Dani Cohn- Somebody Like You (Official Music Video) ft. Mikey Tua

  • Опубліковано 11 чер 2019
  • Stream MY song here: open.spotify.com/track/5Ri0EJVTxqZUEMk3vdhQGZ?si=sDTwzGrASJaBAe0-3c0Kkw

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    Song Produced by: Hustle Division

    Video Produced by: Joe Bland

    Make-up Artist: Vanessa
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  • Mariyam Nasira
    Mariyam Nasira 4 хвилини тому +1

    Her father was too embarrassed to walk her down the aisle so mikey's best friend had to do it

  • koala kid
    koala kid 26 хвилин тому +1

    Her friend looks like a squash. Her boyfriend looks like a pickle. You can't unsee this

  • Aliyah Profeta
    Aliyah Profeta 32 хвилини тому

    how many auto tune do you want?
    Mikey: Yes

  • Aliyah Profeta
    Aliyah Profeta 33 хвилини тому

    "long time" jeez you two are still teenagers.

  • Brooklyn Maclean
    Brooklyn Maclean Годину тому

    I love this song !

  • Isabella Caraballo
    Isabella Caraballo 2 години тому

    😂 hahaha

  • Brendolyn McCormick
    Brendolyn McCormick 2 години тому

    Can everyone stop being so pressed about her? She litterly is just living her life. And so what if she faked her age you don't know what's going on in her life. Even if she was 12 or 15 or want ever nobody deserve to have thousands of people on her ass all of the time trying to get in her business like chill geezz

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer 2 години тому +1

    Dani at 13:wearing inappropriate clothes,fake pregnany fake wedding,wearing sexy clothes,boyfriends
    Me at 13:only crush,study,telling my friends let's play roblox,pranking them that im gonna give them robux but not cause im broke and playing with my friends♡♥

  • not your J-hope
    not your J-hope 2 години тому +1

    Bruh, voive crack higher than the chance she'll get a boyfriend her age. Or keeping a boyfriend.

  • Spinach minaj
    Spinach minaj 2 години тому +1

    This just shitted on the activist for anti child marriage 🤭

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 2 години тому

    Mikey or whatever his name is, I forgot, he isn’t even that bad at singing

  • Bob Joe
    Bob Joe 3 години тому

    the concept of the music, style, and/or video is pretty ok but it was executed poorly. (don’t come at me, just my personal opinion)

  • Zooshii :3
    Zooshii :3 3 години тому

    Clean ur water sis

  • Gacha Petal101
    Gacha Petal101 3 години тому

    "Ive been searchin for a LONG time for somebody like you",YOU MEAN LIKE 1 SECOND ? YOU GET BOYFRIENDS ALMOST EVERYDAY

  • Matison Vonkanel
    Matison Vonkanel 3 години тому

    your friend is so prettyyyyy

  • Gacha Petal101
    Gacha Petal101 3 години тому

    Me:shows video*
    Mom:jumps off cliff

  • QueenAlpha OG
    QueenAlpha OG 4 години тому

    U can’t sing 🤮

  • QueenAlpha OG
    QueenAlpha OG 4 години тому

    This song is the fucking worst 🤮🤮🤮

  • Cassie D
    Cassie D 4 години тому

    This song *would* be good if it was made by real singers

  • Awesome Bros
    Awesome Bros 4 години тому

    People are already getting married at 14 damn Dani you not even that pretty

  • Gabriela Trejo
    Gabriela Trejo 4 години тому

    The first second I already disliked.

  • Leah Thomas
    Leah Thomas 4 години тому

    Bro u 13

  • Dia Lauaki
    Dia Lauaki 4 години тому


  • Bts X Blackpink
    Bts X Blackpink 5 годин тому +1

    Rebecca black wasn't that Bad!

  • Tuleen mameel 4
    Tuleen mameel 4 5 годин тому

    Where’s bhad bhabbie to comment @bhad bhabbie

  • Tuleen mameel 4
    Tuleen mameel 4 5 годин тому

    What about the way he felt shocked when he saw her, ugh it’s fucking fake

  • Tuleen mameel 4
    Tuleen mameel 4 5 годин тому +1

    Plz tell that guy to stop rapping cuz it sounds like a rabbit having diarrhea

  • Alliyah Durand
    Alliyah Durand 5 годин тому +1

    Are jasmine and Zion dating ? Cause just look at 3:42 ?

  • Peachy Anni
    Peachy Anni 5 годин тому

    I cant even watch this, it hurts

  • Elijah
    Elijah 5 годин тому

    Don't think the ring fits 😂

  • Vanessa Ochoa
    Vanessa Ochoa 5 годин тому


  • JasItUp yo
    JasItUp yo 6 годин тому


  • Games Are good for your health
    Games Are good for your health 6 годин тому +1

    Dani and Mikey: We will never break up

    7/2/19: Hold my calendar

    TWICE FOREVER 6 годин тому +1



  • Natalia Edwards
    Natalia Edwards 6 годин тому

    3:11 can someone put in a sound of a dinosoar and send it to me

  • Natalia Edwards
    Natalia Edwards 6 годин тому

    2:50 damn those claws

  • Lickadark
    Lickadark 6 годин тому

    Dani at 13: married

    Me at 15: got rejected coz she had a boyfriend

  • User Name
    User Name 6 годин тому

    Miky sounds like mattyb in this video

  • User Name
    User Name 6 годин тому

    Miky sounds like mattyb in this video

  • Thatgirlzee
    Thatgirlzee 7 годин тому +1

    Break up with your boyfriend were BoReDdD its only a matter of time until she gets a new cringe worthy "man"

  • Min Yoonki
    Min Yoonki 7 годин тому

    this is terrible hahahaha

  • Tony Blade
    Tony Blade 7 годин тому +1

    1:46 Why does he sound like mattybraps?

  • Sinntheeeuhh
    Sinntheeeuhh 7 годин тому

    This is so cringy

  • Sweet SPrance
    Sweet SPrance 8 годин тому +1

    I'm only who is inconfortable when they gets "married"???

  • moraizu Kurtuz
    moraizu Kurtuz 8 годин тому


  • The Potato
    The Potato 8 годин тому

    Man they both suck at singing and that guy is ugly

  • Diamond Grahamz
    Diamond Grahamz 8 годин тому

    Dr. Phil chose the wrong Danielle 🤦🏾

  • Berenice Guajardo
    Berenice Guajardo 9 годин тому

    Dude she is sooo ugly tho

  • Viviana George
    Viviana George 9 годин тому

    This is the damn worst shit shes ever done

  • Kirsten Boxley
    Kirsten Boxley 9 годин тому

    Stop at 0:20 and just leave because your eardrums will bleed

  • 1inamillion Gamerz
    1inamillion Gamerz 9 годин тому

    Dani * gets married in backyard*

  • Fozzy 11
    Fozzy 11 9 годин тому

    her friend is actually gorgeous 😍😍

  • Queen Alondra & Jocelyn
    Queen Alondra & Jocelyn 10 годин тому

    Danielle sorry but your friend is prettier then you 😂😂

  • Samu Reddy
    Samu Reddy 10 годин тому +5

    Director: How much Autotune Dani??

    Dani: Yes.....

    Mikey: whatever my girlfriend says.....

  • BTSa.r.m.yPotato
    BTSa.r.m.yPotato 10 годин тому

    3:18 Mikey was so happy to see her and she looked like she tried to flirt with the other guy

  • BTSa.r.m.yPotato
    BTSa.r.m.yPotato 10 годин тому

    2:49 this was the most awkward yes bro I would be like screaming, crying and being really happy when I say yes

  • Sophia Ramos
    Sophia Ramos 10 годин тому

    Auto tune 100

  • Sariah Foulk
    Sariah Foulk 10 годин тому

    It’s kinda funny Dani is 13, 14, 15, 6, 10 and getting married Then they “break up” then makes another song called mi amor she’s been searching for a long time so she was 9?😂

  • Samantha Silva
    Samantha Silva 11 годин тому

    They fuckin freaky

  • Rainbow Asmr Asmr
    Rainbow Asmr Asmr 11 годин тому +1

    I miss mani and zody what’s going on it’s called haters

  • 여왕혼합
    여왕혼합 12 годин тому

    You might as well delete this crap. Your with another man. Your absolutely disgusting. You go all over the place sleeping with boys like ewww 🤢 I cant....

  • Betool &Cheska
    Betool &Cheska 12 годин тому

    You have a new boyfriend in every mucic vid

  • Jason Rubio
    Jason Rubio 13 годин тому +1

    This girl got a mil views from Benji and scrubby

  • Raylee Blanch
    Raylee Blanch 13 годин тому +2

    1 month later after this vid:
    Dani lies about her age (maybe i dunno all the tea) and breaks up with mikey.
    Now she’s dating mikey’s best friend...
    What a suprise.

  • hEy BoY MY FiRsT lOVe sToRY
    hEy BoY MY FiRsT lOVe sToRY 13 годин тому

    There was only two people at there 'wedding'...

  • Gj Hj
    Gj Hj 14 годин тому

    I hate this for a number of reasons.
    1:What the fuck was that voice crack like 8 seconds into the video?
    2:That intro, Just wow. No reason for it, took way too long for a normal music video I just hate it.
    3:The goddamn acting, terrible. I know 8 year olds who could do better.
    4:Your singing. 5 year olds out there thinkin' ahe singing like an angel, bitch no. Your singing is worse than my cat tryna cough up a furball.
    5:Lmao you think you can rap- what the actual hell. Why. Why the fuck.
    6:Clips that you didn't even need to add in this. It's bullshit. Especially the theme- it changes so rapidly, first you're in the fuckin' wild and next second you're in hot springs, second after that you walkin on the sidewalk in a town. What the fuck? Where the fuck is this going? I especially hate the colour scheme of every single shot. None of it goes well. None of it blends together or fits together or looks good together.
    7:You. Are. A. Fucking. 13. Year. Old. I don't know what shit you ramblin' about, saying you're 15, bitch you is a 13 year old try hard that acts and dresses like a 7 year old. You dating people who way older than you and you don't know how much danger they could be in 'cause of that.
    Overall rating? 0.3/100.
    Hopefully someone out there enjoyed reading my stupid little rant on this video and possibly this bitch's whole channel and content.

  • Andrea Collantes
    Andrea Collantes 14 годин тому

    This is ear rape, I'm bothered with people who like this :

  • Don't eat people eat food
    Don't eat people eat food 14 годин тому

    Was this really necessary? 2:15

  • Douglas Greene
    Douglas Greene 14 годин тому

    every time she makes a song her and her boyfriend break up like a week later lol

  • Diva Cutegirl
    Diva Cutegirl 15 годин тому

    so she gets exposed that she is 13 and she's not really pregnant or married

    *its 2019 calm down*