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Never take a gym bro for granted

  • Опубліковано 15 січ 2022
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  • Eren the birb🕊

    "Damn bro, You're thiccer than a bowl of protein bars."

  • Nomilos
    Nomilos  +1

    Now I understand why grip strength is so important

  • Ow MyStomach

    When I was 16 I had a gym bro that was passionate about helping me get into better shape. He would go out of his way to drive me to the gym and he was very observant on how I did each of my workouts. He really made sure I was doing everything correctly. One day I stopped talking to him over a petty thing and these days I regret it because in my area it's difficult to find such a sincere person. I took a gym bro for granted.

  • bean
    bean  +12

    this is so cursed and wholesome at the same time

  • Insecure
    Insecure  +785

    “hey, so i have an idea for a video”

  • Joshua Bernardo

    The automatic nod before he even realizes his bro wasn’t there makes it hurt a little bit more…

  • S.I.D
    S.I.D  +8

    This is the most homiesexual thing I've seen all day

  • An Ri Ko
    An Ri Ko  +294

    Well to be honest, it's more fun to workout with friends. Sometimes you don't even feel tired because of their company

  • MKSK
    MKSK  +136

    Larry: "And that is how I met your father"

  • Ahest
    Ahest  +5

    That grip was so tight I even felt it

  • Alex Sanches

    "so yeah, i need to grip your ass. I swear it's just for the video" remember to grip the homies btw

  • The Commentor

    When homie jumped on him, I thought he was gonna do strict curls 😂

  • The Underground Bunker

    "There is nothing gayer than a group of straight men"

  • Jaymexxu

    LMAO the way homie arrives and smiles and then also starts running 🤣

  • Tom Concannon

    Phenomenal man, always make me laugh

  • Ishan Dixit

    This is hella wholesome! Thank you for the great content Larry, keep it up!

  • 『zArchxngelBroski酱』

    Manz literally went plus ultra on that grip

  • Prodigyonthebeat

    Let’s just all take a moment to appreciate how much effort goes into videos.👍🔥🤯

  • Edrian Tindoc

    Larry gao never fails to make me laugh

  • dylan w

    Ah, yes. The classic and exclusively masculine “nod” to the gym bro you seen with respectable gains whom you see on a regular.