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Deep Thinking | Garry Kasparov | Talks at Google

  • Опубліковано 13 чер 2017


  • @julliosantoro
    @julliosantoro 5 років тому +966

    Kasparov can even answer your question before you finish asking.

  • @campy3888
    @campy3888 5 років тому +253

    There's so much energy and passion in the way he talks. So fascinating and inspiring!

  • @user-tp7wi4lt2b
    @user-tp7wi4lt2b 2 роки тому +232


  • @vallotubli1401
    @vallotubli1401 5 років тому +237

    Don't know if it's worth to mention but Garry was my neighbor in Tallinn old town :)

  • @user-gm4ns1tp7k
    @user-gm4ns1tp7k 3 роки тому +36

    Kasparov is the kind of guy that you hear talking for a minute and you know he is intelligent on many levels, not just chess.

  • @davidchandra8722
    @davidchandra8722 2 роки тому +30

    Its rare to find "old school" people that can accept the existent of technology like Kasparov

  • @danielthomas5634
    @danielthomas5634 5 років тому +31

    I love his point about our brains becoming subordinate to AI, people becoming too reliant on someone or something else to do the math for them. I think it's important we think for ourselves and figure things out for ourselves and not just submit to an established model, in most areas of life, and not just chess. Great talk given by Mr Kasparov!

  • @XxKo0loxX
    @XxKo0loxX 5 років тому +181

    What we can take away from this discussion is if there ever is a hair regrowth product that actually works, then Kasparov will once again dominate the world of chess.

  • @richardfeynman5560
    @richardfeynman5560 5 років тому +61

    Kasparow has a very entertaining way of explaining his point of view.

  • @souvikbhattacharyya2480
    @souvikbhattacharyya2480 2 роки тому +10

    It amazes me how Garry is still so passionate about the game when he talks about it. He is an amazing guy and an inspiration to anyone following his or her own passion.

  • @hutterite1
    @hutterite1 5 років тому +7

    Kasparov, being who he was....turned the 97 match into what it blew up to be. He is a passionate character. And if IBM thought that he's just going to go away with all of his issues during the match, they were fools. Some players might have just shrugged off a thing or two, and might have been able to handle the tensions better, and thus, might have even won the 97 machine. But, it just so happened that the World Champion in 96-97 was Garry Kasparov

  • @steezygeezer
    @steezygeezer 4 роки тому +60

    "It's not about solving the game, it's about winning the game." That is tremendously insightful.

  • @sushilpatel100
    @sushilpatel100 2 роки тому +7

    The thing that struck me most, and what I happened to realize even before viewing this wonderful interview, is that humans can do some amazing things without being able to explain how they do it, and what that means is, that computers will always lag until a human can translate how they do it. Get it? Perhaps I did not express it well enough.

  • @mightystrombreaker1672

    3 minutes into the video and i realised this guy is not only a chess genius but also very intelligent in other avenues

  • @Klobbrax
    @Klobbrax 3 роки тому +186

    Kasparov is like an intellectual version of Mike Tyson

  • @petersiegfriedkrug
    @petersiegfriedkrug Рік тому +1

    When normal people start to calculate moves, Kasparov already calculated a whole tree of variants.

  • @user-hr9so1jp4e
    @user-hr9so1jp4e 5 років тому +436

    Now we have the problem of human's cheating using engines. Back then we had the problem of engines cheating using humans.

  • @moondigit007
    @moondigit007 5 років тому +3

    For a GM like Kasparov is about finding the best possible move in given position suited to his "style' of play. Chess engines on the other hand get busy polling the ramifications of many moves in seconds. So you have human chess logic versus a checkmate calculator.

  • @lupusnupus4887
    @lupusnupus4887 3 роки тому +6

    It's nice to see how Gary is still excited about everything.

  • @emilianstoimenov737

    So interesting rewatching these interviews from 2022. Just a few months later DeepMind would publish the first paper on AlphaZero, which could mean that during this interview Demis probably already had the results published in that paper, or the team was in the middle of developing AlphaZero. Makes you see this interview in a different light.