Dangerous GIANT Board Game Challenge - Win $10,000

  • Опубліковано 20 кві 2019
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    • joan xiao
      joan xiao 2 дні тому

      Cameron Lacey vy

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      Belinda Thomas 2 дні тому

      Morgan mum

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    • Ben Davis
      Ben Davis 14 днів тому

      You skipped punishment and everyone saw it... Now let Jill punch u in the face

    • Nikki Macleod
      Nikki Macleod 15 днів тому

      You are the best. UAclipsr in the world

  • Ibrahim Khan
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    poopy 💩

  • Ibrahim Khan
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  • Ibrahim Khan
    Ibrahim Khan 12 годин тому

    I think morz

  • Andy Cho Joon Chin
    Andy Cho Joon Chin 13 годин тому

    If your phone shatter= its the transfromer bumble bee shatter movie

  • Peyton Vlogs
    Peyton Vlogs 13 годин тому

    You didn’t win because at the time 13:46 you skipped the punishment space

  • sanda hrnjic Hrnjic
    sanda hrnjic Hrnjic 14 годин тому

    Mum Must Win. couse morgz cheated when he got 1 he goed 2 spaces far

  • Travis ArkGaming
    Travis ArkGaming 14 годин тому

    imagen coping ever video ahhahahah

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  • Mark joe De guzman
    Mark joe De guzman 15 годин тому

    You always win 👎👎👎👎

  • Vayne Main
    Vayne Main 16 годин тому

    You suck

  • Vayne Main
    Vayne Main 16 годин тому

    You did the water Challenge pretty good because you suck morgz

  • Anaylcea Garrett
    Anaylcea Garrett 19 годин тому

    Morgan missed punishment

  • Alisha So
    Alisha So 20 годин тому

    13:46 morgz forgot his punishment

  • Aditya Laksmana
    Aditya Laksmana 20 годин тому


  • The lonely Unicorn
    The lonely Unicorn 20 годин тому

    Morgan missed a punishment

    MIDNIGHT EdItZ 20 годин тому

    Did they really broke up?

  • Adriene Burnette-Thompson
    Adriene Burnette-Thompson 22 години тому


  • It's Avery Bro
    It's Avery Bro 23 години тому


  • thefirstgrimreaperghoul34 ghoul
    thefirstgrimreaperghoul34 ghoul 23 години тому

    who here nows game of thrones? i called it game of morgz

  • Kyle Jen Ciriaco
    Kyle Jen Ciriaco День тому

    You're a super super mean

  • Melanie Pagano
    Melanie Pagano День тому

    Poop 💩

  • Ison - SOCIAL
    Ison - SOCIAL День тому

    13:30 - 15:42 JILL DID NOT DO A PUNISHMENT.

  • Jake Rondeau
    Jake Rondeau День тому

    Tem edje did this

  • Jake Rondeau
    Jake Rondeau День тому

    Team edge did this

  • Martha Meier
    Martha Meier День тому

    She didn’t drink the water bottle in 10 she did it in 10 second and 5 thousandth

  • Alianys Arroyo
    Alianys Arroyo День тому

    Morgz dude really we all say u skip that punishment

  • Elijah Productions
    Elijah Productions День тому


  • Chrissy Tinkles
    Chrissy Tinkles День тому

    Oh @%#$&@

  • hallie jones
    hallie jones День тому +3

    I saw it leave a like or comment if you saw😛

  • Richard Egan
    Richard Egan День тому

    Mogz skewed a p

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    go mum

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    💩 poop

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  • Lego life twins
    Lego life twins День тому

    I saw it “poop”

  • Gemma Souza
    Gemma Souza День тому

    Morgz and Jill cheated because they are both skipped the punishment when jill the mystery wheel she did it land on the punishment or did the punishment and Morgan skipped the punishment Square

  • Maureen Krum
    Maureen Krum День тому


  • SpongeBob and Squidward Gaming
    SpongeBob and Squidward Gaming День тому

    13:45 Morgz skipped the punishment space witch is the space he should be on

  • Maureen Krum
    Maureen Krum День тому

    Morgan your mom is so mean

  • Crazy cat Kat
    Crazy cat Kat День тому +1

    Once my dad dropped he phone on the floor and a lot of people stepped on it

  • Max Shastkiv
    Max Shastkiv День тому

    I’m on 140M

  • FrogEo 123
    FrogEo 123 День тому


  • Sharlet Williams
    Sharlet Williams День тому

    It is worth it getting punched in the face because I’m pretty sure you will win the $10,000

  • CaRozion127 Family fun
    CaRozion127 Family fun День тому

    Maurice you clearly cheated what are you doing with your big headed self stepping over the punishment you should clearly stepped on the one over it not the punishment you step two spaces ahead not 12

  • filip gigovski
    filip gigovski День тому

    and plus morgz/morgan cheated in the kitchen he was supposed to lan on the punishment not the mystery

  • filip gigovski
    filip gigovski День тому

    ''POOP'' did anyboddy notice that morgz/morgan his hair was a bit brown its ssupposed to be blonde

  • Deanna O'Connor
    Deanna O'Connor День тому

    Mogezs mised a punishment

  • Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson День тому

    He skipt the p

  • Deanna O'Connor
    Deanna O'Connor День тому


  • NikolaosEros PL
    NikolaosEros PL День тому


  • Megan Reilly
    Megan Reilly День тому

    (From the mystery wheel)

  • Ryan Yoshisida
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  • Eslime Green
    Eslime Green День тому

    Mum skipped a punishment

  • Ajma Barkzaei
    Ajma Barkzaei День тому

    You are the best UAclipsr do a vidio last to leave board game

  • Eslime Green
    Eslime Green День тому


    I saw the sign on the wheel like if u did too

  • Elizabeth Grace
    Elizabeth Grace День тому

    What I love about you guys is you guys are powerful😎 and cool

  • Darragh FM
    Darragh FM День тому

    Hi darraghfm your the best darraghfm yyyyyyyyyyyyyour the
    Best UAclips

  • weston999
    weston999 День тому

    jill is a loser

  • Itapita
    Itapita День тому

    0:24 ok I will try this at McDonald’s

  • xmwoboa xmwoaba
    xmwoboa xmwoaba День тому

    Hope you set on fire with the fire. In the thumbnail

  • Mustafa Haider
    Mustafa Haider День тому

    You threw the phone with brutal force. Of course it will be shattered after how you smashed your phone on the ground

  • 앙겔라Fan of everything
    앙겔라Fan of everything День тому

    13:42 look at the sceeen first and continue the video.....
    Did anyone of you noticed something?
    Looks like Morgan cheated
    Just tell me if I'm wrong but it seems like he DID cheat

  • Chelsea _gatcha
    Chelsea _gatcha День тому

    Morgan skipped a punishment like if you saw🤔

  • Martin Kichukov
    Martin Kichukov День тому

    5:07 me when there's a mosquito

  • Om Prakash
    Om Prakash День тому

    You shouldn't. Punch your. Mum in the face you deversed to be punched in the face morgz

  • Om Prakash
    Om Prakash День тому

    You poop 😂

  • CalzMellor11 plays roblox
    CalzMellor11 plays roblox День тому

    15:48 r.i.p wheel died because it got smacked by morgz mom

  • Emma w
    Emma w День тому

    You are so exagerating things

  • Miranda Sings 2
    Miranda Sings 2 День тому

    Ur family is sooo gross

  • Elrich Roblox Gamer
    Elrich Roblox Gamer День тому

    POOP Isee in the mytery wheel

  • Proin allbest17
    Proin allbest17 День тому


  • Tyra Erwin
    Tyra Erwin День тому

    Lets try it

  • Amelia Szymanska
    Amelia Szymanska День тому +1

    You could drop your phone from the bottom window

  • Abdul Rahman Pro cool
    Abdul Rahman Pro cool День тому +1

    Sorry Morgz

  • Abdul Rahman Pro cool
    Abdul Rahman Pro cool День тому +1


  • Anthony jr 2
    Anthony jr 2 День тому

    Clikbait all videos

  • ARCHIE Crane
    ARCHIE Crane День тому

    When morgz was in the kitchen he went 2 space forward insted of 1

  • faxjeda.1
    faxjeda.1 День тому

    Canel terrible

  • james booth
    james booth День тому

    Hello my name yosbjg

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    Mom got a punish

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  • Mark Diment
    Mark Diment День тому

    My mum doesn't like your mum morgz

  • jianfeng zhao
    jianfeng zhao День тому

    Disgusting but chance and punishment yuk let the battle begin

  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez День тому

    Awesome vídeo Morgz

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    Poop 💩💩💩💩

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  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 2 дні тому

    It said in the mystery wheel say comment “Poop”

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 2 дні тому

    I subscribed 2 Years ago

  • Yeet Subtopewds
    Yeet Subtopewds 2 дні тому +1

    0:46 IM DEAD

  • Joyce Young
    Joyce Young 2 дні тому

    leav a like if u a gree

  • Joyce Young
    Joyce Young 2 дні тому

    i fell sad because his phone was expisav i hat ur punitshment

  • KatieGirl 9732
    KatieGirl 9732 2 дні тому

    Bored 😐

  • Maria Parsell
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  • Kaylee Tv
    Kaylee Tv 2 дні тому

    👋 hi

  • Olivia Montgomery
    Olivia Montgomery 2 дні тому

    Morgz cheated he skipped the punishment for the mystery wheel go to 13:50

  • Steph tracy
    Steph tracy 2 дні тому

    all of ya'll are a bunch of biches

  • Erik
    Erik 2 дні тому

    💩 poop

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    lololoollololooooooooooooooololoolololollool xD 5:00

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