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BIG BASE EXPANSION - Episode 5 - Minecraft Modded (Vault Hunters)

  • Опубліковано 24 січ 2022
  • Base building in minecraft is fun, both in vanilla minecraft AND in Modded Minecraft. Iskall's base is starting to look like a chest monster, and as such, it's time for a big base expansion
    Vault Hunters is a modpack currently in Open Beta. It is unique in that it focuses on action rpg style gameplay as well as all the classic Minecraft elements, with over 2.1 billion different chestplates, swords, idols and more, the pack features a never-before-seen depth!
    Find out how to download and install Vault Hunters yourself and play along with iskall:
    || vaulthunters.gg/installguide to install!
    Download my pregenned Vanilla world (5GB): shorturl.at/ehvLX
    Second link if the first one doesnt work: gofile.io/d/oFP6Y3
    TWITTER: iskall85
    LIVE STREAMS: www.twitch.tv/iskall85
    VAULT HUNTERS: www.vaulthunters.gg
    PLAY VAULT HUNTERS ONLINE: vaulthunters.gg/server-status


  • Austin Yaun

    Honestly wish this came out faster, I can’t get enough of this series

  • that minecraft guy

    This upgrade to the base looks Incredible! One thing though, could you make the alter a little bit more.. altery? It's kinda just sitting there in the middle like it's an un important block.

  • Eric
    Eric  +94

    Any stress I have immediately melts away whenever I hear Iskall's cheery "hallo!"

  • Mr Banana
    Mr Banana  +325

    this might just be the best modded minecraft singleplayer series, and i just cant get enough of it. props to you iskall for making a singleplayer modded so entertaining.

  • Orange
    Orange  +27

    I’m not one to usually watch modded series but for some reason, this series and ethos new one appeal to me

  • HappyGamer 4ever

    This series is so enjoyable that 29mins and 47secs feels like 5mins. Love the series

  • PawsomeKat
    PawsomeKat  +508

    Whenever the episode comes to an end, I'm really surprised that 30 minutes are already over, it felt like only 10 minutes at most! Amazing video as always!

  • makidraws4fun

    You should make a cozy little relaxing room for chilling in after vault runs. Like with a couch maybe a fire place. A nice carpet maybe?

  • BeaWolfe
    BeaWolfe  +24

    This series made me play the vault hunters modpack, having a great time because of both :D

  • TheBuilderBoy54

    I love how he litterarly remembers every single item that exist in this mod pack.

  • Daniel Barker

    I struggled with VH because I can rarely sit and get involved in a stream. This series has utterly changed my view of VH, now I've had a proper introduction and can see how it progresses. Really enjoying it!

  • Casey Black

    You're doing a great job easing into all the modded stuff, I usually get overwhelmed by all the complex stuff but not with this series, at least not yet. Looking forward to the future headaches though this pack seems omega cool!

  • Just Willis

    Iskall's random cuts and jokes send me all the time. Such a Lil goofball, this guy

  • Ssannevries

    I’m starting to get pretty invested in this series. Especially when checking in on your livestreams as well in between episodes

  • DavidVaknin

    You can't imagine the joy i get when i see a new episode of vault hunters☺

    ITZ PHE  +9

    I completely forgot you could pick up villagers. I choked on nothing when Iskall did again.

  • Jana Renger

    This series is so fun! Made me remember how much I love your content. Normally I don't really like modded minecraft, because it gets confusing to me, but you managed to get the perfect balance between keeping it entertaining for people who know the modpack and making it understandable for people like me, who tried watching your streams, but found it confusing. Good job!

  • AzkoT
    AzkoT  +3

    I really hope this series becomes more long term. That it can continue on even with hermit craft.

  • Deltasloth bass

    I miss whennpeople use to bring out these modded MC videos that I had never seen. Everyone just plays the same as Everyone else. Glad to see something new that I have no idea about. Cant wait to see how this series develops.

  • variant
    variant  +7

    I love watching this series, it’s so obvious you’re having a lot of fun! I enjoyed the base building a lot.