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100 Movie Recommendations in One Minute

  • Опубліковано 14 січ 2022
  • No sound today, sorry.


  • Erudite Lemur

    Timestamps, thanks to everyone in the comments who helped:

  • Squidly
    Squidly  +2

    This is why I love Dunkey man, such a moving piece. The no audio really makes the viewer feel like batman.

  • Jorell Echeverri

    I went into this video expecting a joke but this is legitimately a phenomenal list of films. All of these films are made by some of the greatest directors of all time and each are a top contender in their respective genres of film. Dunkey is a true connoisseur of cinema.

  • Connor Lamphier

    I would watch a review on every single one of these movies. Dunkey, I know it’s a passion that you might not want to turn into a job, but if you wanted to make a serious film review channel in the format of the reviews you do on movies in here, I and so many others would love that.

  • M A
    M A  +385

    The fact that I recognized a lot of these movies with split-second shots shows how iconic those movies really are!

  • Tudor Barratt

    It's a testament to how visually cohesive and iconic each of these films by the fact that I was able to recognise most of them from just a single shot. This is a fantastic list!

  • ssnewp
    ssnewp  +13

    I like it when Dunkey posts about cinema. It's clearly something he adores, even if his channel isn't structured around it

  • Amminity
    Amminity  +189

    imagine watching a hundred movies, finding the most recognizable part, removing the sound and editing it all to fit in one minute. dunkey has done it again. this may as well be, the greatest video made on youtube.

  • Kurt Yarish

    Absolutely love how you edited and arranged this so the scenes flow cohesively in both visual and thematic ways. Well done, donkey-boi.

  • Saeed Baig

    Can we just appreciate how well some of these edits fit next to each other? Like the wind from

  • EnsignGeneric

    Dunk resisting the temptation to yell "ME AND YOU" when Green Goblin flashed up on the screen will be remembered as one of the great acts of will of the modern era.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +954

    how iconic those movies really are!

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Smart way to not get copyright striked 100 times. no need for sound.

  • _ WowItsJake _

    The definition of “If you know, you know.” No context, no sound, no list in the description. Truly a masterpiece

  • Jonathan Sublett

    Another dunkey classic with no dislikes when will the masterpieces end

  • Rude Boys Podcast

    SO glad to see Nightcrawler (2014) on this list at

  • Tom B1rks

    I want you to do more Movie reviews Dunkey, I always enjoy them when you upload them. Would love to hear your interpretation on the lighthouse as you included it here

  • Brett Friesen

    Dunks, my boy. You clearly have a fondness for films and cinema. I think I speak for all of us when I say that some solid movie content is a bit of an untapped goldmine for your channel. Personally I've always thought what the movie scene on UAclips was missing were some genuine strand type commentaires and dunkviews from UAclips's premiere musical show host/rapper.

  • Ethan Maja

    The fact that dunkey is able to put out another masterpiece less than a month after the magnum opus that was "Donkey Kong December" proves that he truly is the best youtube

  • RadRobbie
    RadRobbie  +13

    Man, I wish Dunkey would make more movie videos. They're always so beautifully made and you can tell he has a deep passion for cinema. Super Donkey Kong Shake was better.