Don't Judge Me Because I'm A Goth

  • Опубліковано 7 лис 2017
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    Kaori is a Goth, and it hasn't been easy. In fact - for her - being a Goth girl has been pretty hard. She gets remarks and whispers and all sorts of reactions every single day. And, people make fun of her - they call her Wednesday Addams, or Morticia, or remind her, every day, that Halloween is over. Her Goth makeup and Goth style is her choice. And because of her style, she is misunderstood and discriminated against.
    Essentially, people judge her all the time, just because she is a Goth, gothic and make a lot of (false) assumptions about who she is and what she believes based on what she chooses to wear. They judge her as a person solely because of her fashion choices, and this makes her mad, and unhappy, and, as she says, hard to be a Goth.
    And sometimes it goes from being just a little bit hard and awkward and annoying to being really bad and confrontational and just plain mean.
    Last Winter, Kaori was walking to Walgreens and this little boy just stood there outside the door staring at her with his eyes (and mouth) wide open - gawking - so, she decided to just give him a smile and wave. When she did that, the kid freaked out, yanked at his Mom's coat, and yelled "MOMMY MOMMY THAT GIRL LOOKS DEAD!" At first his Mom was confused, but then when she turned around and saw Kaori she let out this giant dramatic gasp and then covered her child's eyes with her hands. The Mom yelled "HONEY, DON'T LOOK! SHE'LL CURSE YOU" She glared at Kaori, pointed at her, and called her a witch.
    Kaori - shocked at the judgment and reaction - just ignored them, and walked into the store. But, unfortunately, when she was done shopping and came back out, the woman and her kid were still standing there, waiting for her. As Kaori passed, the woman just kept chanting "witch, witch, witch" under her breath, when suddenly, Karoi noticed that the woman was wearing a necklace with the symbol from the show Charmed - a Wiccan symbol! Kaori chuckled - then told her "You're calling me a witch when you're the one wearing a Wiccan symbol around your neck."
    Another time, even worse really, was when she was checking out of a store, an older guy just stood there staring at her with a weird look in his eyes - creepy - and he wouldn't stop. She tried to just ignore it, got her stuff and her change and left. The guy followed her out into the parking lot, grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. He grabbed his bible and his cross and held them in her face. He accused her of being a devil worshipper! He ranted and raved that she was surrounding herself with darkness like she was going to be forever cursed in the pit of hell.
    This was the worst, and she just kind of snapped. She yelled at him that it's people just like him that depict Goths as satanic and evil and that it's totally wrong. "IT'S A FASHION CHOICE NOT A RELIGIOUS THING!" she told him. And then she told him that she grew up and was raised in a Christian house, went to Church, and grew up behind two Churches. And then she just walked away and left him there. The look on his face said it all - he was being ignorant and judgemental.
    In the end, she has to brush it all off and be herself. So what, she's Goth - it's her decision. It's how she feels and it's how she wants to look - really, it's just her, through and through, and she wouldn't want to be anyone else. Whether she is Goth, Emo, Kawaii, Punk, Pastel, pale, vampire or whatever, she is a person first. She is Kaori, not weird, but creative and sef expressive. "Being judged because of the way I look," will never lead to getting to know the incredible and creative person she is. "I'm a Goth and I proud of who I am"
    We think she's awesome and beautiful, and we love her style!
    - - -
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