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This was intense! 😱😂

  • Опубліковано 24 вер 2022


  • Ranjeet Singh

    This guy has literally some super powers Woody

  • Sapphireous

    The “bam bam! Pretty bad sound” killed me 🤣

  • hrny yuzuke jr

    He really tried to punch woody🤣🤣🤣he looks like the older sibling when his younger one wins✨💜

  • Kilo Watt
    Kilo Watt  +32

    Hats off to the editor lol

  • Tekular
    Tekular  +170

    nice effects 😊

  • Sounds And Sights

    I just started putting videos out to help with anxiety and homework. Relaxing sights and noises. It helps me a lot. Hope it helps you too :)


    These two are hilarious. They are better at entertainment then what you watch on TV.

  • Joshua Balmores

    I like how woody became so red so fast LMAO

  • Michael De Santa

    Now that's a lucky kiss..

  • Tejaswini Paturkar

    How you get so creative idea, keep going 👍🏻

  • Titi mae burger
    Titi mae burger 14 годин тому +2

    Slams fist on the wall ‘sorry I’m really angry ‘

  • Cosmic Charlie

    The waiting in-between shots drove me nuts

  • Okta Kornelius

    Thank you guys you're entertaining us. Especially me 😂😂

  • Lpc and kiro are pros

    Kleiny: let's go just appreciate the sounds

  • Sapphire M.

    For a moment I thought they were literally light up musical pads and was wondering where you get those. 😂😂😂 'Nough shorts for me.

  • @Ayush#_shorts

    You guys are really nice and funny and you are creating a new content always . you're the best content creator . Love you from🇮🇳

  • Sri Lakshmi

    Is that his favourite shirt??!!!hehehe....He took it off before the slapping...🤪😂

  • Yaseen Hussain

    Love these guys

  • Jodi Davis

    I never get the meaning of half the shat they do but it still makes me laugh my head off 😂

  • Feven
    Feven  +1

    Me trying to read the quote at the back