long linear paths, then backtracking over and over again to complete quests and progress.
    It's ok for a point and click adventure "cozy" game. Other than that, the game is pretty boring, with an overpriced RMT cosmetic shop on the side. Oh, and good luck playing with your friends, if you have a job and they are ripping through levels while you're at work, you'll never play with them. If you do, they will just run through everything, clearing out dungeons, making you chase them, picking up loot, and showing off how powerful they are, while they power level you so you can easily beat the game when you play alone. Sounds like a blast, right?

  • Chris Iles
    Chris Iles 3 місяці тому

    I bought this today after work its a blast. I wish I didn't go straight to hard-core mode after hours of fun just to start over was a mistake in my opinion. But got right back in it. Just didn't go that route the second time. Maybe later after I beat it a few times