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Game Proves Ghosts Are Real, Hiding in Bathrooms - The Spook Inspectors Gameplay - Let's Game It Out

  • Опубліковано 25 вер 2023
  • I knew it. Ghosts are real. And more than that, they're hiding in the men's restroom, WATCHING US ALL!
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    More about The Spook Inspectors (from Steam):
    You are an aspiring paranormal investigator eager to join the Spook Inspectors Paranormal Society (SIPS). Your task is to investigate allegedly haunted locations - ranging from old restaurants such as Green-Eyed Jack's Steakhouse to the abandoned 19th century Andechs Mine - to find evidence of paranormal activity using a variety of devices. The Spook Inspectors describe themselves as a "scientific organization", although their logo of a sheet ghost has led to a certain skepticism about that claim. So have some of their antics.
    Key Features:
    - Work your way up the ranks for a rewarding career with the Spook Inspectors.
    - First-person 3D gameplay.
    - Variety and replay value. Randomly-generated paranormal activity.
    - Detailed setting with a history. There are dozens of locations planned, each with a backstory.
    Game Proves Ghosts Are Real, Hiding in Bathrooms - The Spook Inspectors Gameplay - Let's Game It Out
    #letsgameitout #indie #mystery
    I also used this music in my outro:
    "Werq" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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  • Grant Armstrong
    Grant Armstrong Рік тому +292

    Fun fact: EMF was popularized in ghost hunting when it was discovered that electromagnetic fields can have neurological effects and even cause hallucinations. It was used by scientists in a study to disprove the existence of ghosts only for ghost hunters to use it to find ghosts.

    • Jtom
      Jtom 4 місяці тому +16

      Huh, so it is all a hallucinations?

    • P
      P 4 місяці тому +9

      ​@Jtom prob

    • PizzaPirate
      PizzaPirate 3 місяці тому +4

      Did you learn this just to tell josh

    • The Hateful Analizer
      The Hateful Analizer 2 місяці тому

      Hilarious. BUT WAIT WHAT WAS THAT?!

  • NotOnLand
    NotOnLand Рік тому +213

    The most realistic part about this is that you found definitive proof of ghosts _multiple times,_ and only got promoted to "trainee"

    • Anzac-A1
      Anzac-A1 4 місяці тому +2

      How's it realistic?

    • bro tried
      bro tried 2 місяці тому

      That just means that its easy to find ghosts here

  • BM77
    BM77 2 роки тому +573

    I like how the ghosts aren’t malicious or anything they just drain your batteries lol

    • Nad Do
      Nad Do Рік тому +33

      could you think of anything worse than draining my precious iPhone battery?!!!

    • Kory Card
      Kory Card Рік тому +11

      @Nad Do i does that on its own

    • Zoltic gaming
      Zoltic gaming Рік тому +6

      Balloon boy agreed

    • unnactive account
      unnactive account Рік тому +4

      Boomer ghosts huh

    • What_Is_Life;-;
      What_Is_Life;-; Рік тому +6

      Balloon boy vibes

  • Will
    Will 3 роки тому +4718

    *looks at empty toilet paper roll*
    “this is clearly an epidemic”
    A man who was ahead of his time

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +187

      He diagnosed it as the result of COVID-19 before anyone else. Most people would just see an empty roll, but he was able to determine the underlying cause just by looking at it.

    • Rylie Smile
      Rylie Smile 3 роки тому +106

      Josh just broke plague Inc so much and released a real disease on the world. It was all part of his plan

    • Bafflingcomet89
      Bafflingcomet89 3 роки тому +37

      Meanwhile, week... 8? of quarantine: all i do is think and talk like josh now.

    • Yenwood
      Yenwood 3 роки тому +16

      all the TP is missing and the world is full of ghosts. i feel the game dev is more prophetic

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +11

      @Yenwood And all the restaurants are empty.

  • Dukkhan
    Dukkhan 4 роки тому +3851

    I'm always impressed by how polite and positive you are towards every game you try out.

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +424

      And his humor is cheerful rather than nasty. I think that's one of the reasons his channel gained so many subscribers so rapidly.

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +143

      Although with most of his videos he tries to break the game. LOL One person said that this video is the only one where he didn't do that (he just made jokes about the decor).

    • V.O.I.D
      V.O.I.D 3 роки тому +37

      Dukkhan it’s called being so depressed that your expectations turn into if the game has lights then it’s playable

    • Tarek Gasmi
      Tarek Gasmi 3 роки тому +25

      I'm impressed of his voice
      he's like at TV or talking 3 person

    • Dexter Lim
      Dexter Lim 3 роки тому +54

      If Josh says this word " *I have an idea* "
      We're in danger

  • Jis van Overschot
    Jis van Overschot 4 роки тому +4360

    This video went from ghost inspector to yelp reviewer.

    • Ravenfolks
      Ravenfolks 4 роки тому +152

      from ghost buster to gordon ramsay

    • plainblocks2
      plainblocks2 4 роки тому +124

      "The ghost is annoying, the chairs are flying everywhere, the pans kept on banging themselves, and the lights are flickering like hell."
      *1/5 stars*

    • Ravenfolks
      Ravenfolks 4 роки тому +45

      @plainblocks2 "FoCKIN HeLL"

    • Bob Roberts
      Bob Roberts 3 роки тому +27

      "This is clearly an epidemic" (referring to the empty toilet paper rolls)

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +9

      @Bob Roberts It has become an epidemic in real life.

  • Rena Kunisaki
    Rena Kunisaki 4 роки тому +3140

    > hires ghost detector
    > "yup, there's ghosts! k bye!"

    • Bob Roberts
      Bob Roberts 3 роки тому +69

      He also stuck around to critique each place first before leaving.

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +31

      Well, he accomplished his mission as a ghost detector then. LOL

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +4

      @Dero What? I don't understand what "HACK Profil pic. sweet " means.

    • Dero
      Dero 3 роки тому +1

      @Acta Diurna How can you write English and not understand what i wrote? what?... h. wh.. ? doesn't make sense...

  • Feu De La Croix
    Feu De La Croix 2 роки тому +47

    "A freezing 65°"
    "Oh great, stagnant water"
    I feel like Josh might be from Florida

    • Firedragon Danny
      Firedragon Danny 9 місяців тому +3

      Go to socialblade and type in his UAclips channel and there u can find which state he is from

    • Kaitlin
      Kaitlin 10 днів тому

      ​@Firedragon Dannyhes mentioned before san Francisco I thought

  • Gregory James
    Gregory James 2 роки тому +530

    This game walked so Phasmaphobia could run

  • 無用野餐 Fruitless Picnic
    無用野餐 Fruitless Picnic 3 роки тому +160

    These shops are essentially made by you, legs sticking out the wall, bad flooring, creepy statues, the whole package.

  • Alexis Flynn
    Alexis Flynn Рік тому +49

    Is it just me, or do you also love it when he goes “helloooooo”😂 it’s just amazing and hilarious

  • Ren
    Ren 2 роки тому +808

    "Mom i want phasmophobia"
    "We have phasmophobia at home"
    phasmophobia at home:

    • Frinkstinkr
      Frinkstinkr 2 роки тому +2


    • Etholus
      Etholus 2 роки тому +44

      I’d be sketched if my mom said we have phasmophobia at home ngl

    • Beanism
      Beanism 2 роки тому +3

      I was about to say that

    • nnouraa
      nnouraa 2 роки тому +3


    • MachShfive
      MachShfive 2 роки тому +4

      Lmao, this really does feel like a totally broken phasmophobia

  • weckar
    weckar Рік тому +15

    The humor in this game is actually quite solid

  • xaayer
    xaayer 3 роки тому +457

    4:30 "This is clearly an epidemic" This game was ahead of its time!

    • Cee Gesange
      Cee Gesange 3 роки тому +3

      None of the businesses can afford any toilet paper due to hoarding / price gouging (or maybe all the businesses are under lockdown).

    • 🥔 PotatoSaladFace 🥔
      🥔 PotatoSaladFace 🥔 2 роки тому +3

      @Cee Gesange Actually, the higher-ups (they who shall not be named) have been limiting sales.
      Just some info, not an attack...

  • signsofabadger
    signsofabadger 3 роки тому +897

    "I think the real horror show is this COUCH!" omg too funny xD

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +13

      That's a spectacularly ugly couch.

  • Grace T.
    Grace T. 3 роки тому +76

    This turned into ghost hunters meets Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares

    • Juice
      Juice Рік тому +9

      Oh no your names is Grace. Run before josh sees you😂

    • Jimmy John
      Jimmy John 2 місяці тому


  • Guy In A Room
    Guy In A Room 4 роки тому +554

    been binge watching your videos and wow you went a lil viral you deserve it!

  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor Rodriguez 7 місяців тому +8

    Josh : " What kind of outfit do i want to do, do i want to go undercover or undercover or possibly undercover
    or i could go on the casual investigator look and on my days off i like to be a terminator "

  • cliftut
    cliftut 4 роки тому +228

    They should put ghosts in Cooking Simulator now.

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +9

      Yes, they should. I've been to restaurants that were allegedly haunted.

    • Glenn Davey
      Glenn Davey Рік тому +8

      All these games are starting to Blender together

  • no name
    no name 3 роки тому +239

    Empty toilet paper rolls: "this is clearly an epidemic"
    2020 appreciates your accurate portrayal of the future

    • Laila Rosales
      Laila Rosales 3 роки тому +5

      I was waiting for someone to say this!!!

    • Acta Diurna
      Acta Diurna 3 роки тому +4

      Now we know where the coronavirus actually originated, way back in early 2019.

    • Dingo Dog
      Dingo Dog 2 роки тому

      Yes lol

  • Dragon Lizard
    Dragon Lizard 3 роки тому +13

    Josh: I see your shadows!
    Ghosts: ohhhh yeahhhhh that thing.... we forgot to turn them off

  • Dan DeW
    Dan DeW 2 роки тому +19

    If I were a ghost I'd haunt bathrooms. I cant imagine another place where someone feels as vulnerable or exposed.

    • Jimmy John
      Jimmy John 2 місяці тому

      If I were a ghost I would haunt mansions.

  • Angie Castles
    Angie Castles 3 роки тому +15

    I'm watching at 2am, and I've never been more spooked/scared and full of laughter at the same time. Love your commentary. If I ever go ghost hunting with friends, I aspire to have your commentary ability

  • Invalid Character
    Invalid Character 3 роки тому +161

    “Is he trying to be inside me?”
    - Josh, 2019

  • Cody Barrett
    Cody Barrett 4 роки тому +41

    bertha the giant waitress? that actually made me laugh

  • SplitMaw
    SplitMaw 3 роки тому +52

    "Oh, you're not a ghost. You're just upsetting. . . And not what I want to see when I go into a restaurant."

  • Aspen Henery-Hagius
    Aspen Henery-Hagius 2 роки тому +5

    We can all agree that every game he plays he finds a way to make the game so awesome and makes us all wanna get it even if the video game would be boring or lame if it wasn’t him playing it. Haha we all agree

  • Mitchell Rouse
    Mitchell Rouse Рік тому +9

    3:00 every table for four when you're sitting at the table in that chair and you're looking across at two other people I laughed so loud that would be so awkward haha

  • Dubstequtie
    Dubstequtie 3 роки тому +163

    8:55 Yeah.. that would be my kitchen floor at my ex-work's restaurant.
    Yeah it was a nightmare to clean, cause it never truly got cleaned with the dinky mop and bucket technique.. Hard dirty grease buildup forever in the grout lines. I constantly wished I could just bring a pressure washer into the kitchen and go ham on the floor... would be so satisfying.

    • BigDawg
      BigDawg 2 роки тому +2


  • antisobriety4201
    antisobriety4201 3 роки тому +3

    2019: Josh cant find toilet paper in game
    2020: Josh cant find toilet paper

  • *+ Shoto Todoroki +*
    *+ Shoto Todoroki +* Рік тому +6

    This restaurant looks like one Gray would build

  • Cee Gesange
    Cee Gesange 8 місяців тому +1

    This was the game that seemed to have inspired Phasmophobia since Phasmo came out a year later. In the several years since this video was made, Spook Inspectors has been expanded to something like twice the size. Josh provided the link to the game's Steam page in his description.

  • Gamer_God
    Gamer_God 2 роки тому +6

    By the way he talks you would never know about the hours of suffering he goes through.

  • Konstant
    Konstant 3 роки тому +5

    The super rare video where LGIO doesn’t break the game lol 😂

  • mjazzy86
    mjazzy86 Рік тому

    Josh is the kind of guy that goes into a bar and then orders a koolaid

  • William Bastien
    William Bastien 2 роки тому +15

    Me : Can we have phasmophobia at home ?
    Mom : We have Phasmophobia at home.
    Phasmophobia at home :

    • AnzoZeWorst
      AnzoZeWorst 2 роки тому

      So true. I was going to make the same comment lol.

  • Jovi Luck
    Jovi Luck 3 роки тому +209

    holy crap, did anyone else notice the guy in the middle at 6:34-6:36 FRIKKIN MOVED?!?!

    • Porkchop ss
      Porkchop ss 3 роки тому +20

      Kinda hard not to notice since he zoomed in on it and included the sound.

    • ThatPotatoTho
      ThatPotatoTho 3 роки тому +15

      @Porkchop ss You're right but I still missed it

    • Neato Burrito
      Neato Burrito 3 роки тому +26

      Creator used a person model as a an actual clothing model and forgot to prevent its movement.

    • Hectic Hive
      Hectic Hive 3 роки тому +3

      Sebastian Simmons, I missed it too even though I was literally watching them to make sure they didn’t move like that lmao

    • AlexG777
      AlexG777 3 роки тому +6

      Is any one going to mention Green eyed Jack is a clear Jacksepticeye reference

  • Othlon
    Othlon 10 місяців тому

    This is still one of my top favorites videos by Josh

  • 10,000 Subs with no vids?
    10,000 Subs with no vids? 4 роки тому +7

    Your content is beyond godlike and it sits at par with your ability to make people laugh.

  • Zombie Butler
    Zombie Butler 2 місяці тому +1

    Laughing so hard. . This is why I'm subscribed. Thanks Josh.

  • Boring Snail
    Boring Snail Рік тому +1

    I like how he's more here to rate the restaurants and stores then actually find ghosts.

  • Zekkan Grand
    Zekkan Grand 2 роки тому

    I AM SURPRISED ! ! 😱
    Josh didn't torture anything in this game and played relatively normally !!

  • bossman billal
    bossman billal 2 роки тому +4

    "This is clearly an epidemic." to a roll of toilet paper. HE PREDICTED IMPULSE SHOPPING.

  • TheJeffMan
    TheJeffMan 3 роки тому +1

    Josh: Ayy dog, can I get some ice cream?
    Me: Only a spoonful
    Josh: 2:02

  • Jonathon Cowley-Thom
    Jonathon Cowley-Thom Рік тому +1

    It comes as no surprise to me that a paranormal investigator needs to have a day job working in a diner.

  • C
    C 2 роки тому +2

    Josh: Sees ghosts. Gets into the game.
    Me: Sees bugs. Glad Josh is into the game.

  • x!𝐸𝓂𝑜k𝒾𝓉𝓉𝒴!x

    I literally fell off my couch when josh got super surprised and was like: aHh aHhhhH 0:54

  • Great uncle Stroller
    Great uncle Stroller 2 роки тому +1

    Imagine playing this with the washing the dishes part

  • George Parkes
    George Parkes 4 роки тому +8

    You are doing good work. Protecting is norms out here. Keep it up! 😂

  • StickerHappy
    StickerHappy 3 роки тому +2

    Lighting so good even ghosts have shadows :)

  • Federico Alberti
    Federico Alberti 3 роки тому +1

    All the interior design advices in this video are amazing

  • Skelebop • 78 years ago
    Skelebop • 78 years ago 2 роки тому +1

    this is the only time i saw Josh playing the game normally

  • samsam ali
    samsam ali Рік тому

    I love it how he goes to the girls bathroom first
    Lmao 🤣

  • Ninja neo
    Ninja neo Рік тому +1

    Josh plays a ghost hunting game like a resturant game
    Josh plays a resturant game kills all customers

  • Lennhart DeroW
    Lennhart DeroW 4 роки тому +56

    I'm so glad that your channel skyrocket this fast.

  • Axofrotis
    Axofrotis Рік тому +1

    I love how they all wear the same fedoras and clothes, as well as same amazing posture.

  • LuckyTheFox
    LuckyTheFox 2 роки тому +1

    Its funny how when he was in the bathroom on the second map and suddenly heard the footsteps and started to freak out lol

  • Robbie NA
    Robbie NA Рік тому

    At 4:29, Josh totally called it. A whole year before it actually happened.

  • Tomato_ Bruv
    Tomato_ Bruv Рік тому

    I love how the entity for the shadow is 3 seconds delayed that the game considers it as a ghost

  • Grey
    Grey Рік тому

    “Now I’m possessed, like, five different ways.”
    *Thats something I dreamed a fictional character said-*

  • Aeroldoth3
    Aeroldoth3 Рік тому +5

    You have caught the RAREST of rarities... a ghost farting.

  • Stanzi Moser
    Stanzi Moser 2 роки тому

    I love how you make comedy out of all games

  • Tango
    Tango 2 роки тому +1

    Since when do the ghosts projects shadows on the floor? I'm confused... 🤔
    BTW nice investigation! 😉

  • erikur Lastation
    erikur Lastation 2 роки тому

    He described that first restaurant like it was his own creation in a tycoon game

  • TheSquattingBot
    TheSquattingBot 2 роки тому +1

    This is like the single player campaign for Phasmaphobia.

  • hamallama
    hamallama 3 роки тому +15

    I thought I would have nightmares from this and clicked it anyway. I think I'll still have nightmares, but I laughed at a ghost thing for the first time.

  • CrispyN
    CrispyN 3 роки тому +1

    Your videos bring me such joy lol

  • XoXoGameWolf
    XoXoGameWolf 2 місяці тому

    Everytime a ghost disappeared, they went inside of his character. He probably had like 50 ghosts possessing him by the end of the video

  • Zoe Theiault
    Zoe Theiault Рік тому

    I like how in every game you do the opposite of what the game wants you to do 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • R Cheesman
    R Cheesman 11 місяців тому

    I'd love to see Josh's reactions and how he would play Signal Simulator.

  • KP Gaming
    KP Gaming Рік тому

    Went from ghost hunter to business critic

  • Constantly Changing Name
    Constantly Changing Name 2 роки тому +3

    9:49 that actually scared me ngl

  • Stevie D
    Stevie D 3 роки тому

    Love how he decided to rate every place he was in

  • Metta 許清沐
    Metta 許清沐 5 днів тому

    it's weird to hear josh comment about the kitchen's inappropriate floor material, when he himself is an architecture nightmare in every other games

  • Lemmy Koopa
    Lemmy Koopa 3 роки тому +1

    Bathroom's have always creeped me out

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe 3 роки тому +4

    I'll never get tired of this channel's content xd

  • Royal Cupcake
    Royal Cupcake 2 місяці тому

    This man has been possessed by like 17 different ghosts.

  • Nara 97
    Nara 97 3 роки тому +4

    The "Tinkerbell" one killed me😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cassy Campbell
    Cassy Campbell 3 роки тому

    I feel like if you designed a game for people to play, it would be this

  • Acta Diurna
    Acta Diurna 3 роки тому

    He was wondering why all the bathrooms had empty toilet rolls; it's because the coronavirus scare has caused panicked consumers to buy up all the toilet paper in local stores.

  • Marina SF
    Marina SF 3 роки тому

    LGIO 10/10 best video to watch at my work lunch break

  • TubeDude
    TubeDude 2 роки тому

    Is it bad when the legitimate spooks in the house have kept you company in quarantine?

  • UbiquitousPenguin
    UbiquitousPenguin 3 роки тому +5

    I bet the ghost died by being crushed by Bertha or was whacked by those spoons

  • Till Adrian
    Till Adrian 3 роки тому +380

    spook inspectors

    • bread the bread
      bread the bread 3 роки тому +3

      Not Josh thats for sure (Sorry Josh)

    • weckar
      weckar 2 роки тому

      "Some other guy!"

  • Heather's Vanity
    Heather's Vanity 3 роки тому

    Little did Josh know that the TP Epidemic would become real. Or did he?! 👀

  • Notlonesome Games
    Notlonesome Games Рік тому

    Josh: aww did i hurt his feelings? :cloud of steam: yes you did

  • grogu425 mandalorian
    grogu425 mandalorian 3 роки тому +1

    When your holding his legs in the ring 😂😂 I couldn't stop laughing

  • Joe Joe Craft
    Joe Joe Craft 2 роки тому

    this game taught me that ghost really like to hang out in restaurants

  • Dawn Dickerson
    Dawn Dickerson 2 роки тому

    The joke about the epidemic on Toilet paper Aged really well... 😂

  • Kasper Jensen
    Kasper Jensen 4 роки тому +74

    I'm severely disappointed that you didn't notice the rubber duck in the equipment locker...

    • Xaereus
      Xaereus 4 роки тому +8

      Don't worry, he did. It's just so obvious that a ghost hunter would have one that he didn't even mention it!

  • RA The Rainbow Association
    RA The Rainbow Association 3 роки тому +2

    14:04 when Josh sounds like he has one of those things in his neck because he smoked "candy" cigs

  • Larry Lentini
    Larry Lentini 2 роки тому

    You're not a ghost, you're just upsetting. I like that mojo.

  • Zero Four
    Zero Four 3 роки тому

    I love how you made the thumbnail
    It looks like it's in the men's bathroom but if you look in the ghost picture you see a microwave

  • VoxFelis
    VoxFelis 3 роки тому +2

    Criminally underrated channel!

  • Toto Ressorp
    Toto Ressorp Рік тому +1

    By night, you inspect spooks, by day, you inspect spoons

  • awindwaker
    awindwaker 4 роки тому +115

    I half expected to hear "Hey! Listen!"

    • margaret sanchez
      margaret sanchez 3 роки тому +1


    • shlubodub
      shlubodub 3 роки тому

      you are thinking of navi

    • S B
      S B 3 роки тому


    • Lev
      Lev 3 роки тому

      Is that a Sonic Adventure 1 reference? Ya'know, Tikal and stuff?

    • Lev
      Lev 3 роки тому

      Inoum's Guacamole I think it's Tikal from Sonic Adventure 1

  • Jadon Nelson
    Jadon Nelson Рік тому +1

    Screw gameplay, Josh would be great at rating restaurants 😂

  • Novia Shao
    Novia Shao 2 роки тому

    Josh's videos in a nutshell: HELL YEAH!

  • samsam ali
    samsam ali Рік тому

    Me: see i told yall ghost r real...
    Josh: nahhh just paranormal activity 😆

  • Kuzuma-san
    Kuzuma-san 3 роки тому

    This is supposed to be an horror game for Christ sake, Josh stop making me laugh so much