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BIG BASE EXPANSION - Episode 5 - Minecraft Modded (Vault Hunters)

  • Опубліковано 1 чер 2023
  • Base building in minecraft is fun, both in vanilla minecraft AND in Modded Minecraft. Iskall's base is starting to look like a chest monster, and as such, it's time for a big base expansion
    Vault Hunters is a modpack currently in Open Beta. It is unique in that it focuses on action rpg style gameplay as well as all the classic Minecraft elements, with over 2.1 billion different chestplates, swords, idols and more, the pack features a never-before-seen depth!
    Find out how to download and install Vault Hunters yourself and play along with iskall:
    || vaulthunters.gg/installguide to install!
    Download my pregenned Vanilla world (5GB): shorturl.at/ehvLX
    Second link if the first one doesnt work: gofile.io/d/oFP6Y3
    TWITTER: iskall85
    LIVE STREAMS: www.twitch.tv/iskall85
    VAULT HUNTERS: www.vaulthunters.gg
    PLAY VAULT HUNTERS ONLINE: vaulthunters.gg/server-status
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  • Lilnutjuice
    Lilnutjuice Рік тому +2149

    Honestly wish this came out faster, I can’t get enough of this series

  • Eric
    Eric Рік тому +154

    Any stress I have immediately melts away whenever I hear Iskall's cheery "hallo!"

    • ZathTanks
      ZathTanks Рік тому

      He’s so adorns

    • Zacharias Hywel
      Zacharias Hywel Рік тому

      @ZathTanks his hallo reminds me of two things mine turtle or Cyril figgis an i love it

  • Orange
    Orange Рік тому +50

    I’m not one to usually watch modded series but for some reason, this series and ethos new one appeal to me

    • Seymour Disapproves
      Seymour Disapproves Рік тому


    • Kay
      Kay Рік тому +4

      I am really diggin ethos modded also, modded Minecraft come back? Yes?

  • Mr Banana
    Mr Banana Рік тому +357

    this might just be the best modded minecraft singleplayer series, and i just cant get enough of it. props to you iskall for making a singleplayer modded so entertaining.

    • Peter Edwards
      Peter Edwards Рік тому +10

      Yeah ethos is a competitor as well

    • Joep van Calis
      Joep van Calis Рік тому

      I know love this and I love this UAclipsr I saw him on my home page I’m getting into mc yt what did I miss :) (no just kidding but I didn’t really watch iskall but he’s actually very fun like I started with Brian then mumbo then scar then iskall

    • Samal Petur Skorastein
      Samal Petur Skorastein Рік тому


  • Daniel Barker
    Daniel Barker Рік тому +14

    I struggled with VH because I can rarely sit and get involved in a stream. This series has utterly changed my view of VH, now I've had a proper introduction and can see how it progresses. Really enjoying it!

    • Kay
      Kay Рік тому +1

      Actually I agree! I started watching the vh streams and tuned out after about 4 or 5 because it just is too long and too busy for me. Also having to hear the creators constantly thanks for the bits thanks for the subs etc. just really boring and slow in the end, but this format is so much better and I am really happy to see videos about vh - finally.

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever Рік тому +298

    This series is so enjoyable that 29mins and 47secs feels like 5mins. Love the series

    • LexiGr
      LexiGr Рік тому +2

      was just about to say the same! I was surprised when it ended cos it felt so short!

    • Mr Celsius
      Mr Celsius Рік тому

      I feel it too haha

    • Troy Morrison
      Troy Morrison Рік тому

      the video is 29 min and 46 seconds ...

  • Just Willis
    Just Willis Рік тому +435

    Iskall's random cuts and jokes send me all the time. Such a Lil goofball, this guy

    • Jesus is LORD
      Jesus is LORD Рік тому +1

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.”
      ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:1‬ NIV

  • Kay
    Kay Рік тому +2

    I am absolutely loving this series, something about it is hitting so right. The pacing, the adventure, the goofiness, the fact that it’s regularly uploading, the fact that you’re you and you’re here again and your energy is honestly on point… you cannot upload this fast enough for me! I am literally checking multiple times a day for a new upload and I watch it immediately when I see it. Props to you, man, this series is awesome!

  • makidraws4fun
    makidraws4fun Рік тому +13

    You should make a cozy little relaxing room for chilling in after vault runs. Like with a couch maybe a fire place. A nice carpet maybe?

  • TheBuilderBoy54
    TheBuilderBoy54 Рік тому +107

    I love how he litterarly remembers every single item that exist in this mod pack.

    • Ultra Gaming
      Ultra Gaming Рік тому +7

      He helped develop it

    • Shta Plachinum
      Shta Plachinum Рік тому +11

      It is his mod pack after all

    • Dev Dogra
      Dev Dogra Рік тому

      he added all the items so he knows

  • DavidVaknin
    DavidVaknin Рік тому +6

    You can't imagine the joy i get when i see a new episode of vault hunters☺

    ITZ PHE Рік тому +11

    I completely forgot you could pick up villagers. I choked on nothing when Iskall did again.

  • PawsomeKat
    PawsomeKat Рік тому +508

    Whenever the episode comes to an end, I'm really surprised that 30 minutes are already over, it felt like only 10 minutes at most! Amazing video as always! #Omegalove 💚 #nevereverleaving

    • PawsomeKat
      PawsomeKat Рік тому

      @The Random Guy the spam comments are unfortunately always under iskalls videos lately, you can just report them but usually I don't think it will make any difference. They will just find other ways to spam, just ignore them.

    • Brus
      Brus Рік тому +1

      the series is so good

    • Andrea Kaune
      Andrea Kaune Рік тому

      @PawsomeKat Report and then they are gone

    • ‌ٴ
      ‌ٴ Рік тому +1

      absolute same

  • Ssannevries
    Ssannevries Рік тому +7

    I’m starting to get pretty invested in this series. Especially when checking in on your livestreams as well in between episodes

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 5 місяців тому +3

    Watching this series again after 1.18because i cant get enough of vault hunter

  • that minecraft guy
    that minecraft guy Рік тому +166

    This upgrade to the base looks Incredible! One thing though, could you make the alter a little bit more.. altery? It's kinda just sitting there in the middle like it's an un important block.

    • ZaksterNZ
      ZaksterNZ Рік тому

      Agree 😌💯💯

    • Travis Bowman
      Travis Bowman Рік тому

      I like how people like you have youtubers with there job or minecraft looks

  • BeaWolfe
    BeaWolfe Рік тому +25

    This series made me play the vault hunters modpack, having a great time because of both :D

    • Emperor Trombone
      Emperor Trombone Рік тому

      do you use the pre generated world or a "normal" world? I can't decide which I want to do.

    • BeaWolfe
      BeaWolfe Рік тому

      @Emperor Trombone I just left the worldgen settings to what they were when I started the pack, I think that was "normal". I like to have the modded biomes, and the main worldgen mod for the pack seems to be "Oh The Biomes You'll Go" so it's different from most other packs I've played. I think either way is legitimate though!
      Edit: it made the end have crazy biomes which I liked because there was one that shulkers spawned in without cities, dunno if that would affect your choice hah

  • Adjoining solder
    Adjoining solder Рік тому +3

    Man this is best Minecraft series ive ever seen
    I cant get enough of it i wish it came out faster but damn is it worth the wait

  • Deltasloth bass
    Deltasloth bass Рік тому +325

    I miss whennpeople use to bring out these modded MC videos that I had never seen. Everyone just plays the same as Everyone else. Glad to see something new that I have no idea about. Cant wait to see how this series develops.

    • Joe Waite
      Joe Waite Рік тому +7

      You gotta watch Ethos new modded series too!

    • Deltasloth bass
      Deltasloth bass Рік тому +2

      @Joe Waite I do but he only posts once a week and then he has multiple series. So you can go 2-3 weeks for the next episode and I get frustrated :/

  • b3lligerent1
    b3lligerent1 Рік тому +3

    This series continued to just be fun. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Joey
    Joey Рік тому +1

    This may be my favorite series on UAclips. It makes my day so much better watching these videos!

  • Jana Renger
    Jana Renger Рік тому +10

    This series is so fun! Made me remember how much I love your content. Normally I don't really like modded minecraft, because it gets confusing to me, but you managed to get the perfect balance between keeping it entertaining for people who know the modpack and making it understandable for people like me, who tried watching your streams, but found it confusing. Good job!
    Also, the terraforming looks so good!

  • Jakub Wieczorek
    Jakub Wieczorek Рік тому

    i hope this becomes a full series with atleast 100 episodes, ill watch them all

  • minorsecond
    minorsecond Рік тому +7

    I love watching this series, it’s so obvious you’re having a lot of fun! I enjoyed the base building a lot.

  • Ali Kağan Dadaşbilge
    Ali Kağan Dadaşbilge Рік тому +303

    İskall: shows off the swinging lanterns
    Me: realises that the lanterns can be placed on walls in the modpack
    Also me: *confused screaming*

    • Fire Spread
      Fire Spread Рік тому +3

      Don't mess up the perfect number of likes.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine Рік тому +6

      Me: Already realized cause he put some down against walls already before showing them off a couple minutes later.

    • Jesus is LORD
      Jesus is LORD Рік тому

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.”
      ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • GoliathX211 Entertainment
      GoliathX211 Entertainment Рік тому +2

      I believe that is a supplementaries addon. Amazing mod.

    • tomsterBG
      tomsterBG Рік тому

      @Fire Spread haha 251st like goes brr

  • Svensbwwr
    Svensbwwr Рік тому +1

    I used to watch vault hunters in the beginning of the smp. This series has gotten me back into the livestreams and I was excited to hear that you would be pushing forward this series even during the next Hermitcraft season.

  • Turner
    Turner Рік тому +1

    This series is great, I’m in the army and this series is what I look forward to at night! So I really appreciate it.

  • ravioli
    ravioli Рік тому +2

    This is an amazing series and I can't wait to see more! I almost wished I hadn't binged the rest so I could've spread it out!

  • BlackOak
    BlackOak Рік тому +2

    "I'm not THAT sinister" ...I know perfectly well that wandering traders despawn

  • NiCAT
    NiCAT Рік тому +2

    6:34 my favourite quote:
    "The dark oak one looks very fancy", he said, "But the spruce one... it looks... like.. lika a BIN"

  • Rapter
    Rapter Рік тому +109

    I was really lucky on getting healing items for the vault.
    I was trading with a farmer and he leveled up to max.
    He then sold suspicious stew.
    I love this modpack

    • Etep Maximus
      Etep Maximus Рік тому +6

      The oxide daisy version. Cool!

    • laartje24
      laartje24 Рік тому +1

      Wait you got them to work in the Vault? Mine didn't work in the Vault, I just presumed that was on purpose.

  • ChefOnACloud
    ChefOnACloud Рік тому

    iskall's sense of direction and confidence in his sense of direction are second to none

  • Boi Leave
    Boi Leave Рік тому

    This is honestly my favourite series on UAclips right now

  • stef kunnen
    stef kunnen Рік тому +1

    You can't imagine the joy i get when i see a new episode of vault hunters

  • Krystal Doggrell
    Krystal Doggrell Рік тому +1

    I have to say I am so happy you have explained from the start of these episodes what’s going on in this mid pack you made because when you would be on twitch previous to this series, I was always so confused when I would see you on twitch and wouldn’t end up watching. So I’m happy I can follow along now :) love your content!

    • Noitcereon
      Noitcereon 7 місяців тому

      "I am so happy, because you explained the Vault Hunter's mod content throughout these episodes. I previously watched you on Twitch (before this series), but I was always confused, which made me stop watching. I am so happy I can follow along now :) I love your content!"
      I paraphrased the above comment, because I had to read it multiple times to understand it.

  • JesusLovesYou
    JesusLovesYou Рік тому +1

    Great to see you putting content out on a regular basis

  • Bono Voxel
    Bono Voxel Рік тому +23

    You're so good at what you do, I mean entertaining and relaxing people. Thanks! And by you I mean you, Mumbo, Keralis, Cub... I admire a lot what you do and how many relaxing time I've past watching you play!

  • BeautifulNova
    BeautifulNova Рік тому

    Create is what I used for my storage system recently. Brass tunnels are basically the perfect sorting machines, able to take a single input and output it to any number of chests you want, and the ability to nest filters inside of each other means you'll easily be able to get exactly what you want to go where you want.

  • RhianKristen
    RhianKristen Рік тому

    My goodness what a great series! I’m always looking forward to the next episode. 😁

  • Lee
    Lee Рік тому

    SO glad the storage situation is a little more contained now! (also the timing on this video was perfect, was able to watch it while on lunch break) thought for sure you were gonna die to that explosion, was a relief when you managed to escape :D

  • vivo_[archived]
    vivo_[archived] Рік тому

    I might be late to the party, but I l can’t express how much love for this series I have. It’s probably become my new favorite so far!^^

  • DeadBush
    DeadBush Рік тому +5

    'However, we need to go bigger- Hallo there Wall'
    One of my fav. Iskall quotes!

  • Casey Black
    Casey Black Рік тому +45

    You're doing a great job easing into all the modded stuff, I usually get overwhelmed by all the complex stuff but not with this series, at least not yet. Looking forward to the future headaches though this pack seems omega cool!

    • Miller K
      Miller K Рік тому +2

      especially because you actually cant use a lot of them at the beginning and the modpack itself gets unlocked as you go 🤯

    • Ramzi65 ok
      Ramzi65 ok Рік тому

      It’s how vault hunters was designed, mods are meant to eventually aid you in your quest for the artifacts but in no way required

  • vonerii
    vonerii Рік тому

    I wish these episodes were longer, i loving so much this serie and this new perspective. Even tho i already knew vault hunters from twitch it feels like something different and new.

  • Fiona
    Fiona Рік тому +4

    Another awesome episode, never fail to make me laugh :) #NeverEverLeaving

  • NAT-AT
    NAT-AT Рік тому

    I am REALLY loving this series. I don't have the attention span to watch streams but your modpack intrigued me, so I'm so happy you're doing videos. Keep it up!

  • Stormy
    Stormy Рік тому +1

    I just finished this episode and i now already want to see the next one

  • Ranhu
    Ranhu Рік тому +48

    Came here early, thank you so much for the hard work put into the modpack and series iskall, i just cant get enought of it. It is probably hands down the best mod in minecraft to date, and will be for a while. Thank you!

    • Roman Mlejnek
      Roman Mlejnek Рік тому +1

      holy shit man you got 4 bot responses

  • Casual L
    Casual L Рік тому

    thank you so much for doing this series! ive been missing hermitcraft as what i watch to wind down/relax and this is the perfect fix to tie me over until the next season

  • Sjuul Kegels
    Sjuul Kegels Рік тому +2

    I'm in love with this series! But I have a question, when vault hunters comes out, will it be playable on bedrock?

  • Noki S
    Noki S Рік тому +1

    honestly cant get enough of this series! I'm so excited when a new ep pops up in my notifs ♡(≧▽≦)♡ thank you for being you!

  • Jez M-L
    Jez M-L Рік тому

    I love how easy you make it look. The power of editing. I have been playing my heart out and am no where near were you are at! Such a Dylan!

  • warbot005
    warbot005 Рік тому

    This series is fabulous and I wish the episodes were longer

  • Salem Oz
    Salem Oz Рік тому +5

    Man i love your valt hunters videos 💜

  • Dario Titus
    Dario Titus Рік тому

    Loving this series and loving the mod pack for myself! Just beat two bosses today, heart racing and hands shaking by the end. I can't get enough :)

  • John Rigdon
    John Rigdon Рік тому +1

    Really want to play this with a group of friends imagine the hermits

  • AzkoT
    AzkoT Рік тому +3

    I really hope this series becomes more long term. That it can continue on even with hermit craft.

  • Chris Hollandsworth
    Chris Hollandsworth Рік тому

    The base looks way more comfortable. Awesome, bro!

  • DISC
    DISC Рік тому

    This vault run brought me back to the first vault hunters series thank you for the memories!

  • Ricardo Ghantous
    Ricardo Ghantous Рік тому +21

    Actually addicted to this content. Genuinely can't wait for you to get some mods unlocked lol

  • catdoger2
    catdoger2 Рік тому

    I am really enjoy your new series. I can't wait for more to be honest and would like them more often, I understand it can be hard with a busy schedule.

  • Cryocrax
    Cryocrax Рік тому

    I'm new here so this is the first series of videos of yours that I've watched. One little thing that I absolutely love is how much you can say without saying anything. Just going "hmm" while showing enough for us to figure it out. It's super silly and fun.
    P.S. love the series!

  • Lauren Kurtz
    Lauren Kurtz Рік тому +1

    I wasn't fully paying attention and when the wild west room blew up I about had a heart attack 🤣 glad you made it out of there alive!
    Great vid as always!

  • just some feline
    just some feline Рік тому +1

    6:41 the birch chest looks like a rattan basket! It's quite pretty if you see it like that, although it doesn't suit the fort at all :)

  • Mirbey Tezcan
    Mirbey Tezcan Рік тому +1

    I was honestly getting bored since the Hermitcraft season is over. But this series is amazing. Currently trying to convince my friends to play alongside me!

  • Anvak
    Anvak Рік тому +12

    Im loving this series a lot. SP series have been feeling stale for me but I am thoroughly enjoying vault hunters.
    Wish I had more time for livestreams

  • Plasma
    Plasma Рік тому +1

    Such a cool mod, really well made. I look forward to watching the rest of the vids!

  • Alex
    Alex Рік тому

    I absolutely loved the editing while he was building!

  • eeellie
    eeellie Рік тому

    This is my favorite series on youtube, absolutely love it!

  • Davis
    Davis Рік тому

    This is by far my favorite series right now

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson Рік тому +1

    Your Vault Hunters series has convinced me of two things: 1) I need to get a new computer and 2) I need to play Vault Hunters on it ASAP!

  • Narmata
    Narmata Рік тому +8

    The difficult modifier put the vault over the lvl 25 requirement for explosion traps. The room spawner must be using the vault level not character vault level to restrict explosion traps. Loving the series btw!

    • Nora Woodhall
      Nora Woodhall Рік тому +2

      Difficult only raises by 15 though

    • Ian Malcolm
      Ian Malcolm Рік тому +1

      @Nora Woodhall It's possible Trapped also decreases the level threshhold on more advanced traps, though.

    • Dev Dogra
      Dev Dogra Рік тому

      nah its a bug

  • ADogGuy
    ADogGuy Рік тому

    Truly a fun series. You should put some grey glass over your lower level so you have some room to walk.

  • Mayank
    Mayank Рік тому

    This has definately become my favourite series on youtube

  • Brianna Rose
    Brianna Rose Рік тому

    I love this series so much!! Thanks for the quick uploading 😊

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K Рік тому

    Keep them coming, fren. Loving this series

  • Hutch Johnson
    Hutch Johnson Рік тому

    For those playing along, if you go the the nether and find the quartz dessert biome the quartz blocks generate in a way the deletes the bedrock layer in spots and makes for an easy way to get above the ceiling to make nether farms.

  • Jeremy Solsman
    Jeremy Solsman Рік тому +4

    Yasss more vault hunters with iskallman :)

  • Altair676
    Altair676 9 місяців тому

    Man when you called yourself a shield boomer I felt that. I started in alpha and remember when the nether was new! Now I'm playing a custom modpack I put together for 1.18.2 centered around Create and other similar mods, and I feel very out of my element but having fun figuring out all that technical stuff

  • Pairaka
    Pairaka Рік тому

    I just have to say that I love how you converse with your villagers. :)

  • Joeyzspot
    Joeyzspot Рік тому

    This is such an awesome series. I just started watching your VODs on Twitch of past livestreams playing Vaulthunters. You should upload those to UAclips so I can make the most of YT premium and not have to watch ads!! Either way keep it up!!

  • Limetail
    Limetail Рік тому

    The birch chest reminds me of a wicker basket so if you do something japanese themed with the birch it could look really well

  • John Noir Smith
    John Noir Smith Рік тому +1

    Splash potions do yield maximum effect if you throw them up, BUT you need enough open space for it to come down and hit you on the head

  • Black
    Black Рік тому +3

    Btw, you can set temporary waypoints in the vault to know where the exit is, so you don't lose it.

    • Cyborg Jellyfish
      Cyborg Jellyfish Рік тому

      He helped build the pack, and yet it always feels foolish when he doesn't remember the simple stuff sometimes. Or maybe it is intentional, so he forces himself to have to decide if he can fight the boss quicker than he can find his way out? Either way, its a good shout to do the waypoints. I'll have to do that when I start the pack ;)

    • Lala
      Lala Рік тому

      @Cyborg Jellyfish if it were possible to remove this feature he would. Iskall considers it cheating and will never use it. Others on the twitch smp are also told not to use it out of respect for the difficultly the vaults are supposed to have :)

    • Cyborg Jellyfish
      Cyborg Jellyfish Рік тому

      @Lala Ahh, so it was the first scenario - intentionally not using it. Glad to hear this side of it before I start because it does make sense. While it would make it a lot easier to find the exit when you need it, it also kinda takes away the challenge of the timer if you already know the way out? I'll have to balance based on the fun factor because I'd be solo and I don't do well under pressure. On the other hand, risk = reward.

  • Ash
    Ash Рік тому

    Love the new series, good to see you consistent on UAclips again 🤸‍♂️

  • Cheyenne Ashton
    Cheyenne Ashton Рік тому

    Nice to see some things never change.... greedskall almost dying in a vault lol ;)
    That explosion in the desert room was truly epic, and you were lucky to survive ;)
    The base is looking cool- it reminds me of medieval architecture, and it does look like a barracks (I love it) :)
    Thanks for another awesome video, and I hope you are well and taking care of yourself

  • Massimo Morsia
    Massimo Morsia Рік тому

    genuinely the best series i've watched on yt, hope you keep this up as love the mod pack and the videos :)

  • Luna_EMLM
    Luna_EMLM Рік тому

    I just wanted to say a real thanks to you, Iskall.
    I was going to watch this series on my own, but I invited my mom to watch the first two episodes with me. Now whenever a new episode comes out, we grab some snacks and sit on the couch, pulling up youtube on the TV. Sometimes even my sister joins in, and we all have a blast talking about how cool the vaults are and how funny and cool you are, really.
    Just a real thank you, sir. You've brought me and my mom closer, when we haven't been for quite some time. Thank you.

  • Abder
    Abder Рік тому

    I love your content, perfect editing you always manage to make me smile 😄

  • Ghost Ranger
    Ghost Ranger Рік тому +22

    It looks like it takes an incredible amount of time to get knowledge crystals and there is SO MUCH to unlock. Does it ever feel too grindy?

    • Daniele Baggio
      Daniele Baggio Рік тому +6

      The knowledge stars are going to become less costly on the end game (still expensive tho) so there's that

    • TnTCinematics2012
      TnTCinematics2012 Рік тому +10

      I’ve gotten to vault level 25 and the vaults alone are pretty fun but it’s hard to tell what to do outside of them.
      The main thing that feels too grindy to me is vault diamonds, which you need to get knowledge stars. I’ve only managed to craft one the whole time, which sucks. But I’ve also never played before so there might be easier ways to get them?
      The other issue is now that I’m 25, vault cookies do nothing, and burgers still barely give xp so skill points have slowed WAY down.
      I hope when this gets properly released they add a quest page with quest rewards to guide you a bit better, because there’s next to no information about the mod out there online right now.

    • Gina reverseganosis
      Gina reverseganosis Рік тому +2

      @TnTCinematics2012 it takes about a stack of burgers/3 stacks of pizzas to level up, so you're better off completing more vaults to get more vault XP to be honest. If you've started playing with catalysts to modify the vault crystals to your needs, running a gilded/hoard/treasure will give increasing amounts of gilded chests, which will yield a lot more vault diamonds in general.

  • Jacob Hartman
    Jacob Hartman Рік тому

    Honestly I'm not much of a modded Minecraft guy but this series is fantastic. Great to see Israel excited and going all in to something!

  • DrMundugu
    DrMundugu Рік тому

    More! Give us more! Can you make the episodes just a bit longer? You do so many entertaining and interesting things, thank you for the content, apologies for the ask, no pressure.

  • The Ravyn Effect
    The Ravyn Effect Рік тому

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    Random question though... is the pack going to stay 1.16 forever, or upgrade to 1.18 eventually?

  • some_donkus
    some_donkus Рік тому

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  • Cody Vincent
    Cody Vincent Рік тому

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  • VallieMC C
    VallieMC C Рік тому +4

    This underground part of the base reminds me of where you stashed your diamonds in your giant tree omega base in hermitcraft S7

  • Dan Theman
    Dan Theman Рік тому

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    David Pletsch Рік тому

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    Love this series though, totally addicted! keep it up

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    dERPyNo0B Рік тому

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