Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap

  • Опубліковано 17 гру 2018
  • This might be my Magnum Opus. Go to and use code MARKROBER to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free.
    My buddy Sean posted a video with more details of the build:відео.html
    High Speed camera courtesy of They rent high speed cameras at killer prices. Hit them up.
    Info coming soon!

    Summary: I got upset that my package was stolen so I made a glitter bomb revenge package.

    They are soft-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober  21 годину тому +11727

    I've officially peaked. I'm @MarkRober on Instagram and Twitter.

    • elige brown
      elige brown 16 годин тому

      I want to buy one. How much?

    • Wencel Angelo Maturan
      Wencel Angelo Maturan 16 годин тому

      Put military grade putricant instead of ordinary fart spray it will teach them the right lesson

    • Alex C-P
      Alex C-P 16 годин тому

      Trust me Mark, you will never peak, you always manage to do something even cooler than the thing before

    • Jesse Rodgers
      Jesse Rodgers 16 годин тому

      I think an amazing addition to this would be to ad some method to self destruct the phones after an uploaded video. Say a USB shock to the phone. There fairly easy to make, which is a series of capacitors that can discharge at 120 volts to the USB port. You do have to check the phone because some manufacturers have added some countermeasures to such events. You could put a time loop or a disconnect switch when the phones are removed from the device to trigger the destructive event. I feel this prevent bad guys getting away with 4 phones. You could also get a raspberry pi or an Arduino for cheep and would have a much higher chance of being tossed right after because bad guys probably won't recognize the hardware, and they can't sell it for that much!

    • Lift Pizzas
      Lift Pizzas 16 годин тому

      I think a good followup video to this would be about you bringing the evidence to the police (with your cameras in tow) and them explaining on camera why they think that serial theft is not a crime worth pursuing, even when you've done all of the detective work for them.

  • Imperium_
    Imperium_ 16 годин тому

    This was amazing but how about an actual bomb?

  • Christyan Camarena
    Christyan Camarena 16 годин тому

    This had me laughing while at work and customers were just staring 😂😂😂😂

  • radd696
    radd696 16 годин тому

    im in love with you mark

  • Julian Natale
    Julian Natale 16 годин тому

    Make one of these but it sprays spray-paint. Would ruin some thieves’ cars or clothes. Doubt you could get in legal trouble either.

  • Dread Domino
    Dread Domino 16 годин тому +1

    put a shotgun inside next

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C 16 годин тому

    I love these videos but it's almost definitely staged.

  • Johnny
    Johnny 16 годин тому

    Absolute genius! Fixing the world one package at a time.

  • wendy darling
    wendy darling 16 годин тому

    On top of thievery, they also litter. SMH

  • Tripa Seca
    Tripa Seca 16 годин тому

    uh look at that compression

  • Calvin Horch
    Calvin Horch 16 годин тому

    Please upgrade the consequences to fart flavored paint!

  • Xamations
    Xamations 16 годин тому

    They deserve that for stealing

  • Preston Strom
    Preston Strom 16 годин тому

    You should’ve left a not there saying “karma’s a jerk”

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL 16 годин тому

    And this is, murica, why other countries has these things called fences around their houses.

  • Paul Cookson
    Paul Cookson 16 годин тому

    Next time make it an IED

  • David Rutherford
    David Rutherford 16 годин тому

    Mark thanks for making all other engineers like me look inadequate! Awesome idea and execution. Want to make something to get my neighbor's dogs? Lol

  • Mufarrij Lukman
    Mufarrij Lukman 16 годин тому

    I wanna build one


    TOASTY 16 годин тому


  • Stewie Studios
    Stewie Studios 16 годин тому

    you should have used a 360 video camera

  • Ben Gregory
    Ben Gregory 16 годин тому

    I am very curious if you sent the GPS data and footage to the police, with that amount of evidence you could actually get them to do something.

  • xxxx85
    xxxx85 16 годин тому

    7:40 , 9:00 - Those people seem to have nice houses. They don't seem poor. They're just doing this cause it's easy money. The punishment for this needs to be higher, and there needs to be way more sting operations by cops against this. F-ing thieves!

  • Thomas Chu
    Thomas Chu 16 годин тому

    Love this invention !

  • GregG210TV
    GregG210TV 16 годин тому

    That was AWESOME!!!! instant justice hahaha

  • Eltardo Wut
    Eltardo Wut 16 годин тому

    It'd be better to load that one with a small amount of c4 and a handful of ceramic shards from a broken flowerpot placed around within a carton tube.

  • graham peebles
    graham peebles 16 годин тому +1

    Should have put a air horn into it and litte containers of glue so the gliter stickes or even use flower

  • j3wpb
    j3wpb 16 годин тому

    want to buy

  • ‘Murica 1776
    ‘Murica 1776 16 годин тому


  • Jackson Leyda
    Jackson Leyda 16 годин тому

    Did the cops catch them?

    SAI PRAKASH M 16 годин тому

    Bro u left your address in their😅

  • That1CanadianGuy
    That1CanadianGuy 16 годин тому

    I call bullish. no man is gonna steal that and then throw away after the glitter, fart bomb. it would be torn aparty to see what is inside/

  • csselement
    csselement 16 годин тому

    1 minute in and cannot wait to see this go off

  • Shadow28
    Shadow28 16 годин тому

    I want to see more

  • Nerdy Chau
    Nerdy Chau 16 годин тому

    Omg literally our hero

  • Vindicator Jones
    Vindicator Jones 16 годин тому

    Should have been filled with paint, not glitter... And that spray should be spraying every 10 seconds, and while your at it, have one of those ear piercing personal alarms going off...

  • RadityaG
    RadityaG 16 годин тому +1

    How if we change the glitters to a real human poop ?

  • Lennox 2016
    Lennox 2016 16 годин тому

    Dude why not sell this on kickstarter

  • Preston Buker
    Preston Buker 16 годин тому

    Did he just doxx himself?

  • Loki Odinson
    Loki Odinson 16 годин тому

    Would you be willing to make another one of these on devices for sale?

  • Case  White
    Case White 16 годин тому

    Why not just make a real bomb no proof you did it he bombed himself

  • isaac sloan
    isaac sloan 16 годин тому

    Do the same thing but with a bunch of spiders. Or fleas. Or bees.

  • Bryan Escalante
    Bryan Escalante 16 годин тому

    I wonder what would happen if you add a fire cracker and they get hurt.... Would you get sued???? Who wins ??? One part is "intentionally" placed.... But on the other they're trespassing and stealing ... Lol

  • Alexander Gersabeck
    Alexander Gersabeck 16 годин тому

    This needs to be a TV series, each episode with a different box of horrors. I'm thinking old grease, Sriracha..... A season finale of spray insulation foam...make this a thing.

  • Grace Tan
    Grace Tan 16 годин тому +1

    If the people who stole this watch themselves right now they would regret not taking the phones 😂

  • iSweat-Axion
    iSweat-Axion 16 годин тому

    Blueprint upload please? People with 3D printers can build their own if they are willing to spend the money.

  • Diane Victorian Shabby Shop
    Diane Victorian Shabby Shop 16 годин тому

    That is too cool!!!!!!!!!

  • Karina Guadalupe Camacho Arhaika
    Karina Guadalupe Camacho Arhaika 16 годин тому

    This should be available for people

    TOASTY 16 годин тому

    More prank vids

  • Little Bobby
    Little Bobby 16 годин тому

    You should put a frag grenade in these

    Or a flashbang

  • iFlameArts
    iFlameArts 16 годин тому

    i'm so happy that they added glitter that way it messes up peoples stuff which is a punishment

  • Dat Tran
    Dat Tran 16 годин тому

    over what period of time did you record this that you had that many people steal the package?

  • Sth29Productions
    Sth29Productions 16 годин тому

    How about you make the same contraption but one that spread sulfuric acid instead of glitter. Then have a large piece of pure sodium drop in a little water container for a nice boom to along with the disfiguration from the acid.
    That's what they deserve after all. If they don't get scarred they'll do it again 100% of the time.

  • Core 4
    Core 4 16 годин тому +1

    Mark just use a 360 camera like the GoPro one that recently can out!
    Please make another version more modified!
    And I want one please go commercial!

  • Mike Litoris
    Mike Litoris 16 годин тому

    "Cmon bro, Im just trynna get ahead in the game, man, y u do dis to me"

  • Cassie E
    Cassie E 16 годин тому

    I want to buy this !!

  • Zoi Andersen
    Zoi Andersen 16 годин тому

    That's amazing!!

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill 16 годин тому

    You're a genius.
    It should be easy to the make and model of the car.
    Just casually walk by and look for glitter and the smell lol.
    We can never clean glitter here.
    We still see it months after Christmas and yes we do vaccum and dust.
    I saw one video of people stealing iPhones.
    They took out the guts and rigged a shock device to it.
    That's another great idea.

  • Gwynbade
    Gwynbade 16 годин тому

    Please do the same but replace glitter with a dye bomb

  • RedSt4r
    RedSt4r 16 годин тому

    Yeah... glitter isn't going to cut it.
    Next time (if there is one) put a claymore bomb in there, I guarantee that nobody will want to steal your packages again.

  • christian Adams
    christian Adams 16 годин тому

    Sad that that many people steal packages around your seemingly safe neighborhood

  • Silver Scythe
    Silver Scythe 16 годин тому

    That was beautiful. They all had great reactions.

  • Chanchan Pumphrey
    Chanchan Pumphrey 16 годин тому

    You should make a certain number of these and sell some of them as a Christmas thing

  • Ken
    Ken 16 годин тому

    The next iteration needs exploding ink tags. The thieves will be easy to identify in public with their stained skin.

  • Benjamin Levesque Kinder
    Benjamin Levesque Kinder 16 годин тому

    look ive been watching ur channel for a while and loved it, but this seems fake... i mean the victim's reaction

  • Titus Tiger
    Titus Tiger 16 годин тому

    add to this revenge is better eaten cold-hearted were you able to take pictures of the license plate?

  • john matthews
    john matthews 16 годин тому

    Best damn video I've ever seen on UAclips no freaking loved it you want to put one in a suitcase and take it to the airport

  • Suhail Afandi
    Suhail Afandi 16 годин тому

    Should've replaced the glitters with itching powder or mace powder.

  • D. Baggins
    D. Baggins 16 годин тому

    Humans are pukes

  • The Unfair
    The Unfair 16 годин тому

    Replace the stink spray with tear gas.

  • Fefo
    Fefo 16 годин тому


  • immortalis1001
    immortalis1001 16 годин тому

    This really should have been made with C-4.

  • Jim L
    Jim L 16 годин тому

    This is glorious, damn bottom feeders.

  • Yong Ling
    Yong Ling 16 годин тому

    That last thief (opened the package in his bedroom) has a carbon Bianchi, just how low can he go?

  • Fox Wolf
    Fox Wolf 16 годин тому

    I could watch this forever

  • dfsuperstar
    dfsuperstar 16 годин тому

    So awesome and thanks for coming up with this... Sad that so many people are willing to steal

  • decodeddiesel
    decodeddiesel 16 годин тому

    Lots of POS package thieves disliking! LMFAO

  • Hukarere
    Hukarere 16 годин тому

    I would subscribe again if I wasn't already.

  • Mdelta 36
    Mdelta 36 16 годин тому


  • Jakob Lust
    Jakob Lust 16 годин тому

    This actually reminds me of the paint traps they use to make money lose its value. I also love how people get mad at the package, even though it's them who stole it so thank you for showing them wrong!

  • Jake Walton
    Jake Walton 16 годин тому

    The guy at 9:07 looks so defeated

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 16 годин тому

    That what these robbers get.

  • LudicrousPotato
    LudicrousPotato 16 годин тому

    fellas just stick some explosives in there

  • Dean Henthorn
    Dean Henthorn 16 годин тому

    A plastic container of fart spray, skunk oil or deer rut juice that explodes, and glitter glue.

  • Spikey DaPikey
    Spikey DaPikey 16 годин тому

    This just proves that revenge is Fabulous !! Bravo Sir, Bravo !!

  • magnificentadao
    magnificentadao 16 годин тому

    Wow the cops didnt think it was worth their time. yeah, sure cops, I mean, it's not your responsibility to protect and serve and ya know... uphold the law... OH WAIT IT IS. So surprised that a lot of people actually steal packages like that and gets away with it in his country.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 16 годин тому

    Those idiots got off way too easy. Next model add superglue

  • Azire Andrai
    Azire Andrai 16 годин тому

    Add glue

  • graham peebles
    graham peebles 16 годин тому +1

    This is too smart

  • Ryan Dick
    Ryan Dick 16 годин тому

    More of this please!

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson 16 годин тому

    Now replace the glitter with c4 and call it a day.

  • David Kang
    David Kang 16 годин тому

    Do the same thing but replace the glitter with a grenade and the fart spray with mustard gas.

  • jonathan lujan
    jonathan lujan 16 годин тому

    Why did you not put itching powder

  • montana cady
    montana cady 16 годин тому

    Best vid so far

  • Raptorcebol 101
    Raptorcebol 101 16 годин тому

    Its beautiful!

    RAGE AGAINST THE WORLD 16 годин тому

    Instead of glitter, i'd just make an explosive. Problem *permanently* solved.

  • Doyga
    Doyga 16 годин тому

    I wonder if people like these live looking at people doors and searching for things to steal

  • abrr2000
    abrr2000 16 годин тому

    the very fact that the cops don't bother to go after people caught red handed is why there's a problem. they should start leaving packages like this out to catch these people in the act.

  • AsciiGDL
    AsciiGDL 16 годин тому +2

    According to Donald Trump all these thiefs are Mexicans 😋
    Nex time use the same kind of ink they use to "protect" the bills inside an ATM, the kind that is very hard to remove

  • ParkourInSky
    ParkourInSky 16 годин тому

    OMG you are like a hero, you should sell that box

  • Riley Courtier
    Riley Courtier 16 годин тому


  • Astroxy
    Astroxy 16 годин тому

    Those people need to get in trouble