I Got Caught Cheating in School! YouTuber Ainura K's Story



  • Preston Strom
    Preston Strom День тому

    I wonder how many times u made eye contact with the teacher on every test and quiz after that

  • Maxine James
    Maxine James 2 дні тому

    Sometimes i cheat on a test and the teacher does not let do anything

  • Romilly Stevens
    Romilly Stevens 3 дні тому

    Everyone can relate to this

  • Cruz Florero
    Cruz Florero 4 дні тому

    Bruh I'm in 9th grade and have never studied for anything

  • CheyKat Galaxy
    CheyKat Galaxy 4 дні тому

    Nosey ass teachers

  • Arsemk lol
    Arsemk lol 5 днів тому

    I got caught cheating on my final today. I had my study guide under the test

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 6 днів тому

    You should study hard you shouldn't cheat

  • annoette tops
    annoette tops 6 днів тому

    Why didn't you just wing it? I don't study for ANY of my tests (believe it or not) And I get good grades. Or maybe that's because I LISTEN IN CLASS. EH? COUGH COUGH OMARIANA COUGH COUGH (Omariana is this girl in my class and shes my boyfriends twin sister so sense im dating her twin brother she thinks she has the right to cheat off of me on tests! Lucky for me im a good student so when I tell the teacher, she goes to detention to do it ALONE there. and there is ALWAYS a teacher watching her. so ha ha to her.)

  • BellaSings
    BellaSings 6 днів тому

    That happened to me when I took a 50 question test I cheated and on the last question I kid ya not my teacher stood next to me and immediately said “ ah an look at me young lady FFFFFFFFFFF”” and I failed

  • Patch Kitty
    Patch Kitty 7 днів тому +1

    If u knew the answers why did u even write them on ur hands?

  • You Tube
    You Tube 7 днів тому

    Can I give you my story , STORYBOOTH?? How to give stories to you? Please tell me cause I have a attractive story.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 8 днів тому

    If it's a science class why did it say WWII

  • KimLan Nguyen
    KimLan Nguyen 8 днів тому

    Its not cheating

  • Mayumi Luvena Lasco Sudarisman
    Mayumi Luvena Lasco Sudarisman 9 днів тому

    Why that method?

  • Walaa Khamis
    Walaa Khamis 10 днів тому

    I freaking swear one time I cheated on an arabic test I had a paper in my pocket with all the answers when the arabic test started I answered some and when I got to the question I dont know I said can I go to the bathroom when I went to the bathroom I got the paper and started seeing the answers when I came back to the class the teacher said come here I came and she got the paper out of my pocket and said give me your test and I gave her the test and said GO BACK TO YOUR SEAT then the teacher called my parents and talked to me

  • lil fricc
    lil fricc 10 днів тому

    When it's english class and after the test she explains science

  • Stacy Pabello
    Stacy Pabello 11 днів тому

    I’m that kid that never studies but has better grades than others (mostly cause I am a great cheater)

  • Alma C Tablang
    Alma C Tablang 11 днів тому

    Sad! why!

  • Anna Ross
    Anna Ross 11 днів тому

    Stupid girl u should’ve never let your hand up

  • Flashline Studio
    Flashline Studio 11 днів тому

    I love these videos that’s why I Subscribed to the best channel

  • No Name
    No Name 12 днів тому

    Lucky I got caught too. I am overthinking and my teacher might say it to our principal and call my parents. I'm scared af.

  • KF deadeye
    KF deadeye 13 днів тому +1

    I didn’t realize she has 4 fingers

  • M Y S T E R Y
    M Y S T E R Y 13 днів тому


  • Shaniez Nohar
    Shaniez Nohar 13 днів тому

    0:53 What the heck !!!

  • Glo AndNella
    Glo AndNella 14 днів тому +1

    I cheated on my test today idk what to tell my mom someone plz help fuuuuuuucc c

  • Gacha Aesthetic
    Gacha Aesthetic 14 днів тому

    I never study, i got an 95 on my test 👌👌

  • Maisie Robinson
    Maisie Robinson 15 днів тому

    tecnicly it wasn't cheating you did not copy you studied

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix 15 днів тому

    I cheated by putting answers in a locket.

  • Gazmend Saiti
    Gazmend Saiti 15 днів тому

    me and my friend never caught cheating

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠
    ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠ 16 днів тому +1

    Humans doing human things.

  • NarwhalNick
    NarwhalNick 16 днів тому

    Wait they didn’t let you... eat?

  • hatsune miku
    hatsune miku 16 днів тому

    I got caught wrighting things on my hand,i did not even try to cheat😔

  • HannahThe Weirdone
    HannahThe Weirdone 16 днів тому

    My teachers name is Mrs Smith tooo

  • NobodyElse101
    NobodyElse101 16 днів тому

    At the beginning it says the English quiz but everything else was a science quiz

  • Andrea Wilkins
    Andrea Wilkins 17 днів тому

    I cheated the same way just like her

  • BeeBeeBlueberry
    BeeBeeBlueberry 17 днів тому

    An english quiz EZ i dont need to review

  • Iqbal-kun
    Iqbal-kun 17 днів тому

    Hope this could be a lesson for kids

  • Random Unicorn
    Random Unicorn 17 днів тому

    In my state it is Illigal for kids to not eat in schools for more than 30 minutes...

  • scott1509
    scott1509 17 днів тому

    school is a
    bad time
    cludos to who gets that undertale reference

  • Aubriella Brown
    Aubriella Brown 18 днів тому

    OMFG when the teacher went into the girls bedroom I screamed STALKER and my mom said WTF HAPPENED

  • Cleo Chuppa
    Cleo Chuppa 18 днів тому

    You can just lick your hand and wipe it on your shirt when she said lemme see your hand

  • Trvintyy '
    Trvintyy ' 19 днів тому

    I cheated like this in my exams me and my best friend did it

  • kamryn cassisse
    kamryn cassisse 19 днів тому

    i cheated once because i forgot to study and i got all of it right (spelling test)lol

  • Juan Alejo
    Juan Alejo 19 днів тому

    1:27 Exposed!!!

  • Don't Trust Them
    Don't Trust Them 19 днів тому

    okay not eating to clean after others is too far

  • LithiumTarantula29 Lolz
    LithiumTarantula29 Lolz 20 днів тому

    She could have said her pen exploded in her hand.

  • Car World
    Car World 20 днів тому

    I am the girl who is expected to be the best and battle another smart boy anyway I a in 4th grade so ya

  • Brick Master1204
    Brick Master1204 20 днів тому

    1 like = 1sueing for child labor

  • legendary Bryan
    legendary Bryan 20 днів тому

    Today I cheated at school with a calculator but the teacher didn't caught me

  • David The Dinny 03
    David The Dinny 03 20 днів тому

    In 0:20 the person said quiz in 0:46 it said test

  • Hailey D
    Hailey D 20 днів тому +1

    My cousin is a teacher and her name is Mrs Smith

  • Ayana Ismah
    Ayana Ismah 21 день тому

    You cud put some thing on your paper to Rember for the test

  • Julie Pedersen 4A Tårs undervisningssted

    At 2:27 she thinks: FInally school is over, and then miss Smith: Remember to do your homework. And she says: what was that? MOM, DAD.

  • Zaina Dawood
    Zaina Dawood 21 день тому

    Do cheat study in your he car

  • Mr. Isaac
    Mr. Isaac 21 день тому +1

    00:50 are you writing your name or something?

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 22 дні тому

    She said 'did you studied for the English quiz today?' And then even in her hand it was science stuff and in the board it said science... it confused me for a little bit...

  • koh jing yuan the gothly witch
    koh jing yuan the gothly witch 23 дні тому

    Everyone Cheats At Tests Like Me I Cheat On My Chinese Test In P1 I Also Never Get Quit ! Now Im P2 ! But I Am Marching In To A Other School With My Big Brother

  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez 23 дні тому

    I past shcool and i cheated snd i had baf friend's thst stole stuff so i called the cops went to college fsu and now im a soccer player ☺😜

  • thor ingan
    thor ingan 23 дні тому

    That's why you shouldn't cheat

  • MissPiggy
    MissPiggy 23 дні тому

    school gives to much work

  • F0_0LY
    F0_0LY 24 дні тому

    I thought the title meant the other kind of cheating.

  • Never Quit
    Never Quit 24 дні тому

    Dumb ass

  • Anthony Lynn
    Anthony Lynn 24 дні тому

    0:21 Daphne was talking to her on the phone

  • emma vallena
    emma vallena 25 днів тому

    review test and support others

  • Carsyn Kettner
    Carsyn Kettner 25 днів тому

    Palms are sweaty,knees weak,arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already, moms spaghetti

  • Niks Cambro
    Niks Cambro 25 днів тому

    Wait she said English quiz but the board says science stuff .....🤔

  • Magic Enchanter
    Magic Enchanter 25 днів тому

    Lesson here is that to not cheat . It's not worth the risk of getting caught . It's OK to fail a test once or twice . Go to your teacher after school for help if you don't know a certain topic that could possibly be in your next test or just study at home .

  • Pawan Benipal
    Pawan Benipal 25 днів тому

    In quizzes and tests you should always try your best not cheat but that’s okay mistakes happen

  • Viv Uena
    Viv Uena 25 днів тому

    My teacher wont let us clean or anything. BUT instead, she would change our score to 0, an ultimate fail.

  • Wat3rMe1on AA
    Wat3rMe1on AA 26 днів тому

    I cheated by putting a plastic Ziploc bag with notes on the inside of my jacket. Another time I put notes under the sink in the bathroom. Then I wrote down all answers down on a slip of paper. Both times I passed

  • WhenCatsfly
    WhenCatsfly 26 днів тому

    at first she said Her friend askd her if she studied for the ENGLISH exam and when the test was done the teacher continued teaching SCIENCE, oh and some of the notes werent english related like H2O

  • Reanna Johnson
    Reanna Johnson 26 днів тому

    OK i jest s@rting w@ching this @Nd i h@Nd never che@t in my live but i ye it (me@s tied it @Nd p@ssed)

  • huzema mahmood
    huzema mahmood 26 днів тому

    I cheated once and I had to do a dance infront of everyone

  • Caro E
    Caro E 26 днів тому

    In 1st grade I used to write down the spelling words and hide it in my book bag the day before and during a test if I didn’t know a word I walked up to the cubbys to check the paper. XD. I have no idea how I got this idea but damn 6 year old me was sneaky! Btw I never got caught! I’m not guilty about that kinda stuff (oh yeah I got 100 every spelling test)

  • Hamzi Hussein
    Hamzi Hussein 26 днів тому

    you 2:23 that is savage

  • Jona TehUnicorn
    Jona TehUnicorn 26 днів тому


  • xXSimplyChamorroXx 20
    xXSimplyChamorroXx 20 26 днів тому

    I am in 4th grade and my first year getting home work I dont want to grow up # prisonisschool

  • Tyra Louis
    Tyra Louis 27 днів тому +1

    So you got caught cheating but them 2 bums didn’t get caught kissing

  • Katano Asuki
    Katano Asuki 27 днів тому

    That's so scary I would feel the same

  • Charlotte Morris
    Charlotte Morris 27 днів тому

    At 0:18 she said ENGLISH test but later on it's a SCIENCE test that she's doing.

  • Jacob McKimmons
    Jacob McKimmons 27 днів тому

    Wait u said it was a English quiz yet you said “I won’t cheat for a science quiz again?”

  • Maya Willson
    Maya Willson 27 днів тому

    I feel like that’s not cheating

  • Mendes Army
    Mendes Army 27 днів тому

    i had the same with a science test. i did study really well but i still tought that i didn't study well enough so i wrote some notes on my arms. i didn't get caught but before the test started i washed it off. i was a bit to scared. but honestly, i had so much stress about not getting caught that i read those notes for like 17 times and those were the most easy thing on the test for me 😂
    (sorry for my bad english)

  • Naima Barnes
    Naima Barnes 27 днів тому

    Like my dad always says, “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying!”

  • x Taniwha x
    x Taniwha x 27 днів тому

    Mum: never cheat on test
    Brother: it's not cheat if you don't get caught
    Me: lol

  • LizLikezTo Play
    LizLikezTo Play 27 днів тому

    Dont they have to give you lunch to eat or after it because I think that's required for students to eat

  • Harleyxdaily x
    Harleyxdaily x 27 днів тому

    1:38 me when someone reminds homework in class

  • Eli Toons
    Eli Toons 27 днів тому

    Thats a dumd punishment atleast detention jeez

  • kiddos opinions
    kiddos opinions 27 днів тому

    1:41 she flicked us off like if u hate her teacher 😤😤

  • Genesis Lopez
    Genesis Lopez 27 днів тому

    But how can a teacher do that to you if your just a little girl and also your supposed to eat at lunch time not clean and she should give you detention not a whole week of cleaning the cafeteria what a terrible teacher miss smith is

  • The Root Bird
    The Root Bird 27 днів тому +1

    Everyone cheats a least once

  • Mmm Cake
    Mmm Cake 27 днів тому

    My music teacher name is mrs.smith

  • YourEverydayMessedUp YouTuber
    YourEverydayMessedUp YouTuber 27 днів тому

    So... I used to SOMETIMES look at my partner's paper and check their answer a tiny lil bit then slap myself to work

  • May Seydel
    May Seydel 28 днів тому

    english quiz?

  • Ally Boykin
    Ally Boykin 28 днів тому

    I thought it was an English test

  • Sarah’s Adventures
    Sarah’s Adventures 28 днів тому

    I just realized something... it’s and English test in an Science class!

    FATRAC 28 днів тому

    Lol 2 months ago i didnt notice tommorow was english test and i still got 8+ so its not bad

  • Helen Park
    Helen Park 28 днів тому

    How is she cheating thats just notes

  • Rozsa Rozsa
    Rozsa Rozsa 28 днів тому

    2:28 I watch you BiAtcH!

  • Chrono Galaxy
    Chrono Galaxy 28 днів тому