Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday 2018 Deals

  • Опубліковано 19 лис 2018
  • One of the BIGGEST stores for tech deals on Black Friday 2018 is Best Buy. I have narrowed down all the advertised deals in the Best Buy ad to a Top 10. You will regret missing this video!
    ↓↓ Click "show more" for the DEAL LINKS FOR TODAY ↓↓
    Here are the Best Buy Deals:
    - Early Chromebook Deals:
    - Wireless Headphones:
    - TV Deals:
    In this video The Deal Guy found the Top Best Buy Black Friday Deals for 2018. (and possibly Cyber Monday 2018). These black friday tech deals are some of the best deals you'll find at Best Buy this year. Don't miss these Black Friday Best Buy Deals which you can get at or Best Buy retail.
    The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video.
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    The Toshiba 55" fire tv is not a good deal it's advertised as having Alexa to control the TV which works but it also says it will control Samart Home Devices "NO" it does not and nobody at Bestbuy or Toshiba can give an answer yet they are still marketing this product as being able to do so. If you are thinking of buying one ask for a demonstration of Alexa working smart home devices.

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