• Опубліковано 11 чер 2019
  • In this video we're seeing what happens when you try and pull all the bubbles out of hair gel, as well as what happens when you boil, burn, and freeze dry it.
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  • Dave Otuwa
    Dave Otuwa 2 години тому

    0:30 courtesy of FINDING NEMO (Walt Disney Animation)

  • Amelia Crews
    Amelia Crews День тому +1

    Wow.... They can make a 11 minute video about hair gel.....

  • johniosifidis
    johniosifidis 2 дні тому

    you should put some liquid nitrogen in the vaccum chamber... id like to see what happens

  • Glitz Goat
    Glitz Goat 3 дні тому

    Try putting sharpie ink in a flowers water and see it change colour

  • Hannah Maxwell
    Hannah Maxwell 3 дні тому

    Does the Kaye effect happened with the hair gel?

  • Patrick Walker
    Patrick Walker 4 дні тому +1

    Can you make a bike outta PVC please

  • The Draceon Holder
    The Draceon Holder 4 дні тому +1

    0:43 how much gel I put in my hair

  • Gracie Abbott
    Gracie Abbott 5 днів тому

    What happens if you put normal school glue in a vaccum chamber?

  • Gavin Colbourne
    Gavin Colbourne 7 днів тому

    That is probably only about 1/5th of Nate's entire supply of personal hair gel lol

  • Doggy Girl
    Doggy Girl 7 днів тому

    What would happen if you put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum chamber

  • Simona Seppet
    Simona Seppet 8 днів тому

    Please do something with nutella

  • K's life
    K's life 10 днів тому


  • ÁLPHÀ そ GhosT
    ÁLPHÀ そ GhosT 10 днів тому

    Is she your girlfriend or friend or sister

  • Somebody Original
    Somebody Original 10 днів тому

    build a nuke and then blow it up

  • Satria Kurniawan Djaenal
    Satria Kurniawan Djaenal 10 днів тому

    Why don't you guys just unscrew the whole cap to empty the bottle?

  • Cedric Buck
    Cedric Buck 11 днів тому

    Anyone else think they put air bubbles in the hair gel so they can sell "more" with less product?

    SHOCKER SHOCK 11 днів тому

    Cook a hair gel and put it in a Vacuum Chamber pls.

  • House Naude
    House Naude 11 днів тому +1

    please deep-fry hairgel

  • San b
    San b 13 днів тому

    Once I left my gel in sun light and it turns in to liquid then turns into gel again in Shad

  • darkbonnie 200
    darkbonnie 200 13 днів тому

    Put hairgel in your glove and leave it over night

  • Per Gunnar Brynildsen
    Per Gunnar Brynildsen 14 днів тому

    Hi luv your vid can you make part two and my Q is what happens when you remove the gel or water? Can I be first

  • Matthew Meekey
    Matthew Meekey 14 днів тому

    maybe try burning some hairgel

  • zUltra
    zUltra 14 днів тому

    Deep Fry it and mix it with molten aluminium.

  • Hallie Battle
    Hallie Battle 15 днів тому

    You should also do test with the hair gel gorilla snot

  • Hallie Battle
    Hallie Battle 15 днів тому

    You should do test with finger nail polish

  • Lorena Perez
    Lorena Perez 15 днів тому

    I use the blue gel

  • Zach Gordon
    Zach Gordon 16 днів тому

    Can you guys put liquid nitrogen in the vacuum chamber and try to make solid nitrogen?

  • Hayden Gundt
    Hayden Gundt 16 днів тому

    Can u put hand 🖐 🤚 sanitizer

  • Gaming Gangsters
    Gaming Gangsters 16 днів тому

    You should make a video where you make graphene

  • Junior Hernandez
    Junior Hernandez 17 днів тому +1

    put dry ice in liquid nitrogen

  • Trixx
    Trixx 17 днів тому

    me at the toilet last night 1:17

  • Jerry Miller
    Jerry Miller 17 днів тому

    How about using hair gel and freezing it into a rubber solid boat

  • Ajay Ramnath
    Ajay Ramnath 18 днів тому

    The cooked hair he looks like slime😒😒

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 18 днів тому

    What do you think will happen to water melon in vacuum chamber

  • Forming Phoenix
    Forming Phoenix 18 днів тому

    Are Nate and Cali related or are they dating

  • Justin Funny
    Justin Funny 18 днів тому

    1:19 me on taco night

  • Jamie W
    Jamie W 19 днів тому

    Nate barely answered her questions. It feels like they had an argument before recording

  • Pepijn Bisschop
    Pepijn Bisschop 19 днів тому

    Can you put fruit in the vacuum chamber like Apple and kiwi

  • Fortnite Propiper
    Fortnite Propiper 19 днів тому +1

    Reply to this comment telling me what your favorite hair gel is mine is "La Looks Extreme Sport"

    OP DESTROYER 20 днів тому

    What about liquid nitrogen

  • Menna Walid
    Menna Walid 20 днів тому

    What if u put shaving cream in the vacumm chamber or dehydrate it

  • josnow289
    josnow289 20 днів тому

    Can you please do a big ballon filled with popcorn. Also y’all are my favorite, y’all make my day and I love when calli laughs !🤣🤣😇😇🖤🖤

  • jungshook
    jungshook 21 день тому

    8:37 it looks like a snail slimed on his head xD

  • MagicalKitty 87
    MagicalKitty 87 21 день тому +3

    😂 The finding Nemo clip!!!

  • Carolann Muir
    Carolann Muir 21 день тому

    1:21 me in my exams when i have no clue what is going on because i’ve been up for 48 hours because i drank 5 large red bulls

  • Spooky Noodle
    Spooky Noodle 21 день тому +7

    That looks like ninja turtle ooze
    Me: no that’s lemon meraunge filling

  • Madison Moehlman
    Madison Moehlman 21 день тому

    Am I the only one that was wondering why there’s a window with blinds in ur shower

  • Gustavo Munoz
    Gustavo Munoz 21 день тому

    You should dehydrate the gel then try to rehydrates it with water and see if it works the same

  • Emma Amaro
    Emma Amaro 21 день тому

    You should put a whole bunch of things in the vaccine chamber that have a bunch of bubbles like slime

  • bryan cantu
    bryan cantu 21 день тому +3

    What if you put a juul pod in a vacuum chamber?

  • Creative Wolf Pawz
    Creative Wolf Pawz 21 день тому +8

    Callie: “Dont let me down, I wanna see a mess today!”
    Me: “My mom would NEVER say that!” 🤣🤣

  • Nicole Parks
    Nicole Parks 21 день тому

    Hey are y'all married to each other and do y'all live together

  • William Marquis
    William Marquis 21 день тому

    Y does the woman talk she much

  • Angela Andreen
    Angela Andreen 21 день тому

    What if you dehydrate it

  • Audrey Catling
    Audrey Catling 21 день тому

    Try toothpaste in vacuum chamber. Maybe mouthwash too. Try both

  • Jose Ramon
    Jose Ramon 21 день тому

    Put freshly made clear slime in the vacuum chamber

  • NiceN_Rude
    NiceN_Rude 21 день тому

    Power ranger*** ooze.. boy am I let down..

  • Mollie Lewis
    Mollie Lewis 21 день тому

    Right when she said 26 or 27 it changed from 10:26 to 10:27

  • David Smith
    David Smith 22 дні тому +1

    put it in super glue. or liquid oxygen

  • Numro Numro
    Numro Numro 22 дні тому +1

    Side by side comparison this one and that one - calli
    What every teacher says about two student.

  • Kiya Starstone
    Kiya Starstone 22 дні тому

    I use that green yellow ish jell lol

  • TryinMyBestYT
    TryinMyBestYT 22 дні тому

    The hair gel is la looks in the tall bottle and Xtreme hold hair gel In the short bottle
    , I did some detective work

  • Zalmaki Navie
    Zalmaki Navie 22 дні тому

    Boil it, mash it, stick it, in a stew.

  • jonathon north
    jonathon north 22 дні тому

    They are using LA Looks brand of hair gel. It's actually one of the best hair gels I've ever used. I highly recommend it for anybody

  • Christian Moyer
    Christian Moyer 22 дні тому

    Bag of chips

  • Phionix_GamerGirl 01
    Phionix_GamerGirl 01 23 дні тому

    this came out on my B-Day!!

  • Allison Senn
    Allison Senn 23 дні тому

    You should put clear slime with bubbles in the vacuum camber

  • Keeks423
    Keeks423 23 дні тому

    Oh that’s wetline (type of gel)

  • muhaymin hatta
    muhaymin hatta 23 дні тому

    how abt toothpaste in vacuum chamber?

  • Wolf Sniper 3309
    Wolf Sniper 3309 24 дні тому

    Liquid oxygen + molten copper or silver